Father’s Day Weekend 2022

This weekend we celebrate our fathers, those who are still with us and those who have gone on before us.

May God bless and keep them all.

While you’re enjoying your holiday weekend, take a few moments to reflect upon your father and all that he means to you.

To reflect and to remember is important, especially when “patriarchy” and fatherhood are under attack, as the woke try to convince us that it’s okay if a child doesn’t have a father. Believe me, it’s not okay.

Every child needs a mother and a father.

If you’re blessed to have your father still in your life, then take time to thank him for all he’s done for you and to tell him that you love him. It will mean everything to him. Say it while you still can.

If your father is no longer with you in this life, then take time to remember all that he taught you, all that he sacrificed for you, and to tell him that you love him still.

Happy Father’s Day!



75 responses to “Father’s Day Weekend 2022


  2. The D.C. Swamp hates Trump because he represents the real America

    If Trump is guilty of insurrection, why was it necessary to pack the January 6 Committee with Trump haters? The answer: Because Trump is an existential threat to the DC swamp! Pelosi could not take a chance that the committee would hold fair hearings—forget 240 years of precedent for due process and fair participation by House members.


  3. Did Ashley Biden reveal her Father, Joe, is a CreeP to the point of ….. >>>> pedophilia?

    It’s NO >> Secret to anybody paying >> Attention that Joe Biden has an UNwholesome obsession with Little children, especially little Girls. He can’t seem to Keep his Eyes, his Hands, or his Nose off them. The Daily Mail has also REleased text from a Diary Kept by Ashley Biden, Joe’s drug-addicted, sex-addicted Daughter, mentioning IN-appropriate Showers with her father
    at a Young age that may have Led to her unhealthy Sexual Obsessions.

    * Sharon Sapp
    Joe is a creep. Now, the same group is hyper sexualizing the children with
    all the LBQwhatever indoctrination. These are also the same people that Celebrate killing babies.
    … * David Thomas
    He’s a democrat, the party of perversion, corruption & Filth.
    >>>>> The >>>>> Sniffer in chief…

  4. O’ SURE!!! >>> LOCK HIM UP! …THAT U$URSPER hound DOG!!!

    Hypocrite: Obama Installs Massive Propane TanKs at >>> $wanky Mansion
    While Pushing Green Policies


    President Biden said inflation is Worse everywhere else ??? That’s a lie. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Can’t Deny it OR Explain it.


  6. Biden’s optimism … >>> Collides with Mounting political challenges


      • Truthfully, though, those secret service agents were lax, imho. They ought to have been there to hold the bike when he stopped, although Joe probably doesn’t want them to cater to him, drawing attention to his feebleness. Remember how they ridiculed REAL President Trump for holding onto the railings while disembarking a plane? Well, he’s SMART and he’s not into appearances and putting on a show. Anybody in their 70s hangs onto railings. It’s just common sense. Joe’s lucky he didn’t break a shoulder. Maybe he did. If so, they won’t tell us.

  7. …… WHO YA’ GONNA CALL ???
    >>> BLAME PUTIN ??? once again JOEY ?

    Creepy Joe Biden Immediately Beelines to Little Girl After He Falls Off His Bike (VIDEO)


  8. Tucker Carlson Hits Joe Biden on His USE of FBI as “Secret Police”
    to BURY >>>> Details of Showers With His Daughter …O’ JOEY lalala


    • You see. That story right there says it was under the bed in a “halfway house.” Now that’s not what the UK paper said. It said, iirc, that a “friend” let her stay at that house until the lease was up.

      “Upon her release in July that year, a former patient allowed Harris to stay for a few weeks in a house in Lake Worth, not far from the rehab center – the same house Ashley had vacated one month earlier.

      It was there under the mattress she found the diary as well as a duffel bag of dirty clothes. …”

      Ok. So a FORMER PATIENT let the finder of the diary stay in a HOUSE. Not a halfway house. Why would a former patient be running a halfway house? Are we to assume the same former patient let Ashley stay there, too?

      Ok. Another part of the UK story says:

      After a stint in rehab, the president’s daughter, now 41, briefly lived in a Palm Beach home often used by recovering addicts, and left her diary there when she moved back to Philadelphia in June, 2020. …”

      I swear that yesterday this story had another angle. It mentioned she left the diary under the mattress because she intended to come back before the lease was up in November. But apparently, she never went back.

