Use a Strong Password

Last week the Earth “celebrated” World Password Day:

This day was created to raise awareness about the importance of using strong passwords.

World Password Day was established in 2013 and is observed on the first Thursday in May.

A strong password helps you keep your personal information safe and prevents someone else from getting into your account.

Were you aware? I wasn’t, until it was mentioned by a friend. I looked it up and, sure enough, there’s a day for that.

The article linked above gives sound advice, among the tips:

Create a strong and complex password: Use 8 characters or more. It can be any combination of letters, numbers and symbols.

Make them long enough and, where applicable, follow the guideline of the site providing password strength feedback.

Make your password unique: Do not use your YouTube account password on other sites. If another site gets hacked, the password could be used to enter your YouTube account. …

Avoid personal information and common words: Do not use personal information like your birthdays, common words like “password” or common patterns like “1234.”

Certainly a person ought to also avoid using easily discovered facts about oneself, such as personal characteristics or proclivities that might help a nefarious actor deduce likely passwords.

For example, a recent article about Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop provides an example of a particularly weak and obvious password.

The computer repairman who unfortunately was called upon to recover data from Biden’s damaged laptop recalled his password as being: analf**k69 (presumably two asterisks were substituted within the article for “u” and “c” in the actual password).

To illustrate how remarkably weak Biden’s chosen password was, I refer back to the conversation with my friend, who tipped me to World Password Day in the first place.

Asked to guess Biden’s password, my friend replied, “Eat me.”

Close, but no cigar. (And no scurrilous euphemism intended).

So, you see, knowing what by now most people who are paying attention know about Biden from his own laptop (see evidence at the link), it wouldn’t take long for a determined guesser, continuing along the same lines as my friend, to come up with the actual password.

We can learn, in so many ways, from Biden’s “mistakes.”





215 responses to “Use a Strong Password

    Ultra-MAGA? More Like Ultra-Incompetent.

    Biden Fertilizer

    The Biden Price Hike

    What the Murderer’s Manifesto Really Said (and Didn’t Say)

    Democrats Deserve to Be Completely Destroyed in Upcoming Elections ….. & MO’

  2. O’ .. WHO’S .. COUNTING??? … WHAT A SICK SAD JOKE this IS!!!

    NEWS ANALYSIS May 17, 2022
    Biden admin encountered 234,000 illegal migrants at US-Mexico border
    in April— >>>>>> Highest Total in DHS History !!!

  3. Hillary Clinton lawyer ‘Lied to the FBI’ on behalf of her campaign & wanted
    to spark an ‘October Surprise’ to Embarrass Trump as voters headed to the Polls, prosecutors say on >>> First day of Durham’s Russia probe trial
    Lawyer Michael Sussmann’s trial began Tuesday in Washington
    He is accused of Lying to the FBI Early in the Russia Probe

  4. IT’$ ONLY …. MONEY !!! … $$$$$$$$ what A FOOL > FJB & MO’ ! <

    Elon Musk: 'Reason for Inflation' is Gov't 'Printed a Zillion Amount of More Money Than It Had, Obviously'

    • I expected to see clips of Tucker’s show on various blogs today, but none turned up so far. None of those cowards will go on FOX shows. They don’t WANT to debate anything. First, because they can’t because there are no good arguments on their side; and second, because they just want you to shut up and submit.

    • Wow. 20,000? Based upon what “science?” I read a scary article today about how vaccinated people MAY pass on mutated DNA that will cause their own children to pump out the spike protein, with nobody knowing the effects that will have on them. In addition, because the spike protein is “innate” to them, they will have NO immune reaction to COVID if/when they encounter it. They’ll be sitting ducks–they could end up fine; they could end up dying; they could end up “immune” but as superspreaders for the virus that will mutate over and over within their bodies. This happened in the past with a case associated with cattle. They vaccinated the cattle. Their offspring, however, ended up being like Typhoid Mary and the only solution was to kill all the affected offspring, even if they seemed healthy.

    • It is perfect. They’re also funding the first war “fought” on social media, to the tune of $60 billion and counting.

      Ok. This is weird. When I clicked the link, it went to a video about all the BS our tax money is funding.

    • He mocked him for his Asperger’s Syndrome, too. Hmm. Coming from a conservative, the media would be ALL OVER this story. It was hilarious, at least to me, how the guy said something to the effect that he’d be worried that his companion (the PV reporter) was a PV reporter, if they hadn’t met “organically.” (No pun intended, I’m sure. Don’t know if this reporter is LGTBQ or what, but the “victim” of this sting seems so because he alluded to them being on a date!) Loved how the PV reporter deliberately mispronounced “veritas.” Too funny. And he shows the memo that Twitter gave them warning them all to keep their traps shut!

    • Biden was so happy to blame “white supremacists” and by extension all white people and all Republicans and conservatives yesterday. Why, then, is his spokesperson avoiding putting the blame for THESE threats on the people making them–leftists, progressives, pro-baby murder people?

    • Gee, we get to read the SCOTUS opinion when it’s leaked, but where’s the actual memo that’s being reported here?

      Interesting letter from Hillary’s role model and idol, founder of Planned Parenthood. Note the similar thinking to those today who claim that blacks should be treated only by other blacks–segregation all over again. Shh! We don’t want blacks to think our “Negro Project” means extermination.

  5. Children Are Now Getting Hospitalized Over Formula Shortage

    WHAT’S NEXT ? …the REST of US ???

    • How awful. You know all that formula at the border? Don’t you think that MOST women carrying babies across the border are nursing mothers? If not, then how did they feed the babies all along the trek through Mexico? Let them stay in Mexico where there isn’t a shortage then, if they’re getting formula there, which is likely since it’s made there.

