Racist Rationing

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida had choice words for a policy change made recently by Biden’s FDA. The FDA suddenly eliminated use of certain monoclonal antibody treatments for COVID-19. These treatments have saved lives and prevented hospitalization and more serious illness among the susceptible.

DeSantis was outraged at this latest move:                                                    [emphasis added to quotes]

Governor Ron DeSantis is demanding the Biden Administration reverse its sudden and reckless decision to revoke emergency use authorization (EUA) for Regeneron and Eli Lilly monoclonal antibody treatments. This abrupt and unilateral action by the Biden Administration will prevent access to lifesaving treatments for Floridians and Americans.

“Without a shred of clinical data to support this action, Biden has forced trained medical professionals to choose between treating their patients or breaking the law. …

This indefensible edict takes treatment out of the hands of medical professionals and will cost some Americans their lives. There are real-world implications to Biden’s medical authoritarianism – Americans’ access to treatments is now subject to the whims of a failing president.” …

What precipitated this move? Does the policy change have anything to do with this story, also related to the use–actually misuse–of monoclonal antibody treatments?

One of the largest hospital systems in the United States gave race more weight than diabetes, obesity, asthma, and hypertension combined in its allocation scheme for COVID treatments, only to reverse the policy after threats of legal action.

SSM Health, a Catholic health system that operates 23 hospitals across Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin, began using the scoring system last year to allocate scarce doses of Regeneron, the antibody cocktail that President Donald Trump credited for his recovery from COVID-19.

A patient must score at least 20 points to qualify for the drug. The rubric gives three points to patients with diabetes, one for obesity, one for asthma, and one for hypertension, for a total of six points. Identifying as “Non-White or Hispanic” race, on the other hand, nets a patient seven points, regardless of age or underlying conditions. …

The Biden administration practically created a “need” for the (racist) rationing “scheme” by seizing control of much of the monoclonal antibody treatment supply, in effect causing “scarcity” in some areas of the country, going so far as to falsely claim that if certain people had been vaccinated then they wouldn’t have needed monoclonal antibody treatment in the first place.

That misinformation was spread by Biden’s spokesperson, despite the fact that “breakthrough” infections are occurring at higher and higher frequencies and vaccinated people were and still are presenting for treatment with monoclonal antibodies.

Ironically, after President Trump truthfully reported that whites were being denied therapeutics (and vaccines) because of their race, “fact checks” in the mainstream media falsely claimed that President Trump was lying and that there’s “no evidence” this happened, even though the admission by the health system that they had used a race-based, rationing scheme provided the very evidence the media falsely claim is lacking.

Eventually, as a workaround, Governor DeSantis used his own state’s resources to buy Florida a supply of antibody treatments, seemingly enraging progressives who had devised the racist scheme in the name of “equity.”

Through the FDA’s new ban on the use of the previously authorized treatments–on the premise that they don’t work well enough against the omicron variant–Biden’s administration has now prevented Governor DeSantis from distributing all of his state’s supply,  potentially consigning some Floridians to serious illness or even death.

Even though the vaccines no longer work as well against omicron, if at all, to prevent infection or sometimes even hospitalization and death, the Biden administration has not pulled the EUAs for those treatments, which they illogically continue to promote.

Under the racist monoclonal antibody rationing scheme, formerly in effect, a healthy 50-year-old black woman would receive treatment while a 50-year-old obese and diabetic white woman would be denied treatment.

So a black woman with no co-morbidity other than age would receive care solely because of her race, while a same-aged white woman would not be treated, despite having two known comorbidities. This is “equity?”

The scheme awarded a 7-point handicap to privileged categories, without defining race or ethnicity other than “non-white” or Hispanic, which is a language group. This scheme explicitly singled out white people, unless they were also Hispanic.

How Afghan refugees or people of Middle Eastern descent would be categorized is anyone’s guess and likely depended upon the whim of the person taking patient information. It would be interesting to know if patient self-identifications were ever modified by those gathering the information and performing triage. For example, what if a person with a mother of Mexican descent and a father of European descent self-identified as Hispanic but has a “European” surname and more closely resembles the father? It’s not hard to imagine the “deciders” substituting their own categorization for that of the patient.

It’s also interesting to consider that being unvaccinated is not a cited risk factor for serious illness or death, even though Biden’s government insists that vaccination greatly reduces the risk for serious illness or death. So, under this scheme, vaccinated people can be prioritized for treatment that the CDC claims they should not need. Conversely, being vaccinated is not a contraindication for treatment under that scheme!

Obviously, the use of race or ethnicity in determining how to allocate (deliberately) scarce treatments was not “narrowly tailored” in this instance, as is demanded by Supreme Court rulings.

