Gaps. We Got Gaps.

Another tempest in a teapot blew over this past week, when mainstream media, without evidence, falsely accused President Trump of hiding White House phone records from the corrupt Jan. 6th Congressional “investigation,” which is actually just another partisan witch hunt and “insurance policy” designed to, they hope, abort the next Trump presidential candidacy.

The newest allegation against President Trump was, in typical Democrat style,  symbolically reminiscent of President Nixon’s missing 18.5 minutes of tape, aka a gap.”

Shades of Tricky Dick! Gasp, a gap!

Howie Carr wrote:

Gaps in the White House phone logs of Jan. 6! Worse than Watergate!

It was a bombshell, the walls were closing in, it was a turning point, a tipping point, breaking news, the beginning of the end, whistleblowers, dark clouds, monumental implications, a watershed.

Until, as always, it wasn’t. Instead it was yet another Emily Litella moment.

Never mind! …

In case you missed it, or more likely paid no attention to the Chicken Littles who’ve been peddling the same made-up nonsense for more than six years now, this time Trump was accused of somehow erasing the White House phone logs for more than seven hours on Jan. 6, 2021.

Because the Democrat operatives think it’s more believable if they throw in precise falsehoods, they had exact times — from 11:17 a.m. until 6:54 p.m.

It was the biggest story in the world until it wasn’t. It was such an embarrassment that it was left to CNN — which is to fake news what Fredo was to the Corleones, that is to say the embarrassing runt of the litter — to clean up the smelly mess in Aisle Biden.

CNN headline: “Official review of Trump phone logs from Jan. 6 finds record is complete.”

Sorry. No gaps. Another totally false narrative shot to holy hell, which for some reason reminded me of Rocky Balboa, explaining gaps to Adrian’s brother Paulie:

We the People are filling the gaps alright.  We’re not as stupid as the Deep State and the globalists think we are.

In the meantime, the media totally ignored this story:

Imagine if President Trump had made such a blunder.




122 responses to “Gaps. We Got Gaps.

  1. Defendant Daniel Harris – Acquitted in Whitmer Trial – Took the Stand &
    Said He Thought He Was Going 4 > BeerS the Night He Was Arrested !!!

    * Why aren’t the FBI agents who plotted to kidnap Whitmer being prosecuted.

    * Because Governor Gretchen Whitmer is part of the plot.

    * Because ‘no birth certificate bathhouse barry’ corrupted them at the highest level using cash from soreass gates sukerberg & an entity of anti American oligarchs.

    * These guys know who was involved & what they look like–maybe in the near future we will start seeing pictures of these low life

    * Because the Entire system is Corrupt. There’s Zero over sight.

    • Thought he was going for beers! That was priceless. That guy took the stand because his witnesses chickened out of testifying. Good for him. Must have done a good job proving he’s no rocket scientist and how the FBI took advantage of these guys. NOW prosecute the criminals in the FBI.

  2. I’ve got an OLD BARN with an OUT HOUSE TOILET.. Will’s TROPHY…
    CAN REST it there for 10 YEARS .. NO PROBLEM’ then HE CAN GET
    it BACK !!! .. 4 that is ALL he CARES ABOUT! What a JOKE blk power?

    • It’s still all about her, isn’t it? What a narcissist. She’s “healing.” From WHAT? Is she banned for 10 years? This clears the way for her to show up at the Oscars for the next decade with a toy boy. How nice for her. (btw, I need eye bleach to “heal” from the sight of that woman in the fringy orange dress. Do you think she had a clue how she did NOT look “boobalicious?” I’m just sayin’. )

  3. Welcome to Washington DC, Home of the Swamp

    Another Conspiracy Dies As U.S. Border Agents are ‘Cleared’ of Migrant ‘Whipping’ Claims.

    reports of U.S. Border Patrol agents whipping Haitian migrants at America’s southern border – a narrative pushed by the White House, mainstream media outlets, and left-wing politicians and activists – have been confirmed as false.
    The incident underwent a probe by the Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), which National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd revealed had yielded no evidence supporting the left-wing theory that agents “whipped” Haitian migrants.
    “The only reason that we know that they were cleared is because OPR [Office of Professional Responsibility] started their investigation and they compelled them to give a statement.
    The photographer who captured many of the images at the center of the controversy told KTSM NBC9 in El Paso he “didn’t ever see [the agents] whip anybody,” adding that the photos have “really been misconstrued.”

