Elections Have Consequences

As pointed out weeks ago:

Elections have consequences, and stolen elections have the worst consequences.

Biden’s incompetence has already brought China and Russia closer together. Now watch for Iran to join their alliance as the Russians continue their takeover of Ukraine.

Putin is going for the whole kahuna, and it seems as if he’s going to get it.

Today a reporter asked feckless Joe Biden whether Putin is “threatening a nuclear strike” on the West. What was Biden’s answer?

I have no idea.

If that doesn’t scare the hell out of you, then does this?

Biden smiled, nearly laughed, as the question was asked, as if this is all a game. See for yourself at this link.

Joe Biden–counseled by supposedly the best intelligence apparatus in history– has “no idea” whether our nation or allied nations are under threat of nuclear strikes from Russia? Do Biden and his Deep State have any idea whether such a strike will set off WWIII?

Does he care? Is he capable of realizing the implications? Is he demented? Isn’t it important to know the likely consequences of the actions you take? Here’s something we do know:

The consequences of stolen elections.

How do the (alleged) 81 million Biden voters feel now?

And they thought COVID-19 was frightening.

What will they tell their children now?

Funny this ain’t.

If the election had never been stolen, allowed to be stolen, then this would not be happening.

What’s next? The Chinese take Taiwan?



111 responses to “Elections Have Consequences

  1. The Great Reset, Q, Putin, Ukraine, Saving the Planet This is going to turn into an essay I think.
    Before the Ukraine war started, most of us had heard about The Great Reset in which it was believed that a large number of so-called “global elite” had devised a secret plan to “save the world”.
    Before I talk about that I want to talk about a couple of ideas that I had been carrying and they too were about “saving the planet”. I was interested in the fact that our Sun, owing to natural processes as it ages, is going to get gradually hotter and in a billion years it will be too hot for life to exist on Earth except as primitive microbes deep in the ground.
    I don’t like that outcome so I was happy to read a theory published by a couple of Astro-Physics engineer from the University of California that would be able to solve this.
    The proposal is to increase the orbital velocity of our planet which will cause it to move further away from the Sun, therefore not so hot. They proposed that this could be done by a series of small nudges happening every thousand years or so.
    This can be done with the technology we almost have right now. We don’t need star trek like powers.
    In more detail, the plan involves selecting an asteroid from that asteroid belt that has a favorable orbit already, and by attaching rocket engines to it, change it’s orbit to cause it to fall into the Sun doing a close pass by of our Earth. The gravity of the Sun supplies all the energy and the near pass by imparts sling shot energy to our orbit and we are now a few miles further away from the sun. Sling shot passbys are used all the time for launching our probes to the outer planets. We know hot to calculate these trajectories and although there is the danger of a mistake causing impact, that can be minimized by not initially selecting asteroids that are large enough to cause extinction level events. So I remembered that one as very possible.
    Assuming we can make that work, in five billion years or so our Sun will run out of hydrogen fuel and explode in what astronomers call a Nova.
    By that time, our planet needs to not be here.
    Yes, we can move our planet, like a very large starship, to a younger Sun but the travel time will be long and during the million years or so, civilization would have to be underground and therein lies the rub. We could probably only support a small fraction of the world population in underground cities so the rest would just have to die off for this plan to work.
    I hadn’t thought about that much.
    Then I realized that there was no difference between this save the world plan and The Great Reset.
    I shuddered and thought well that will not work. Need star trek stuff or have to leave it to God.
    The global elite, with their Great Reset Plan didn’t shudder but carried on straight ahead.
    The Great Reset claims to save the world by getting rid of most of the population, getting rid of this messy concept called individual freedom, and transforming the human (well slaves) into genetically modified creatures that can obey a central authority. It is presumed the central authority wold then not let things get out of hand again which is why they think the social credit system of China is a good model (and the US Constitution a big obstacle)
    Are there any real differences between their plan and my starship plan that I just spoke about?
    Not really.
    Is the Great Reset Evil?
    Yes. This isn’t a Jules Verne novel – this is progressing reality now.
    One has to realize that the number of people involved at the center of this evil is a very small proportion, in fact a tiny proportion of the living souls on Earth and therefore their plan can only work by stealth.
    Is the stealth holding?
    It appears that the plan for 95% population die off was a very slow acting poison that all people could be persuaded to take by lies and trickery.
    That was Plan A.
    For example:

