Mission Accomplished!

Joe Biden promised to bring people together. Little did We the People realize that he meant our deadliest enemies.

Thanks for nothing, Joe.

Elections have consequences, but stolen elections have the worst consequences.


133 responses to “Mission Accomplished!


    • There is just so much there and now they’re actually justifying that black cop beating that poor white woman who was down and UNCONSCIOUS, innocent, because she’d been trampled. She was a threat to NOBODY. And they’re saying it was “objectively reasonable” for her to whack the unconscious woman on the head, making her nose bleed, perhaps even killing her. People’s noses bleed when their skulls are fractured. Did they also hurriedly cremate Boyland? The autopsy ridiculously said it was an overdose of her ADHD meds, which she’d taken for years. The autopsy OUGHT to have documented suffocation, the broken ribs (I think it was said her ribs were broken, but they write it off as maybe happening during CPR), and the bruises she HAD TO HAVE on her body, not to mention her bloody nose which either was a broken nose or, worse, signs of a fractured skull. That poor woman was murdered. As was Ashli. And nobody cares. God bless them. RIP. May justice some day be done. Unless we toss out EVERY DEMONCRAT, there will never be justice for these women.


    • Right. Written by Barry, or was it Hunter? I’ll believe it when I see it and if I do see it, I won’t give a rat’s patoot. It’s NOT our business. If anybody should care, it ought to be the countries adjacent to Ukraine AND the Germans because, hey, they want and need that pipeline, don’t they?

    • Could the Ukrainians be blackmailing Biden for all these weapons and the military support over Hunter’s activities, which of course Joe needs to keep hiding? There is something extremely fishy about this whole situation.

      Is Biden sorry he reversed Trump’s policy on that pipeline but now he can’t admit Trump was right so he’s creating this fake situation to give himself cover for going back to the way things were under Trump? iow, Germany doesn’t get that pipeline and Russia doesn’t have a foot on the throats of the Germans, with the ability to cut off their energy at a moment’s notice?



    • We really have to. It’s critical. I’ve said it before: No matter how moderate any one of them seems, they cannot be trusted because no matter their original intentions, when they get to DC they DO vote in lockstep. There is oppo research done on every damned one of their nominees and you just know that NOBODY whom they have NOTHING on is allowed to run on their tickets. It’s a given that they have to have something with which to blackmail every damned one who makes it to DC. This is also true for the Republicans, btw. Meaning that the Dems are sure to have something with which to blackmail as many Republicans as they can.

      In addition, though, we all have to be VERY careful to vet every so-called Republican on every ticket because it’s already proven in Georgia, for example, that DemoncRATS have run and been elected as Republicans when they never were. They are TRULY RINOs. Already the party is full of so-called Republicans who were DemoncRATS in the past but who pretend they saw the light and switched over.

      Knowing Biden’s poll numbers and the fact that most Americans oppose the progressive agenda, they can only win by cheating and that includes running AS REPUBLICANS, spouting those things that WE believe in, but planning to immediately turn coats as soon as they’re in office.

      Because they can’t help themselves and MUST speak in hyperbole, then we may be able to spot the phonies because, guaranteed, they will be spouting “dog whistle” racist stuff and “white supremacy” stuff and anti-Hispanic, anti-immigrant, anti-Asian stuff because they THINK that’s what the “deplorables” want to hear.

      It’s like how they couldn’t help but give themselves away when they made up the RIDICULOUS fable about Trump paying whores to pee on Barry’s bed.

      So we’ll have to be sure to watch out for the ones that appear most avidly “far right” and racist and/or those whose past records prove they’re really DemoncRATS.

      • btw, have you noticed how many DemoncRATS now want to have nonpartisan, open primaries? Everybody runs and you vote for 2 or more and then there are run offs? They did this in some cities and surprise! No Republicans at all made it out of the primaries. DemoncRATS ran against other DemoncRATS in the general elections. They want to fly under the radar, pretend to be conservative or even moderate, and get elected in the general, running as DemoncRATS, but only in the general election. In the primary, they’ll pretend to be anything but a DemoncRAT.

    • Isn’t funny how we all seem to get on the same wavelength again, at the same time. Barry, the usurper, the non-citizen, the phony, the fraud, the SHADOW POTUS.