  6. WATCH: Ted Cruz gives a Master Class to reporters on why Biden IS to Blame for IN >tentionally Rai$ing >> GA$ price$

    President Biden Promi$ed to TAKE Down American Energy during his Campaign. ….!!!!! …. & HE DOES NOT DRIVE EVER!!!

    Record GAS prices are the intended effects of his Deliberate Actions.


    Elon Musk lights up Twitter after declaring he’ll Vote GOP next election:
    ‘The left should reflect on why’ …..ha’ WHY ???? ha’ GO e m

    ‘Elon Musk just announces he’s voting Republican. Well, what would you eXpect from a Genius?’

    The Left Is Trying To Pin The Buffalo Massacre On Republicans But We’ve Got The Receipts [MONTAGE VIDEO]
    If it wasn’t for double standards…

    • It’s disgusting. They had the talking points (including and especially “great replacement theory”) all ready to go. It’s not as if we can’t SEE what they’re doing. This is another case of accusing others of what you do. They’re trying to create an equivalency between opposition to CRT and opposition to “racist” GRT.

      Replacement hypothesis is an EXPLANATION for observed phenomena: that being all the events and verbal support and videos that prove that the left ENCOURAGES and wants illegal immigration. They ADMIT that they want to change the demographics because they know that only third-world people who lived under totalitarian and/or socialist/Maxist regimes will vote for DemoncRATS so long as they keep the bread and circuses coming.

      CRT IS the theory that actually espouses the ideology that GRT is an answer to. The LEFT IS proposing and IS trying to institute policies and bureaucracies that DO, in fact, shove “white people” to the bottom of the heap. It’s right there in their literature.

      For example, the answer to past discrimination is current and future discrimination (against WHITE PEOPLE).

      I don’t know how this anti-GRT meme will work, though, because U.S. citizen Hispanics, African-American citizens, Asian-American citizens–none of THEM want to be replaced, either. We’re all displaced by ILLEGAL aliens, no matter where they come from.

    • They’re freaking out because black and brown CITIZENS are turning FROM the DemoncRAT party BECAUSE OF their policies. They’re losing them to Republicans. They know it.

      The only way to try to get them back is to drive a wedge between whites and everybody else, so …

      Did you know this Buffalo shooter admitted that he’s NOT conservative but IS “left-wing authoritarian” and anti-Semitic (Jews are mostly white, btw), and an ECO warrior. That doesn’t sound like a white supremacist OR a Republican to me. (Why don’t we get to read this manifesto for ourselves to see what’s really in it instead of having to rely on the cherry picked tidbits the media report and having to rely on them to tell the TRUTH about it? Besides which, they still haven’t confirmed he wrote it!)

      He’s probably another MK-Ultra creation. We’ll know when we see what becomes of this “child.”

      Will he be found incompetent to stand trial on account of mental illness (which is obvious)? Keep in mind, they just dropped charges against that black guy who was beating up white nursing home residents on the excuse that he’s “mentally ill.” His family said they should have known better than put him in a nursing home where he could beat up elderly WHITE people for no reason at all but that they’re white.

      So will the Buffalo perp be found mentally ill? Will he be Epsteined? Will they accept a plea bargain, no trial, and off he’s whisked never to be seen again (like other useful operatives. Maybe new name and everything?)

      He’s just so right out of central casting. Of course, he’s on “suicide watch,” so who’ll be surprised if something happens to him or maybe he’ll be “accidentally” put into the general population and murdered.

      We know what they pulled on President Trump. We know what they pulled on all of us with COVID. We know what they pulled on truly peaceful protesters on Jan 6.

      Would it be a surprise if we learned this was a FF? Nope.

      May all the victims RIP and may their families find peace and NOT be exploited by these disgusting scumbags. But that’s not gonna happen, is it?

      The usual suspect–Crump–is already out there.

      Notice that there’s no due process yet and nobody’s been found guilty yet, but don’t tell that to Biden et al. (Not that I can imagine any scenario where he’s not guilty, unless there’s something they’re not telling us.)

      Even so, he has a right to the presumption of innocence. Suppose he was brainwashed and drugged? Did you hear how supposedly he was “taunting” the FBI within the past few months? How is it possible that the STATE Police in NY knew about him but did NOTHING to prevent this?

      They have a red flag law. Why is nobody ASKING that question?

      Why aren’t the families of the victims asking that question? I imagine they will, in time, when the lawsuits start flying. People of NY better prepare to pay the HUGE settlements that are coming.

      As usual, the PEOPLE will pay for their government’s incompetence.

      You also have to add in the FACT that the FBI also KNEW about him. Why didn’t Wray’s FBI stop this? Can we guess?

  9. Warning Shot: DeSantis Plans to Use Funds to BUS Illegal Immigrants Dumped in Florida to Biden’s Delaware …. YES ALL of THEM !!!

  10. Day 3 Sussman Trial
    Or Day 2 if you’re not counting the day the jury was selected.

    ((( #Sussmann trial begins Monday in Washington, D.C., with jury selection underway this morning. The former #Clinton campaign attorney is charged with making a false statement when he conveyed documents to the FBI purporting links between the #Trump Organization and a Russian bank.)))

    So far…

  11. O’ … sure & he Smells GOOD 2

    • OMG! I love that. It’s so gross, though.

      I put up a new post that’s just an open thread. I’m too beaten down by current events and too busy around my home to write anything in depth.

      That GIF is grossly mesmerizing, isn’t it? I can’t look away. 🙂

  12. I believe that the easiest way to make a strong and secure password is to use the serial numbers off various denominations of paper money. There are so many of these in circulation that I believe it would take a miracle for a hacker to ever figure such a password out and, more importantly, if the password were to be changed on a regular basis.

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