With “Experts” Like This …

For two years the “experts” at the CDC and elsewhere in government and “scientific” communities have been schooling the little people, we ordinary citizens, about the “safety” and “efficacy” of the COVID-19 vaccines. Among these “experts” is CDC Director Rochelle Walensky.

This past week, Walensky was asked how the CDC might have improved their response to the crisis. Much is being made of this interview in which Walensky spoke about how she and her colleagues expressed

too little caution and too much optimism…

about the vaccines, which caused them to rely too much on vaccines as the way out of the pandemic (to the exclusion of treatments, apparently).

This is how, in her flip manner, Walensky explains away the fact that CDC “experts”, among others in our government, rushed to assure the American people that the vaccines were “safe and effective,” without any evidence to back up that assertion, because these vaccines were given only emergency authorization. To this day, despite misinformation to the contrary, there are no fully FDA-approved vaccines available in this country.

The vaccines could not be given complete FDA approval because the gold standard for such approval–randomized controlled studies–were not completed. Such studies would have (potentially) provided evidence of safety and efficacy.

Lacking strong evidence of safety and efficacy, one might say, to put it kindly, the government was spreading “misinformation” as a result of their admittedly unfounded “optimism” and lack of “caution.”

Frightening to consider that Walensky blithely admits to a general atmosphere of recklessness at the CDC when dealing with other people’s lives.

In the interview, Walensky amazingly enough also claimed that at the CDC “nobody” talked about the efficacy of the vaccines possibly “waning.” Similarly, she said that “nobody” discussed the possibility that the vaccines might not work against “the next variant” or subsequent variants.

Given that even lay people know or can easily find out (e.g., from Wikipedia) that vaccine antibodies “wane” and that viruses mutate, many people are amazed at Walensky’s claims that “nobody” making CDC policy considered such issues before deciding that vaccines were the one and only solution to the pandemic.

Is she a dunce or is she gaslighting?

What may have been most alarming, and instructive, was her claim that she found out about the efficacy of the vaccine from … wait for it … CNN!

Yes, she learned about a vaccine’s “95% efficacy” from the “CNN feed.”

Wouldn’t you think (hope?) that the director of the CDC would get her news “in house” and not from cable television? Wouldn’t you hope she’d get the news before cable television did?

Is Walensky, like President Biden, just a figurehead?

Who really runs the CDC? The drug companies?

This is the list of “myths” about COVID vaccines that the CDC apparently still stands behind, considering that they’re linking to it to help citizens learn the types of “misinformation” that the Surgeon General now expects tech companies and citizens to report to the government!

An investigation into health misinformation on COVID-19 has been launched by U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy.

“Misinformation has had a profound impact on COVID-19 and our response,” Murthy told CNN. “Studies have demonstrated that the vast majority of the American public either believes common myths about COVID-19 or thinks those myths might be true. And many of those include myths around the COVID-19 vaccine, so we’ve seen firsthand how misinformation is harming people’s health when it comes to COVID.”

These are survey questions that purport to list “falsehoods” or “myths” about COVID that many in the public believe to be true or can’t say whether they’re true or not. Among these “myths” are that

  • The government is exaggerating the number of COVID-19 deaths
  • Pregnant women should not get the vaccine
  • Ivermectin is a safe and effective treatment for COVID-19
  • The COVID-19 vaccines can change your DNA

For each myth listed above, there is evidence to support that the “myth” may, in fact, be reality. See here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Obviously, claims that these are definitely myths, as with claims that the vaccines are unequivocally safe and effective, cannot hold because of a lack of evidence. Nothing can unequivocally be stated as true, or false, without evidence for or against.

It recently came to light that the CDC has a trove of data that they have been suppressing, because these data apparently do not support their claims or policies.

The essence of science is trial and error: Testing hypotheses. Analyzing data, not suppressing it or failing to gather it in the first place. Making decisions based upon evidence, not “optimism” or a lack of “caution.” Not putting all your eggs in one basket. Not censoring evidence that contradicts your “optimism.” Not chilling dissent by siccing Big Tech on those who disagree with your data or policies.

The CDC is no longer a scientific institution, if it ever was. The CDC is a political institution. This story agrees:

If I were advising President Biden, I would tell him the CDC needs to restore public trust by making all its data available to researchers in real time. It’s time we end secret data laboratories in government. 