    Conspiracy theory has this nasty habit of becoming conspiracy fact.
    With Plan A failing due to exposure and people stopping imbibing of the poison they either have to give up or come up with a new plan B.
    Is the war in Ukraine plan B?
    Maybe it was supposed to go nuclear. Certainly the usual news outlets over the last week have had saturation coverage of Zelinsky begging for the US to come and save the day. Fortunately Biden is not in command of the US military which is why he cannot visit the Pentagon or live in the now closed down White House.
    Somebody this morning fired a shell into a functioning nuclear power generation reactor causing a fire but not a fatal release of radioactive material as happened at Chernobyl and maybe was meant to happen again turning the power station into a large Dirty Bomb. Winds would disperse fatal radiation around Europe but also Russia. Trade winds mostly blow west to east. Who fired the shell? Don’t know. Really really don’t know. (like dropping nerve gas in Syria – who really did that?)
    So who’s doing what:
    There are two main strands to the coverage.
    What I will call the “Q-themed” coverage on alternative platforms take the view that Putin is saving Russia (and maybe the world) from a deadly population reduction bio weapon attack being built in bio labs scattered all over Ukraine. These bio labs are under cities for human shield protection.
    Here is a typical bit of in-depth analysis from Amazing Polly:
    The mainstream news broadcasters show wrecked towns and destroyed people trying to flee a brutal war machine. Everyone IS crying.
    Can I, today, say which side is correct?
    “Q” said, back when “Q” was posting, “You are watching a movie. The End won’t be for Everyone”. Whatever that means.
    I can’t say who is right here.
    I don’t need to right now.
    I am very angry and I expect everyone is very angry.
    Stoking anger may be part of the plan.
    I visualize, as an explanation, if I had a big red button, and pushing it would stop all barbarism happening in the entire Northern Hemisphere right away but at the cost of no more anything, are you mad enough to push the button?
    No. Not me.

    • Great speculation and analysis, Dave, as usual. I read something recently about “scientists” arguing about whether or not it’s moral to manipulate the atmosphere without, basically, everybody being on board. iow, they just do it unilaterally. When you think about it, you have to consider how insane any one person would have to be to believe that he or she is the savior of the entire world and that they can manipulate everybody’s atmosphere without causing more harm then “climate change” allegedly does. First of all, you have to be completely narcissistic to believe that YOU know what’s happening to the world’s climate and, not only that but also that YOUR solution will fix things. Have you ever seen that TNT program Snowpiercer? The entire world has become a frozen icicle, where nobody can survive except for a few hundred people who were lucky enough to get on board a train that some mad genius designed which runs on its own perpetual motion engine, which keeps the train’s microclimate livable. They have a greenhouse, cattle, etc. Everything they need to be self-sustaining, but everybody else is the world is dead. They circle around endlessly, on a train that has more than a thousand cars. Anyway, it’s ridiculous but it is an example of what can go wrong because the world got frozen as a result of “scientists” trying to fix “global warming.”

      Conservative Treehouse has a good post today speculating that this situation is the dividing up of the globe into those countries that want nationalism and those who want totalitarian globalism. You can guess what side BIDEN is on. I say him because they’re sure not asking us what side WE want to be on. MAGA is the answer, and they KNOW IT, but they don’t care because Obama and Biden and their ilk are determined to “fundamentally transform” not only our country but the entire globe. I’d already come to the conclusion the other day:

      First, it’s “sanctions” on Russia and any other country that supports them.
      Next, it’s “sanctions” on US, on We the People, if we don’t go along with their globalist scheme. They just make us non-persons, unable to do anything, including buying food, housing, etc. Social credit scores policed by the globalists in DC. Conform or else. It’s how Biden operates and always has, so it’s nothing new for him.

