A New Year, A New Hope: 2022

And so this weekend we say goodbye and good riddance to 2021, with hope for better times in 2022.

Make no mistake: We’re still in for a long hard ride, but we must and will cling to hope that things will be looking up, especially come November, 2022.

Until then, enjoy your families, your friendships, your hobbies, music, love, joy.

Trust in the Lord, for this, too, shall pass.

Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

To all our friends, contributors, readers, followers:

May God bless you and

May God bless the United States of America.


83 responses to “A New Year, A New Hope: 2022

  1. Catch you all next year! 🙂

  2. Happy 2022! Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend.

    • Hey! It’s working for them, though, isn’t it? That dumbing down of minorities as well as all the kids, in general. Look at this ridiculous traffic jam in DC. Is ANYBODY in charge? Seems not, and I am guessing that the reason there are no LEADERS anymore is because leadership, so called, is getting infiltrated year by year with young people who learned in woke school environments that it’s wrong to be a leader, it’s wrong to have a hierarchy based upon things like merit, and that everything gets decided (or not decided, as it turns out) based upon committees and groups “working together.” Kids learn in groups. The group gets the grade. That way, the best performers “share” their top grades with those who can’t compete. Competition, though, is a no/no! Competition is BAD. It promotes “winners” and “losers” and everybody should be a winner, everybody should get top grades, everybody should be the leader, even though that’s impossible. Is it any surprise that when the woke liberals get “in charge” everything goes to hell and there’s NOBODY with the initiative and brains to take charge and actually solve a problem?

      What do we get with these indecisive, irresponsible people? 800,000 DEAD from COVID, with most of the deaths after vaccines. Never admitting that the path they’re on is the wrong one, despite evidence–e.g., vaccines don’t work. Instead, double down on vaccines that don’t work but never, ever admit failure.

      Because they won’t admit failure, then they never turn to a path that will work and people DIE.

      Who’s in charge of that ridiculous scene in DC? What idiot decided to close the exit ramps, forcing the motorists to spend a cold night in their cars? Can anybody think outside the box? Use helicopters to evacuate? Use them to drop blankets and food and porta-potties, for goodness sakes?

      There’s a huge jam, people freezing, no food, no way to use a toilet (one guy in the jam is even a DemoncRAT from Congress–forget if Senate or House). Do you think he, an alleged LEADER, might have had some input? Offered suggestions?

      You could see a road crossing the giant jam on an overpass. Cars moving along fine. They could have walked the people to that road to evacuate them via that road so that at least they didn’t have to spend the night freezing (perhaps dying) in their cars.

      I can’t believe the SHEER incompetence, but I’ll bet anything the problem was because there was no person clearly IN CHARGE of solving the problem. And NOBODY was going to defer to someone else who COULD and WOULD solve the problem–like the National Guard (providing their woke leaders got out of the way).

  3. Kevin McCarthy, January 6, and Willfully Ignorant Republicans
    The Democrats are running their committee like a criminal trial. It’s unconstitutional, but who will stop them?


  4. I hope everybody does have a good 2022.
    I managed get a non-RNA vaccine booster shot. I did it because my wife was looking to me but saying if you don’t achieve this pretty soon I will go ahead and get the regular vaccine because I don’t completely believe you.
    So I had a time limit.
    The medical establishment was actually of no help at all
    but to my surprise my local Representative helped me to get the AZ shot and of course my wife also had the AZ shot..

    Mike Adams has done a very important podcast about the urgency of the situation.
    It is long but he explains why the push to experiment with an RNA modifying process has achieved such world-wide force.
    Here it is

    You can see the awareness growing that the omicrop virus will end the pandemic. So hope for everyone.
    Will Truth-social really happen? sposed to be “soon” although I do get bored with these predictions of “soon”/ like in whatever happened to the Marycopa audit? Arrests soon?
    By the way, I think watch-out is the word for people saying there is a global currency revaluation coming. A lot of net people seem into this saying words like NESARA/GESARA. Gesara acronym for global economic stabilization and reform act/ These words are searchable and have some historical basis BUT
    The part that makes me very suspicious is that too many people are saying that “soon” Redemption Banks will contact you with an invitation to convert all your old fiat currency into the new “gold backed rainbow currency”.
    To me that’s the Nigerian Prince story re-invented for a new decade.