The American people realize public health officials have been lying to them. A response to a national health emergency should warrant more data transparency, not less.

As for Surgeon General Murthy, is it even within his purview to issue “ultimate work-aroundquasi-subpoenas to tech companies, ordering them to gather private information on citizens who merely express their free speech rights, so he can then “investigate” the results? To what end is he performing this investigation? By what authority? What will he do with his results?

By Murthy’s standards, We the People ought to be reporting Rochelle Walensky to the Surgeon General for spreading misinformation.

Vaccine efficacy can wane? Who knew?

Immune escape is a thing? Who knew?

Viruses can mutate and become resistant to antibodies? Who knew?

Vaccines can cause resistant variants to arise? Who knew?

How many people died because the CDC and our government put all their eggs in one basket–vaccines–ignoring potentially life-saving treatments? Similarly, how many people have suffered and may in the future suffer from taking unproven, untested, gene therapies, the full effects of which were not known when they were jabbed into arms, are not known today, and which may never be known?

Experts, dunces, or deliberate, corrupt gaslighters?

Only time will tell.

Time, and a change of congressional control, provided Congress then does right by We the People, something which is never a given with the Republican Party.



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  1. They just NEVER stop, never give up. The devil will be in the details surely. What will they do with white descendants of slaves? https://www.insightnews.com/news/rep-sheila-jackson-lee-house-has-votes-to-pass-reparations-bill/article_83aaee24-a2a1-11ec-a17d-ab13a4f7dc75.html

    Reparations for “African Americans” again.

    On a similar note, St. Louis Board of Aldermen passed a bill to put a “check off” on water bills and similar utility bills, so people can “contribute” to a reparations fund for descendants of slaves. Given there are plenty of white descendants of slaves, will they exclude them because of the color of their skin? Will they include people with dark skin who are NOT descendants of slaves? No details in the bill about how the money will be distributed. No doubt, it will be set up as a not for profit that will be allowed to discriminate. Oh, wait. It’s for people who are victims of the EFFECTS of slavery. Wouldn’t that be ALL of us? https://www.stlouis-mo.gov/government/city-laws/board-bills/boardbill.cfm?bbDetail=true&BBId=14005 Oh, wait, again. It’s only for “African American” victims of the EFFECTS of slavery so, yes, it does seem to exclude white descendants of slaves unless, I suppose, they identify as African American. It gets better:

    “provide needed support and financial assistance to the spouses and children of all African American local residents …”

    So what if the SPOUSE is white, which does happen?

    Interesting to realize that Barry would qualify ONLY as a descendant of slaves through his white mother but not black father. Funny that. Here’s the whole text: https://www.stlouis-mo.gov/government/city-laws/upload/legislative/boardbills/introduced/BB208%20Combined.pdf

    I’ll try to find Sheila’s bill. btw, in the month of St. Paddy’s day, isn’t she an example of cultural misappropriation, given her first name?

    • Sheila’s bill: https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/40/text

      The bill doesn’t address white slaves or their descendants, or slaves/descendants who were anything but African. (Many Irish were brought to this hemisphere as slaves, particularly in the Caribbean. Surely some were enslaved in colonies that became U.S. territories or even states, depending upon circumstances.)

      As with the St. Louis city bill, it addresses only “African Americans” living with slavery effects. (They must pass the text around and hope to collect from EVERY government entity they can find. I wonder if they’re going after tribal wealth, given the number of Native Americans who were slave owners.)

      Oh, she’s hinting in there that they should enshrine CRT in schools.

      She wants an APOLOGY.

      Of course, she wants programs and MONEY but only for African Americans.

      She wants a commission that is to be a stacked deck full of progressive activists who specialize in “reparative” justice. No ordinary citizens, especially white ones, need apply. Actually, they’re all appointed but it’s not clear how some will be “selected” and by whom. (Not rocket scientists writing these bills.) The Speaker of the House (Pelosi), the Senate head (Schumer), the POTUS (Biden) will choose half, and all will serve for the “life” of the commission, which means that if she gets this through and the appointments are made, then no matter who’s POTUS or controls Congress will be able to change anything. This part is something else:

      All members of the Commission shall be persons who are especially qualified to serve on the Commission by virtue of their education, training, activism or experience, particularly in the field of African American studies and reparatory justice.

