Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2022

And to all our dear friends, Irish or not:

Saol fada agus breac-shláinte chugat!

(Long-life and fair health to you.)

May God bless the ground we all walk upon.

May God bless the United States of America.


113 responses to “Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2022

  1. Tucker savages Ketanji Brown Jackson, transgenderism, and tech tyranny

    Even before Ketanji Brown Jackson’s extraordinary statement that she does not know what a woman is, I’d concluded that she’s a Dim Bulb &, really, the judicial equivalent of Kamala Harris: an uninspiring Black woman who’s floated Effortlessly upward through affirmative action & fealty to leftism. I’d spent the day mentally writing an attack on her, only to see Tucker Carlson hold forth with an incendiary monologue that attacked her “I’m NOT a Biologist” lunacy, the whole transgender madness that the Left is Advancing,
    & the Real Agenda of remaking society in an ugly way, especially through the death of free speech.

    As you watch it, keep in mind a point I’ve made repeatedly: the giveaway that this whole transgender thing is a C O N is the word “TransGender.” If swimmer Will Thomas really were a woman (& really believed he is a Woman), he wouldn’t call himself a ????? “TransGender Woman.” He’d just say, “I’m a Woman.” The Same is True for Richard Levine, the assistant secretary for health.


    • She deserves it. Like Obama, she’s been, as the writer says, floated effortlessly upward” on account of her color and creed. Actually, in this case, in spite of her creed. We the People have made it clear we do NOT want CRT in the public schools so WHY would we want it on the SCOTUS? I believe they probably chose her simply to spit in the eye of those “potential domestic terrorists” speaking out as school board meetings.

  2. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright died Wednesday of cancer at the age of 84.
    As a young girl, she found A home in the United States—after her family Fled their home country of Czechoslovakia during World War II, & the Iron Curtain came down across Central & Eastern Europe. Her father, a diplomat, was marked for death by the Soviet regime. She spent the rest of her days defending freedom around the world and lifting up those who suffered under repression.

  3. https://thenationalpulse.com/2022/03/24/biden-linked-company-partnered-with-ukraine-biolabs/

    … >>>>>> EXCLUSIVE <<<<<<
    EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Bio Firm Partnered With Ukrainian Researchers ‘Isolating Deadly Pathogens’ Using Funds From Obama’s Defense Department.
    The U.S. President’s son was instrumental in funding a firm conducting pathogen and anthrax research in Ukrainian biolabs.

    An investment firm directed by President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden was a leading financial backer of a pandemic tracking and response firm that collaborated on identifying and isolating deadly pathogens in Ukrainian laboratories, receiving funds from the Obama administration’s Department of Defense in the process, The National Pulse can exclusively reveal.

  4. https://spectator.org/ketanji-brown-jackson-a-credentials-d-judge/

    It’s a VERY SERIOUS situation when a nominee to the SCOTUS cannot even READ and COMPREHEND what she’s read.

    “Here’s the key statutory language. “Such designation,” reads the law, “shall be in the sole and unreviewable discretion of the Attorney General [or DHS Secretary under The Homeland Security Act] and may be modified at any time.”

    Now a question for the reader — and feel free to don an imaginary judicial robe. Given DHS’s “sole and unreviewable” discretion, may a federal court interfere with the designation?

    If you answered no, good work. You also may be more qualified to serve on the United States Supreme Court than Jackson — who blocked the designation. (READ MORE: Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Judicial Off-Roading)

    “There could hardly be a more definitive expression of congressional intent to leave the decision about the scope of expedited removal, within statutory bounds, to the Secretary’s independent judgment,” observed Appeals Court Judges Patricia Millett and Harry Edwards in their opinion reversing Jackson’s ruling. …”

    Thank goodness, in this case, she was reversed; who will reverse disastrous case decisions if she manages to get them through the SCOTUS? Obviously, she can’t even comprehend what “UNREVIEWABLE DISCRETION” means. She thinks she can rule that the law says the opposite of what it says! No wonder she can’t define what a “woman” is, even though she expects to be the first black “woman” on the SCOTUS.

