O, O, O, it’s Omicron.

There’s a lot to be said about the new (not Nu) Omicron variant. Lots of thoughts and speculation, not a lot of facts, which is nothing “nu” when we’re talking about COVID and the all-too-convenient (for totalitarians) pandemic.

All hands on deck in the Biden administration! Why?

Might it be because among Joe’s dismal poll numbers there’s only one tiny bright spot and that’s with regard to his handling of the pandemic? Kabuki theater being staged. Big show of “leadership,” mobilizing the forces, taking charge, getting ahead of the curve, yadda, yadda, yadda. (Also deflecting from Joe’s failing mandates.) Fooling nobody.

Don’t panic, says Joe, even as he hypes the fear porn. Did Joe ever hear the story about the boy who cried wolf? At this point, count me and millions of others skeptical. We’re not moving, Joe.

Most initial news stories about the Omicron variant made it a point to mention that there “may” be a higher risk of re-infection with Omicron, after natural infection by another variant. (Natural immunity being one argument against Joe’s mandates. Coincidence?)

Most stories, however, failed to mention that there’s a similar potential (obviously) for infection with the Omicron variant after vaccination against other variants.

Guess which kind of immunity “may” be better: Natural immunity against all components of the parasitic virus -or- immunity against only the spike protein, which in the case of Omicron no longer resembles the spike protein that vaccines were designed to detect and defeat?

So hype the speculation that prior infection “may” not help you resist Omicron; ignore that the same holds true for vaccine-induced “immunity.” (We already know they don’t protect completely against other variants, either.)

It was reported that two planeloads of passengers arrived in the Netherlands yesterday. There were 61 positive COVID tests among those passengers. Of those, 14 were positive for Omicron, the rest presumably for a prior variant.

Think about it: With all the restrictions designed to ensure safe air travel, how is it that roughly 10% of people on those two flights were COVID-positive?

Could it be that most of them were “fully vaccinated” and so weren’t tested prior to boarding flights?

Could it be that Omicron is already disseminated throughout the world because, despite science proving that vaccination does not prevent infection or transmission, most pro-vaccine governments have erroneously accepted vaccination as proof of COVID-negative status?

Most European countries have required proof of vaccination or a negative test for entry, meaning there was an assumption made, wrongly, that the vaccinated pose no threat to public health. (That the vaccinated can still catch and spread COVID is yet another argument against Joe’s mandates. Coincidence?)

If not for the discovery of Omicron, would those 61 COVID-positive cases, Omicron or not, have even been identified?

Isn’t it probable that the 61 COVID-positive individuals were all fully vaccinated, because otherwise they’d be carrying a negative test result so they could enter the Netherlands?

Would anyone who’s vaccinated, knowing the rules, arrive in the Netherlands without proof of vaccination (not a negative test result)? If the rules are vaccine passport or a negative test, why would the vaccinated have bothered to get a test before flying?

Of note: the four initial cases of Omicron identified in Botswana were all among fully vaccinated individuals. The two Omicron-infected passengers who arrived in Australia were similarly fully vaccinated.

Obviously, vaccine passports don’t work!

Can we deduce that Omicron is a “variant of interest” to the WHO because somebody noticed that it’s evading vaccination? So suddenly it’s too obvious that the vaccinated can be as much a risk to others as the unvaccinated. WHOops!

Testing, therefore, should be required for all, if we want to have COVID-free events, workplaces, facilities and travel. Vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, and segregating the unvaccinated (which is, in fact, just punishing them for non-compliance) are useless at this point.

What does Biden and his administration have to say? Illogically, unscientifically, they say, “get vaccinated” or “seek boosters.” Protect yourself from Omicron by being vaccinated with a vaccine that Omicron evades. Makes sense. NOT!

The whole world must be vaccinated, says Joe! It’s the only way out. Joe does not (and seldom does) make sense. He and others in his administration, however, are experts at not knowing things.

Many news stories have also mentioned that monoclonal antibody treatment “may” not work against Omicron. Biden specifically stated that they’re going to have to look into that possibility. Fauci even cast doubt on convalescent antibodies working against Omicron, which makes no sense unless he’s talking about using antibodies against another variant instead of those from someone recovered from Omicron. (That effective treatments exist to fight COVID is yet another argument against Joe’s vaccine mandates. Coincidence?)

I digress here, but … Omicron? Or is it Omnicron? Is this coincidence? Did Fauci and Joe indeed misspeak?

Omnicron is a Normal-type Nexomon who is the legendary King of Monsters and the father of all Nexomon. His goal was to eradicate all of humanity and create a world solely ruled by Nexomon.

Subliminal snark or something more sinister?

By the way, if vaccines can be retooled to deal with Omicron (or Omnicron), then why can’t monoclonal antibodies be retooled in the same way? (They can.)

Nearly the same day the media first mentioned Omicron, they reported that the much-hyped new Merck pill that promises to treat COVID without the need for IVs or inpatient treatment, was not as effective as originally thought–only 30% reduction in hospitalization or death versus 50%.

