Truths from a Scientific Expert

Dr. Robert Malone, the “father of mRNA vaccines,”is the subject of an article by Dr. Joseph Mercola, who points out, among other facts, how unethical is the current push to vaccinate all U.S. citizens.

COVID-19 vaccine mandates violate bioethical principals because all vaccines currently in use in the United States are not fully approved by the FDA, but are merely “authorized” on an emergency basis, with important caveats. These vaccines are not yet fully tested and so they remain experimental treatments.

The article delineates serious issues surrounding vaccine mandates, and even the administration of these shots to willing but uninformed subjects:

… [S]ince the COVID shots only have emergency use authorization status, they are experimental products, and as such, they are not authorized for marketing. The core bioethical principles that apply therefore involve three key components:

Bioethics are written into federal law — As an experimental trial participant, which is what everyone is at the moment who accepts a COVID shot, you have the right to receive full disclosure of any adverse event risks. Based on that disclosure, you then have the right to decide whether you want to participate.

Adverse event risk disclosure should be provided at the level of detail disclosed in any drug package insert. However, the COVID shots have no such insert or detailed disclosure, and adverse event reports are even being suppressed and censored from the public.

Instead, as explained by the FDA, since the COVID shots are not yet licensed, rather than providing a package insert, the FDA directs health care providers to access a lengthy, online “fact sheet” that lists both clinical trial adverse events and ongoing updates of adverse events reported after EUA administration to the public.

A shorter, separate, online fact sheet with far less information in it is available for patients — but, provider or patient, you still have to know where to look up each of the three EUA vaccines separately on the FDA website to access those fact sheets.

Adverse event risks must be communicated in a way that you can comprehend what the risks are — This means the disclosure must be written in eighth grade language. In clinical trials, researchers must actually verify participants’ comprehension of the risks.

The acceptance of an experimental product must be fully voluntary and un-coercedenticement is forbidden. “I argue that all of this public messaging that we’ve all been bombarded with … constitutes coercion,” Malone says.” …

As a result of the above facts, most individuals who received these “jabs” were uninformed about risks, deliberately so. People were and are still being tricked into taking an experimental treatment without realizing that they have a legal “option to accept or refuse.”

Employers who believed the U.S. government had their backs when they colluded in this sort of legal trickery had better consult their lawyers.

These vaccine mandate campaigns represent a human rights violation of historic proportions. There will be hell to pay when the whole truth emerges, as truth has a way of doing.

As a result of speaking truth to power, Dr. Malone’s views are being widely censored. It’s therefore incumbent upon everyone to disseminate the facts he provides as widely as possible.



98 responses to “Truths from a Scientific Expert

  1. 79,678: December > Border Encounters With Illegal Migrants NOT
    From Mexico/Northern Triangle Up Tenfold
    >> >>> SEND … THEM .. ALL PACKIN’ … ALL of THEM … NOW!!!

    • Do you know that the recent hostage taking in TX was perpetrated by a guy from the UK, whose own family claims that their understanding was that he was going to get a MEXICAN wife? Think about it. If that’s true, then WHY would he have (allegedly) flown into NYC, when MI5 and supposedly the FBI were aware of him? Even his own family wonders how he could have gotten into the USA by plane, with his criminal record and terrorist associations. HOWEVER, might it have been much easier for him to fly into Mexico or another nearby country and THEN illegally cross our border into Texas, where he did his terrorist act? How did he get from NYC to Texas? Greyhound bus? Hitchhike?

      If he was living in homeless shelters, does that mean he had no resources? If that’s true, then again, how’d he get a visa? How’d he afford the transportation to Texas from NY, provided it’s even true he went from NY to Texas? Did he pay cash for his plane and bus tickets, if he took a bus? Isn’t it a red flag if someone buys a plane ticket with cash?

      Did he make up the story to tell his family about looking for a MEXICAN wife because they knew he was flying to Mexico (not the U.S.)?

      It’s possible, in fact likely, that he flew to MEXICO and crossed the border illegally, and that they know this and will not tell us the truth. Do you imagine that Biden’s people WOULD admit to the truth if that’s what happened?