  5. … that … “BIG GUY” …. hunter either …
    Ain’t that BIG! .. SO full of Dog CRAP .. 24/7 …sicking DUNG!
    Two-Thirds of Voters Say Hunter Biden’s Laptop Scandal Is Important News

    Again, while two-thirds (65%) of voters say it’s at least somewhat likely Joe Biden had been consulted and may have profited, that percentage rises from 32% of the least informed voters to 85% of those who have followed Hunter Biden news most closely. Among those who’ve followed very closely, 81% say it’s “very likely” that Joe Biden was consulted and may have profited from the deals.


  6. Sorry it’s still St. Patrick’s Day. I’ll try to write a new post soon. Been under the weather. Hoping I’m better tomorrow or at least over the weekend.

  7. BRING IT ALL .. ON!!! .. VOTE then TRASH UM??? CHEATS???
    B O O M ….. 2 YA!

    BOOM! True the Vote Wisconsin Assembly Hearing: 7% of Ballots Cast at Ballot Drop Boxes in Wisconsin in 2020 –
    Over 137,000 Votes! – Were Trafficked ….

    Gregg Phillips from True the Vote testified that they SAW similar results in > ALL >>> of the battleground states…..O’ REALLY???


  8. btw, ANOTHER FABLE. https://www.names.org/n/ketanji/about

    Notable persons by that name? ONE. Can you guess who?

    Number of people in U.S. with that name? “How unique is the name Ketanji?
    Out of 6,215,834 records in the U.S. Social Security Administration public data, the first name Ketanji was not present. …”

    Well, whaddaya know? It’s a MADE UP name, is my guess. Notice the graph of the people “interested” in the name and where they are. NOT AFRICA.

    Ok, judge’s auntie: What African language is that name from?

    These people don’t think it’s African at all. They make up a meaning based on numerology! https://www.nameslook.com/ketanji/

    Search the web and try to find any Ketanji other than this nominee anywhere. Made up name that SOUNDS African.

    .. $UE .. them PANTS OFF IT!!! so SICK of what THEY have DONE !
    Donald Trump Sues Hillary Clinton Over 2016 Russian Collusion Allegations

    “Acting in concert, the Defendants maliciously conspired to weave a False narrative that their Republican opponent, Donald J. Trump, was Colluding with a hostile foreign sovereignty,” the former president alleged in a 108-page Lawsuit filed in a Federal court in Florida.

    The suit alleges “Racketeering” and a Conspiracy to commit injurious falsehood,” among other claims. …. it’s PIT-BULL TIME! got milk???

    • TRUMP vs HILL & MO’ … LET’S ROLL … GRIND them in the DIRT!



  10. ^^ I want 2 know the COLOR of whom she lessened the Sentencing
    on CHILD PORN & MORE!!! … about 2 get – 2 it

    4 days of CON’-firmation hearings gave America the fullest picture Yet of
    the judge who Will likely become the first Black female justice of the US Supreme Court. ..???? ha’ ha’ ha’ ? REALLY SOFT BALL & sad sack cory!


  11. J J is ASKED a BLACK & WHITE QUESTION ??? lalala

    “Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman?'” the senator asked.

    “Can I provide a definition? NO,” Jackson responded. “I can’t.”

    The feminist movement would have reminded the judge that the 19th Amendment specifically mentioned Women, or the Sex Denied their right to Vote for years. No confusion on what a Woman was when they passed that one.

    No CONfusion, either, when they voted for Title IX & opened opportunities
    for Women in sports.

    No CONfusion when Feminists used to say the Declaration of Independence did not say that all men & Women were created equal.


    • She doesn’t know if she’s a woman because she’s not a biologist. Since race is a social construct, does she “know” she’s black even though she’s not a sociologist? A biologist would tell you there’s no such thing as RACE. So HOW can “she” be the first “black” “woman” member of SCOTUS? Can she define SCOTUS, btw, or does it all depend upon what the meaning of “supreme” is?