      That makes for a fair and balanced group, with a lot of diversity, doesn’t it? ALL MEMBERS! And they’re paid very well with our tax dollars. (Well in excess of $130,000/year, depending on how you can figure this out. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Senior_Executive_Service_(United_States)#Pay_rates )

      She mentions that members of Congress on the commission will get no pay so GUESS WHO expects to be appointed? (Don’t mention conflict of interest. It’s built in, obviously.)

      They’ll have SUBPOENA POWER!

  2. Keep THIS VIDEO in mind when you see video allegedly of the Russians in Ukraine, video coming FROM the Ukrainians, who apparently are experts in agitprop and faking imagery: https://twitter.com/KyivPost/status/1502366157675941889 Published on a Ukrainian media twitter feed. A message (threat?) from Zelenskyy. Doesn’t that video LOOK real? It’s not real. How real, then, are all the OTHER videos and imagery coming out of Ukraine, including photos of the “beauty blogger” (TikTok influencer?) cum attacked pregnant woman? Think about that when you see Lester Holt’s nightly roundup of VIDEOS AND PHOTOS FROM UKRAINE SUPPLIED BY THE UKRAINIANS. Was the American reporter killed to prevent others from coming over and taking their own photos? Enquiring minds NEED to know the TRUTH, not spoon-fed propaganda.

    • Don’t forget that Ukrainians are THE EXPERTS on computer hacking. Tech savvy and I dare say far more savvy than our own supposed “intelligence community” who hires out tech work to the likes of DemoncRAT controlled/influenced minions like Crowdstrike and others. Have they analyzed Hunter’s laptop yet or did they just disappear it? How about that DNC server? We’re to take THEIR WORD FOR IT that it was the “Russians” who hacked Hillary/Podesta, etc.

      Just read that the IRS and others are harassing the guy who lost his computer business and a defamation lawsuit and now owes $175,000 in attorney fees all because he was the unfortunate one who THOUGHT our government was on the up and up and not CORRUPT like Ukraine and would welcome evidence of international corruption and collusion involving a former VP (now allegedly POTUS) and his family, involving Ukraine to boot!

  3. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/03/breaking-exclusive-new-york-times-denies-journalist-killed-ukraine-working-times-likely-us-intel-collector/

    “The “New York Times Journalist” reported killed this morning was reportedly not working for the NYT at the time of his death. This individual was likely some sort of US Intel collector. …”

    Sad photos. RIP. They disappeared the video, apparently. I can’t see it, anyway. Supposedly a man telling what happened and how the Russians did it. They say he was shot in the back of the head. Supposedly he was in a car, according to a story I read elsewhere. So did someone in the car kill him? We’re never going to know the TRUTH, are we?

  4. PHONY …# 1 … >>>. JS …..
    “They never did get the Noose around your neck. I repeat, U put the Noose around your Own neck,” Judge Linn concluded, saying that he believed the jury had been right to convict Smollett.
    & then the DICK HEAD .. KEPT it ON while getting POLICE HELP!!! ha’

    super PHONY # 2 > BARRY SOTORO ! ^^ YOUR SONNY BOY O’ ? ha’
    It’s just as easy to get jabbed with Saline as it is with the so-called “vaccines.” WTP ..SEE U PHONY’s … BOOZE SHOT’s R YOUR THING!

    Of Course, Obama used this Positive TEST result as an OPPortunity to Claim he’s grateful for getting injected and to encourage others to do the same. As we’ve noted many times, there is No way to Know if getting injected mitigated the damage done by Covid on an individual, so when they say they’re better at fighting the infection than if they were not vaccinated,
    …. >>> they’re GasLighting.

    2 BACK THEM … OFF !!!
    GET READY 4 the SICK BASTARDS as they RULE U <
    & U & U & the REST of U ! . STOP the INSANE DICK'S!!!.. N O W .. !!!

    **** GroominG Our ChilDren: We Need TO Fight Back ****

    Florida’s legislature has passed a bill that Forbids SEXual instruction to children pre-K through third grade such as instruction on SEXual orientation & gender identity. Governor DeSantis said it is “entirely inappropriate” 4 Teachers to be having CON-versations with students about Gender Identity, including Picking their Gender when They are Older.