This outrageous story has been ignored or buried by the mainstream media. It’s not hard to imagine why the story is buried or downplayed. The scandal threatens immense repercussions for the hospitals in question as well as for those involved in devising, implementing, and enforcing such a racist rationing scheme.

If the story is buried, no questions will be asked. If not asked, then the answers will never be supplied, especially publicly.

If patients haven’t a clue that they were discriminated against, denied potentially life-saving treatment because of their race alone, then they won’t be likely to seek justice, will they?

Congress should demand an investigation.

If indeed, as claimed, these types of race-based rationing schemes were used throughout the nation, then every institution that used them should be investigated to find out how and why they were proposed, developed, and put into use.

Some questions that should be asked but so far have not been asked, so far as we can know:

  • How many people were denied treatment solely because of race?
  • What was the outcome for those patients after they were denied treatment? (How many ended up in ICU? How many died?)
  • Who decided, and upon what evidence, to give 7 points to race (a 35% head start) but only 6 points combined for well-evidenced, precise comorbidities of obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and asthma?
  • When was this racist scheme instituted, why, and for how long was it in force?
  • Upon what and upon whoseguidance” did hospital systems depend when devising an obviously illegal, unconstitutional, and racist system for rationing life-saving care according to race? (This is what systemic racism looks like!)
  • What role did administrators and their employees–in particular “diversity, inclusion, and equity” (aka, DIE) non-clinical staff–play in the development of the racist triage scheme?
  • Did anyone involved from the inception raise any objections to such an obviously unconstitutional, immoral, and unethical scheme? If not, why not? If so, what became of their objections?

Lawyers could and should have a field day with the revelation of this racist scheme. It matters not that the institutions have now changed their methods, after being threatened with legal action. If even one person was denied care because of race alone, justice needs to be done. Investigations need to be made. Repercussions should ensue. Most likely, many individuals were discriminated against, simply because of the huge advantage, dare I say privilege, given to some on account of their race.

Class action lawsuits should be expected. We ought to be seeing TV ads:

If you or a loved one was denied monoclonal antibody treatment, call 1-$$$-RACISTS. You may qualify for an enormous settlement if skin color played a role in the denial. Take action now!

One has to wonder whether the intake sheets, the questionnaires filled out by hospital staff when evaluating patients for treatment (or denial), have been saved as part of patient charts, or whether by now the evidence has been shredded out of existence. Surely not!

Where are Attorney General Merrick Garland, the DOJ, and the FBI? Are they investigating this enormous violation of civil rights?

How about the ACLU?

How about any real journalist? Is there anyone asking any of the above questions and demanding answers?

Where’s Congress? Where are our representatives?

Why are they allowing this injustice to stand?


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  1. With allegations that hospitals are bribed into following a specific protocol for inpatient treatment of COVID (large amounts of government money paid when a person is diagnosed with COVID, put in ICU, put on a ventilator, given remdesivir, dies of COVID), then you have to at least consider even more nefarious possibilities: If whites don’t get treatment that keeps them out of the hospital but non-whites do, then what is the result of disproportionately more whites being hospitalized, going into ICU, dying? Are ICUs high-tech “gas chambers” for sneaky genocide? Think about the incentives hospitals have right now, with so many people deferring treatments and surgeries for conditions other than COVID. It’s reported that health insurance companies are ROLLING in dough. For two years they’ve collected premiums at the same rate BUT people aren’t using their benefits at the same rate AND with the government paying out so much for COVID patients, then the insurers are paying out even less. However, the hospitals, in a sense, are “losing” patients who would otherwise be racking up huge bills for bypass surgeries and other very expensive treatments. Sure, the government transfers for treating COVID are there, but does it compare? Are hospitals LOSING money in the long run? If so, then the government sure knows how to INCENTIVIZE THEM into COMPLYING with the protocols Biden and his administration demand. WHY they demand them is anyone’s guess but the way it’s done, in secret, the way it’s DENIED so adamantly, the way they go after “misinformation” and any doctor who questions allowing BUREAUCRATS (unnamed at that) to make MEDICAL DECISIONS for everyone, at least gives some credence to those who wonder WHAT ARE THEY UP TO? Is it a depopulation scheme? If so, is it RACIALLY TARGETED? If so, then of course the DemoncRATS “win” (more votes “of color”, fewer older conservative white people), and the Republicans/conservatives lose for the same reasons. In addition, the government solves another problem: Fewer older people of any color, fewer veterans of any color, means LESS MONEY PAID OUT IN BENEFITS FROM SOCIAL SECURITY AND VETERANS’ PENSIONS, MEDICARE, VETERANS’ HEALTH CARE. The DemoncRATS have been waiting for the decline of the white race, that predicted loss of majority status–EVENTUALLY, they hope. Is this just another way for them to hurry it along, what with the open borders?

