May 18, 2022 Open Thread

We’re open for comments on anything you feel like opining about, sharing with us, or just bloviating about. Our previous thread got too long and there’s no time left in the day for writing one, so:  It’s a May 18th OPEN THREAD!!!


203 responses to “May 18, 2022 Open Thread

    • He’s one of the smartest people in the world and yet he was recently taken aback when he learned about the TRUTH of the GREAT TRUMP/RUSSIA HOAX and that Hillary was behind it all the time, something that was OBVIOUS to non-billionaires like us from the get go. Mind you, he did have lots of other things on his plate to attend to, but I suppose he doesn’t read the paper, social media, or have the antennae that we do in order to connect the dots and read through to the real meaning of the crap Hillary has always said. They CROW about what they’re doing. They can’t help themselves because they think we won’t notice because they do believe they’re smarter than we are and we’re too dumb to see what they’re up to. I know Musk isn’t too dumb, so he must have just not been paying attention … until now. Thank goodness he’s WOKE now.


  2. A genius who knows how to put together cars and rockets has deconstructed contemporary American politics with penetrating simplicity: The party of “kindness” is now the party of “division & hate.” Wow.

    That truth bomb just blew up the 2022 midterm elections, and maybe beyond!

    • Hey, so long as she’s the first black lesbian, that’s all that matters. You’d think they would bother to select competent black lesbians, so as not to so obviously undermine their own ideology and feed into the stereotypes that so annoy Justice Thomas–that being the ASSUMPTION of incompetence due to actual “social promotion” of so many incompetent people based only on their identity characteristics.

      It occurs to me that one reason why so many younger white people suddenly discover they’re LGBTQ+ is that it automatically puts them into a victimized category and they lose their white “privilege” and gain that MORE VALUABLE LGBTQ+ privilege and immunity from criticism, responsibility, and need to be competent.

    • Maybe one good thing one might say about her is that she’s incompetent at being an ACCOMPLISHED LIAR, like all Biden’s press secs MUST BE in order to try to defend the indefensible and obfuscate the real program.


      This is too funny. Hoist on their own petard. They’re complaining that it’s insulting to her to have a white man supervise her! (Even though it seems necessary.) They twist themselves into pretzels. Nobody could have seen this coming, could they, when the top “qualifications” are female sex, gay orientation, and black skin.

  3. This one is interesting:

    What’s bizarre is that they say the average American woman is now size 18 and weighs 170 pounds. Okay, then, why would those larger sizes be left sitting on the racks when at least half or more women would want them?

    Could it be that they’ve always been a store for young women and girls and older women don’t want those kinds of clothing?

    I remember going with teen relatives to Old Navy once. Even the “extra large” was more like a “small” from somewhere like JC Penney. Their sizing has always been goofy. They’ve always excluded women who aren’t teeny boppers, both by their designs as well as their silly sizing. Even “small” women don’t want to have to choose an “extra large” tee shirt. I couldn’t find one thing on the racks suitable to someone my age or that would fit me (and I wear size 14)!

    So now they have larger sizes but nobody’s buying them? Glad the word is out now. Maybe I’ll check them out again. That’s all they needed to do–advertise to the “average” American woman.

  4. Abortion Disproportionately Targets Black Babies; CDC: 74% of Abortions in Mississippi Were Performed on Black Mothers

  5. BRATS ….. ABOUND! …. MAKING NUTS OUT of THEM!!! 24/7 !!!

  6. SICK SOB …his dirty FAMILY .. HIS F’UP attitude JILL Guard$ hi$ AZZ !!!
    … KICK his AZZ 2 the GROUND where IT belongs !!! DISGUSTED CRAP

  7. is this WHY …they want the youth 2 QUEER UP ??? WTP Ponder again

    • SILLY ..The LOVE of These KIDS … BUT NOT the FEW SHORT MONTHS of
      BIRTH … Still A CHILD ??? ABORTED IS OK ??? NO ANGER as SOME – 1
      GIVES the OK … 2 STOP it’s BREATHING ??? JUST these WERE LOVED ?