    • You’d think by now that Barry would present his REAL BC (that’s sarcasm) and collect that $5 million from Trump so he could use it for his posh new resort-like home in Hawaii, or at least for his new library. 🙂

  3. Tricky DICK’ ..OR JUST-a-DICK ! .. got ya??? Games people PLAY?

    • Speaking of Barry, I read an article today about what a person does when they renounce citizenship. I’m SURE this is why Barry had his passport records cauterized: https://sports.yahoo.com/eileen-gu-and-the-repercussions-of-renouncing-us-citizenship-123345918.html

      “The actual renunciation process is fairly quick — a simple declaration that you want to end your U.S. citizenship, the payment of a fee and the surrender of your passport — but the repercussions could last a lifetime. … “[A]ccidental Americans” — for instance, children of American diplomats born overseas — renounce their citizenship because they’ve never lived in America. [If he were born there and adopted by SAD, while working for the U.S. government, then maybe he’d be an “accidental American” who never lived in the U.S. and they never planned for him to do so. He had to be an Indonesian citizen to attend their school. That would have been about the time he would have given up his accidental citizenship–which he then wanted back when SAD wanted to fob him off on her mother in the U.S. She planned to stay in Indonesia with Lolo.]
      To renounce citizenship, an American must walk into an overseas embassy — renouncing citizenship while on U.S. soil is extremely rare — and declare their intentions, in person, to a consular officer. The soon-to-be-former citizen must complete a questionnaire, sign a statement of intent and pay a fee of $2,350, the highest in the world for this purpose. The aggregate effect of these hurdles is to ascertain that an individual is serious about giving up their citizenship.

      “A consular officer will often give you some pushback because of the repercussions,” says Sanford Posner, an immigration lawyer with FisherBroyles, LLP with nearly a quarter-century of practice experience. “If you have family in the United States you need access to, by giving up your U.S. passport, you are essentially making it very difficult to get back into the United States.” [Wasn’t it said that SAD was planning to move to Indonesia with her new husband forever?]

      One crucial element of renouncing citizenship: ensuring that one already has obtained citizenship in another nation. Without that overlap, an individual risks being deemed “stateless,” which can cause difficulty with virtually every aspect of public life: the ability to work, study, receive medical benefits, own or rent property, or even marry. [Or run for president?] Stateless individuals have no protection of any country, and run the risk of being kicked out of the United States entirely and permanently.

      The Federal Register publishes a quarterly list of individuals who have renounced citizenship. It’s purported to be comprehensive, but expatriates have reported waits of months or years before appearing on the list. …”

      Seems to me that way back when, I tried to find a listing in the Federal Register. I can’t remember now whether I found anything. It’s worth trying to look again. Maybe they forgot to scrub that and/or maybe I wasn’t look for the right name (like Soetoro or Soebarkah).

    TRICK’S …JOE is a Trickster ..over & over 4 years CHECK IT OUT !!!

    • His face is so smooth now. BOTOX, for one thing, but certainly it’s possible that’s a double. He’s not that unique, as faces go. There are lots of old men who look like Joe and plastic surgery can make a candidate look even more like him. I’ll bet you anything that house of his is just FULL of presidential records, like Hillary’s was.

    • Very interesting. They HIDE her face as if she has something to be ASHAMED of. You know, paler skin.

      She’s paler than me. Of course, I don’t “identify” as anything, seeing as how I’m mixed, like she is. 3+ “races” and counting.

  5. 1st …2 FART … what’s up with ALL this BS?
    Let’s …honor the LAST …of a COLOR??? a race

    • Is that a joke or something? Black?

      Now, however, they’re dividing again. They’ve come up with “colorism” to divide, for example, Hispanics, making the paler ones “evil” and synonymous with “whites” while the darker ones are the “victims.” Of “colorism”.

      Is it just me or does the girl even have blue eyes? How is it she gets to “identify” as black? I’m guessing it’s the dad who’s “black” because mom isn’t even mentioned. White lives don’t matter. I was right: https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2022/02/11/kelly-curtis-skeleton-parents/



    • If it’s not unbelievable enough–what they did–it’s even more unbelievable that now that it’s out in the open, it’s not even being mentioned in the mainstream media. Instead, they’re going on and on about Trump’s habit of tearing papers in half and lying about him flushing them down the toilet.

    • These guys have a habit of making motions to get information out there that simply serves to give the guilty a “heads up” so they can start fabricating their lying defense.

    • Buried in that story is the implication that they began collecting DNS data from the EOP even while Obama was in office. They withheld that information from these government agencies, but THIS ALONE will provide the liars in the media and the DemoncRAT party with the narrative that “they spied on Obama, too.” Wait for it.

  7. Intertainment …??? So… Yesterday’s PAPERS …sad stupid show-DoWN

    Doing ok, just some eye prob;rems.
    I love you all.

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