    Which makes me wonder: Were white citizens turned away from monoclonal antibody treatment centers while illegal aliens “of color” received treatment paid for by citizen taxpayers of all colors?

  2. More RACISM and SEXISM from the Biden administration: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/01/person-nominate-will-first-black-woman-ever-nominated-supreme-court-biden-delivers-remarks-breyer-retirement-video/

    Is this NARROWLY TAILORED? Doesn’t making affirmative action nominations to the freaking SUPREME COURT, which has ruled AGAINST the Constitutionality of affirmative action and racial DISCRIMINATION, a bit IN YOUR FACE?

    What self-respecting actually QUALIFIED person (like Clarence Thomas, e.g.) would ACCEPT the nomination knowing that NEARLY EVERYONE IN THE WORLD will believe it’s not on the merits but because she checks two boxes?

    Are any of these women actually among the MOST QUALIFIED and MOST FAIR, UNBIASED, AND LEARNED PEOPLE to fill such a critical position? Or, like some of the others already on the court, are they there only for political reasons and are people who will “rule” based upon their feelings and emotions and politics, INSTEAD OF ON THE LAW AND THE CONSTITUTION?

  3. Breyer’s Retirement Is OK
    The conservative lead on the court will remain solid, while a new Non-white, Non-male liberal replacement may be more excitement than the libs will know what to do With.

    D. A thought that should inspire the Woke: If Biden names Kamala Harris to the Court, he thus can Kick her OUT as Veep without the negative fallout from Black America, whom Democrats have in Their Pockets. At last look, she still is Black. Still is “she/her/hers” binary.

    It is what it is. Thanks to Trump, conservatives now have the Court for much of the forthcoming generation, and nearly a century of wasted Republican opportunities are behind.
    We don’t have to win 7-2. While the Cannibals Munch, we can continue Winning 5-4.


  4. >> Gallup: Job Approval of Congress Drops to 18% << ??REALLY??
    — Although Democrats run the House, Senate, & the White House, only 18% of Americans approve of Congress' job performance, according to Gallup.

    In the survey of American adults, Gallup asked, "Do you approve or disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job?" ARE U NUTS???


  5. Buckle up, Buccaroos! How the Pig in a Pantsuit could be “POTUS” within weeks…
    So Justice Breyer is resigning. And Biden’s operating system is now crashing every 120 seconds.


    • Nothing shows how craven and power mad this guy and his puppetmaster are than using an affirmative action nomination to solve a short-term political problem. We’ll have this person on the SCOTUS for 30 or 40 years, but they’ll sacrifice all that for a little political gain in the polls. They’re criticizing Justice Thomas for not “representing the black community” when anybody who believes ANY judge is supposed to REPRESENT anything but the law and the Constitution ought to go back to remedial Civics 101.

  6. TRICKSTER .. 24 / 7 .. thinks HE GOT YA’S .. RULE His MIND!!! Yep!

    For 50 years, Joe Biden cultivated an illusory image of being a kindly — if dimwitted — uncle: someone whose terrible politics and inappropriate malapropisms were tolerated because he said he meant well.

    What a Farce. ….CHARM the PANT’s OFF YA??? GAMES PLAYED!!!


    • Even liberal legal activists are saying that Kamel face CANNOT break a tie vote for SCOTUS, so it will be interesting to see what they’ll do. No doubt there will be some RINO, like Romney, to help them out, for virtue signaling brownie points.

  7. a blunder ? sad day …Another MESS!!!
    Here’s why the US doesn’t want its F-35 wreckage to fall into China’s hands 03:03

  8. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Called For President Joe Biden to pick a Supreme Court justice who will be “Faithful to the Law & Constitution.”

    DeSantis made his comments on Friday during a press conference, according to Florida Politics.

    “When you’re dealing with picks for the Supreme Court, you want people who are going 2 be Faithful to the law & the Constitution, & understand how our Constitutional System was designed to have Separate Powers,”
    he said.

  9. >>> SICK >>> S L I C K – A Z Z ? …. JOEY >>> Joe Sneaks them in >>> Back home .???? REALLY JOE?

    It’s Doubtful that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris like one Another, but there seems to be a coordinated effort between the 2′ .. to bring in MO’re Illegal Immigrants 2 … the states, something they R succeeding at rather Spectacularly. ….HEY STOP the CRAP BOTH of U … DICK’S !!!!!!!


  10. The Mystery of the Biden-Zelensky … >>> C A L L !!!! ????

    President Eisenhower in his final address to the nation issued the following dire warning:

    In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.


  11. https://thenewamerican.com/ …& …. many More!