    • And now we have another convenient shooting that checks all the boxes. AR-15? Of course. Body armor? Of course. Instant calls for getting rid of the filibuster and passing gun control? Of course. Biden out there, not consoling or uniting the country, but SCREAMING in his usual manner for gun control–for HIS and Obama’s agenda, which is to disarm the populace so they can FORCE tyranny on us. It’s the first thing all tyrants do–disarm the people. “Beto” the fake Mexican out there ready instantly to confront Gov. Abbott? Of course. The talking points all ready? Of course.

      Am I the only one who noticed this is like a replay of SH but with a brown shooter with brown victims, for the most part? Could it be that somebody is trying to pull back the black and brown voters who are dropping away from Biden, by using these shootings that killed black and brown people? Hoping “gun control” and racism by extension will be a good issue to use to get them to forget Republicans and come back to the gun control party?

      Isn’t it convenient? I’m just sayin’.

      Why is it that all such events so perfectly help the narratives of the DemoncRATS and enable them to push their favorite policies?

      Note, too, how it becomes an “emergency”. How we just MUST go ahead and do this. NOW! How we should get rid of the filibuster for THIS issue because it’s an emergency. And then what follows? Packing the court. Ramming through federal control of elections. Opening the border. AMNESTY for all who will vote DemoncRAT. Gun confiscation. Mandated vaxxing. Social credit scores. Full bore NAZI.

      One Hispanic politician is out there on Twitter (and it’s NOT deleted) calling Ted Cruz a baby killer. In THOSE WORDs. How the EFF is this Cruz’s fault?

      Whoopi Goldberg is violently threatening Republicans if they say things SHE doesn’t want to hear–she’ll punch them. That’s for sure how you cure violence, isn’t it? Threaten more political violence?

      At SH, the kid shot his mother. In TX, it was grandmother. SOMEHOW, despite endless amounts of money thrown at the schools for safety programs, endless numbers of drills, retrofitting schools, hiring guards. SOMEHOW, this kid gets into the school and manages to shoot–what is it now? Two dozen?–and yet all those drills, all that training, and nobody stops him. After SH, not even LOCKS on the unattended doors?

      Could you brainstorm ideas that could have, would have, stopped this? ANYBODY COULD. It’s simple.

      Lock the damned doors. Make them open ONLY from the inside in case of emergency. How about emergency escape hatches like we have fire escapes? How about teachers armed with tasers, if they don’t want guns? How about time delays on doors, so somebody can be alerted to see who’s there and stop the doors opening if, hey! It’s a kid wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, a hoodie, and carrying a long rifle? Ya think that might work?

      This is the 21st century. We can’t use technology? We can’t have a person who’s alerted via a buzzer and who has a monitor to watch/decide whether to open the door?

      How about using simple common sense? How about VOLUNTEER guards, if schools don’t want to pay guards? Like school crossing guards are volunteers?

      This isn’t rocket science.

      Here’s an analogy to how the libs think and speak about how “we don’t want armed camps as schools.” (I think kids at this point would vote for armed camps but that’s just me. What the hell do people tell their kids?)

      Imagine in your neighborhood that nobody locks their doors. Imagine suddenly criminals begin to go into homes at night and kill sleeping people. What might be a solution?

      Ya think maybe LOCKING YOUR EFFING DOORS would work, even IF you prefer the illusion of a nice safe community where nobody has to lock their doors? Is it worth giving up that illusion to SAVE LIVES?

      Gun control is NOT going to work because, guess what? Criminals get guns anyway. They don’t obey laws. Ditto for CRAZY people. How about the mass shootings in the Nordic countries where gun control is to the max? Did the laws stop those murders? NO. Oh, red flag laws are the answer. Nope. Imagine how long it will take for the race baiters to gather their stats on how “disproportionately” children “of color” are reported as potential shooters. How long? How much money will be paid in settlements?

