Many all over the world have wondered recently who truly runs the United States of America. The question seems to have been answered over Easter weekend, when BOTUS (Bunny of the United States) made its (his/her/their?) first appearance at the presidential lectern to address the nation.

We’ve not yet found a transcript of BOTUS’s address, which may be because BOTUS seems to be mute.

We’ve also failed to locate a BSL (Bunny sign language) translator, so it’s anyone’s guess what two bunny fingers down and two bunny fingers up (as seen above) means.

BOTUS also made an appearance at the White House Easter Egg Roll, where he/she/they helpfully and quickly directed the apparently former POTUS away from nosy (alleged) journalists.

It’s difficult to write about BOTUS, because his/her/their spokesperson hasn’t yet provided appropriate pronouns for him/her/them. We can’t allow stereotypes to cause us to misgender BOTUS. Because BOTUS wore a purple pinafore with a frilly lace-edged heart, and also wore a blue vest, we can’t decide and won’t risk assigning an incorrect gender. If only BOTUS would say, but of course BOTUS, being mute, can’t. (Oh, my. Is “mute” the proper term?)

Here’s BOTUS with spokesperson, considerately wearing a face mask while meeting and greeting the admiring public. Can bunnies transmit COVID?

We’re waiting anxiously to see what executive orders BOTUS might publish, now that he/she/they have a phone and a pen, although the phone will likely be used only for texting, provided BOTUS can text with those larger-than-human fingers.

Perhaps Big Tech can help, when they’re not too busy spying on Americans.

From Biden to BOTUS. How much worse can BOTUS be?

We wait with bated breath to see how the Global Community reacts to the Bunny of the United States.

Will they welcome or will they reject the first Leporid President of the United States?



93 responses to “BOTUS!

  1. ‘Lie of the Year’ >>> Winner ObamA flamed for ‘disinformation’ speech:
    ‘Quite the expert’
    ‘Like so many other progressives, what Obama seeks to restore is the
    near-monopoly liberals once had on the information space.’

    Pelosi said Obama is >>> Jealous’ of Biden, new book reveals
    Biden told adviser his administration is ‘more transformative’ than Obama’s

  2. Miranda Devine: ‘The most compelling evidence’ of 2020 vote Fraud
    ‘The extent of the Operation is >>> Jaw-Dropping’ !!!

    Are > Democrats & > Joe Biden up to their > O L D Election Tricks? ???

    • It worked once so why not try it again?

      The media will have their hands over their eyes, their ears stopped up, and will SPEAK nothing about the massive amount of evidence of theft of the election.

    • From the second link:

      “After Dec. 23, 2020, Phipps noticed mules in Georgia started wearing gloves. He pinpoints the change to an indictment for ballot stuffing handed up in Arizona on December 22. “The way the FBI nailed them was fingerprints.” After that, mules started wearing gloves. …”

      That’s what you call consciousness of guilt/crime. They KNEW they were committing fraud. This makes more evidence of the vast left-wing CONSPIRACY.

    YANK BIDEN OUT …. & the REST …2

    Homan accuses Biden, Mayorkas of abandoning Border Patrol after death of Texas Guardsman: ‘Totally disgusting’
    National Guard Specialist Bishop E. Evans, 22, Drowned while attempting to rescue two migrants


    The “smartest man” His Fraudulency Joe Biden knows had an affair with his brother’s widow and then urged her to get tested for HIV.

    The New York Post reports that Hunter Biden was desperately insisting his brother’s widow, Hallie Biden, get herself tested for HIV as their affair limped to its conclusion in July of 2018.

    The “smartest man” His Fraudulency Joe Biden knows had an Affair with
    HIS>>> brother’s Widow and then Urged HER to get Tested for HIV. ???

    The New York Post reports that Hunter Biden was desperately insisting his brother’s widow, Hallie Biden, get herself tested for HIV As their affair
    >>>> Limped to its >>> CON-clusion in July of 2018.

    • What freaking SCUM these people are. In what sane world does a guy like Hunter get protected and even praised by the media. They all should hang their heads in shame. Talk about “dirty laundry.” Joe and Jill were HAPPY that Hunter and Hallie “found” each other? So how, then, do you explain the threat of HIV? Did Hunter beg London also to get HIV tested? Did he fear Hallie gave it to him or vice versa? These people make my skin crawl.

  5. The January 6 Committee Indicts Itself
    248-page filing of self-indictment released.

    If, in fact, Republicans, as predicted, win control of the House in November, one of the serious tasks that should begin is to set up a select committee to investigate the January 6 Committee & ALL >>>> of its members.