    The COVID vaccines are not just ineffective, they are also connected to the uptick in cancers, warns Dr. Ryan Cole.
    Dr. Cole explains that the data he got from observing his vaccinated patients, as well as the data provided to him from the oncologists elsewhere, suggests that the vaccines are connected to immune dysregulation. An immune system that becomes compromised is unable to keep in check cancer growth.


    • That is REALLY scary, isn’t it? So many friends and family that got vaxxed. Now wait for the other shoe?

    • There’s a military database on health effects of the vaccines that for some miraculous reason was released and not suppressed. It showed not only a huge uptick in cancers but also miscarriages and other scary effects.

  12. WATCH: Agents Confront Border Patrol Chief, DHS Secretary over Biden’s Border Policies

    A source within the Border Patrol told Breitbart Texas that another visit at
    the Laredo South Border Patrol Station included similar exchanges between agents & Mayorkas. The source says, “Agents Have Had IT!!!! YEP!!!
    They’re Fed UP & are NOT going to remain Silent any Longer.”


    • The Biden administration must be really sure that they’re going to hold onto power, one way or another. They just outright LIE now with seemingly no fear whatsoever of EVER being caught and held to account. Biden claims that food prices are NOT going up. The FDA lies for him by making estimates that food prices will actually drop in 2022, even though the REALITY (no estimate needed) is that they’re going up 7% AT LEAST and more in some areas. So Biden accepts the ESTIMATES as truth instead of reality and facts and the evidence of everyone’s own eyes. Another lie is that they’re NOT releasing hundreds if not thousands of “military age young illegal alien males” throughout the country. They are. There’s video. There are local politicians demanding answers, but they simply LIE to the media when asked.

      In the meantime, Trudeau, in Canada, is responding to the LIES that Russia, ridiculously enough, is behind the trucker caravan and it’s a threat to overthrow their (stupid) government. So he fleas like Saddam. Is he hiding in a bunker? As with Jan. 6 here, the working men, the salt of the earth, the middle class guys are called insurrectionists, or worse–traitors. Now Nova Scotia is arbitrarily threatening to fine into submission anybody who supports the caravans, takes part in them, etc. A bunch of NAZIS/FASCISTS all over the world, in positions of power, and they just plan to IGNORE the public. This, I fear, is why they’re purging the military of conservatives, because they plan to use them AGAINST THE PEOPLE. It’s only going to get worse and worse.

  13. SAY’S > W H O ??? just like C-19 .. QUESTION EVERYTHING 2 DAY!
    “The intentional dimming of direct sunlight by aircraft dispersed particles, a form of global warming mitigation known as “Solar Radiation Management”, has and is causing catastrophic damage to the planet’s life support systems.”
    SOURCE: Dane Wigington, Geoengineering Watch

    Published: 25 Mar 2021

  14. ….TRUTH … OR …. DARE 2 SEE IT ??? O’ I SEE!!!
    …. Dane Wigington ….. >>>> Biography:
    Dane Wigington has a background in solar energy. He is a former employee of Bechtel Power Corp. and was a licensed contractor in California and Arizona. He has been engaged in constant climate/geoengineering research for the last 15 years. He owns a wildlife preserve next to Lake Shasta in northern California. Dane put all his focus, efforts and energy researching the climate engineering issue when he began to lose very significant amounts of solar uptake due to the ever-increasing “solar obscuration” caused from jet aircraft spraying in the skies above his mountaintop home.

    He is the lead researcher for http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org and has investigated all levels of geoengineering from stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG) to solar radiation management (SRM), to ionosphere heater facilities like HAARP. Dane has appeared numerous films and radio interviews in an effort to educate the public on the extremely dire environmental and health dangers we face from the ongoing global climate intervention programs. He lives in Shasta County, California



  15. & ….. Rosalie says: ….. May 25, 2018 at 3:20 pm ….ha’ !!!
    I love how this is put together, Dane. Everything at your fingertips to help those who Can’t imagine this is really happening. I won’t even try sending this to my Family since they’ve totally Refused to Hear anymore on this subject. But, there are plenty more to reach and even easier now. Great job!

  16. I won’t be HERE much LONGER .. so … WHAT ABOUT U ?
    Do U .. Care 2 KNOW? FEAR & HEAD in the SAND won’t STOP IT!


  17. ….. A DICK ….TATOR ….”DICK” …what SICK a JOKER!

    • Recalled? He never should have been elected in the first place. What the hell is wrong with people who vote for someone with this background and mentality? The perp in question sounds a lot like George Floyd.