    • Hi, Dave! Happy New Year to you and wife, too! Still waiting here for ANY non-mRNA vaccine. I surely am hoping and praying that this omicron is the beginning of the end. It’s interesting that SUDDENLY various people (Fauci, the guv of NY, iirc) are pointing out the difference between death or hospitalization WITH COVID versus BECAUSE OF COVID. What’s up with that? Do they think we’ll forget the past two years? Is it because they want to stop the people who point out that under THEIR watch, more people died or were hospitalized? More than under Trump? More than before vaccines? Fauci also is suddenly claiming that CASE COUNTS (positive tests) aren’t important. Well, that’s because there are a million a day under him and Biden! And AFTER these vaccines they are still, completely illogically, touting!

      Biden says to surround your kids with vaccinated people and avoid the unvaccinated. So, since the vaccinated are now MORE LIKELY TO CARRY AND SPREAD OMICRON, then Biden must want children to sicken, perhaps go into the hospital, perhaps die. What other LOGICAL conclusion can one draw?

      He and Macron, the idiot, continue to push the vaccine, which makes NO SENSE, given that millions who are vaccinated are now SICK WITH COVID. What good are more vaccinations? Makes no SENSE.

      Why not unicorn currency? (I know little to nothing about economic stabilization, currencies, etc.)

      I do know this: Most everything that you CAN still find on the shelves is downsized (less for the same price or higher than before), everything is more expensive, the QUALITY of what you do find on the shelves is WORSE. This is like the old Soviet Union. We are now a THIRD WORLD country and BY DESIGN. Of course, I’m sure the Obamas are still eating Wagyu beef at their celeb soirees. (Too bad those are probably out of pocket now, unless their foundation or library pays the bill.)

      I had seen this before but was reminded that Amazon’s algorithm identifies Michelle O and Serena W as men. They act as though that’s a mistake, but …

      O, the wonders of technology.

    • Jimmie’s is impressive, even given property values there. What? They can’t use public records or Zillow to figure out the value of Cummings’s, AOCs, or Lewis’s homes? Phony baloney. Give us the addresses and we’ll find the amount. Hmm. What is this? Special treatment for certain complexions, so long as DemoncRATS? Oh, I see they don’t give Pence’s value. Why not?

  5. Oldest US veteran of WWII, Lawrence N. Brooks, dies at 112

    A PROUD AMERICAN … so … hard 2 find MANY LEFT HERE!!!


    • Aww. God Bless. That’s a shame. May he rest in peace. Thanks from a grateful nation. Love that photo of him with the big smooch on his cheek.

    • Get out in that sunlight! You can safely take 2000 units of D3 per day to get your levels up, if needed. Don’t know about quercetin, but it’s probably far less harmful than COVID. You can get D3 and quercetin from food: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quercetin#Occurrence

      D3 in fish. Lactoferrin in dairy foods. It also fights COVID. You think about the populations that seem immune. Nordic countries are doing relatively well. What do they eat? Lots of fish, dairy, lingonberries (cranberries, too, or craneberries, which are related), dill, onions, plums, blueberries, etc.

    • What is it about DemoncRAT sleazebags and pervs that attracts them to “public service?” Getting these kinds of “services” in return? Not to mention all the corrupt $$$$$.

  6. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2022/01/06/you-too-are-probably-so-done-with-this-insufferable-j6-pantomime-but-read-this-article-anyway-not-written-by-me/

    So funny. I was just thinking that I refuse to think about, write about, talk about this ridiculous so-called “anniversary” when I went over to TCTH to see what’s up and found this, wherein they talk about also being sick of this whole charade.

