Happy Easter Weekend: 2022

May you, your family, and all of your friends have a blessed and happy Easter.



23 responses to “Happy Easter Weekend: 2022

  1. Happy Easter, everyone. btw, those are POLISH Easter eggs, not Ukrainian ones. Just sayin’.

    • How is it that the Disney Board of Directors isn’t under investigation for violating their fiduciary duty to stockholders? Does it make sense to DELIBERATELY AND FOR NO DISCERNIBLE BUSINESS REASON ALIENATE HALF YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS?

  2. WHO ARE THEY ??? >>>> GOT A CLUE FOLKS???

    Court Brief: Biden Releases 756K Border Crossers,
    ….. >>> Population Larger than Boston,
    >>> into American Communities Since Taking Office ? REALLY JOE?

    ANY … BODY ALIVE ??? @ your HOME JOEY ???


    • I read somewhere today that it’s actually 3 million since Biden took office. This 3/4 million must just be the ones they “processed” and DELIBERATELY turned loose again.

      Read another story today outlining how they wasted $17 million of OUR MONEY on hotel rooms for illegals that remained vacant (hard to believe). In addition, it’s documented that the people doing the processing under a NO BID (illegal) contract did NOT test these people for COVID before they bused them to hotels, after they left the hotel, or before TURNING THEM LOOSE on the U.S. population. Thus, they DID INDEED deliberately allow illegal aliens to spread throughout the country, infecting who knows how many citizens with COVID. HOW MANY AMERICANS DIED BECAUSE JOE ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN?

  3. >> Fourth Texas migrant bus arrives in DC near US Capitol
    Bus Carrying approximately 10 Migrants was assisted by a social services organization

  4. ….W H O WILL STOP THESE >>> G A M E S ????? WHO ???

    The New York Times Peddles a New ‘narrative’ about Joe Biden Supposedly being UP- set about HIS own Border Surge ? ha ha ha’ DICK-headJOE!

    Why are the NYT, WaPo, & other media outlets running the story about the Hunter Biden laptop now since they have known it was true since October 2020 when they Censored the story? Because Hunter May Be Charged! They are STILL Intentionally Lying that Joe isn’t Involved because they know Joe has Been involved for a LONG TIME in Lining the Family’s Pockets with KickBacks.

    Most of what the media reports is not news. It is purported “news” articles attempting to manipulate the public into electing Democrats & infecting the public with a Leftist Agenda. Thankfully, a significant section of the public is aware of the fake news which is why Biden’s positive rating is frequently below 40%. Among independents in these polls, Biden has a favorability rating Below 30%. Being what they are, the numbers are Probably Exaggerated.


    • When you think about it, We the People are probably paying the salaries of the WH “aides” who write these “news” articles that they then fax over to the various mainstream media outlets, which explains why, so often, the text of the stories almost exactly match each other. It’s so much easier to just copy verbatim (plagiarize, like Joe) instead of figuring out how to paraphrase what the Biden administration sent over as the proper narrative.

    • The question is: Did he think someone was supposed to come shake his hand or did he hallucinate that someone was standing there waiting for him to shake hands? I’ve said this before: I had a relative, sadly now deceased, who behaved exactly like Joe. This relative had Lewy Body dementia. He would stand around, looking blank, stumbling at times, said inappropriate things. Joe has all the same symptoms, right down to the wandering around like a lost lamb.

    • Hard to believe, isn’t it? Well, actually not. The big question is: How did they manage to hide this for so long? Explains SO MUCH now, doesn’t it? DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD.

      I read somewhere that as many as 25% of young people now claim to be “non-binary” or some version of gender-ness that is NOT their “gender assigned at birth.”

      These ghouls tell any child who expresses discomfort with their body in any way, for any reason, that then they must be “transgender.”

      How many boys played with dolls? How many girls played with trucks? I grew up on a street that had only boys. I played cowboys and Indians, wore my cousin’s hand-me-down cowboy clothes, and most of the time there wasn’t any Dale Evans role in our games (although I’d have preferred to be Princess Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring. Remember her?) My brothers played with my dolls. I lost many a doll to them. (Mom made me let them play with them.) I played with their trains and trucks. NONE OF US is “transgender.” Today, though, the powers that be at schools and Planned Parenthood would be going behind our parents’ backs to look into “transition” for us! Children are children. Is it any less playacting to pretend to be a cowBOY than to pretend to be Tinkerbell? It’s IMAGINATION and PLAY ACTING. When female actresses play men, do they suddenly become MEN and “transgender?” Children’s PLAY is no different.

      As for being uncomfortable in one’s body: Consider the emphasis on looks, especially in high school. Look at how different it is for males to be less than handsome versus females to be less than pretty. Is it any wonder that, given the option, more unattractive girls might think it easier to “transition” to being “boys?” Same for less than masculine boys. Why not opt for being “female” if that’s easier than acting masculine? Check out this first-hand account: https://ryansereno.substack.com/p/how-a-skeptic-turned-transgender?s=w&utm_medium=web

      They’re taking advantage of depressed, mentally ill, bipolar, or simply maladjusted kids with no self esteem. Pressuring them to “transition.” It’s a crime.

    How the elites are robbing everyone else through runaway inflation and skyrocketing prices


  6. >>> >>> ??? The Musk-Twitter Tsunami …..???

    * Ray Fremicksays:
    “Musk’s efforts to preserve & restore Free speech to one of the most ubiquitous “public square” platforms on the planet constitutes “Mischief?””
    Musk Blocks people on Twitter if he Disagrees with Them. …O’ ???


    • We have hoped and been disappointed so many times of the past decade and more. Even so, I’m hoping that Elon Musk will be another Trump-like beacon of hope for we who have been dispossessed of all we THOUGHT we enjoyed in our country–free speech and FREEDOM, foremost. Let us pray that he’s successful in wrenching the “public square” away from the malign woke who currently control the “business.” It become obvious now why even woke Dorsey himself left that company. He said that the board of directors has been the problem from the beginning.

    • Musk is an African-American. 🙂

      Interesting that he’s MORE “African-American” than our VP, who’s not “African” whatsoever. Ask her father.

    • Excellent question. On a related note: Did you see that the RINOs and the DemoncRATS have pulled out the usual tactic in Nebraska and dredged up a bunch of women to make sexual harassment allegations against the gubernatorial candidate that the REAL POTUS endorses? Shades of the Greitans gambit. Of course, MOST of the women are anonymous. Of the one who isn’t, I ask (as usual, as is typically a required question in these circumstances): WHY DIDN’T YOU REPORT IT AT THE TIME? WHY DID YOU WAIT UNTIL NOW? HOW IS ANYONE SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE YOU WHEN YOU SAID NOTHING FOR SEVERAL YEARS UNTIL THIS GUY RAN FOR GOVERNOR? IS IT ALL BECAUSE TRUMP ENDORSED HIM?

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