    The horrendous, decidedly purposeful miscarriage of justice that is this dangerous Farce cannot be allowed to Stand.

    Dustoff •
    Release the videos Nancy. !!!!!
    * Concerned Conservative •
    Could Jim Jordan & Matt Getz do it by themselves? Because most other Republicans R cowardly, spineless, corrupt Liberals Posing as Republicans.

    * guyjones • > • edited
    It’s Never an “insurrection” when the Dumb-o-crat narcissist-totalitarians contest elections, or, when the Dumb-o-crats gleefully laud, enable & encourage their goose-stepping terrorist/insurrectionist brown shirt thugs in “Anti-fa” & “Black Lives Matter” to destroy neighborhoods & cities, burn down businesses, Attack police officers, Murder innocents & desecrate Synagogues, for almost an entire Year. Funny how that Double standard inures to the Dumb-o-crat hypocrites’ perennial benefit.
    * D.W. •
    Who opened the magnetic doors?
    * JackVan FavoritePatriot • > • edited
    Nancy needed it stopped. There was already a legal challenge to one state’s electors on the floor when the cops held the doors Open & let people walk in.

  6. The Right Scoop –
    BOMBSHELL: Emails reveal Joe Biden paid legal bills for one of Hunter’s deals with communist China

    The Daily Mail has dropped a bombshell today on Joe Biden, revealing an email from Hunter Biden’s assistant claiming that Daddy Joe paid his legal bills for one of his deals with his China.

    The report also reveals that Joe had millions in unexplained income.

    Joe Biden agreed to pay son Hunter’s legal fees for his deal with a Chinese government-controlled company, emails reveal.

    & Pablo Cruise •
    C’mon man! It was a bridge loan from CornPop!

    * Sandra123456 • > • edited
    Joe and Jill Biden’s adjusted gross incomes:

    1998: $215,432 2005: $321,379 2012: $385,072
    1999: $210,797 2006: $248,459 2013: $407,009
    2000: $219,953 2007: $319,853 2014: $388,844
    2001: $220,712 2008: $269,256 2015: $392,233
    2002: $227,811 2009: $333,182 2016: $396,456
    2003: $231,375 2010: $379,178 2017: $11,031,309
    2004: $234,271 2011: $379,035 2018: $4,580,437

    Wow! 11million in 2017 Must have been a lot of speeches, right? :>)

    (Figures from:… )

    * Scott Davis Sandra123456 •
    From a guy who literally CAN’T CARRY ON A CONVERSATION, let alone Speak… …O’ JOEY … WHAT A CHEAT BIDEN HAS ALWAYS BEEN!!!!

    • Wow. Every day it becomes more obvious how BIG of a LIE Biden told when he claimed he had nothing to do with Hunter’s “business” deals.

    A consent decree approved by Gov. Brian Kemp “invalidated all voter ID law” and “allowed fraudulent ballots to be accepted” in the 2020 race.

    David Perdue distorts facts in Georgia agreement on absentee ballot signatures

    • One has to ask: Is it possible for a governor to void all voter ID laws? Under what authority?

    • So you drill down into their “fact check” and learn that there was only an UNENFORCEABLE agreement between the election official Raffensperger and the DemoncRATS. Based upon that, no doubt they implied to all elections officials that there WAS an enforceable consent decree in order to do all the illegal activities they pulled on in GA.

  8. LOCK >>>> IT >>>> UP NOW !!!

  9. O’ ….SURE GARLAND ……. sure!!!!
    AG Garland: President Biden Has Not Interfered With Son’s Fraud Investigation ….. ha’ !!!!!!
    AG Garland: President Biden Has Not Interfered With Son’s Fraud Investigation …??? … >>> DO YA?

  10. Psaki: Biden still claims Ignorance of Hunter’s deals despite New reports
    Records of White House visits and payment of legal fees in China

    Ha’ … YEP another GAME on USA!!!
    Quadruple-vaxxed Kamala Harris catches COVID
    ‘Maybe another booster shot will help’ … a GAME? 2 HAVE MAIL IN BALLOTS .. REALLY SOON .. WTP are 2 ILL 2 VOTE in PERSON ???

  11. Joe Biden Could Be History ….???
    But not in the way he wants to be. ….>>> GO JOE >>>GO!!!

    And maybe, just maybe, the suffering under Biden might produce the historical, transformational change we’re overdue for.

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