  2. the … $$$$ FAUCI $$$$ … ha’ TRUST the SCIENCE??? O’ SURE!
    Records REveal >>> China CON-cealed COVID details right away
    Watchdog: And Fauci’s agency was >>>> ‘stonewalling’ details


  3. Vladimir Putin Increasingly ‘Erratic’ & ‘Delusional’: Condoleezza Rice
    BY JASON LEMON ON 2/27/22

    Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice views Russian President Vladimir Putin’s behavior as increasingly “erratic” & “delusional” as his forces continue an invasion of Ukraine.

  4. No “emergency use authoriztion” for Ivermectin. Millions could have been saved:


    The bottom line of the video is that a doctor in the UK whose job it was to do a meta-analysis of multiple studies on the efficacy of Ivermectin against COVID appears to have been silently influenced by powerful people, among them an organization funded by the Gates and Clinton foundations (and possibly the NIH, FDA, WHO, etc.), to minimize his results (which were amazing proving that Ivermectin saved the lives of 80% of people taking it) and to call for more study, instead of something like authorization to use it off label, which is done all the time. INSTEAD, within weeks, the mRNA vaccines were given emergency use authorization, something that would NOT have happened if it were shown there was a CHEAP and EFFECTIVE treatment option.

    EUAs can’t be give unless there’s no alternative. Big MONEY and big PHARMA and BIG GLOBALISTS, who wanted to institute vaccine passports and make money, billions, off the vaccines and the new technology that they did NOT want to have to prove safe through the normal processes, deep-sixed the doctor’s research AND HE ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN because of this pressure and because his career would have been ruined otherwise.

    If you watch the video, this female doctor pressures him in return on a recorded Zoom call (apparently). He can’t even look her in the eye! He knows she’s right and admits it–that he’s being pressured to change his results. He seems to promise her that by the end of February 2021, he’d be able to state unequivocally that Ivermectin works.

    Note, however, that on that timeline thousands would die who wouldn’t perhaps have otherwise died, if they could get Ivermectin, but additionally, by that time, the emergency use authorizations for the vaccines would be in place.

    All this is proof of what we knew was happening anyway. All this B.S. about “follow the science” and how Ivermectin was horse de-wormer and a conspiracy theory and it constituted misinformation that would kill people.

    They are all murderers. They KNEW people could be saved with Ivermectin. And then you have to ADD to the death toll all those who died and who will die from the vaccines. It’s a holocaust. THIS is the real “war crime.” War on the people of the world.

  5. ASKED WHY WTP > didn’t …VOTE FEMALE’s in higher OFFICES..ha’
    O’ ….LET ME COUNT the WAY’s !!!!! 101 102 103….


  6. FREE ROOM & BOARD .. sunny california O’ >WHAT A CON-MAN $$$
    Newsom Proposes Mental Health Courts for Calif. Homeless Population
    ‘At this point there are a Million questions & a Million things that could go horribly wrong.. ‘ ????????? stupid peat O’


  7. JOE .. a > USER’ & >PUSHER’ .. 2 LIFT is saggy AZZ HIGHER?
    Biden discusses his multiple aneurysms and son Beau’s death from cancer

    • > Beau Biden, Son of Vice President Joe Biden, dies of brain Cancer
      Published May 31, 2015 …. YEARS AGO!!! …WAY ….BACK!!!!
      Could have IT been the CAR ACCIDENT “HIS MOM” CREATED by Turning
      in “FRONT of a TRUCK DRIVER” that was CLEARED @ XMAS TIME .. !

      • TRUTH … > JOE … > just THE TRUTH??? MOLEST Little GIRLS
        is HIS HOBBY ? …beside … them …. LIES DAILY!!! FJB …

        Despite comments that Joe Biden has made over the years about Drinking & Driving being linked to the crash, according to Politico, the driver of the truck, Curtis C. Dunn of Pennsylvania, was NOT accused of Drunk Driving or ……>>>> A N Y wrongdoing in association with the Crash.

        “For whatever reason, Neilia Biden, who was Holding the Baby, ended up in the Right of way of Dunn’s truck coming Down a long hill,”
        Politico reported. A friend of Biden’s who LOOKED into the Accident at
        the time told Politico,
        “SHE ….his wifey …..> had a S T O P Sign.
        The truck driver Did Not.”
        SO …. ….PONDER on …. >DID SHE DO THIS on PURPOSE?
        MAY ….BE!!!