  18. Batten down the hatches if you live anywhere near the Midwest. A YUGE winter storm is coming. I’ve been busy stocking up (what I didn’t already have stocked up). Most important product to stock: Cat food. 🙂

  19. https://www.georgiarecord.com/military-med-skyrocketing-disease-data-leaked-biden-regime-knowingly-continues-destruction-of-force/

    How will they explain this?

    On the same front: Today the complicit FDA “approved” and “licensed” the Moderna vaccine. Well, I should say, A Moderna vaccine. One that has a special name, just like the Pfizer vaccine does, and which is “legally” different from the “authorized” version, which will still be given to people in the U.S. under the EUA, meaning they’re still going to be exempt from liability and it will STILL be given as an “experimental” drug because that’s the “legal” difference between it and the one with the fancy name that WON’T be given in the U.S. There’s a big stock of the EUA vax that the gummint bought, so they’re going to keep giving it to people but PRETEND that it’s “approved.” If they give the name brand vax to kids or as a booster for immune compromised people, etc., THAT vax will be under the EUA, even though it’s the name brand! Isn’t that special?

    Lies and misdirection, as usual.

  20. https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/true-the-vote-releases-first-video-of-illegal-ballot-trafficking-in-georgia/

    They have REALLY got them on this one. Ballot “mules” delivering mega-amounts of bogus ballots, ILLEGALLY, into those drop boxes and from the video–this is hilarious–they can SEE that these mules are being paid per ballot delivered because (1) there are whistle blowers who say so and (2., best part) they TOOK SELFIES of themselves holding the ballots, all spread out like a deck of cards, so they could prove to whoever is PAYING THEM IN THIS HUGE ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL CONSPIRACY to STEAL THE ELECTION.

    How will they possibly come up with a plausible lie to “explain” why these people delivering multiple ballots into drop boxes ILLEGALLY took photos of the ballots, selfies, before dropping them in the boxes? That’s just the beginning of the evidence because the investigators have cell data and CCTV of these drops.

    The CONSPIRATORS have a lot of explaining to do. They’d better lawyer up.

  21. Lame Cherry ….. ! >>> SATURDAY, JANUARY 29, 2022
    So 1 degree makes it 20 degrees colder …… yeah
    Prince Chuck wants everyone dead in Europe and America a ruling
    finches is a more pleasant accord.
    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

  22. CHEAT CHEATERS.. What does God’ THINK .. NAN FLIM – FLAM ?
    Nancy Pelosi’s Son Becomes the Subject of a Sixth FBI Investigation

    Although she’s most recently announced HER Intent to run for re-election of the congressional seat that she holds as Speak of the House, perhaps Nancy Pelosi has a 2024 presidential run on her mind.

    The latest revelations concerning public corruption allegations involving Paul Pelosi JR. are nothing new for the family. Nancy Pelosi & Her husband Paul SR. have drawn the ire of political detractors for their record of suspicious investments. On at least 2 .. separate occasions, Paul Sr. & Nancy Pelosi have purchased securities ahead of the announcement of government contracts given to Amazon and Microsoft spawning suspicion of insider trading based on his wife’s political standing.

    Based on Paul JR.’s conduct, it appears that the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. As Rodrigo Santos’ federal prosecution continues to develop, it’s only a matter of time before the scope of Paul the younger’s I N -volvement in the Sordid political Affairs of a criminal underbelly that has come to be associated with his family come to Light. …. FROM DARK 2 LIGHT? YEP!!!


    • They investigate conservative politians’ children (like Trump’s) and find nothing; but with the progressive/liberal/DemoncRATS? They are obviously corrupt but they don’t bother to investigate in the first place!

  23. … SHOCKING ….. YEP!
    SHOCKING TESTIMONY Reveals Democrats Were Stealing Overseas and Military Ballots from Michigan, Georgia and Now Arizona Too (VIDEO)

    Paul Harris continued: “Did you all know that our ballots come back like this from our overseas people? Did any of you know that? It is such a sham that I had people everyday at my table taking pictures of these ballots that were scanned down. It took my team three complete days to count all of the UOCAVA ballots. You know why? Because in 2016 the numbers were apparently 1,600 UOCAVA ballots that came back in the most significant election in our lifetime. In 2020 the numbers were close to 9,600 ballots that came back. And I will tell you as an eye-witness, 95%… all went towards one candidate. And in a state where a candidate won by 10,000 votes that is 8,000 new votes during an election where people were brought home because there was a pandemic… No chain of custody. There’s nothing to identify where this piece of paper came from. O’O’O’ ha!!!



    • Just the raw numbers proves the obvious fraud. There aren’t even enough military personnel and their family members overseas from that county to match the huge increase in the number of military ballots. In fact, they had pulled people back home after the pandemic began. So obviously it’s fraud. Now, after publicity about this, suddenly it seems they’re saying that other ballots got mixed in with the military ballots making it SEEM as if the number went up but it was, as usual, just “human error,” which is their excuse ANY TIME discrepancies are found. ALL OVER THE COUNTRY! There are no competent people anywhere, apparently.