      Why doesn’t any reporter ask and get answers to these questions?
      1. Was he known to authorities and school officials as a risk at his elementary, middle, or HS school?
      2. What is his disciplinary record?
      3. Does he have a juvenile record? They tell us he has no criminal record but he’s only been an “adult” for what? A month?
      4. What did DFS do when his mother threw him out of the house after numerous domestic violence incidents attended to by POLICE? Did the cops involve DFS? If not, why not?
      5. How did he end up at his grandparents’ house? Why aren’t people blaming HIS parents?
      6. How did the grandparents not know about the guns, which convicted felon grandfather wasn’t supposed to be NEAR?
      7. Are they legal residents or illegal aliens? Is he a U.S. citizen or a “Dreamer”? Is he an anchor baby, born in Dakota as some say?
      8. What did the schools do about the bullying because of his lisp, stutter, socioeconomic status (poor), and potentially his “nonbinary” gender orientation?
      9. Was he the kid mentioned in this earlier story about 2 young boys caught planning a school shooting for 2022 (four years ago?) right there in that small town (16,000 people)?
      10. Did he have a juvenile record that was expunged? Do background checks take into account SEALED juvenile records? How is it he was allowed to buy the guns online from Georgia?
      11. Was he ever treated for mental illness?
      12. Was he on psychiatric drugs?
      13. How is it that there was nobody to keep him out of the school building? No guard? If, as some say, crashing the car was a diversion, why did it work as far as (any) guards responding to the crash and then allowing him to escape into the school? Are these the keystone cops or were there any accomplices?
      14. How is it that he was able to shoot so many without anyone interceding?
      15. Why did some stories early on say he went classroom to classroom and then suddenly the story changed to the victims were all in one classroom?
      16. Were the cops chasing him or not, as originally reported?
      17. Why would he leave one AR15 in the truck he crashed?
      18. Why did he leave his grandmother’s house in “her car,” according to reports, but then crash a TRUCK?
      19. Where did an impoverished boy get the money for that truck, if it was his, and for upwards of $5000 worth of guns?
      20. If he didn’t earn it and save it up, then where did the money come from? Was he known to the FBI?
      21. Are their surveillance cameras at the school? In the area? Any video of the crash?
      22. Did he crash the truck because he was being chased by the cops? Were they alerted to the fact that he’d shot his grandmother?

      Why are the reporters so INCURIOUS about all this and why aren’t we getting ANSWERS?

      I can’t even think about this crap anymore. It’s SURREAL, isn’t it? It doesn’t make sense. It’s so like SH.

      The same videos of children “running” from the chaos. The same thing with parents or grandparents being interviewed even when, allegedly, they don’t even know where their kids are and yet, they have time to give interviews and seemingly are calm enough and not too HYSTERICAL to do so.

      Is that how you’d behave if there were a mass shooting and you didn’t know where your kid was?

      It does NOT make sense. What do we see and what don’t we see?

      Have you seen photos/images of children being loaded into ambulances? Ambulances, for that matter? There would have to be many. So like SH. So much we DON’T see but should see.

      The only video so far of the shooter is the one taken apparently by a cell phone. A girl, by the voice on the video, talking to someone else, took a video showing a person in pants and hoodie and what looks to me like a Guy Fawkes mask, carrying what looks like a rifle. iow, there’s no way to be sure that person going in the school with a rifle, allegedly, IS THE PERSON WE’RE TOLD IT WAS.

      The oddest part, is that this apparent cell phone video, filmed by who knows who (not found out who it was filmed by yet), has sounds of GUNFIRE, rapid gunfire from what sounds like automatic weapons, BEFORE HE GOES INTO THE SCHOOL AND IT’S NOT HIM FIRING.

      Who was firing? Was this the cops chasing him? He doesn’t seem concerned about the gunfire. Again, is this an accomplice?

    #covid #vaccines #masks #schools

    JUST saw This @ Citizen Wells … ALL the SAME message


    • Proving what I said many times: She’s no Catholic. You can’t be “Catholic” unless you follow the tenets of the faith. She doesn’t. If she knew the tenets and canon law on that issue, then she wouldn’t make a false equivalency or ask that question in the first place. There’s a HUGE difference, btw, between a murderer who CHOSE to commit sin and an innocent life in the womb.

