Peaceful Protesters Have Rights, Says Blinken

… but not in the USA, apparently.

People in Kazakhstan have been protesting their government over increasing authoritarian rule as well as skyrocketing fuel prices. As a result, their government instituted a “sho0t to kill” order and unfortunately at least 164 people were killed last week during the unrest, including children.

Consider the irony of this statement from the Biden administration’s Secretary of State, Antony Blinken: [emphasis added]

… Kazakhstan has the ability to maintain law and order, to defend the institutions of the state, but to do so in a way that respects the rights of peaceful protesters and also addresses the concerns that they’ve raised – economic concerns, some political concerns …

January 6, 2021, saw peaceful protests in Washington, DC, but our government did not maintain law and order in a way that respected the rights of the protesters.

In fact, at least two unarmed female protesters were admittedly and allegedly killed by police officers–one woman was admittedly shot to death; another woman was trampled by individuals who’d been pushed on top of her by police and then allegedly beaten by a female police officer wielding a heavy staff or branch as other protesters tried frantically to perform CPR on the victim.

To date, the Biden administration has never, not ever, not once, addressed the very real concerns that these peaceful protesters raised: the apparent illegalities and irregularities that took place across the country during the election of 2020, which resulted in vast numbers of our citizens questioning the legitimacy of the announced outcome of the election. Citizens continue to have the same concerns to this day, one year later.

Instead of addressing concerns about a stolen election, the Biden administration and all its supporters and flunkies, including most media, dismissed the People’s concerns out of hand, insulting their intelligence, in effect calling them morons who stupidly fell for President Trump’s “Big Lie.” (The real Big Lie being that Biden won in a free and fair election.)

Protesters were at the Capitol that day to support challenges to the electoral college votes, a method that follows a wholly legal and Constitutional procedure provided to the representatives of We the People that was, by the way, used three times over the past twenty years by Democrats when they lost presidential elections.

Making such a legal challenge is not attempting a coup, nor is it an “insurrection.”

Never, so far as I know, has Blinken mentioned the rights of peaceful protesters in DC on Jan. 6, nor has he urged his boss to address the concerns of those protesters.

Neither has he decried the deaths of Ashli Babbitt or Rosanne Boyland at the hands of government officials.

Once again, consider the irony of Blinken lecturing Kazakhstan, while ignoring a similar atrocity that occurred here in the U.S. (albeit on a lesser scale. Thank God that we didn’t lose 164 citizens on that day. Who’s to say, however, that there won’t be a “shoot to kill” order in DC in January 2025 or even that there was not one in effect on January 6, 2021?)

If only the hearings that are currently taking place on Capitol Hill to allegedly investigate what happened that day would bring forth the truth, instead of more Democrat-concocted political narratives.

Pray for our Republic. Pray for our People. Pray for our future.

May Ashli and Rosanne rest in peace; may their lives not be lost in vain. May their families find comfort and find justice. Keep them in your prayers.

May God bless the USA.



129 responses to “Peaceful Protesters Have Rights, Says Blinken

  1. Finally, a new post! I’m so fed up with this phony, hypocritical group of idiots in our government. There’re hints that Biden is in deep with those fomenting rebellion in Kazakhstan a la the BLM/antifa riots. I’m not deep into the politics of this but it makes sense, doesn’t it? Rebellion in other countries. ACTUAL peaceful protest not allowed here. Look at (or even for) photos of the “peaceful protests” in Kazakhstan. From what I can find, they resemble BLM riots with burning cop cars, as in Portland.

    “Bloody uprising” hardly sounds like peaceful protest.

  2. Leftists have a cow over Tucker Carlson’s observations about Nancy Pelosi’s strange new appearance
    House speaker Nancy Pelosi apparently has had some plastic surgery.
    & >…. It didn’t go Well. ….. (like trying 2 REVIVE A PRUNE??? ha’ )
    Tucker Carlson was on the scene to state what everyone Was Thinking:

  3. (By the way, I bought Dr. Atlas’s Book, and I must say that it will make you Sick to your stomach when you read about the Painful Ignorance of those on the Task Force, especially doctors Fauci and Birx.)

    What all of this means — whether it’s comorbidities in the vaccinated or in everyone – is that, for the vaccinated leftists, it’s time for life to go on.Their little totalitarian fantasy of a “great reset” that leaves them controlling the once-free world is over.