  24. Sad that perhaps we’ll have to do to Hershey’s what has been done to Penzey’s. I’m going to miss Reeses, though. https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/hershey-fires-all-unvaccinated-employees/

    They FIRED all their unvaccinated employees. But, you know, I bet that’s not literally true. I’ll bet that the fired will be very, very, very disproportionately WHITE people and not “BIPOCs.” Who will run the numbers?

    List of all the products they make: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_products_manufactured_by_The_Hershey_Company

  25. Steny Hoyer Tests Positive for COVID-19 ….O’ !!!

    House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) announced on Tuesday
    he has tested positive for COVID-19.

    “This afternoon, I tested positive for COVID-19, & I am experiencing mild symptoms,” the 82-year-old congressman said in a statement.
    … “Thankfully, I am fully vaccinated & already received MY Booster shot.”


    * yami Shimizu
    Surprised we didn’t mention the elimination of gender or the relationship
    to X & Y chromosomes
    * AlF
    You have to give the >>>> Demonicrats Credit:
    They are Committed to their Propaganda!
    When the Covid Truths become Known by a critical Mass of Americans, Medical Science, hospitals, government health agencies, & even medical professionals (doctors & nurses) will NEVER recover their esteemed position they had >>>>> B E -fore Covid. They … >>> R TOAST. !!!!!
    * Jasonn Vincent
    hours ago−Joe Manchin & John Kennedy could start a Wordsmith Club.
    * freund
    Any study that lets participants self-select is not entirely convincing.

  26. Pelosi accused of ‘Rich hypocrisy’ for H I D ing Video of Jan. 6 riot

    Claims sovereign immunity to prevent Public from Accessing Facts of that DAY???

    Is the federal government Suppressing the Jan. 6 Video ????????
    because >>> it shows there was
    >>> NO <<< insurrection?
    Yes …. No
    Enter your email

    Judicial Watch, because of the Freedom of Information exemption Congress gave itself, asked for access under the common law that gives the public a right of access to public records and documents.

    "The Supreme Court was unequivocal in stating that there is a federal common law right of access 'to inspect and copy public

  27. White House Recommends Spotify Do More to Censor Joe Rogan ???

    john steed Spock • 5 hours ago
    This is government involvement to censor free speech, directly against our First Amendment. This should be an article of impeachment against Biden.

    * Endofthewest john steed •
    You have to understand what is at risk for them here. Rogan has committed the heinous Sin of telling the Truth which violates the herd narrative. It’s a male thing; ignoring the herd.
    We now know, as a result of the overwhelming success Ivermectin has had in stopping serious illness from Covid 19 in Uttar Pradesh, India, & then subsequently in Japan, & from the fact that Pfizer itself went looking for a patentable drug that would imitate Ivermectin (anti-viral protease inhibitor), that the emergency use of the m-RNA vaccines was illegal. There was already an effective treatment available that was cheap & safe; Ivermectin.

    Even worse still, Pfizer’s own Data, which they claimed was 100% efficient in preventing serous disease but in fact was zero% efficient (2 people died of Covid in the control group & one died of Covid in the ‘vaccinated’ group; one case is the smallest possible margin for error, so 0% effective), in fact showed nearly DOUBLE ALL-CAUSE MORTALITY IN THE VACCINATED GROUP !!! compared to the control group. In other words, Pfizer’s own data showed that if you took the vax your chances of dying were approximately DOUBLE if you didn’t take the vax. And now life insurance companies are seein a 6-sigma rise in deaths 18-65y.o. group, nation wide. Worldometer
    is indicating nearly 1 million deaths from Covid in the USA. Most of those were preventable with treatment with a very cheap safe medication; Ivermectin. Think about the implications of that for those who pushed the death-vax & suppressed information about the success of Ivermectin.

    • Psaki calls it “spot a fly.” We used to spot them all the time–on Barry’s forehead. She probably saw them there, too.

    • Excellent point that this should be investigated and Biden should be impeached. He, not only Psaki, has openly called for businesses to censor conservative speech. It’s long-standing Constitutional LAW that the government cannot suppress free speech and that the Constitution PROTECTS the RIGHT to speak, no matter the content of the speech. It SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. And Biden doesn’t get a pass because he’s “only” encouraging others to do his dirty work for him. You can’t farm out the violation of another’s human and constitutional rights. He took an OATH to protect and defend the Constitution and for this alone he should be impeached.