    • Now the media are claiming, without evidence, that this is a violation of the Church’s not-for-profit status, as if to enforce the strictures of the religion, which, btw, cannot be infringed upon by any law, means they should lose their tax-free status. How freaking ridiculous, especially when you consider the AME preachers who support DemoncRAT politicians FROM THE PULPIT during services.


    ‘Gross’: Trump’s secretary exposes ‘Creepy Joe’s’ hands-on treatment
    ‘It was also a feeble attempt to intimidate me’

    IS Joe Biden guilty of Sexual Harassment? YES YES YES !!! F J B !!!

    Completing this poll entitles you to WND news updates free of charge. You may opt out at anytime. You also agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
    Betsy DeVos alleges ‘gross’ Biden harassment and face-touching

    • Yes, and where’s the mainstream media on this? We’re supposed to believe women unconditionally. There were WITNESSES. There’s probably video. It’s the woman’s perception that matters. It’s obvious intimidation and invasion of her space, not to mention CREEPY and unwanted touching, which according to all the liberal activists IS “sexual assualt.” Where are they now? Crickets.


    ‘Creepy Joe’ strikes again: President Biden is slammed for singling out ‘elementary school-aged’ girl during speech and saying ‘she looks like she’s 19 years old’
    Biden made the bizarre remarks during an address at Joint Base Langley-Eustis
    Hundreds of Twitter users accused the President of being ‘creepy’; others came to his defense saying he just appeared ‘socially awkward’
    Biden has a history of making eyebrow-raising remarks about girls and women
    He has also been photographed kissing girls on the head and seemingly sniffing women’s hair
    In 2019, Biden released a statement saying he ‘does not believe’ he has ever acted inappropriately
    He added it has never been his intention to make anyone uncomfortable

  12. ‘Gross’: Trump’s secretary exposes ‘Creepy Joe’s’ hands-on treatment

    Betsy DeVos alleges ‘gross’ Biden harassment and face-touching
    by Paul Bedard, Washington Secrets Columnist

  13. ??? Start with TWO Willing to SIGN 4 the KID? IF they KILL they might
    be LIBEL ??? .. OR think TWICE before Signing 4 them? A START?
    Raise the AGE to 20 ? since No One is MATURE ANY LONGER !!!
    Going to WAR … means Adults are around you so less chances ???
    JUST SAY …..NO NO NO NO … USE your heads USA PLEASE!!!

  14. ntuitive Diane 💙 …. @MailOnline
    Bullying has been around since I went to school in the 70s. Teaching kids resilience – talking about problems – forgiveness – finding a joy – love for others – respect for teachers. Starts at home. I was bullied to & made fun
    of like many but I never killed anyone

    US gun crime statistics as 213 mass shootings reported in 2022 so far following Texas school shooting
    Guns became the leading cause of death of children & teenagers in 2020.

  16. Father of School Shooting Victim Has 3-Point Plan to Protect Schools –
    And It Doesn’t Involve Banning Guns …. BUTT’ CATCH K H …weird!

    Comes OUT 3/4 of the Video JUST A BRAIN DEAD BROAD MESSED UP

    • The door wasn’t even locked. It appears that if there was a school resource officer armed with a gun, he wasn’t in the school, monitoring the door. I saw an interview of one of the little girls that was there. She started talking about how she knew it wasn’t a “drill” and then the rest of her thought wasn’t finished because the news story just ended there. iow, they seemed to cut her off because, I’m guessing, she was revealing that yes, indeed. This school HAD active shooter drills. So, what happened? Did all the drills and safety measures FAIL?

      They’re now telling us he walked in the open door, got into a classroom (where the teacher didn’t have “time” to lock the door), and then barricaded the door.