      • Harmeet is looking good, isn’t she? But I digress. She’s implying that somebody LIED to the FBI to get the investigation going into Project Veritas and the woman who found the diary. Original stories did say that she STOLE the diary, so I’m speculating that when they heard that PJ had it or that it was being passed around at that Republican meeting, then she realized she left it behind, never went back to get it, and so instead of telling that to the FBI she said it was “stolen.” But then you’re back to state laws. STATE laws, not federal laws. How is it another “level” when it’s a president’s daughter? We have EQUAL justice under laws. We don’t have royalty. She knew she left it behind. Maybe she thought the “friend” who let her stay there took it. Who knows? But we need to know whether she said it was stolen or whether she admitted to the FBI that she LEFT IT THERE at a house that she probably wasn’t PAYING RENT FOR, in which case it couldn’t be considered HER property, as it would be if she rented it and so “owned” it for that time she rented it for.

    • Tucker says she doesn’t say how old she was at the time of showering but wasn’t it reported long ago that it was when she was 14?

      Where was Jill at the time, while Joe was showering with their daughter?

    ‘I have always been boy crazy,’ she wrote. ‘Hyper-sexualized @ a young age … I remember somewhat being sexualized with [a family member]; I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate).’


    • Notice that nowhere in the story did they relate the THEORY of the alleged offense. What makes SELLING it a crime? What law did she break? Would they care to elaborate?

      I mean, when you’re investigated for a crime there’s supposed to be a LAW that you broke. They should be able to point any reporter to that law to back up the legitimacy of their “investigation.” Or are they just investigating to intimidate? That would be my bet.

      The stories are all sketchy, too, like everything else. First they said it was a halfway house. Then they said a “friend” allowed her to stay there until, I assume, the friend’s lease was up in November of whatever year that was. Didn’t exactly say the FRIEND had the lease. So was this a “friend” met AT the drug rehab? Was the lease in the name of the drug rehab, the friend, or somebody else? Was it an air BNB, for example? Was Ashley on the lease? (I doubt it.)

      So what are the Florida laws with regard to an item left in a rental property (that’s also been described as a hotel room)? Who does “abandoned” items belong to? The landlord, would be my guess, somewhat along the lines of the laptop that her brother abandoned and which LEGALLY now belongs to the computer guy BECAUSE that’s spelled out in the repair agreement. So what did the lease say?

      How would it apply to a “guest” of the person on the lease?

      The woman was originally being investigated for THEFT. Also, it seems to me, they originally said Project Veritas did NOT pay for the diary; but now they report that they did but based upon what? Did O’Keefe admit to paying for it?

      In any case, journalists pay for actually STOLEN items all the time. But this woman didn’t STEAL the diary, did she? She found it under the mattress, or so the story says. It’s arguable that it’s “finders keepers” when you “find” something on someone else’s property. My guess is it belongs, ultimately, to the landlord but perhaps FL law says the landlord should make an effort to return it. But appears the landlord didn’t know about it, because this woman took it.

      So maybe she did, technically, steal it–from the landlord. Who knows? This is the kind of detail a GOOD journalist would go into. They shouldn’t leave people with unanswered questions after they’ve read the article!

      Since there’s a lease, then there should BE a landlord. But why don’t the stories name the landlord and why don’t they explain the LEGAL basis for investigating the woman for SELLING it?

      Back to Old Joe, though. Isn’t that truly a CREEPY photo of him gazing at his little daughter? They say that after he fell off his bike the other day (reminding me of Artie Johnson), he made a BEE LINE to accost a little girl in the crowd. Figures.

  10. As Abortion ruling nears, U.S. Supreme Court erects barricades to the public
    ROE ROE ROE ya’ BOAT …..

  11. Covid Exposed the Medical-Pharmaceutical-Government Complex
    We often dive into the globalist agenda surrounding Pandemic Panic Theater and the Push for Universal Vaccinations. But just below that is the driving force for many conspirators: GreeD.


    • Sure did and it’s not a pretty picture. Not only have all politicians sunk in the estimation of the American people, along with all “journalists,” but unfortunately so have all doctors and even some nurses. It’s interesting to read the anecdotes people post on “antivax” websites and blogs telling how so many of their own doctors have done an about face about vaccines. My doctor has. Didn’t even MENTION the vax last time I was there, even though about a year ago I got the HUGE lecture about how they’re safe, effective, don’t cause heart problems (although COVID does, doc said), and not to worry. The vax stays in your arm, doesn’t migrate anywhere, and your lymph system just cleans it all up. Doesn’t hang around after doing its job. What a pack of lies. Of course, I don’t think the doc THOUGHT about it. Just took at face value what the CDC as well as the medical associations TOLD doctors. Gullible. It’s sort of scary, huh, that we put our lives in these gullible lemmings’ hands?

