The Peasants Are Revolting!

“Peasants” around the world are revolting, but in a good way. People are waking up and refusing to comply with vaccine mandates. The mainstream media in the U.S. (and probably elsewhere) don’t cover these uprisings very often, no doubt so as not to give peasants in other places ideas.

One of the most encouraging signs yet is the viral video of people singing the anti-vaccine-mandate song. (See below.)

Not to worry! The lyrics are simple and repetitive, so much so that one might be excused for believing the song was penned by McCartney and Lennon.

You can stick your vaccine mandates up your ass; you can stick your vaccine mandates up your ass; you can stick your vaccine mandates, you can stick your vaccine mandates, you can stick your vaccine mandates up your ass.

All sung to the tune of the song we know as “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain.”

As a variant, you can replace “ass” with arse, bum, butt, rear, or any other similar, appropriate noun. Another variant replaces “vaccines” with “poison vaccines,” which is quite appropriate. Yet another variant replaces “stick” with “shove.” Verbs such as cram or ram would work as well.

So let’s sing the song! Here we go, altogether now:

Well done!

Bonus video at this link.

Bonus reading at this link. In particular, rules #5 and #6:

RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”

RULE 6: “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”

(Note the Alinsky formula for creating a socialist state.)

Keep it up, People!!!


154 responses to “The Peasants Are Revolting!


    ‘The Way She Was Stalling’: Woman Falsely Accuses Black Man of Stealing Her Phone Until It Rings In Her Purse, Thanks to a Store Clerk

  2. Bob Dole …. delivers ONE Last Word on Democrat corruption
    Daughter reads farewell letter from Senate icon known for his wit.

    She read from a passage in which he expressed his confidence that he was about to transition into a new life in which he will not be alone, because “God will be walking with me.”

    “I also confess that I’m a bit curious to learn if I am correct in thinking that Heaven will look a lot like Kansas,” Bob Dole said in his letter, drawing laughter.

    “And to see, like others who have gone before me, if I will Still be able to
    vote in Chicago.”

  3. Psaki grilled on Biden, Harris tweets about Smollett; says ‘lessons learned’ for ‘everyone who commented’
    Biden and Harris were quick to promote Smollett’s hate crime claims

    …. coptician552
    I don’t care if it’s Biden, Trump, Obama….whoever. These politicians aren’t running for office, and they’re not (or shouldn’t be) trying to garner support for their next run. They’re supposedly doing a job for us. They have no business commenting on any open criminal investigation or legal proceeding, PERIOD.

    If they had any respect for their positions, they’d recognize that their bully pulpit carries with it a high likelihood of interfering with justice, not seeking it. At the very least, they should appreciate the appearance of interference their comments portray.

    When questioned by a reporter, their answer should be the same: “I believe in our American system of justice, so I’ll reserve comment until it has run its course.”

    That’s what a knowledgeable, mature, respectful, dedicated servant of the people would do. Do we have any of those anymore? ..?? NOPE ZERO!

  4. Psaki: ‘Lying to the Police Particularly About Something as Heinous as a HATE CriME’ Is ShameFul’ < AS PSAKI .. DOES IT LIES DAILY!!!

    • Oh, it “diverts important resources.” That’s her focus. NOT the fact that his lies, his staged hoax, defamed President Trump, HIS MILLIONS OF SUPPORTERS, and all White people. As such, it was an anti-White hate crime and should now be prosecuted as such by the federal government. In addition, Smollett should PAY reparations to the people of that city for all the time, money, and resources spent in investigating his crime and then the expense of the trial. Being guilty, he could have owned up to it long ago. Is he NOW going to apologize or will he still continue to ridiculously claim he’s innocent?


    Nolte: Media Fail — Biden and Harris Unfavorable Ratings Worse than Trump’s

    Well, according to the RealClearPolitics poll of polls, these propaganda campaigns have totally failed.

    Currently, Joe Biden’s unfavorable rating sits at 52.6 percent.
    ….. &
    Kamala Harris’s unfavorable rating is even higher, 53.3 percent.

    Meanwhile, Donald Trump sits at 52.4 percent.

