Use a Strong Password

Last week the Earth “celebrated” World Password Day:

This day was created to raise awareness about the importance of using strong passwords.

World Password Day was established in 2013 and is observed on the first Thursday in May.

A strong password helps you keep your personal information safe and prevents someone else from getting into your account.

Were you aware? I wasn’t, until it was mentioned by a friend. I looked it up and, sure enough, there’s a day for that.

The article linked above gives sound advice, among the tips:

Create a strong and complex password: Use 8 characters or more. It can be any combination of letters, numbers and symbols.

Make them long enough and, where applicable, follow the guideline of the site providing password strength feedback.

Make your password unique: Do not use your YouTube account password on other sites. If another site gets hacked, the password could be used to enter your YouTube account. …

Avoid personal information and common words: Do not use personal information like your birthdays, common words like “password” or common patterns like “1234.”

Certainly a person ought to also avoid using easily discovered facts about oneself, such as personal characteristics or proclivities that might help a nefarious actor deduce likely passwords.

For example, a recent article about Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop provides an example of a particularly weak and obvious password.

The computer repairman who unfortunately was called upon to recover data from Biden’s damaged laptop recalled his password as being: analf**k69 (presumably two asterisks were substituted within the article for “u” and “c” in the actual password).

To illustrate how remarkably weak Biden’s chosen password was, I refer back to the conversation with my friend, who tipped me to World Password Day in the first place.

Asked to guess Biden’s password, my friend replied, “Eat me.”

Close, but no cigar. (And no scurrilous euphemism intended).

So, you see, knowing what by now most people who are paying attention know about Biden from his own laptop (see evidence at the link), it wouldn’t take long for a determined guesser, continuing along the same lines as my friend, to come up with the actual password.

We can learn, in so many ways, from Biden’s “mistakes.”





215 responses to “Use a Strong Password


    This is just another case of a false flag intended to throw blame on other people. Arsonist at Jewish synagogues and mosques just HAPPENS to be a progressive leftist antifa member. Hmmm. And who was being blamed for this vandalism and terrorism? I’m guessing “white supremacists.”

    Notice that we’re STILL WAITING to hear who threatened to bomb all the historically black colleges and universities back a few months ago. The CRACK TEAM at the FBI still haven’t charged anyone. Ya think it’s because it’s just ANOTHER false flag intended to BLAME WHITE PEOPLE? A la Jussie Smollett, Bubba Wallace, and all the others? I’m still waiting for the name(s) of the perps. Don’t forget: The police chief of Daytona sat on the telephone with one of the perps for a half hour and YET we’re supposed to believe that in all that time nobody was able to triangulate on the cell signal or trace that call. Whatever became of the alleged 5 (or was it 6) “white supremacist” persons of interest? Actually, according to BLM and the FBI, no doubt ALL WHITES IN THE USA are “persons of interest” to them, all the while that the actual perps, false flagging for dollars and eternal victimhood, go Scot free (apologies to the Scots. But then, I can say that because I’ve got Scot ancestors. Ha, ha.)


    Isn’t THIS special? The machine can fill out the ballots all by itself! Not only that, but also:

    “The Pinion Post reported that per the auditors, all of the ballot images from the 2020 Election were deleted and this occurred after Dominion worked on the voting machines in the county in June 2021. …”



    This is an impeachable offense. DIRECTLY encouraging people to break the law. There’s no such thing, under the law, as peacefully protesting outside the home of a SCOTUS justice to influence his or her vote. It’s ILLEGAL.

    • I keep going back in my mind to those days when we first met up and when sites like the Post Email first started up. That’s WHEN THIS ALL BEGAN. The first totalitarian media blackout about Barry’s ineligibility. Remember the OBAMA TRUTH SQUADS? Remember how news enterprises and PEOPLE were WARNED not to question his ineligibility, his lack of birth documents, his religion (which, btw, is muslim)? This all began back then, with HIM. With the foster son of the Father of Lies.

    • No mention of arrests or hate crime charges yet. As with the “protests” at the SCOTUS justices’ homes, no arrests, either. It’s a FEDERAL CRIME to picket or protest outside a judge’s home. The penalty is a YEAR in prison. It’s NOT a federal crime to “trespass” in the public building known as the U.S. Capitol. The wimpy Gov. of VA is allowing these crimes to occur; it’s also a state crime to protest at anyone’s residence. No arrests. They all should be locked up without due process, like the Jan. 6th protesters.