      How do you hold a rifle on 30+ people, two of them adults, and then barricade a door? If the door was barricaded, why did someone have to use a key to open it for the Border Patrol swat team, and then that worked? iow, they got in? What were all the people doing while he barricaded the door? Bigger question: Having heard, presumably, all this gunfire that’s alleged to have been going on by him when he shot at the two people near the funeral home and then by the three officers he allegedly shot outside BEFORE he went into the school, why didn’t anyone inside the school LOCK THE OUTSIDE DOORS OR AT LEAST THE CLASSROOM DOORS? What happened to their training if, upon hearing gunshots outside the school, you don’t even lock the freaking doors?

  17. BOMBSHELL: Whistleblower Reveals MI Petition Ringleader Who Allegedly Gathered Fraudulent Ballot Signatures For 5 GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Being Kicked Off Ballot ALSO Worked For 2 Current DEM Members of Congress

    • If only they used their ingenuity in figuring out the multitudinous ways to cheat to do something good, they’d probably cure cancer.

      What this says to me is that cheaters infiltrated the petition signature gathering services and deliberately got bogus signatures on the petitions for Republicans, thus leading the board to throw out the petitions AFTER the Republicans were fooled into believing they had more than enough signatures OR (as suggested in the stories) they got people to sign fake petitions, alleging they were for various Republican candidates, then threw them away–the goal being that when legitimate petition gatherers approached the citizens, they said and honestly thought that they’d already signed a petition. This is criminal, imho. The blame, however, should be on the campaigns who hired and didn’t oversee these fraudulent services. Of course, they can probably sue and get their money back, but it’s too late for the candidates, unless a court intervenes, which isn’t likely in Michigan, is it? Maybe the citizens who were fooled can sue class action for fraud. Who knows?

    • So explain the nail polish and eye liner, then. Oh, wait! Guess he’s “goth” even though that went out 20 years ago, didn’t it? Succeeded by the non-binary/transgender FAD. One FACT expunged: He smoke a lot of WEED. But that’s against the narrative of the pro-weed “lobby” so the NY Times deleted that quote from their story, where someone who knew him said he complained a lot about his grandma not wanting him to smoke weed.

      Here’re more questions to add to my prior list of not asked and so not answered questions:
      Given that it’s said he hit and wounded at least three police/sheriff deputies/border patrol and/or school resource officers (take your pick, mix and match), how is it that none of those hit HIM until the Border Patrol “swat team” arrived an hour later and actually engaged him? Sounds as if these presumably well trained and well drilled officers were not as skilled in shooting than was the just-turned 18 “child.” Given that his family claims they didn’t know about the guns, WHERE DID HE DO HIS FIREARM TRAINING? Out in the desert? Is anyone going to ask? Did he frequent firing ranges?

  18. george .. F’ IN FLOYD? … STIR the BLACK POT … USURPER BARRY ?
    BIDEN’ S a JOKE & HARRIS 2 ..BUTT’ .. this EGO DICK TOPS the CAKE !!!
    LORD … HELP US … NO CLASS … JUST CON’S … 24 / 7 …. PUKE !

  19. Joe Biden Suggests Americans Owning AR-15s Are ‘Sick’ People Who Want to ‘Kill Someone’ ………

    Boots •
    Half of my neighbors own AR-15s and I know they’re not Sick because none of them vote Democrat.

    Apatriot77 Boots •
    LMAO good point. I’m wondering what kind of sick person advocates the destruction of babies and is trying to starve babies to death by limiting the amount of Formula people can purchase, assuming they can find it.

    John Wayne Apatriot77 • PERVERT SICK & GETS AWAY WITH IT F J B !!!
    Joe Biden also Gropes little Kids in Public, calls black people “cockroaches” and can’t distinguish the difference between his sister and his wife. Not much value on what the Imbecile Joe Biden thinks.

    • He was creeping on George Floyd’s relative, a little girl, just the other day. He’s the one who’s sick. Certifiably. Ask his own daughter, as recounted in her own diary.

    • His talk about deer in Kevlar vests was something else. Does he realize that AR15s are simply 22 rifles kitted out to look “military?”

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