    Oh, and soon-to-be-former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi?
    …… Her unfavorable is 58.5 percent.

    RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most Potent Weapon.” …. YES IT IS!!!

    RULE 6: “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.” …YEP !!!

    (Note the Alinsky formula for creating a socialist state.)
    SO .. WTP KEEP TRYING … 2 Keep it up, People!!!

    • Unfortunately that Alinsky was a smart guy. A shame that he used his intelligence to harm instead of help people. His acolyte, Barry, is also unfortunately well versed in the methods that he is making Joe impose. It’s about time for We the People to fight back with the same tactics. Which for some reason reminds me of this infuriating case.
      He was “transitioning to a woman basically.” Basically? He got female hormones and testosterone suppressors. So far, I haven’t heard anything about any surgery to make it permanent. These hormone treatments can be reversed, can’t they? But surgery can’t be easily reversed. Taking estrogen does NOT make a man a woman. Notice how in the interview there’s no mention of the effect of all this on REAL WOMEN. It’s all about him and HIS “JOURNEY.” My conclusion, based on the FACT that you can’t find but one photo of this guy in a swimsuit, is that his genitals as born with are INTACT. He wasn’t winning as a man. Now he’s blowing all the WOMEN’S records to hell. Nobody cares about women’s RIGHTS. So tell me again, what’s wrong with Rachel Dolezal “taking” a job that “rightfully belongs to a real Black woman?” I wonder how they would feel if a white male decided to identify as a black woman and take a job “reserved” for black women, for example, a “diversity and inclusion director” at a historically black women’s college (if there is such a place).

      A woman has written a definitive book on the subject of the unfairness of “transgender women” competing against women. It’s nothing less than the destruction of women. She said that all the women on that team SHOULD HAVE simply refused to compete; should have walked away. Boycotted. They still can, but they are BULLIED in the same way Whites, in general are bullied, into silence lest they be called names. This HAS TO STOP. What this is is just another way for MEN to put women back into “their place,” which is NOWHERE. Sit down, shut up, be silent, go back to servitude. What about WOMEN’S RIGHTS? Why are HIS alleged rights more important than those of all the women who have worked for all their lives for this chance that HE is now stealing from all of them?

    • It’s “his truth.” That’s seriously what they argue. REALITY doesn’t exist; only “their truth” does. Just as men who CLAIM to believe they’re women. It’s their reality. Who are we to argue?


    This man is a DISGRACE to the institution of the SCOTUS. He was a plant all along or is compromised. Biden, for example, is far too smug about the ultimate fate of his mandates. The FIX IS IN. Imagine looking at the face of that little boy and refusing to even hear the case about forcing him to wear a mask, to his detriment, or NOT FLY TO GET CRUCIAL HEALTH CARE HE NEEDS. Roberts allegedly is a doting father. He should have to look at that child’s face every day for the rest of his miserable life.

    THAT’S . .NOT WHO WE ARE !!! WHAT’s UP WITH Brain Dead Dick?

  9. JUST WHAT ….DO U STAND 4 ??? …. besides YOUR SELF!!! ????

  10. Kamala Harris … >>>>>> Needs to Get Serious !!!! wSJ…
    Her shaky standing is a danger to the country given the position she
    could be called on to fill.

  11. another Day of crap Mother Nature is POWERFUL take a LESSON GOP
    At least 70 are killed by EIGHTEEN tornadoes in Kentucky’s deadliest storm in 130 years: More than 100 deaths expected across six states as twisters level entire towns

  12. YANK…HER HAIR OUT ??? OR HOLD her accountable??? OK
    F ‘ her AZZ & all the rest CROW cus THEY SAY SO ??? JUST
    WHO are THEM??? REALLY ? JOKE on USA ? 24 / 7 NO MO’!!!


    THEY ..all want 2 TRASH .. his AZZ … THE BEST >SO >FAR!!! D J T !
    YEP …. DRAG it OUT ..AS IDIOTS seem 2 RULE OUR WORLD ??? !!!