    • Yes, and I’m sure (NOT!) that the DOJ and Merrick Garland and Wray are already on the case, already hunting these people down like they hunted down, for MONTHS, the “insurrectionists” who had the temerity to walk into OUR CAPITOL BUILDING.

      btw, did you see how House DemoncRATS trespassed into the Senate building today, disrupted proceedings and had to be told to STFU, and were NOT arrested and thrown into jail without due process for the next year plus?

      • Why is it trespassing for a member of the public but it’s NOT trespassing for House members? Are they above the law?

    • OMG. The left is picketing San Fran Nana’s house? I had to do a double take. Thought it was pro-LIFE people picketing her, to prove a point that they ought not condone what might happen to themselves. I just saw J.B. Pritzker, governor of IL, on the news, saying that they need to pressure ALL DEMONCRATS (and others) to get rid of the filibuster (but apparently just for this issue, lest the tables turn on them in the mid-terms.) What a bunch of freaking hypocrites. No doubt, this attacking of even Pelosi is meant to pressure her. They’ll be showing up at the Senators’ homes soon, too.

    • I can’t believe Pelosi, ALLEGEDLY A CATHOLIC, is calling their anger at not being able to kill babies “righteous.” We ARE through the looking glass and into Orwell’s dystopia, for sure. It’s “righteous” to murder helpless children?

      The thing is: This ruling, if it ends up as currently drafted, does nothing to STOP abortion. The issue reverts to the states. California will ALWAYS, no doubt, allow abortion, maybe even up until birth. All this is about is a narrative to run on and an excuse to further demonize and attack, with political VIOLENCE and DOMESTIC TERRORISM, people who are not for radical socialist Marxist “progressivism.”

        the ALPHABET ….

        LGBT topics
        Sexual orientation and Gender
        HomosexualityBisexuality PansexualityAsexuality Gray asexualityQueerSexual identityDemographicsBiologyEnvironmentGender identityGender roleGender varianceNon-binary genderQueer heterosexualitySex and gender distinctionTrans manTrans womanTransgenderTranssexualAromantic

        • Planned Parenthood
          ….. Directs Women to Where They Can Buy Illegal Abortion Drugs
          Radical abortion activism takes complete precedence over women’s health and safety.

          * Al Adab • & more comments…
          PP uses the half Billion of TaxPayer Funds it receives each year to Traffic
          …>> in human Flesh. No matter what they call it, that is the Obscenity.
          * tony sabell • edited
          No matter how many times the Marxist media tells you it’s not happening–it is:

    • It’s outrageous. And today the news is touting that inflation has “slowed.” Mind you, it’s still INCREASING, but not as fast as last month, but only because they report it as a 12-month stretch that moves along, dropping one month from the back and adding a recent month to the front. Inflation is “going in the right direction,” they say, as if we’re supposed to celebrate that prices “only” rose 8.3% instead of 8.5%. They still WENT UP. Everything you put in your grocery cart is going up, sometimes, if you shop online, the price rises between the time you put it in the cart and you check out! Stories are already out there preparing us for the FACT that these prices will NEVER GO BACK DOWN, especially concerning energy. It’s a PLAN. Biden probably is focused on inflation: How to make it worse.

      • Think it’s coincidence that BABY FORMULA is so scarce? A convenient recall? What gets to people faster than threats to babies? What will drive FEAR among mothers?

        Attack the CHILDREN. It’s a PLAN. It’s a feature, not a bug or incompetence. It’s deliberate.

        btw, for anybody who needs baby formula, check out Sam’s Club. If you’re not a member, find somebody who is. You can get them to buy you a gift card and then you can shop for yourself. (Pay them back, of course, for the “gift” card.) This may be true at Costco, too.

        I saw a program recently that said that ALL baby formulas sold here are approved by the FDA and so any brand, even if an “off brand,” is wholesome and safe for a child.

        They want to drive panic. They want to sow FEAR. That’s how they grab CONTROL. One by one, they’ll pick off the industries that will “have to” be nationalized and controlled by the government.

        (Also, given that Walgreens practically condones the shoplifting that happens in their stores, that Walgreens is like Ground Zero for shoplifting, that nothing happens to shoplifters (e.g., in CA where it’s not a crime until it’s almost a thousand dollars in merchandise stolen), and that baby formula is one of the most often stolen items (that and diapers), it’s no surprise the WALGREENS is the store cited on the news with shortages.)