    Sunny’s friend, Doug, agreed & explained the Thought Process & Motivation of child INdocTrinators who Hold No standards for Proper BEhavior. They WANT children to be as Messed up as they "R"… so They Can be Accepted:


  6. Way to go, Governor!! …… … FOLLOW >>>>> RON !!!

    *** guyjones •
    It’s long Past time to fight tooth, nail & claw against the VILE Dhimmi-crats’ totalitarian Narcissism, best exemplified by the Party’s obsession with obnoxiously demanding that all Americans march in total Lockstep with the homosexual & tr@nny agendas, &, with its absurd demand that children in Elementary school Must Be indoctrinated with said agendas.

    *** TreeofLiberty •
    ….. “Jen Psaki, called the legislators . . . anti-gay bigots”

    Yeah, well, JEN, you and your whole demented cadre of Left-wing fascists R >>>> promoters of perversion & >>> filth.
    You are anti-decency bigots.
    …… “the best interests of Florida citizens, not on the musing of woke corporations”
    – Gov. RON DeSANTIS ….. Way to go, Governor!!

    • Oh, give me a break. Sibling gets threatening call so … what? Let him off the hook for all the harm he caused race relations in Chicago and the country and for all the expense the investigation and trial created for taxpayers, for no reason but his lies? He’s already, allegedly, in the psych ward instead of prison. Thus, his claims that he’s “not suicidal.” To make them wonder and then let him “serve” his sentence in a nicer place than a prison cell. Surely a psych ward IS nicer than getting bu-fu-ed in jail. Look at the violence Epstein faced and most people who are incarcerated face daily. The Jan. 6 political prisoners are threatened daily. They have to take showers with a buddy system to protect their behinds from rape, because allegedly the guards either accidentally or on purpose leave doors unlocked and then look the other way. People scream about “equal justice,” so here it is for ya, Jussie. Don’t do the crime and you won’t have to do the time.

    • Yeah, well, creating cognitive dissonance and gaslighting is part of the PLAN. The more hypocritical, the better–to stress people out and have them chasing their tails or trying to make sense of what has no sense to it. Similarly, have you noticed how they are now constantly saying that Putin accuses others of what he does or plans to do himself? Pot calling kettle, coming from DemoncRATS.

  7. & the BEAT GOES ON ….

    China has expressed some openness to providing military & financial aid to Russia, US cable suggests


  8. 25th Amendment Disability: Can We Quickly BooT Joe – Kamala?
    In the Face of their inCompetence, today’s situation requires emergency measures.
    March 13, 2022, 11:23 PM

    Recall Joe Biden
    We simply cannot wait until after the 2024 presidential election.

  9. What have you done Birther to have allah abandon you?
    Obama Fails tests for COVID-19, says he’s ‘feeling abandoned’ | AP News
    21 hours ago … Former President Barack Obama said on Sunday that he had tested positive for the coronavirus , though he’s feeling relatively healthy

    & the CAMEL’s ‘PET BOY’ .. DID 2 ..O’ SURE!!! use UP them DO$E$ so IT SKIPS the MEETING … & the BOO’S .. 2 ???

    O’ BAM’ .. the THRILL is GONE? U DICKSTER!!! … ha’

  10. V Pres. ? Kamala Harris: ‘More Than 70% of the Judicial Nominees
    We Have Appointed Are >>> Women’ ….???? wow ??? SO WHAT???
    were in the back before we went Out. And before we walked Out, I just looked at > our president ??? DUMBO’ .. I said: ‘You’re again making history. You’re again making history.’ ….

    “Think about that,” she said. – God FORBID WTP DO each & every DAY!


  11. ….. SEE IT …!!! SAY IT !!! … R U … “TONGUE TIED” ?????


    Eliza Pine
    This song feels like waking up on the first day of summer. You put on a T-shirt, cutoff shorts, & oversized sunglasses & go to the kitchen to drink some lemonade. Then you grab your skateboard & ride to your best friend’s house & spend the entire day outside. You guys walk around the sun-drenched streets with ice cream cones & the radio blasting. When evening falls, you run outside & catch fireflies. This was the perfect day, you think to yourself with a smile.