  12. HUNTED hunter… COME & GET UM!!! YES !!! ROCK & ROLL TIME !!!!

    Issa tells Psaki, Big Tech to preserve Hunter Biden-related records, as GOP eye investigations after midterms
    ‘This is the most consequential political scandal since Watergate,’ Issa said

    Issa is sending letters to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, White House chief of staff Ronald Klain, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, multiple former U.S. intelligence officials, and others, demanding that they preserve all Hunter Biden-related records.


    • AS IF they’ll do it. Issa probably tipped them off so now they’ll “accidentally” disappear them, just as they disappeared everything related to Barry.

  13. Rosemont Seneca / Hunter Biden FUNding Pentagon Military BIO Program
    in Ukraine .. hunter $$$ hunter $$$ hunter $$$

  14. SPAIR CHANGE ? I want iT just 2 get Away from iT ALL & JOE etc.
    Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Pedophile Island’ hitting the market for $125M

  15. PBS’s Alcindor: ‘A Lot of Black Women’ Felt KBJ Was ‘Disrespected’ by Republicans
    *** To: MarvinStinson
    Hate to break it to Booker but God is not on the Side of people who Support, believe & advance the Murder of the UNborn Child.

    PBS’s Alcindor: ‘A Lot of Black Women’ Felt KBJ Was ‘Disrespected’ by Republicans

    • Disrespected? What about Kavanaugh? How about how they’re going after Justice Thomas’s wife?

      The woman herself was disrespectful. Obvious chip on the shoulder. Smartass. Holier than thou. I could go on. Just watch the demeanor.

    • Definitely SHOULD be turned away, but just read in the paper today that their little “army” of deciders to replace JUDGES in adjudicating asylum is going to be formed. JUDGES are supposed to decide eligibility, but they’re using COVID and the massive number of claimants to allege that they can’t in a timely manner get them processed and it’s just not fair, you know, to make them wait (even though the CITIZENS unfairly arrested and held in prison since Jan. 6 are not getting their due process or speedy trials).

      So they’re going to make an army of civilians who are somehow, in some way, going to determine who SHOULD GET asylum. Can’t you already see who will be the members of this army? ACTIVISTS. DEMONCRATS. POCs, (Of course, you must have diversity!)

      Who will make the criteria upon which they will rely to JUDGE (without being judges or probably even lawyers) who should get into our country? Couldn’t a computer do it and save us a shitload of money on this army of processors that will become permanent and NEVER GO AWAY because their New World Order is fixin’ to deal with MILLIONS of “climate refugees?”

      How will they know who may be lying, who may be a terrorist, who may be dangerous, such as a spy or cartel member, etc.? They won’t.

      They WILL rubber stamp ALL THESE PEOPLE into the country. Count on it. The purpose of this is to set up a permanent bureaucracy to just allow in anybody who shows up at the border. The goal of the NWO is to fundamentally change the USA and the easiest way is just replace our population with people who WILL vote for them.

      Supposedly this new rule will be published in the national register for people to comment over the next few months and then, voila! Into effect until somebody files a lawsuit and waits years for it to go through the process. In the meantime, all allowed into our nation. They’re going to just IGNORE any comments from CITIZENS.

  16. HE’S a Asian WOMAN!!! on top of IT! GO TEDDY GO!!! WAKE her AZZ UP

    • OMG! Not to mention child sexual abuse and pornography. Did you see how Old Joe couldn’t help sexually harassing a female Ukrainian refugee (talking about her eyes instead of her tragedy) and perving on a little Ukrainian girl: picking her up, kissing her, and telling the translator to tell her that he wants to take her home! Now that’s something that every little child wants to hear–that, after being thrust by war from probably the only home she’s known so far in her life, now a strange man who can’t even speak her language wants to take her away from her mother to another strange place! What an ass. What a pervert. He’s sickening. Remember that in his daughter’s diary, which they also try to hide from the public, the daughter talks about how, when she was barely pubescent, her father (Old Joe) used to shower with her and she’s pretty sure that wasn’t normal. I’ll say. What IS normal, for Old Joe, is sexually harassing grown women and (at the very least) violating the personal space of little girls because he can, while their mothers stand helplessly by, watching the mauling.

    • You can read it here, if you care to: https://www.gettr.com/post/p121ovsed32 They omit any of the dope, porn, child abuse stuff.

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