    • Oh, it will be a “settlement” (slap on the wrist, if that), probably where they won’t admit to any criminality or fraud or evasion, and then SOMEBODY ELSE WILL PAY THE FINE for him. He ought to have millions stashed somewhere but no doubt somebody else will be paying this settlement. I don’t believe that under Biden his son will EVER be sent to prison. There should, obviously, be a special investigator/counsel, whatever you call it, but there won’t be.

  4. … CAN’T WAIT 2 HOP on a FLIGHT! … man WHAT’s NEXT???
    Flight aborted when passengers receive disturbing photos on their phones
    Incident occurs as plane was taxiing for takeoff

  5. The Slimy hand of Soros emerges in abortion protest outrages
    By Monica Showalter

    Over the weekend, we were treated to outrageous demonstrations of incivility and outright illegality with specters like this:

    Pro-abortion protesters shout “F*ck you, Alito” & “abort the court” as they leave his house.

    At the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles, left-wing protesters tried shutting down Sunday mass to protest in support of abortion. They are forced out by security & parishioners

    Sure enough, he Found something — a Bay Area Nest of Harassing activists whose trail lead squarely to Billionaire Hedge Fund Speculator George Soros:

    But that’s another story. What we have here now is a Bloated billionaire network with the ca$h of George Soros squarely involved in these illegal violations & JOE Biden the Obedient HandMaid Protecting such operations. It’s always about the Money, $$$$$$ isn’t it, JOE?

    This is VILE.

  6. & that’s the way WTP .. DO IT!!! WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!

    Funny how that works…


    • Yep. Birthing persons. Because it’s insulting to call a “transgender man” who’s pregnant a “woman,” even though it’s impossible for anyone but a woman to be pregnant. These people and their language make my head spin. Who died and left them the “deciders” AND ENFORCERS for the English language?

  8. WTP’S >>>> MAGA WINNER <<<< TRUMP

    WATCH hilarious comics impersonate Kamala, Jill, Nancy,
    Something to Laugh at in Washington

    • Didn’t see this before I posted a different article about the same story. Thanks for this. It tells a lot more. I’m disgusted by that hairy belly. WTF? There should be a trigger (puke) warning on these kinds of photos. This is CHILD ABUSE, but since they don’t consider a fetus a person, or a child, then it’s only pre-child abuse, I suppose. The abuse manifests once the child is “birthed.”

      Love this comment at your link:

      “Remember, a jackalope is still just a rabbit with antlers sewn on. Fake antlers don’t change it into something different.”

    • I hope it’s indisputable. I am SO SICK of waiting for big effing deals that never are. Will it matter? I mean, there’s TAPE. Videotape of the massive cheating and even so the media and the DemoncRATS and those in power IGNORE or DENY it. The “narrative,” the “story,” is all. They lie and it becomes reality for everyone. We are to ignore the evidence of our own eyes. They claim there’s no evidence. The evidence is produced, so they simply ignore it, say it’s fake, or say it doesn’t matter. Once you start lying, it’s not hard to just keep making up more lies, so long as you GET AWAY WITH IT.


    Scroll down to see the “pregnant man” who’s going to “give birth” soon. No mention that I can see of whether it will be a mother or a father or a neither/nor. Look carefully at the pregnant “person.”

    How will the child be NORMAL with a “mother” so full of MALE HORMONES? Will a female fetus be masculinized? Will a male fetus be hyper-masculinized? Does any medical “expert” give a rat’s ass? What will be society’s answer to the child if the child is DELIBERATELY developmentally screwed up? This is just one study demonstrating the very real MEDICAL problem, which in this case is “natural” (apparently) but in the case of a female on male hormones, is DELIBERATE:

    They do NOT know what they’re messing with. What if a masculinized mother gives birth to a GAY son who would have preferred NOT to be born gay because of hormones his mother took before he was conceived (and maybe even after)? Where’s the research/literature on the potential effect of THESE drugs on children conceived after a mother takes male hormones? Any long-term studies? Does anyone care about the CHILDREN?

    • I see NO CONCERN in this Wiki article about the effect of “transgender men” giving birth on the CHILD. Lots of commentary worrying about the psychological effects on these “men” of unexpected pregnancies and how society ignores or stigmatizes them when they’re pregnant or how they may have renewed “gender dysphoria” which I suppose means the opposite of their original dysphoria so it’s dysphoric dysphoria (iow, female to male and back to female–but looking male and pregnant–messes with one’s head. I should imagine, which is why this all MUST STOP. Men are men. Women are women. End of story.)