  8. SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE … shake your… ha’ … sad tripper

  9. Man Who Allegedly Killed His Three KIDS & Self Was an Illegal Alien With
    an Unlawful Firearm Who Was Just Released from JAIL ????
    …….> JUST the START!!!!!

  10. The Independent
    Russian forces fire rockets at building in Kharkiv that ‘houses nuclear reactor’
    Oliver Browning
    Sun, March 6, 2022, 7:47 AM·1 min read
    Ukraine’s national security service have claimed that Russian forces are firing rockets at a physics institute in Kharkiv which contains nuclear material and a reactor.

    Footage shared by the ministry of internal affairs purportedly shows the moment a missile hits the Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology, which houses the reactor.

    There have been no immediate reports of any damage to the nuclear materials inside.

    In response to the attack, the security service warned a direct strike on the facility could lead to a “large-scale ecological disaster”.

    • These guys can only sing one note. Have you noticed?

      btw, notice how Blinken tried to bait Poland into giving fighter jets to Ukraine? We’re supposed to believe they were considering it, that Ukrainian pilots were already there, ready to fly out their ENTIRE supply of fighter jets, leaving Poland with no air support! We’re supposed to believe that it was all Poland’s idea, not that Blinken tried to persuade them all in a “work-around” to give their old jets to Ukraine and then We the People would buy them all new, brand spanking new, modern as can be fighters! And, remember, it wasn’t Blinken and Biden LEANING on Poland, was it? They HATE the Polish government, which is CONSERVATIVE. They would like nothing more than to have Russia attack Poland because Poland gave jets to Ukraine. And Joe and Blinken think that’s NOT us giving planes to Ukraine. This is typical Biden bribery, corrupt blackmail, leaning on like a bully, behavior. It appears, though, that Poland wasn’t stupid enough to play along. Putin already said anybody who arms Ukraine or gives them planes is declaring war. So if Poland had, after being bribed with the idea of a free new air force courtesy of We the People, then what would Putin do? Attack Poland? He probably wouldn’t mind. And then what? Poland IS NATO and then what? Then We the People would have to “honor our commitment” and defend Poland, since, unfortunately, we’re not bound to defend Ukraine (not that Joe didn’t try to get us roped into that one). Thank goodness Poland didn’t bite. Unfortunately, it appears Putin allowed himself to be maneuvered into this war, although I don’t know much about it and who could possibly know what’s true and what’s not? We really did lie to China, telling them (falsely) that Ukraine would join NATO, and probably because they WANTED Putin to invade Ukraine. It gets Joe off the hook on gas prices, food prices, inflation, the economy, wag the dog, get poll numbers up (except they lie), AND once again they can use the Trump/Putin LIE for the next election.

  11. YEAH! *** U S A !!! … M A G A *** COUNTRY ROCK’S IT GOOD !!!
    ‘Our last shot at creating change’: People’s Convoy surrounds D.C.
    ‘This is how you protest safely and get your point across. Without burning things down’


    • It’s a shame that We the REAL People not only can’t go into our public buildings anymore, we also can’t even go into the Capitol City anymore without fearing being arrested and thrown into jail–political prisoners. Only leftists can “peacefully protest” by burning buildings and rioting in DC. When the hell, btw, will they open up the Capitol Bldg. again? When Trump’s back in office?

      OMG. It would be SO precious and such an “ultimate work-around” if they did manage to make him Speaker of the House, impeach Ole Joe and Kamel Face, and voila! Trump is POTUS again, as he should have been for over the past year, because, you know, he’s REALLY the person the people elected. And that’s the truth. Not misinformation or disinformation.

    • That sums it up perfectly. The old scapegoat was getting too long in the tooth, so they needed a new scapegoat and Putin is it. HE is now to blame for inflation, high food costs, high gas prices, virtually EVERYTHING that’s really Biden’s fault and which he was paying the price for in the polls. The media, it now is proven, was PAID OFF with OUR TAX DOLLARS to push the vaccine propaganda. NOW they’re likely being paid off with our tax dollars, one way or another, to push the “it’s ALL Putin’s fault” narrative.

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