      They read all kinds of crap into Trump’s statements that ARE NOT THERE (such as he encouraged people to insurrection) while Biden EXPLICITLY calls for the violation of citizens’ fundamental constitutional rights.

      IMPEACH 46!

  28. A reporter of apparent Asian ancestry asked Psaki if Biden will promise to nominate an Asian-American to the SCOTUS. Psaki, of course, declined to respond. In the course of the back and forth, it was reported that someone pointed out that there’s been no Asian nominated nor a representative of the LGBTQ community. If someone hasn’t admitted it, does that mean it’s not true? How does Kagan “identify?” I think I can identify the “gender,” can’t you? Like Joan Rivers once said, “Everybody knows …”


    Her history at Harvard will give a clue:


    “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

  29. Once again,


    “Even though the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced today that it has approved a second COVID-19 “vaccine” known as Spikevax by Moderna, there are still currently no fully FDA-approved licensed shots available. All COVID shots still remain under federal Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), meaning individuals have the “option to accept or refuse” the product.

    In today’s letter to Moderna, the FDA states there is no Spikevax available.

    Footnote 9 on page 3 states: “The licensed vaccine has the same formulation as the EUA-authorized vaccine and the products can be used interchangeably to provide the vaccination series without presenting any safety or effectiveness concerns. The products are legally distinct with certain differences that do not impact safety or effectiveness.” …”


    “Moderna finally did it! Years of plodding away and billions of dollars of investment paid off. They have their first FDA-approved product on the market in the U.S.

    …Or do they?

    “Bait and switch is a morally suspect sales tactic that lures customers in with specific claims about the quality or low prices on items that turn out to be unavailable in order to upsell them on a similar, pricier item. It is considered a form of retail sales fraud, though it takes place in other contexts.” …”


    Interesting point that they even say that IF the branded, allegedly licensed and approved product is manufactured here and exported elsewhere, that product remains under the EUA. What? So they’re going to make it here, call it licensed and approved, but not use it anywhere except under EUA?

    Fool me once …

    The most fascinating aspect of this “approval” (versus EUA) is that throughout the document they talk about Spikevax being licensed to “prevent” COVID when by now everybody in the world KNOWS that it does nothing of the sort. The vaccines do NOT “prevent COVID.” That in itself is a lie and what the hell does it say about the FDA and their “science” that they will approve a product to prevent a disease when everybody knows it doesn’t prevent the disease?

    I’m not a lawyer but the way I read this letter is that Spikevax can be interchanged with the older version of the “Moderna” vaccine but when it’s interchanged, it doesn’t mean that if they jab you from a vial labeled Spikevax, it’s a licensed and approved product that means you have a liability claim in case of adverse effects. It SEEMS to me to be saying that they can manufacture it and interchange it for the older version but it will still all be under the EUA (even though they say they have a LOT of the older version available). The EUA is in effect until they declare there’s no longer an emergency, which they’ll probably never do.

    Why all this legalese and dodging and weaving? It’s to give everyone the ILLUSION that the product is approved and licensed, when as it’s given to anybody it’s NOT AS an approved/licensed product. It’s a way to trick people into believing that they don’t have a RIGHT to refuse it and that employers and others DO have a right to mandate it. And to trick you into thinking that you have legal protection if you’re injured.

  30. Advice for Gloomy Democrats
    A simple solution for the Biden–Harris disaster.

    All of this identity politics has got to end somewhere. Are we going to go into a round two of it or round three or round four? What is more, how minor does an office-holder have to be to have His or Her or its rank utterly ignored? And when are we going to stress qualities other than the utterly inconsequential for holding office? It really does not matter that Joe Biden is male or that Kamala Harris is female. What matters is that they are not very bright, & that Americans are going to want an intelligent person to put up against Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. When the Russians & the Chinese start bragging about how many trans leaders they have raised to office I shall get serious about identity politics.


    • It’s too late now. It’s embedded in our system now. Certain positions are created for and only held by BIPOCs, as they’re called. All the diversity and equity positions: No white need apply. Once a position is held by anyone who’s not a white male, forevermore it MUST be held by at least another BIPOC. iow, no BIPOC can be succeeded by a white man. Set asides. Quotas. Affirmative Action. All ruled unconstitutional are now part of the SYSTEMIC RACISM in our governments at all levels. Now a black female, appointed to SCOTUS because she’s black and female, will get to decide (surely she won’t recuse) whether to readdress and “fix” rulings that said government-sanctioned racial or sexual or gender discrimination is WRONG. Discrimination against whites and especially white males WILL BE enshrined. It’s only a matter of time.