    • Cleared? They shouldn’t even have been accused. It was OBVIOUS to anybody with a lick of sense and eyes to see that it was all B.S.

  4. Hey Kids, >>>>> Let’s Talk About ? Penises & >>> ? Vaginas! ???
    In the modern classroom, with first- and second-graders.

    TEACHER: Good morning, boys who identify as boys, girls who identify as girls, non-binary kiddies, those searching, exploring, & wondering about your sexual identities.

    CLASS: Good morning, Mr. Kamala-Ketanji.

    TEACHER: Today’s class is about body parts. Even though there are no “boys” or “girls” anymore, we all begin with certain body parts. Can someone tell me what we call a body part under a “boy” belly & just on top of his legs that sticks out & sprays pee-pee into a toilet from a standing position?

    • If you tell people the sort of things that are “taught” in schools, they don’t believe you. Somewhere I saw a video of a parent reading from a “Gender Queer” book that was in his kids’ school. The school board was outraged that he read it. Thought it was profane, I guess. But even more profane is that it’s in his kids’ school, complete with CARTOONS of a boy giving another a BJ. Yep. You can’t make this stuff up. What the hell is this country becoming?

  5. REALLY ??? REALLY ???

    The Doctor Who Exposed Fauci’s Fallacies and Got Harassed and Fired from HHS for Telling the Truth ….???? >>>> REALLY??????

    • Yeah, that was when Barry was bloviating anything he thought would FOOL “white folks” into voting for him and unfortunately it worked and unfortunately they believed he REALLY thought that way and would do something to remedy the situation. NOT! Destruction of ALL nuclear families is one of his goals. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about black children growing up without fathers.

    & LOW LIFES!! DIRT is CLEANER than them !! DIRTY BIDENS!!!

    • Disappointing that so many people do NOT see through the propaganda and manipulation concerning Ukraine and Putin.

      There ARE no “good guys” in Ukraine–Russian or Ukrainian. Look at this. THESE are the people whose side we apparently take:

      “Ukrainian officials have run more than 8,600 facial recognition searches on dead or captured Russian soldiers in the 50 days since Moscow’s invasion began, using the scans to identify bodies and contact hundreds of their families in what may be one of the most gruesome applications of the technology to date.

      The country’s IT Army, a volunteer force of hackers and activists that takes its direction from the Ukrainian government, says it has used those identifications to inform the families of the deaths of 582 Russians, including by sending them photos of the abandoned corpses. …

      The West’s solidarity with Ukraine makes it tempting to support such a radical act designed to capitalize on family grief, said Stephanie Hare, a surveillance researcher in London. But contacting soldiers’ parents, she said, is “classic psychological warfare” and could set a dangerous new standard for future conflicts.

      If it were Russian soldiers doing this with Ukrainian mothers, we might say, ‘Oh, my God, that’s barbaric,’ ” she said. …”

      • It’s as if there are NO MORALS anymore. May be against the Geneva Conventions, but who cares? It’s only Russian MOTHERS we’re talking about, AS IF they’re not human beings.

        “A besieged Ukraine has adopted a gruesome tactic in hopes of stoking anti-government rage inside Russia: posting photos and videos of captured and killed Russian soldiers on the Web for anyone to see.

        On Telegram, Twitter and YouTube, Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs since Sunday has posted a constant stream of extremely graphic images showcasing the horrors of war and inviting Russians to examine them to determine whether the images feature a missing loved one. …

        In many of the images, soldiers’ corpses can be seen burned, ripped apart, mangled in wreckage or abandoned in snow; in some, their faces are featured in bloody close-ups, frozen in pain.