    Finally after 10 years i found it
    this song just hits so much Different when your in quarantine 😦

    Doop Doops
    I have no idea why, but this song gives me severe nostalgia and fills me with an absurd amount of both sorrow and happiness. It makes me remember what my best was like when I last saw them & how happy we were & it just fills me with so much happiness & gives me butterflies. But it also makes me remember the last happy time I had with my ex(a school dance). We were so happy & we danced & danced. I felt so happy & that was the last actual happy time in my life, remembering it just fills me with a sadness that
    I can feel in my chest & can’t explain.

    10 years of this classic! I remember being 17 almost 18 & jamming to this alone in my room, 10 years later, doing the same

    Travis Blake
    Ya know I don’t ever leave comments but I can’t believe this song is 10 years. Takes me back to 2011. Probably one of the best years thus far of
    my life & I’m 27 now. Always makes me think of my first girlfriend. Who was nothing short of great. But I as a 17 year old didn’t know how to handle frustration. I’d get so mad at her sometimes. What started off as a great relationship turned toxic. Then when she broke up with me I was so angry & said so many mean things to her. I was such an asshole to her when looking back everything was my fault. Well she finally got tired of me & my toxic self & cut me out completely. Haven’t talked to her in probably 8 years or more as she blocked me from everything. Rightfully so. Probably one of my biggest regrets was how I treated her. So Haley I hope you’re well & wish you nothing but complete success & happiness in life. I’m sorry for everything I put you through.

    It’s not about missing the parties in particular, it’s just missing the awesome vibes & good times you had with your friends, summer loves, that one summer night you laughed so hard with your friends & just every poZitive thing în your life 🙂

    My Sister loved this band, She died May 8th from an overdose, That caused me to listen to the vinyl records she has of the band, And now I love
    ….>> Grouplove’s Music, … But I miss my sister a lot.

    This song always makes me happy & nostalgic about shit that Never happened.

    …. ALEX!!!!! … yep! BACK ….ON EARTH!!! DANG’

    • M’kay. I have to admit, I’ve never heard that song (or group) that I know of, but my memory sucks. I’m dating myself. It’s a good song, though, I like it.

  12. AWKWARD or … > > just an OX??? 24/7 a STUPID BITCH!

    • That is a priceless collection. Unbelievably DUMB SHIT. How the hell did she pass LSATs and the bar? Seriously. She’s incredibly stupid.

  13. Russia Sanctions Hunter Biden
    United States vice-president Joe Biden (L) and his son Hunter Biden (R) attend a women’s ice hockey preliminary game between United States and China at UBC Thunderbird Arena on February 14, 2010 in Vancouver, Canada. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
    JOEL B. POLLAK15 Mar 20223,427

    Russia announced sanctions Tuesday on President Joe Biden and several other prominent Americans — including Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, who is known for his international deal making and influence-peddling in Ukraine, China, and elsewhere.


    • Will Old Joe dare be seen in public again with that greater of the two derelicts? He’s giving Ukraine nearly another billion dollars today. WTF does Zelenskyy have on Joe? We suspect. This can ONLY be quid pro quo and a tit for tat. He’s getting even for that threat Joe made to Ukraine way back when. He’s learned from a master, hasn’t he? In another WTF, Stefanik, Hawley, and Cruz ALL say to give him the MIGs. Now we know that the military industrial complex depends upon war for jobs and profit but WTF? Two out of three are supposed to be among our most reliable MAGA politicians. WTF. I can’t say it enough. They WANT WWIII? Or are they simply trying to bring home the pork for their states? You old soviet states hand your MIGs to Ukraine and We the People will BUY YOU BRAND NEW ONES (one way or another, no matter what those countries say. Fungible. Aid to them becomes $ for them to “buy” new planes from us. The profiteers keep on profiting and the inside dealers make millions/billions.)

  14. Jussie Smollett FF = lynching bill proposed by Kamel Face.
    Now we KNOW why the sudden rash of bomb threats plus the FACT that the FBI and law enforcement seem incredibly lame, stupid, incompetent in not being able to FIND the culprit(s) that I guarantee you now will NEVER BE FOUND, unless they pin it on a patsy (in the same way they pinned stuff on Assange). A bill to give special taxpayer DOLLARS to historically black colleges and universities being “announced” by the same person who announced her lynching bill promoted by Jussie’s antics.