      Fetuses are not people to these “people;” and apparently the children who are BORN to these people are not people, either, or at least their own eventual PERSONHOOD doesn’t matter at all. If the hormone “therapy” taken by their mother/father affects them negatively, too effing bad, according to them, or so it seems to me. Who’s watching out for the BABIES? Nobody (except a bunch of transphobes like us).

    • Which is why they’ve been trying to force them on everyone. The thing is, what do they have to worry about? It’s not like the media’s going to report the waste. And besides, they can and probably will just LIE about it. Why not? They get away with all their other lies.

    • So today there’s a story out that some Biden administration health bigwig is predicting that we’ll have a horrible experience with a new COVID “variant” in the fall. Just in time for the election. They are pushing, though, for over 22 billion dollars in more COVID dollars to address the coming fall and winter and make a new vaccine. So, can we expect that they’ll want $22 billion EVERY YEAR from now on? The guy says we won’t make it through without the money and it’s an EMERGENCY. It has to be given! Then, spreading LIES (disinformation), he claims that unless we vaccinate the ENTIRE WORLD, new variants will keep coming.

      However, HE KNOWS and WE KNOW that people get infected with or without a vaccination and if vaccinated, then the VARIANTS that arise from those infections are immune to the vaccine! So it matters not whether we vaccinate the world or not–variants will arise and they’ll be immune to the vaccines, eventually, meaning we’ll be throwing money down a rat hole FOREVER developing “new” vaccines to defeat the “new variants.” Until they get a STERILIZING vaccine, that’s what’s going to happen.

    • They subpoenaed Engelbrecht, too, iirc, but I think she plans to use the opportunity to PRESENT ALL THE EVIDENCE IN A PUBLIC FORUM AND UNDER OATH. They’re not subpoenaing her, though, because they want the truth.

  11. * bwuce wee says:
    OK- i am taking action here: any takers on who the leak came from- wait for it(!!!!), the newest dem OBAMA mole on the court! you guessed it- ketanji brown jackson. no leak ever on the court, yet within mere days after her appointment, well, looky here, we have subversive action!!! coincidence? I THINK NOT!!! good thing obama has another subversive operative on the court- he needs them. and by the way, scalia was killed on obama’s watch- coincidence? I THINK NOT!

    • I looked but couldn’t find it again (maybe because it’s memory holed), but I swear I remember reading somewhere that even though she won’t take the bench until after summer, her aides are already working at/with the SCOTUS and Breyer’s people to ease the transition. That, then, means that one could have access and maybe even wouldn’t be able to be fired by Roberts because they’re not actually SCOTUS employees yet. Just hers, I imagine, and what’s the likelihood she’d fire the person? It’s said Justice Thomas implied the leak came from the left, although in reading what he did say, I don’t perceive it.

  12. YES …. This is the TRUTH …. 2 the death??? …. Puts US in a CORNER ???

    • They have and they admit it. Tucker Carlson seems to believe that this is part of Joe’s “warning” about upcoming food shortages. That’s likely. They’re hitting people where it most hurts them. Carlson ascribes the source of the problem to the fact that WE the PEOPLE pay for all the formula for people on Medicaid. Through contracts, they MUST buy certain brands and the largest brand with the contract is the one the FDA conveniently shut down in February for alleged contamination, which didn’t exist. Now all the people on Medicaid no longer can go to the usual sources for their approved formula, like Walgreens and Target, but instead are out there competing with people who PAY FOR THEIR OWN FORMULA for the formula at other stores or from other suppliers. Of course, WAIT FOR IT: The DemoncRATS will no doubt say that we MUST reimburse those people for any formula they paid for out of pocket and that’s not the approved brand. btw, does it occur to Stefanik that it’s not that they’re “asleep at the wheel” (so they didn’t have a “plan” to address or circumvent the shortage) but instead that THIS IS THE PLAN: To create the crisis. To create the shortage. To upset people and make them fearful. So that … what? They can NATIONLIZE another industry? Give people MORE MONEY in the form of CASH to buy other formula? Further bankrupt our county? Import formula from countries where Congress or tariffs or REAL POTUS put roadblocks on importation so that, in return, Biden can get KICKBACKS from those countries (let’s guess China)?

  13. NO … HUMOR in … FOOL’S TALK … It’s NEVER O K !!! NEVER EVER!!!

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