        In others, prisoners are interrogated by captors about the invasion as they shake with emotion. Some of the men sit crumpled, hands bound, eyes blindfolded with tape. …

        While not unprecedented — North Vietnam shared photos and film of imprisoned U.S. service members, including the late Sen. John McCain, in hopes of inflaming antiwar sentiment in the United States — the Ukrainian effort, thanks to the Internet, is playing to an audience rarely available in the annals of war. …

        “The law doesn’t allow for, ‘They’re doing bad things, so we can, too,’” VanLandingham said. “They don’t want to turn the international community against them. They’ve got to be on the straight and narrow here. It’s really dangerous for them in desperation to do things that are clearly prohibited.” …”

        Any doubt that the reason the corpses look so awful is that the inhumane Ukrainian devils are making them so? As I said, there are NO GOOD GUYS in this but do we really want to take the side of people who use the same tactics that NORTH VIETNAM DID? They accuse Russians of using “conscripts” in the war (as if we didn’t in Vietnam) and yet it’s known that the Ukrainians FORCE every male “adult” to stay in Ukraine and fight. EVERY ONE. They were separated at the borders as they tried to flee and FORCED to fight. Now we’re told that the Russians are evil for killing these civilians who were FORCED to take up arms and fight them. THAT’S supposed to be a war crime, when Russian soldiers fight “civilians” who were forced by their own government to FIGHT. It’s war. Are they supposed to allow themselves to be shot because the person forced to shoot at them is a “civilian” who’s FORCED to fight? Again, NO GOOD GUYS. WHY then are we taking sides in this horrid place?

  7. ….gay >>gay ….gay?? WHY ?? ha’ U SUCKERS!!! STOP the NUTS!!!

    • How can it be that shareholders WANT to destroy the companies from within? They WANT to alienate over half the population? It makes no sense.


    The Biden Regime Reacts Angrily to Elon Musk Trying to Buy Twitter, Launching Investigations From Multiple Agencies to Stop Him ????

    Elon Musk Warns Twitter Board: “If the board takes actions contrary to shareholder interests the liability they would thereby assume would be titanic in scale”

    • It just gripes them no end when a wealthy young billionaire isn’t on THEIR side and uses their tactics on them. They asked for this when they sent that shot across his bow, implying that if he was on the board he couldn’t say or do anything that harmed “shareholder interests.” Iow, they planned to complain against and about him if he spoke out, as he tends to do. HOWEVER, what do most of these WOKE companies do when they deliberately ALIENATE over half the population, if NOT harm the shareholders’ interests? This is something I’ve wondered about ever since the first woke companies began to militate against conservatives. The shareholders obviously must LIKE losing money via boycotts, etc.

      So now he offers them MORE than their shares are worth and dares the board to refuse the offer, which obviously is AGAINST shareholders’ interests. Right?

      They’re instigating a “poison pill.” (I say, as if I understand all that. Suffice it to say they’re trying to block him, no doubt using “lawfare,” the favorite weapon of the woke.)

      I’m guessing Plan B is start his own company to compete with Twitter. He should. It almost sounds as if Dorsey is on Musk’s side, doesn’t it?

    • As predicted, too, they’re accusing him of their favorite allegation: He’s RACIST.

      They’re planning to use social media, once again, against conservatives. The very last thing they want to see in 2022 but especially in 2024 is a FREE AND OPEN PUBLIC SQUARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

  9. LA street gangs targeting residents in wealthy areas, LAPD urges residents to be on guard
    Police said some of the gang members live outside LA County

    Los Angeles follow-home robbers pistol-whip victim, police say
    A group of armed follow-home robbers were caught on video beating and pistol-whipping a victim outside his downtown Los Angeles home Sunday, authorities said.

    REALLY ????? USA ???? REALLY ????

  10. >>> Jen Psaki getting by on her Looks ?????
    I’m the second most beautiful wo-man in Washington DC, ?????
    I don’t have to think. ??? …. check!
    ‘Stupid Son of a B***h’ – Psaki’s Disgusting Attack on Peter Doocey

    Under Biden DHS Has Released More Than 756,000 Southwest Border Migrants
    Not counting more than 146,000 kids and 620,000 ‘got-aways’ – & the president has NO Plan to STOP >>> it …..SURE BRAIN FRIED JOE!!!