    I can’t say this enough, either: Tell me how, with today’s technology, with all the money and manpower that you know WOULD BE BEHIND finding such a perp, they have not found the perpetrators yet? Again: The police chief of Daytona Beach was on the phone with one perp for at least a half hour and YET we’re to believe they couldn’t trace that call, triangulate a location, get records from cell phone companies/towers, with THE ENTIRE BLACK COMMUNITY AND ALL PROGRESSIVES in an uproar over these ALLEGED incidents of “white supremacist hate.”

    Kabuki theater. CONSPIRACY to defraud the people of the USA of their hard-earned tax dollars.

    Just how they can’t find the person who planted the bombs in DC on Jan. 5. That person was also spotted on the telephone, at specific sites, for long periods of time and yet … somehow they can’t find any clues to tell them who that was.

    They won’t find the perp until AFTER the money is on its way.

  15. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/03/joe-biden-refuses-answer-questions-announcing-additional-800-million-military-aid-ukraine-video/

    “Joe Biden on Wednesday announced an additional $800 million in military aid to Ukraine.

    The $800 million is in addition to the $13.6 billion in aid included in the $1.5 trillion omnibus bill – and the $1.2 billion the US already gave Ukraine in the last couple weeks. …”

    So, MUGA? Make Ukraine Great Again?

    Ask yourself how much money your state got out of Joe Biden since he took office. Anything remotely like $15.6 billion? How much of those billions will be kicked back to Joe and his “family?”

    How much infrastructure in the USA would $15.6 BILLION buy? How many children could be fed with $15.6 BILLION? How many homeless sheltered? How many addicts given treatment? How many small businesses can be saved after the pandemic put them in debt? How many worthy students could be sent to college?

    Here’s the run down on COVID relief from Old Joe; read it and weep:

    Alabama: $4.04 billion
    Alaska: $1.36 billion
    Arizona: $7.63 billion
    Arkansas: $2.81 billion
    California: $42.63 billion
    Colorado: $6.07 billion
    Connecticut: $4.35 billion
    Delaware: $1.36 billion
    District of Columbia: $1.62 billion
    Florida: $17.62 billion
    Georgia: $8.40 billion
    Hawaii: $2.27 billion
    Idaho: $1.89 billion
    Illinois: $13.71 billion
    Indiana: $5.86 billion
    Iowa: $2.69 billion
    Kansas: $2.72 billion
    Kentucky: $4.24 billion
    Louisiana: $5.19 billion
    Maine: $1.65 billion
    Maryland: $6.36 billion
    Massachusetts: $8.10 billion
    Michigan: $10.31 billion
    Minnesota: $4.88 billion
    Mississippi: $2.90 billion
    Missouri: $5.48 billion
    Montana: $1.37 billion
    Nebraska: $1.77 billion
    Nevada: $4.12 billion
    New Hampshire: $1.54 billion
    New Jersey: $10.19 billion
    New Mexico: $2.46 billion
    New York: $23.80 billion
    North Carolina: $8.94 billion
    North Dakota: $1.36 billion
    Ohio: $11.24 billion
    Oklahoma: $3.65 billion
    Oregon: $4.26 billion
    Pennsylvania: $13.72 billion
    Rhode Island: $1.78 billion
    South Carolina: $3.87 billion
    South Dakota: $1.37 billion
    Tennessee: $6.31 billion
    Texas: $27.62 billion
    Utah: $2.74 billion
    Vermont: $1.36 billion
    Virginia: $6.88 billion
    Washington: $7.10 billion
    West Virginia: $2.06 billion
    Wisconsin: $5.71 billion
    Wyoming: $1.36 billion

    Only four states got more than Ukraine is getting. Ukraine is getting 2 or more times as much from Old Joe as most states got for pandemic relief.

    WHY? We the People are simply getting back our own money because We the People pay the taxes that Joe is handing away to FOREIGN COUNTRIES who are not even our allies. WHY? Who is he the president of?