  12. French Police Arrest Far-Left Extremist Linked to Estimated 60 Car Burnings
    it’s always a >> NUT …OUT 2 CRACK U !!!

    • But wait! Wouldn’t this be either Trump’s or Putin’s fault? Did they burn only gas powered cars or were the “green” ones hit, too?

  13. WHAT A HUNK’ … of MEAT… I’ll take MINE RARE !!! OR OVER EASY ! ha’ …

    • 🙂 Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there. I just celebrated with a HUGE hunk of meat–a big juicy BEEF burger. They’ll have to pry my beef out of my cold dead hands. Take that Joe! Although, I’m sure, Barry’s celebrating with Wagyu beef today. Beef will be “for dinner” only for the elites, if they get their way.

    • HA!!!! I love it. So appropriate. You know, people got surnames like that based upon well recognized traits or characteristics, so we can deduce from this that family Schumer has had a whole long line of shiftless, worthless, lying, cheating dunces in it.

    • The mainstream media are already reporting and seemingly CELEBRATING that some law enforcement authorities and prosecutors will, as with immigration law, simply REFUSE TO ENFORCE THE LAW OR INDICT/CHARGE LAWBREAKERS. So, there will be NO rule of law for these laws, just as there are too many “sanctuaries” from immigration law, with no consequence to those defying the law. Prosecutors and police should have NO ability, no discretion, to ignore charging and prosecuting ANY crime. It’s against everything the U.S. stands for, which is EQUAL TREATMENT UNDER THE LAW. Does anybody think that with such discretion abortion laws will be enforced against the “enemies” of the Biden/progressive regimes and not against their “friends?” (ALL laws should be enforced equally against all people, especially against those who would murder innocent life.)

    • Of course. Abortion is an actual gift to fathers. They “get out of fatherhood free.” But then again, TOO MANY “baby daddies” NEVER have any responsibility for being fathers. That falls on the government, which steps in for them, paying to support all their various offspring with no consequence whatsoever to the “sperm donor.” It’s long past time for the government to have mandatory DNA testing in any case where no father takes responsibility. Then the sperm donor should be REQUIRED to support the child. In addition, any sperm donor found to have had sex with an underage mother, should be charged with statutory rape and THEN hit with the child support requirements.


    • It’s about time but their stupid rule about “transitioning” physically by age 12 will just mean MORE children having their lives destroyed on a whim, either by the child who doesn’t know better (seeing as how the leftists claim no child has a functioning brain until mid-twenties) or by an abusive parent who agrees to mutilate their child to virtue signal or take part in a fad. It’s like Munchhausen by Proxy dysphoria.

    • It’s bizarro world. His “work” time is equivalent to most people’s vacation time and vice versa. iow, he “works” about 3 weeks a year and vacations the rest of the time.

  15. Nope he’ s ..Just a pervert BUM let’s Count the WAY’S

    • It’s unbelievable. Surely his “handlers” at least TRY to control this. You’d think they’d get there in advance and move away and little girls any even little boys. WHAT IS WRONG with these parents? I’m telling you, if it were my child, there’s no way that pig would be fondling him or her. Hubby wondered what would happen to a parent who told Joe “hands off” or cussed him out or even REMOVED HIS PAWS from the children. I can guess. DC Gulag, no doubt.

    • Oh, I see. According to this writer, the fondling was a PLAN to make it look as if women trust old Joe with their girls. He found other girls, too, iirc. A couple blond ones.

    • Because the Mexican president is proposing a “North American Union” along the lines of the EU where there’s freedom of movement? Let’s USEXIT that right away.

  16. LAW LESS FOOLS as it pick’s on race & soon illegal’s sickness is SPREADING WIDE & DEEPER !!! …

    • Pigs. That’s what they all are.

      Is it any surprise that the new Disney movie features gay lead characters and gay kisses. A CARTOON. It’s aimed at kids and designed to undermine everything parents want to teach their kids. Like Old Joe, they’re coming for the children. GROOMERS.