  5. BREAKING: Biden Refers to Kamala as ‘President Harris’
    … ??? breaking USA IN ??? O’ PLEASE ..

  6. trash … Greed … Not … her $$$ … Check in with yo’ daddy?

    • Have you EVER seen a remake that’s as good as the original? Who would think a “politically correct”, woke West Side Story would be good, anyway?

      btw, did you see how Denzel Washington is playing Macbeth? Don’t get me wrong, I love Denzel and would watch him no matter what role he played, BUT … Macbeth? Would it fly to have Brad Pitt play Porgy in Porgy and Bess? If not, why not? I mean, really! What cracked me up is that Parade magazine pointed out the incongruity of having … wait for it …

      An older man play Macbeth instead of a younger man. No mention of race, though, and the fact that Macbeth is supposed to be, you know, a Scottish ruler. Scottish. As in … white?

      I notice that they have to throw into the nominations at least one person who “checks a box,” no matter how they actually performed. It’s a given.

  7. EASY .. as PIE ..∆∆∆.. REALLY that EASY??? All ..FALL Down?

  8. These are who Blinken called “peaceful protesters.” Burn police cars, burn down the presidential palace (or other public fuildings), and the leftists in the Biden administration label you “peaceful protesters.” “Trespass” on your own public buildings, bought and paid for by your taxes, and you’re a “domestic terrorist” and an “enemy” of Joe Biden.

    • Remembering Andrew Breitbart. Hope James watches out for himself better than Andrew did. Iran is threatening Trump’s life and Joe puts up barricades to protect himself!

  9. CAN’T .. WAIT ..TILL “JUNE “.. IS That’s WHY? JOE keeps SLIPPING ? Out?
    & Heel’s UP is the “President”.. Camel face? BAD then WORSE??? yikes!
    Come on joey! ALL R trash Cheaters USERS SCUMBAGS ..your president ha’

    • I read an article about that today and it SEEMS as if the media are promoting this “tell less” book in order to cause sympathy for her AND Hunter because, you know, they’re victims of drug abuse.

  10. Watch
    your thoughts; they become words.
    Watch your words; they become actions.
    Watch your actions; they become habits.
    Watch your habits; they become character.
    Watch your character; it becomes your destiny..

    —Lao Tzu

    • Did you see how, after forcing so many patriots from the Armed Forces to resign or get cashiered out of service over vaccine “hesitancy,” they are NOW offering an amazing $50,000 BONUS to people who sign up? Guess who will be at the front of the line. All the illegal aliens from Haiti, Central America, Mexico. Foreigners are allowed to sign up and after “serving,” they get citizenship. Now they’ll be getting an immediate $50,000, too. Supposedly, foreigners must be legal residents to enlist, but when did a little rule or policy or even law or constitutional provision stop Biden/Obama?

      It won’t be our “best and brightest” because people who truly want to SERVE don’t have to be bought off to do it. We can all see who Biden wants in the military.

    • I hate these liberal-run polls because they cleverly ask questions that they then pretend prove that people support or believe in the liberal point of view, particularly Biden and the DemoncRATS. Everybody in the country would answer that our “democracy” is at risk, but all for different reasons. The DemoncRAT sheeple blame Trump and Republicans, when everyone with half a brain can see with their own eyes that Biden, Obama, Clintons, Schumer, Schiff, et al are the TRUE threats to our democracy. So what does that consensus mean? Everyone interprets the questions in their own way. Thus, the polls are meaningless because they DELIBERATELY ask questions that are obtuse, never straightforward, and open to interpretation.

  11. Organized by the Biden administration. A “color” revolution in Kazakhstan, not “insurrection.” Here? Insurrection by truly “peaceful protesters.”

    I really don’t understand all the ins and outs of this but it’s obvious that, once again, we’re interfering in sovereign nations and trying to stir up WAR amongst our “enemies.” Or creating enemies. It’s pretty bad when you have no choice but to think Putin is the victim in this.

    You be the judge, realizing that there’s NO TRUTH ever reported, anywhere, anymore. I do NOT trust Biden/Obama/Blinken whatsoever. This has something to do with a railroad being built between parts of China and Russia.