    • Of course he was right! Years ago, there was a story about how hot air will “cure” the common cold. They raised the temperature inside people’s noses and the virus diminished. The virus hangs out in the noses and mouths of victims BECAUSE it’s cooler there, especially in the nose. Speaking of Nordic countries like Sweden, which have lower bad effects from COVID, what do they have in common but not so much with other countries? Lots of pale skin, which leads to lots of vitamin D production AND they take saunas where the temperatures of the air are higher than most indoor places and even outdoor places in summer. Actually, I believe Trump posited this possibility after having had a meeting with a lot of scientists who were, early on, brainstorming how to defeat COVID. Of course, once Fauci got control, ALL BRAINSTORMING on treating the disease or stopping the virus was ENDED because with UV lights and Ivermectin and Vitamin D, FAUCI and his cronies in Big Pharma won’t get RICH.

    • btw, the FDA won’t approve it BECAUSE to do so, to approve ANY successful treatment, will be the END of EUAs and the END of COVID “vaccines” that are exempt from liability. That’s also WHY they won’t approve Ivermectin and are trying to get rid of monoclonal antibodies and probably will NEVER approve the Merck and Pfizer pills, either. They want one and only one method: VACCINATION. EVEN THOUGH THEY KNOW BY NOW IT DOESN’T WORK.

      And even IF Trump was talking about another disinfectant, other than UV light, people INHALE substances into their lungs all the time–nicotine, water vapor, marijuana smoke, other herbal ethers, (ether, btw), laughing gas. Menthol is a disinfectant, isn’t it? NOTHING is or should be out of bounds when someone with BRAINS (like Trump) is brainstorming. It’s only small minded people who can’t IMAGINE another way. There would NEVER be scientific progress but for people thinking outside the box or applying a technology from one area to a novel area. That’s how SCIENCE progresses.


  15. JUST HOW SMART is THIS AZZ ? O’ YEAH $$$$$
    all of OUR LIVES ! … this JOKERS WILD!

  16. SURE .. just like SMASH & GRAB .. WHY NOT RULE OVER GOOD!

    • Absolutely insane! There have been fall, winter, and spring tornadoes in the Midwest and Midsouth since the Ice Age ended. If their programs can stop climate change, then why didn’t Barry and Biden do it the first time around, especially after PROMISING to do so? The climate still changes. The seas did NOT stop rising while they were in power the first time around. Why didn’t Al Gore stop it, either? btw, the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere have been dropping, not rising. What will electric cars do to stop climate change? Nothing. What can stop climate change? Only God and why would God stop climate change? Why is climate stasis a good thing? How will evolution happen? How will natural selection happen? These people are evil. As with their response to COVID, why is there only ONE solution? (No more fossil fuels.) Why not figure out HOW to capture CO2 from the atmosphere? Here’s a thought: EVERYBODY PLANT AN EFFING TREE.

  17. JEN the >>> “HEN” PSAKI ??? WHAT a TRICKSTER IT IS .!!!
    Can’t KEEP UP the ACT if WE ….DO OUT JOBS!!! SORRY USA …ha’


    California to REimpose universal indoor mask mandate
    Officials cite a rapid increase in cases in the state …O’ SURE!!!

  19. YEP … MO’ .. POLITICS
    Tulsi Gabbard: If Biden Admin Believes In “Democracy” <<<<>> Against Assange

    YES, DROP them CHARGES …. LET IT BE!!! HE paid his DUES !

  20. Is Africa the Covid Smoking Gun? …. OR IS IT ????

    Below are the lowest Covid death rate countries in the world. Of the 38 countries with the lowest mortality rates are 26 countries located in the continent with the worst healthcare systems in the world – Africa.
    How is this possible?


      I read a ridiculous, rationalizing article recently where the so-called scientist posited that it’s not the Ivermectin but actually the PARASITE that’s causing immunity to COVID. You simply cannot make this stuff up.