      What if not only did he come through Mexico but maybe is also one of those “military-aged illegal single males” being LET LOOSE inside the country by Biden AFTER being caught? Were they aware of him because he was caught and then released? Do they know what a shit storm that would create if people KNEW he was caught and released, so they LIE (as usual)?

  2. Monica Crowley: Grandpa Joe Was Never a Nice Guy — Now He’s
    >>> Exceedingly Dangerous <<< !!!!!!!!! YEP CRAZY' JOE BLOW!

    For decades, Biden got away with this absurd faux tough-guy act. Everyone laughed it off, excusing his lies and meanness as “gaffes.” But he never should have gotten a pass because that irrational anger, innate nastiness and ruling-class pomposity are now in the Oval Office — and getting worse with his advancing age.

    Grandpa Joe was never a nice guy, and now he’s exceedingly dangerous.

  3. Breyer, at age 83 the Oldest member of the court, was nominated by former President Bill Clinton & took his seat IN 1994. His departure gives Biden a chance to Fulfill his campaign promise to nominate a Black woman to the bench.

    It’s unknown whom Biden will pick as his nominee. In his first year in office, Biden nominated 62 women to the federal judiciary, including 24 Black women, a White House official told NBC.

  4. >>>> sick- O’ …… Joe’s Gaffes Now Matter !!!
    If he were Pinocchio his nose would be a MILE long. Since he’s president, ?
    he risks >>>> starting a War.

  5. another ! …. JOKER …BS is just that B S !!! Alejandro Mayorkas ‘ ha’

    One exasperated agent told Mayorkas the situation in the Yuma Sector was much better under former President Donald Trump because “everyone was doing their jobs.” …. YES! the Word WAS STAY HOME!!! Come in LEGAL!!!

    EXCLUSIVE: DHS Secretary Had a Disastrous Meeting with Border Patrol Agents….. Ha Ha Ha … really ??? U DICK-HEAD FOOL!

  6. HA’ … >>> Personal details …. TELL… USA … A “BIG BIG” story…
    Born Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas
    November 24, 1959 (age 62)
    > Havana, Cuba Berkeley < (BA)
    Loyola Marymount University (JD)

  7. The Biden Administration Thrives on Saying Nothing While Creating Disasters …..YEP took the WORDS right OUT of WTP’s MOUTH!!!!!

  8. Y I K E S !!! ???
    Breyer: ‘Deliberately & Intentionally Delivering into the Vagina a Living Unborn Child’ …. & Killing It is a Right

  9. PUKE.. twice .. Give WTP a BREAK .. I Want – WE WANT IT NOW!

  10. Congress’s 1/6 Committee Claims Absolute Power as it Investigates
    Citizens With >>>> No Judicial Limits
    The Committee Plotted with JPMorgan and its lawyer, former Obama AG Loretta Lynch, to obtain a citizen’s financial records with No possibility of judicial review.

  11. Did the Justice Department Lie About Pence & Harris’ Location ….
    on January 6? January 6 is a tissue of myths, cover-ups, manufactured hysteria, & outright lies.

    Book .. > Overview by Julie Kelly, Lee Smith …
    January 6: How Democrats Used the Capitol Protest to Launch a War on Terror Against the Political Right:

    Americans were shocked and outraged to see Chaos unfold at the Capitol
    on January 6, 2021. The melee shut down plans by some Republican lawmakers to object to Congress’s official certification of the 2020 presidential election results.

    Democrats, the news media, and many leading Republicans immediately blamed the roughly four-hour disturbance on President Trump. The president “incited an insurrection,” the American pubic was told. It prompted a second impeachment trial of Donald Trump after he left office.

    But one year later, the original narrative of what happened that day has crumbled while hundreds of Americans have been swept up in an unprecedented investigation led by Joe Biden’s Justice Department to punish them for their involvement in the January 6th protest. The public has been misled—and flat-out lied to—about a number of aspects related to that day. This book exposes them all.