    I’m guessing, given the wealth of Kazakhstan, the Bidenistas are on the side of CHINA, which stands to gain if Russia loses its interest in that country. China wants all the world’s natural resources, which is why they’re building railroads and highways in AFRICA. Of course, Russia has a national security interest in both Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Of course, China, even if they pretend to be “allies” with Russia, are not and want to RULE ALL. Biden, being a puppet of China, is against Russia and on the side of whatever helps China. Trump would NEVER involve the U.S. in this kind of crap.

    Wagging the effing dog again?

  12. WE KNEW …SHE KNEW … the time of ..playing ‘BIG SHOT’ … As MOST …
    of Player$ .. Had ..LIKE 2 DAY .. “No PAPERS”.. ” NO QUESTIONS” ASKED!
    SHE …knew then …WHAT ..”$HE REAPED.. SHE Could have $TOPPED.. IT!!!
    SO… DID SHE …FESS UP? Did he ask ? … So many YEARS AGO …as NO
    …ONE ..was willing 2 PUT the $QUEEZE ….ON !!! WHY NOT THEN???
    …. WATER under the $$$ BRIDGE ! YES …they .. $ET The “PRINCE” UP ..!!
    WITH ..the Sex??? CARROT??? …$ET him …FREE! .. Another JOKE !!!!! ?
    …. WE WHO …PLAYED …. KNEW WHAT …WE DID .. 2 LATE ? NOW? ha’ !!!

    • Wow. That’s cold, isn’t it? Even Harry didn’t get this treatment. I mean, the guy’s a perv but aren’t many in the royal families of Europe, anyway?

    • As predicted. It explains why she recently crawled out from under her rock with her new hairstyle and an attempt at a makeover. She smells Joe’s blood in the water; Kamel face’s too. It’s why the little poor pitiful me speech where she whined on about how her mother would have been so proud if she were the first female POTUS. She’s NEVER going to stop. How the heck old is this rag, anyway? She could barely hack the campaign in 2016. How’s she going to hack it (no pun intended about her hacking!) … how’s she going to hack a campaign in 2024? What a joke. She’s as demented as Joe and has been for a long time, only in a different way.

  13. head ..4 the HILLS! Really? A HUGE COVER STORY! YEP! WE SEE > U

    There’s only 1 Reason why Hillary would Think about Running Again

    If Hillary were in any kind of personal legal jeopardy, what card would she play? Turns out she’s been Down that Road, back in 2017, & it worked: ?

  14. THINK .. they TOSSED HER another ? RUBBER “BONER” $$$ silly girl

    Psaki gets Sarcastic on Bitter day: White House could aim for ‘bunny rabbits and ice cream’
    Confronted with setbacks, press secretary says the White House is not a place to try easy things

  15. POLITICS ??? ….ha ha ha ‘ …. O’ SURE …. REALLY ??? just wait!
    Supreme Court blocks Biden Covid vaccine mandate for businesses, allows health-care worker rule

    • Nothing else signals that this is completely political and based on NOTHING but distortions and lies: The FACT that on the anniversary and since, in hearings, people point out that there are so far NO charges for insurrection or treason or, as they now allege, “sedition.” So, in order to further a narrative and give the DemoncRATS talking points and campaign memes, they accuse men they scraped up from the bottom of the barrel of “sedition.” Based upon what? Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime. This, they know, will never fly in court, BUT in the meantime they will use it for political fodder. This is the very definition of tyranny, a politicized Gestapo, Marxism, show trials, corruption.

      That’s assuming this guy is NOT the fed that people have alleged. If he is, then it’s likely he’s just going along with the farce and will be compensated later, when nobody’s looking. Even if the guy gets convicted, depending upon whether he’s a fed or informant, nobody will know if he EVER serves even one moment of the sentence or just disappears back into the woodwork with a cushy new situation, new name, “witness protection”-like.

      If the “chat” was encrypted, then how do they know about what was said? Is it legal, whatever they did? Who can verify who actually was the person on either end of the “chat,” if this is the only “evidence” against them? Is it possible for the authorities to hack and rig up messages? Why, yes it is. Just as possible as it is for them to somehow translate ENCRYPTED messages. Again, how do they know who typed the messages? They don’t know. IF they were spying on these guys all along, then who was doing it and under WHAT authority to spy on American citizens before the fact?

      Notice the typical symbolism? “going to float a boat across the Potomac River to deliver weapons.” You know, just like that other white male insurrectionist, George Washington. Was it actually a joke on the part of the guy writing the text? An allusion?