    • Guess what? People learned they can order Ivermectin from Indian pharmacies, so now the FDA is working with the crooked Post Office to intercept and seize the medicine from the mail! As if they don’t have anything better to do (like deliver mail on time and to the right house)! This is not a controlled substance. You can buy it over the counter in feed stores. They are SO INTENT on making sure there’s no alternate but the jab and that you must keep fearing death if you don’t get it. (If you do get sick and go into the hospital, their protocol almost insures that you get put on a ventilator and organ-destroying, experimental drugs and NO Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine, despite the “Right to Try” LAW.)

  21. LAZY JOE …. … F J P … !!! Tha’t ALL there IS!!!
    EXCLUSIVE – White House cancels lavish Christmas parties with the spread of Omicron: Biden administration drops black tie bashes

    No, NOT because of Omicron the parties were canceled by Jill and Fiasco Joe’s other handlers when it becomes apparent to them it will be a total disaster when Fiasco Joe doesn’t know where he is & starts talking gibberish when people arrive at the White House.

    He’s dropping them because he won’t be in office by the time they’re scheduled to take place.
    Meaning Biden can’t handle the schedule
    They’re going to move the parties to where you Can’t see them!
    More likely the parties will trigger a Dementia episode Biden.. Fear & lies,
    Will wait till January/February when all the parties get leaked then.
    They are nothing but a bunch of liars.
    Got the gall to put up a peace & kindness tree after how many Died in the Afghanistan withdrawal? Decorations look like a mall entrance & the mantle has too much greenery dumped on it with skinny out of proportion stockings. But go ahead & critize Melania’s prior decor. She did not wear dresses made from summer picnic tablecloths & is interesting. Jill Biden is so Dull
    she would not be recognized anywhere. These 2 are easily the 2 biggest bores to occupy the WH. That’s why visits were shortened, NO attendance.
    Back to the Basement, Biden goes he doesn’t have to answer questions.

    • Makes sense. They’re all vaxxed and omicron is allegedly more mild, they’ve been going around without masks for a long time, so why NOW are they fearful of omicron? Why is it whenever there are DemoncRATS in the WH, the place is closed for tours? Methinks they fear the “rabble” (aka the deplorables).

      After people questioned the missing stocking for the little family-less one, they took the stockings down. Did they put the 6 (not 7) back now?

  22. Forget Joe Biden: Look who’s ‘positioning’ to be Dems’ presidential nominee in 2024
    ‘One of the most artificial and calculating human beings on the planet’

    • Doesn’t she think people hate her enough by now? I wondered why the sudden makeover and reappearance. Maybe she and Moo can run as a ticket–washed up first ladies.

  23. >>> YEP CRAZY JOE AZZ BIDEN <<< …. & HIS WIFEY 2 !!!

    You have to view this 46 second video of Biden from 2007. He says: if You leave weapons behind, Some DAY they will be Used against Your grandchild. Biden left ALL .. the weapons BE-hind in 2021 ???NUTS or just a GAME JOE?
    Posted on | December 13, 2021 | No Comments

  24. ‘It’s Time to Cut Up Nancy’s Credit Card!’ Because She’s Sticking US With the Bill, Rep. Cammack Says

    “The madness needs to end!” Rep. Kat Cammack (R-Florida) says, blasting the “historic spending spree” by House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) & her fellow Democrats. <<<< !!!!

    “Democrats' tax & spend agenda does nothing to help our economy, continues record high inflation, & punts our massive debt onto my generation, our children & grandchildren. The MadNess needs to End!”

  25. Black juror in Jussie Smollett trial found 1 behavior suspicious:
    ‘It didn’t Add up’ …. 2+ 2 is 5???
    ‘As an African American person, I’m not putting that noose back on at all,’
    the juror said

    He must serve time & be fined. All true victims should be believed & when there is … NO strong recourse for lying, this behavior CON- tinues.

    Interesting that’s the only thing that stood out for this juror. Other aspects like Joocy heading out for a Subway sandwich in Freezing temperatures at 2 in the morning, & being attacked by a couple of white guys in Red Maga hats at the same hour, in Chicago, who even knew who this clown is. Next time don’t hire a couple of black guys, 2 play white guys, & pay them by check Joocy. …. DOES the CHEAT GET OFF SCOTT’ FREE ???

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