  16. Turd ADMITS there was “WIDESPREAD FRAUD” in the Wisconsin election but there’s nothing he can do about it! https://twitter.com/BehizyTweets/status/1504160945559404544?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

    Just like with Barry’s ineligibility. The list goes on and on. There IS NO JUSTICE FOR WE THE PEOPLE anymore.

    FBI States It Does NOT … Know Reasoning Behind DC Pipe Bomber


    • This may be the one crime that, if solved, would reveal SO MUCH about the conspiracy to CREATE the Jan. 6 “insurrection.” The FBI is actually asking their people to look carefully to see if the perp is one of their “confidential informants” or perhaps known by them. Hmmm. Now why would this criminal be in any way associated with the FBI?

      IF it turns out this person IS an FBI agent provocateur, then that person will probably not go gently into that good night of prison, like the head of the Proud Boys seems to be doing. Of course, who knows if that guy really IS in prison or just put into witness protection, given a new name, will “plead guilty” and never spend one moment in public at any trial, will be “sentenced” and then his “punishment” will be a whole new life paid for by We the People. Even if they tell us he’s doing time, will he and will anyone ever know?

      All these guys KNOW what really happened. One year later and they don’t know who that person outside the DNC and RNC is? I don’t believe it anymore than I believe they can’t solve the threats against the HBCUs.

      That’s ANOTHER plan, like the Smollett incident was a plan. Nobody is fooled.

      Just recently, the local police in my area solved a crime just through getting location information from someone’s cell phone.

      BOTH the HBCU perp and the DNC/RNC perp were using PHONES. The DNC/RNC perp was on a cell/mobile phone, sitting in one spot for long periods of time. And we’re supposed to believe they can’t find him?

      They already KNOW; they’re just looking for a flunky. IF these people come forward and TALK, then maybe so much will fall into place.

      The Congress persons got their “briefing” about the HBCU threats recently. The “update” is nothing more than what they said the day after most of the threats: They have six “suspects,” and are suddenly emphasizing that ALL are “juveniles,” so you know what that means.

      Even if arrested, but if not charged AS ADULTS, then we will NEVER KNOW who they are, what race they are, what their motivation is/was, etc. They will be given a deal, maybe just put into a school program, or something similar. Just probation, probably, but in the meantime the colleges WILL GET THEIR $$$$$.

      Now it’s being reduced down from six perps to ONE perp: https://idahocapitalsun.com/2022/03/17/most-hbcu-bomb-threats-may-be-coming-from-one-juvenile-fbi-official-tells-congress/ That one responsible for “most” of the incidents, but there were copycat incidents, so I imagine they waited for those, hoping (in their view) that at least some perps/jokers are WHITE or at least not black.

      They’re lumping ALL the various incidents together to dilute the horror of the initial one, such as that incident where the police chief spent a half hour on the phone with the perp but the illustrious Daytona Beach police force couldn’t find the perp.

      Or maybe they did find him/her BUT it’s not in their interest TO officially find him/her. The NARRATIVE is too useful for the powers that want OUR MONEY and to make political hay.

      Every time they make up a program with OUR MONEY, people begin to find ways to MAKE themselves qualified for the money. It was designed to respond to situations like school shootings: https://www2.ed.gov/programs/dvppserv/eligibility.html It’s been around since 2003. It’s not designed for prank phone calls. Is a phone call, even an evacuation, violence?

      No doubt somebody said that the monies are “disproportionately” going to places not “of color,” so incidents needed to exist to get a piece of that pie.

      White people or people who aren’t “black” do go to those colleges. I know for sure that as many as 70% of students at one mentioned HISTORICALLY black university were white back in the 1990s. So …

      How can these threats be ASSUMED to be targeted at African Americans? FBI says, “It’s meant to inflict harm within the African American population.” But since the population of the targeted universities is not ALL black, then how can it only inflict harm on blacks and not also all the other students who were terrified and had to evacuate their schools that day? Are some traumas more important than others, depending upon who’s affected? Are not the non-black students also “anxious and uneasy?”

      They will hide behind the person(s) allegedly being “juvenile” to HIDE the identities and motivation.

      That is, if there really IS such a person in the first place. The REAL perp could be anyone (someone like, e.g., Smollett).

      Since Howard U. is 71.3% FEMALE, how do they know the threats weren’t against women? https://www.collegefactual.com/colleges/howard-university/student-life/diversity/

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