  31. Are Jews a Race? ….???
    Whoopi Goldberg’s Holocaust comments reflect how Jews don’t fit into Western boxes
    *** By Yair Rosenberghttps://newsletters.theatlantic.com/deep-shtetl/61f992de9277230021ae11f7/are-jews-a-race-whoopi-goldberg-holocaust/

    rufusvondufus says:
    Suspended? She should have been fired. Her comments were Grossly inappropriate & deprecating to the Jewish community. Where are her Brains?

    Judy L Nosek says:
    FIRE HER!! Are you crazy? Not going to happen in this life time. You’d have every civil right activist picketing everything from Channel 7/ABC to every commercial that runs on channel 7. They’d find some other ridiculous reason to riot. GOD forbid. These white liberals on the View just slapped her hand to make it Look Good to all those she offended. They just want to sweep it under the rug as quickly as possible. So 😔 sad

    gary says:
    simply she need 2 go end of story .. 1 2 3 .. your >> OUT! ?? WHEN?

    S. says:
    She should have been Fired in 2009 for her “it Wasn’t rape-rape” insanity. She should have been fired in 2015 when she defended a Second rapist. She should be fired Now. She’s a trash person. But middle America housewives love this Garbage show so they keep garbage people as Hosts.

    John D says:
    They’ve given her plenty of chances.
    Sorry Whoopi, but you got to Go.
    Maybe that will be a Teachable moment for others. …???

    Kathy says:
    She didn’t lie. They don’t have semetic dna … SO?

    Karrie says:
    I don’t understand they where her honest Comments, they weren’t meant to be hateful. She sees Racism as the Color of ones Skin, I get that. I get the hatefulness of ones religion too. We hate the Catholics, the Muslims, is all religion racism or just the color of ones skin? Why aren’t we a more tolerant nation?

    The ‘View’ Walk Off: Was Whoopi Goldberg Right?
    Musing on O’Reilly and Goldberg’s fiery exchange OCT. 15, 2010


  32. MEGHAN MCCAIN: There’s No point calling for Whoopi to be fired -her half-assed apology for antisemitism only shows again the double standards television holds for Liberals & Conservatives


    • Oddly enough, even though she’s an idiot, I side with Whoopi for a many reasons.

      #1: Free speech! She’s entitled to her opinion or her take on it.

      #2: Many people argue that race is a social construct and that race doesn’t exist. Many argue that Jews (and other Semites) are white. Nobody, of course, wants to be white anymore. I wonder why?

      #3: Whoopi has a right to be wrong (obviously the Nazis were racist, thinking there’s only really one good “race”: the Aryans, whoever they are). Even so, Whoopi can say what she wants and if people disagree, they can. Have an effing dialog instead of trying to cancel the woman. Make The View have MORE VIEWS. They suffer from the same thing of which they falsely accuse Joe Rogan. Now they’ve forced him, or so they think, into adding “balance” when his podcast was one of the only somewhat liberal ones actually having BALANCE with regard to all sides of COVID treatment policy.

      #4: I, for one, am sick and tired of all this whinging and one-up-manship over who is most offended. Many Jews are NOT offended. Why is it that the loudest mouths are allowed to “speak” for every Jew? Why is the offended faction the only recognized and official spokespeople for the entire group?

      #5: I’m also sick and tired of whites being blamed for everything. Not all whites are racists and not all whites were Nazis (and not all Nazis were or are white). Germans didn’t corner the market on that behavior. (Think: Idi Amin) In FACT, the rise of anti-semitism in the U.S., if it even exists, seems to be driven by blacks, who for sure disproportionately are the ones attacking Asian-Americans on our streets. Whoopi ought to have publicized THAT fact.

      #6: I’m also sick and tired of people finding “racism” or “anti-semitism” in statements or arguments that are not racist or anti-semitic but are just that: opinions or arguments that invite other points of view and shouldn’t lead to condemnation or canceling of a person’s LIVELIHOOD just because they may or may not be ignorant of a subject or misled. Whoopi no doubt was coming from the place some, if not many, blacks seem to be these days: Anti-racism is THEIR thing. Anti-white-supremacy is THEIR thing. First the “Asians” got in on it, probably to their dismay and now it’s the Jews. Stop all this division. Talk to others and get their opinions. Make a considered judgment.

      WTF? Is this America or not?

      There are REASONS we have the First Amendment. REASON itself is among the most important of reasons. The First Amendment, among other things, exists to support DIALOG instead of WARRING FACTIONS, which leads to: Dissolution.

    • Meghan is an idiot, too, so she and Whoopi were a good fit with the other idiots on that show. Who the heck is supposedly the conservative voice on that show now?

  33. …she sweat’s MUCH ??? …FREE ANDREW!!!

    Prince Andrew’s Ex Claims Virginia Giuffre Photo Was Made With ‘Irish Body Double’

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