  12. Supreme Court vacancy: progressives push NAACP lawyer who backed ‘defund police’ movement …. ???
    “While there are many qualified contenders to fill the vacancy of this seat
    on the court, the candidacy of Ketanji Brown Jackson, Leondra Kruger, J. Michelle Childs, Wilhelmina ‘Mimi’ Wright, Eunice Lee, Candace Jackson-Akiwumi & Sherrilyn Ifill should all be weighed & considered,” tweeted Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas.

    Comments are a KicK! …. read on many more !
    * lajackal
    I’m glad the primary qualification is race & gender. That approach worked
    so Well for Biden with Harris.

    I have worked with affirmative action employees, an I believe that being Qualified should be Priority #1 the rest is window dressing !!

    Sounds like a meritocracy to me. Interesting concept.. could work. > FJB!

    I’m afraid Dementia Joe might nominate Maxine Waters!
    Yah, A low IQ

    I think Whoopi is the front runner. It makes perfect liberal sense.. in that it makes no sense at all. … >> FJB!

    Good Selection…she look like she’s ready to croak .. the next Republican could get to replace her!

    • Maybe he’s the guy who sent the bomb threats to all the historically black colleges for Black History Month (provided it wasn’t a Smollett caper, given the number of black officials–including Cori Bush, of course–who made hay out of it. I’m speculating FF by CB, since everything in the entire world revolves around and happens to her, and she does SO love the limelight, being a veteran of Ferguson, after all.)

      • Interesting phraseology:

        “A law enforcement official says the FBI has identified six persons of interest around the country, all juveniles, who are suspected of making the threats. The official says they appear to be “tech savvy,” using sophisticated methods to try to disguise the source of the threats, which appear to have a racist motivation. …”

        So how about some more details about these guys? All we know is they’re “juveniles” and “around the country,” which suggests an organized hate crime CONSPIRACY, sort of domestic terrorism, right? The threats were made to “appear to have a racist motivation,” or do they have a racist motivation? Big difference. A false flag op would of course be designed to APPEAR to have a racist motivation when it has another motivation altogether; of course a Smollett event, as well as a Bubba Wallace one, also has a RACIST motivation, in that it’s designed to cast aspersions on people who have NOTHING TO DO with the event. It’s designed to smear an entire class of people.

        Racist Cori Bush was on TV citing “white supremacy,” when of course nobody but the FBI knows if these suspects are white supremacists. But if they’re not, then they’re not going to tell us, are they? And of course, notice the leak about the “juveniles” doesn’t mention race or white supremacy.

        Wouldn’t you think it would be smeared all over the news by now if it were a ring of WHITE kids, with or without supremacist tendencies? Did they call Kyle Rittenhouse a “juvenile?” Are they already setting up a defense of a bunch of young “knuckleheads” trying to prove their hacking skills?

        My first reaction to this story and Bush and other black officials being out of the gate on it SO FAST, reminded me of the faked incident that was quickly covered over wherein the black mayor of St. Louis was interrupted in her speech decrying gun violence by the apparent sound of gunshots, which she very quickly explained didn’t startle her much because she’s so used to hearing them in her neighborhood. Mind you, this is a woman born with a silver spoon in her mouth, seeing as how her dad was also a big shot in local politics. Methinks she wasn’t too startled because she knew it was coming.

        Anyway, name me any bunch of WHITE juveniles, across the country, who even KNEW Feb. 1 was the start of Black History Month. Time will tell. Probably this will fade into the background if/when it turns out to be staged, too. I’d say look first to antifa and/or BLM. Why, btw, aren’t they out there hyping to the max about the “domestic terrorism” involved in this incident, as you know they would be if they really thought it were white supremacists.

    • I almost missed this irony: The guy also defaced the Capitol Police building last month and was ARRESTED but turned loose to commit hate crimes against Jews and deface another public building. WHY WASN’T HE THROWN INTO THE DC GULAG WITH THE JAN. 6 PEOPLE? He made a direct threat against the Capitol Police, didn’t he? Why wasn’t he charged with the same “crimes” as the people who only walked INTO the Capitol on Jan. 6? Most of them vandalized nothing.

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