    This is a great article in case you happened upon that disgusting smear of a murdered veteran who was killed in cold blood by a reckless cop in DC: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/01/ashli-babbitts-family-attorneys-release-statement-disgusting-ap-hit-piece-ashli-babbitt/

    I was so furious when I saw that prominently featured in my local paper. As bad as the full article is, my local paper saw fit to edit it even further to make Ashli sound far worse than the original article implied. They took out the part where Ashli testified that the other woman backed up into HER car, not the other way around and that the judge eventually agreed, clearing Ashli of any criminal charges. It’s disgusting. Ashli apparently was the one being STALKED by the disgruntled ex-girlfriend, not the other way around, as was found by the judge.

  7. Miri said “Why not unicorn currency?”
    C’mon Miri ! Unicorns aren’t real – at least so I’m told.
    Or one could say they are about as real as that guy speaking from the presidential stage last night launching a hysterical tirade against President Trump.
    Who was that guy?
    I noticed that he could string ten sentences together, with emphasis and not lose his train of thought.
    Did anybody watch it?
    They’re still playing it today. They must want to make a point of some kind
    but either Joe made a rapid recovery or um, uh, kind of uh something…else
    Maybe it was the amazing power of the vaccine?
    Truth Social is reputed to launch on 21st of February but as always dates may change , spose so.
    Whatever happened in Marycopa county?

    • I just thought unicorn would go with rainbows. 🙂

      Can you believe that tirade? I couldn’t watch it; the ENTIRE TEXT was printed, full page, in my paper today, as if it were the Gettysburg Address. It was such an embarrassment to the USA. This is how a president speaks? Trump’s idiotic niece, Mary, said one thing that’s true: She called it a psy-op against President Trump. Trump, however, like the rest of us, has a brain in his head and knows when he’s being “handled”. They think we’re all stupid, including President Trump, and can’t see through their ridiculous crap.

      One thing alleged today in stories about Jan. 6: Some idiot claimed, maybe it was Biden in his speech, that “insurrectionists” defecated in the Capitol Bldg., sounding SO MUCH like their LIES about Trump paying prostitutes to pee on Obama’s bed. These people cannot stop their fantasizing, which is how it becomes so obvious that they’re lying. Like a kid who has to tell fibs to mom about why he’s late home from school and has to add details like how an elephant was blocking the street so he had to go a few blocks out of his way. Their fantabulist B.S., their phony over-the-top narratives, give them away.

      He looks scary. Laura Ingraham had a photo of him on her show last night that was truly frightening. He looked like Fire Marshall Bill, which actually his actions make him resemble even more so. He creates crises deliberately, so he can “lead?” If I could find the photo she used, I’d link it. The search engines refuse to show unflattering pics of Biden, so it’s not easy to find.

      Have you noticed how sometimes Biden’s face is all tight and pumped-up looking? Smooth, where wrinkles used to be? I don’t know how he can even move his face. It must be botox and/or fillers. Maybe I’ll look for video of his speech and watch to see whatever it is you noticed. There very well could be a body double or CGI. Why use that fake set all the time? Why is he postponing the State of the Union address until March? Something’s probably going to break between then and now. I hate to think what.

    • Just making it up, I’m thinking. Suddenly, though, the mainstream media are responding to the question of whatever happened to this alleged bomber and why hasn’t he or she been caught? They make excuses that the FBI has been searching diligently for a whole year but no luck so far. However, look how fast they “found” the people who trespassed, you know, those domestic terrorists as opposed to this potential bomber who must be a peaceful protester of some kind. They claim that they’re scouring videos and looking for witnesses and other evidence. NO MENTION, though, of cell data. We who follow TRUTH know that this person is revealed on video talking or looking at a SMARTPHONE for some amount of time, from separate locations, and they SHOULD BE able to triangulate and trace this person, at least TRY to identify him or her. No mention in the stories about them even trying to follow cell data. Have they publicized these videos as much as they have the videos of the protest at the Capitol? Most likely, some stooge will be found. Maybe it will even turn out to be this guy in FL they SUDDENLY found, allegedly ready to pipe bomb at a Jan. 6th demonstration that was in support of one of the guys in the DC Gitmo. This guy is allegedly ANTIFA and, unusually, the media are reporting him as such. He’s from Portland. Is he going to be the flunky? Is he a false flag designed to present a narrative? Will he take the fall for the actual potential bomber in DC who many suspect was part of the false flag that set up the “invasion” at the Capitol? iow, the excuse for deploying resources to the DNC and RNC away from the Capitol? IOW, a FBI provacateur or informant or similar flunky?