      Doesn’t this sound exactly like the pee tapes or the Cori Bush allegations of a noose on the Capitol grounds? Or a Jussie Smollett noose around his neck and a white supremacist ass-whupping by two black guys?

      They cannot stop with the symbolism and the narratives and the tit for tat with their subliminal snarks. Must point out by allusion that the Founding Fathers were, you know, evil racist INSURRECTIONIST like this guy. This OATH keeper.

      The charges ARE the punishment. There is no due process. As LC says, a REAL JUDGE (who’s not a politicized tool) would throw this out on lack of evidence. But the purpose of the charge is in no way to get a conviction–it’s to be able to INFER/IMPLY that if these guys are seditious, then so is the guy they supported–Trump. They want to similarly charge Trump with sedition or conspiracy by association so they can, they hope, use the 14th amendment to keep him from running again. It’s so ridiculous. They’re like 5-year-olds. This has Barry written ALL OVER IT. It’s NO COINCIDENCE that after a YEAR, an entire YEAR, and after Republican after Republican points out on national TV that nobody’s been charged with insurrection, they suddenly respond with a ginned up charge.

      Speaking of Epps: Did you notice that they carefully parse what he allegedly testified (under oath?) to Congress? He doesn’t “work for” any “law enforcement” organization and he’s not an “FBI informant.” Of course, that leaves, you know, DHS, NSA, CIA. None of THEM are FBI or law enforcement. Not to mention, isn’t even the Postal Service now acting like Gestapo?

      How many organizations are there in the “intelligence community” that are NOT the FBI and aren’t authorized to perform law “enforcement?” How many among the 17 can be called “law enforcement?”

      These snakes, it’s never what they do say but what they DON’T say. So he’s not law enforcement and doesn’t work FOR the FBI or inform to them. Is he private informer, like somebody working for Perkins Coie? Oh, wait! Is he, perhaps, on the payroll of MI-5 (or is it 6)? You know, how you scratch our back (spy on OUR people) and we’ll scratch yours (spy on YOUR people)? Maybe he’s NAVAL INTELLIGENCE. Ya think?

      • btw, there’s video showing that Epps participated in helping to carry a huge sign (or maybe it was a table or barricade) and to SHOVE IT INTO a line of police officers in a violent manner. He was holding up part of the “weapon” shoved into the cops. Others involved were charged with assaulting officers (as they should have been, I do now agree. Lots went on there that day that is inexcusable. It was not all peaceful, however the provocateurs are as guilty if not more guilty and should be charged and tried as well. Why is Epps, who WAS on the most wanted list, suddenly not on the list and safely back in AZ enjoying his ranch while others are rotting in the DC Gitmo?)

        The video tells the tale and if they don’t also charge Epps then they should drop charges against ALL the others. The prisoners have the video via discovery.

        The government is dragging this out until after the midterms. No speedy trials for these guys because the DemoncRATS want and need the NARRATIVE and need to pursue Trump as they did with the Trump/Russia narrative. They use it and it doesn’t matter when it’s proved false because by then the damage is done and there’s no justice for the REAL PRESIDENT.

        Look at Biden’s reaction to the SCOTUS ruling against his mandate. And the media agree as IF this is okay and a great strategy: Biden (and the media) say they knew it would be ruled unconstitutional, most likely, but they saw it as a “win” because they nevertheless bullied (not his word) thousands and thousands of people, through existential fear and intimidation, into COMPLYING and getting the jab. It was a great “workaround.”

        OATH BREAKER BIDEN knew it was an unconscionable and unethical, immoral and unconstitutional ploy to FORCE people via the threat of losing their livelihoods, their homes, their families’ security to get a MEDICAL INTERVENTION (aka CELL therapy, not a vaccine) against their will. It’s what The Godfather did (force and intimidation), and Biden is PROUD of his thuggish, tyrannical behavior because it worked. For that admission alone, he should be impeached.

    • They’re such idiots but they think we’re the idiots who don’t see through them.

      Biden and the DemoncRATS are out there attacking the SCOTUS. So, who’s a threat to our “democracy?” Who is it who won’t accept the Constitutional process and the will of the People (which is, by extension, enforced by the SCOTUS, which exists to protect OUR RIGHTS and our laws and the Constitution)?

      By attacking the SCOTUS, they are attacking the Constitution. They are un-American and anti-democratic. They are potential enemies and domestic terrorists.

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