    • Who’s the most beautiful in DC now that Melania is gone? There’s nary one that can hold a candle to her. Who does LC think #1 is–Pelosi? Jillie? Oh, I know. Rachel Levine!

  11. Former President Obama has been O N quite a Mission the past week to
    RE- write HIS- Story (& most of the media just Applauds) <<>>> M O R E <<<<
    Flexible After the Election. !!! O' SURE BARRY !!!

    • He’s been rewriting his story from the time he was a kid in Indonesia!

      • SHOW & TELL? the SICKEST JOKE is the masses have NO MORALS
        Wisconsin teacher who performed for students in >> D-RAG’ !!!

        * bidenstinks22 & > Many MO’ Comments!!! from the SICK’ .. & SANE!
        They need Validation because they Aren’t Happy with who they are/ were/ Think they Are.

        * scout666
        Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing me to have been born & enjoyed a childhood before all this NonSense came about. The best thing about being older was having been here for the good times & when it is ultimately time to go to great beyond I won’t be Sad about Leaving the world as it is. Good luck Gen Xers & Millennials & your off spring. Sorry you missed the Party.

        • Wow. I have to agree with that guy who says he’s happy he had a happy childhood before all this crap. I saw an innocent little boy, about 3 years old today. He was so excited about the playground he was visiting with his parents. It brought tears to my eyes, how happy and innocent he is now, knowing what this world has in store for him. What sort of world, what sort of NATION, are we leaving to these innocents?

    • I love those memes SO MUCH. Bless her for finding them and compiling them and publishing them for us. We NEED a good laugh now and then.

    • About that first one: “there is a climate emergency.” Saw today that Chicago is being turned upside down by the UNSEASONABLY COLD WEATHER THESE DAYS. That’s “global warming” for you!

      Love that second one, too: MICKEY AS CHUM. Love it.

    Even the Easter Bunny had to tell Joe Biden what to do this morning….

    This is YOUR president* ladies & gentlemen, the SO-Called LEAD-er of
    the Free World. … TOTAL CREEPY …. FJB & ALL “HIS” HANDLER$!!!

  13. … check out all the other articles also …

  14. Easter Bunny >> saves ??? Biden from foreign policy questions

    >>> NURSE >>> JILL << 2 JOE : "WAVE DAM IT …. Wave."

    But eventually Jill wandered off to do her own thing, leaving an oft-CON-fused nearly 80-year-old man unattended. And you know what can happen when a Senescent senior citizen is left unattended?

    Dangerous things, that’s what. Like talking to Americans about foreign policy without a teleprompter.


    • Why’s a Catholic giving so much to a Presbyterian church, and why, relatively, so little to the Catholic churches? As a reference, my blue-collar FIL, who made a tiny fraction in retirement of what POTUS makes, gave more than that to his church. Good Catholic. Right. How much does Jilly make as a “teacher”?

      • Despite calls to resolve income disparity, Biden & Harris donate very LITTLE / to Charity ….BUTT’ of COURSE!!!

        Last week, Fox News carried a report about the Charitable DO-nations
        made by Joe Biden & Kamala Harris in 2021.

        It was revealed that Joe & Jill Biden Reported ?? $610,702 in income
        for 2021, & paid $183,925 in federal & state income taxes. They donated
        > $17,394 to Charity — i.e., roughly 2.8%. & $ 5,000 4 DEAD SON’s ..!!!

        Kamala Harris & her husband Doug Emhoff Earned $1,655,563 in 2021 & paid $523,371 in federal income taxes.
        They donated $22,100 to charity i.e., roughly > 1.3% CHEAP SOB’s

        • Hey. They’re probably expecting to GET charity, not give it. Kamala’s waiting for her reparations, no doubt. This is typical of DemoncRATS. They are good with “giving” OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY to good causes, never their own. Just as they support walls for their own property, but not for our border. Just as they support disarming everyone EXCEPT their own bodyguards. Hypocrites all.

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