    • A Pox upon her House (and I don’t mean monkey).

    • This is my absolute favorite Juneteenth story, from the “you simply cannot make this shit up” category:

      “New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell announced Friday that, in recognition of the city’s black and brown artists, the city has dedicated $7.2 million in bond funding to public art, and has already purchased over 60 pieces of work created by local black artists.

      On Friday, just in time for Juneteenth, Cantrell attended the unveiling of the most recent of these sculptures: a giant afro pick with a black power fist on the handle. …”

      No! This is NOT the Babylon Bee. Here’s the “work of art”:


      • No doubt it’s your freaking tax dollars at work! https://www.theblaze.com/news/hair-pick-statue-new-orleans

        MILLIONS spent on this “art.” It’s supposed to be “breathtaking,” at least to the mayor. It sure took my breath away: I was laughing that hard. Imagine if a “white” artist had created this thing. Would the person be accused of racism? You bet. If a “white” mayor even considered putting it up? You bet–RACIST! I’m not even going to tell you what these things are called by real racists in my neck of the woods. Isn’t this, btw, a little out of date? Do people still use those things? Reminds me of the 70s when people walked around with them sticking out of their heads. WTF? What’s next? Talk about stereotypes. The “artist” couldn’t think of something UPLIFTING (again, no pun intended) other than an Afro pick?

        btw, isn’t the raised fist a little VIOLENT? Threatening to non-blacks? Racist in and of itself because it’s so DIVISIVE?

        At least this monument is historical and respectful and has some actually uplifting aspects for ALL people, especially the people of Missouri:

        “The memorial honors the hundreds of slaves who tried to fight for their freedom in the St. Louis courts in 1857, before the start of the Civil War. The statue is etched with the names of the enslaved plaintiffs in the suit.

        “This statue is the monument to truth, it’s a monument to things that actually happened,” St. Louis City Circuits Judge David Mason said. “It’s a monument to what can happen if you make sure the doors of the courts remain open to all.” …”

        This is the place where Dred Scott WON his freedom. It’s a testament to MO and in particular the abolitionist German settlers who fought with words and arms to see slavery end.

        In MO, slaves who had ever lived for a set amount of time in a free state but who were then returned to MO (a “slave” state based upon the MO compromise) could have their freedom affirmed. Dred Scott was one such person. He WON in MO; it was the shameful SCOTUS that overturned the local ruling and sent him back into slavery.

        Most people associate Dred Scott with MO and assume he LOST but he WON in MO. The articles and the memorial itself, of course, give short shrift to the work of many, many “white” people who fought alongside these slaves for their freedom.

        It also has a snarky depiction of a “white” plantation and another “woke” depiction of Native Americans. I assume the latter is along the lines of an “indigenous land acknowledgement,” where everybody has to first acknowledge they’re living on “stolen” land.

        I’m waiting for the day when the Brits, for example, acknowledge they’re living on land stolen from the Celts or, before that, the Neanderthal. Ha, ha! Will all the muslims around the world ever get around to “land acknowledgements” when they’re living on, occupying, lands that used to belong to other ethnicities or religions? Fat chance.

    • Let’s get this straight (no pun intended):
      “Gender” is a social construct.
      “Race” is a social construct.
      Gender “affirming” surgery is all well and good and afterwards, a biological male “becomes” a “woman.”
      Can one have race “affirming” medical treatment to darken the skin and afterwards, a person born “white” “becomes” a “black person” and so then qualifies for all racial privileges, reparations, benefits, and steps up/ahead of everyone else?

      If the answer is no, then please explain the difference.

    • It’s a fad and a sickness. My sympathies to the guy. What’s interesting is said kid wants to distance itself from the biological father. Let’s guess the distancing will NOT include distancing from the billions.

  17. lots of fun….

    • Ha, ha. I love the one where the thieves get hemmed in by the cops and their own bikes fall on them. Poetic justice.

  18. daddy’s girl …? ….THE # 1 ….TRICKSTER … 4 SURE … Harry’s toy ?

  19. Twenty-Nine-Year-Old MAN??? Identifying as WoMan Beats Teen Girl
    ….. at Skateboarding Tournament: ‘It’s Madness’


  20. PA DraG Q’? > Charged Over > 25 Times for Perverted ActS with KidS

    A search warrant was eventually issued to Dropbox concerning Ana D’s account, & authorities Found >>> 135 Files containing Child PorNography.


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