      Cori Bush. Seems to me I remember that it was proven that she and others who CLAIMED to have been at the Capitol and under siege were not even there. Were instead in that office building nearby. Isn’t that so? However, she’s out there as usual with her first-person MADE UP account of the horror she herself, bless her heart, experienced on that terrible day when racist white supremacists came for her and other POCs (who, gasp, couldn’t disguise themselves from the racist mob, being obviously black). She specifically cites the Confederate flag being carried in the Capitol and the makeshift gallows and noose. Just like Jussie and Bubba. MADE UP. No doubt the person carrying the Confederate flag was antifa or another OPERATIVE of the DemoncRATS, just as they carried Nazi paraphernalia to the Capitol on another instance, marching around, pretending to be Proud Boys. And when they lined up by that Republican candidate’s bus to make it appear AS IF they’re his supporters and he relishes their support. They tried this crap for years at Trump rallies, so it’s no surprise that it’s still going on. NOBODY BELIEVES THESE NARRATIVES, THESE TROPES. WE SEE YOU, CORI. You’re FULL OF IT!

    • Re: https://dailypuma.blogspot.com/2021/12/the-arbery-chauvin-and-potter-murder.html

      No matter what, they get their vengeance and so-called “justice” by what they put the men through and how long it will take for appeals to wend their way through the process. Don’t know how it will turn out, but likely sentences will be reduced. The video beyond a doubt shows that Arbery returned to confront the men. He was away, off to the right of the truck, on lawns, out of immediate danger from the men. He returned to confront, push, and grab the gun of one of the men. He was in no way uninvolved in what happened. At most, this should be involuntary manslaughter. It’s also why the one guy turned his cell video over to cops, believing that it proved self-defense. This is the same mentality that causes all the Jan. 6th arrestees to sit for a YEAR (so much for speedy trial) in solitary or mostly solitary confinement in the DC Gitmo. VENGEANCE. Punishment with NO DUE PROCESS, no trial, no jury, no equal justice. Punishment first, trial second. If there’s a trial. Most are succumbing to the punishing conditions and taking a “plea” just to get out of the DC gulag. It’s un-American, but so is this entire administration.

    STAND ..UP AMERICA .. NOW or NEVER .. Just try IT …It FEELS SEXY !!!

  9. PIGGYBACK’S .. MISS PIGGY Never ENOUGH ? Soul less YEP !
    Yep! U SEE it Call the PAIR’ TRICK$ 4 GREEDY SCUMBAGER’$

    • Not only is he not a “she,” but he’s also not a “female,” nor is he a “woman.”

    • I completely agree with this: “If he wants to pretend to be a woman, who cares? It’s a free country. The rest of us don’t have to accept or respect that choice, but we do have to tolerate it. Amy Schneider is free to live his life however he wants, and if he wants to live his life as a guy in a dress saying, “Call me Amy,” all I can say is Godspeed. …”

      I do say live and let live. He can call himself whatever he wants but he cannot FORCE ME to call him what he wants me to. His rights end at my rights to think and speak how I like. I would never diss this person to his face. I would AVOID, if forced to interact with him, all pronouns. I would call him Amy if that’s what his name is. But I would never call him a female, a woman, or a she, because he’s none of the above. He doesn’t have any right to force me to say otherwise. He has his opinion and I have mine, plus I have millions of years of reality and biology on my side.

  10. MO’ FRUIT …LOOPS … HEY DUDES …STAY in Your OWN LANE ..really
    NONE ..of this … EVER turns OUT … GREAT … Never EVER!

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