The FDA is soon to decide whether to give emergency authorization for the drug, but suddenly there’re concerns about it’s safety. Don’t be surprised to see this pill refused emergency authorization. Pfizer has a similar pill, but it also needs FDA approval. Don’t be surprised if this treatment is stalled, too. (Again, that treatments exist for COVID is another argument against Joe’s mandates. Coincidence?)

As we well know, other therapeutics that have proven effective against COVID in other countries are not allowed to be prescribed here in the U.S., for some inexplicable reason, despite the “Right to Try Act” signed by President Trump (or more probably in spite of it).

Why does it seem that instead of an “all of the above” approach to defeating COVID, the progressives, the globalists, our current administration see only, only, only a single solution: vaccination? If your only tool is a hammer …

But why is that? Why is it that in this country, which put men on the Moon over 50 years ago, we have nobody thinking outside the box? Nobody arguing for throwing everything against this allegedly existential threat?

Is the answer vaccine passports, that Holy Grail for globalist totalitarians?

Is that why all approaches to defeating COVID are viciously suppressed, except for vaccinations?

Prepare yourself for two weeks of daily Biden updates on Omicron, while he pretends to be the great leader astride the Omicron variant, who’s going to make everything all better for the world.

Instead of “fifteen days to slow the spread,” it will be 14 days to invent the narrative (lies) to rationalize why we need to “vaccinate the world” and mandate jabs and boosters and vaccine passports in perpetuity.

No treatments will work anymore. Not monoclonal antibodies. Not convalescent antibodies. And new drugs will be too risky to give emergency approval.

But not to worry! The vaccines will be retooled to address Omicron. Mind you: The manufacturers will once again be totally indemnified, which is just another reason why the FDA likely won’t approve any treatments. Once there’s an effective treatment, emergency authorization status for vaccines is null and void.

Courts will be lied to and led to believe that this is indeed an EMERGENCY! That there are no effective treatments. That once we mandate everybody get vaccinated, or re-vaccinated, or boosted, all will be hunky dory in West China (aka, the former USA).

Be prepared to not be moved, but don’t panic about the new variant. If indeed it is more transmissible but causes less serious illness, as some suggest, then this variant may represent our true way out of the pandemic. (Something the globalists sincerely do not want.)

The virus is behaving just how viruses behave. They are mutable and mutate and, via Muller’s ratchet, we expect this to be milder and milder mutations and not more lethal ones, given the pathogen seeks to infect the host and not arrive at an evolutionary dead-end.

Globalists, including Fauci and Biden, find the pandemic and their “emergency powers” too appealing, as most fascists would. Next year and 2024 will likely prove to be bad years for the Democrats, unless they can once again use their “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization.”

We the People have to make sure they can’t.



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  1. The globalists know that the truth is out–that vaccines are not stopping the virus. They’re leaky vaccines and being vaccinated, as we’ve pointed out many times, does NOT stop infection or transmission. It was NEVER sensible or scientific to assume that vaccinated people are safe to be around. Therefore, vaccine mandates make no sense because vaccinated people can spread infection as well as unvaccinated people, if either is infected. This is FACT. What to do when it becomes so obvious, just as air travel is opening up again?

    They MUST require every person to be tested, not just the unvaccinated. But to do so is to ADMIT the obvious: Vaccine passports guarantee NOTHING. They want to reward the compliant and punish the non-compliant, no matter the science, but they can’t do it openly because the TRUTH is now out there.

    Retool your leaky vaccines all you want, they’re still NOT going to stop infection and transmission. (However, it’s not released yet but it’s possible the Novavax vaccine, created using the old, familiar technology that uses “dead” parts of the actual virus and doesn’t hijack your DNA to replicate massive amounts of the spike protein, just may be a sterilizing vaccine. It remains to be seen.)

    But as with treatments, they seem to be dragging their feet on giving emergency authorization to a non-mRNA vaccine. We ALL must become one giant vaccine experimental group for the new mRNA technology, which they will not admit has many, many problems and is causing heart and other disease syndromes, as well as antibody-dependent enhancement, not to mention creating these mutant variants.

    It only makes sense: It’s the people who overuse antibiotics that create antibiotic-resistant bacteria, it’s not the people who NEVER use antibiotics. Mutating viruses work the same way. They learn to evade the antibodies the vaccines produce. Why else would this variant have so many mutations in the SPIKE PROTEIN, which is the very protein the vaccines cause to be replicated and which the antibodies then target, it being the only real part of the virus presented to the immune system BY vaccines?

    In the same way, bacteria “learn” to evade antibiotics because they encounter them in the bodies of the people they infect. If you don’t take antibiotics, you’re not going to be helping to create bacteria that resist antibiotics. The solution to antibiotic resistant bacteria is reduce the use of antibiotics. The solution to vaccine resistant variants is to REDUCE THE USE OF VACCINES THAT AREN’T STERILIZING.

    This new variant, if it spreads like the Delta variant, will prove that the vaccine passports are useless. But the powers that be depend upon the passports to control the entire population now and in the future, for more purposes than simply verifying vaccine status. They want to control all people all over the globe, just like the Chinese use their “apps” to control all their people.

    Read this and you’ll understand what the Chinese do and why our overlords in waiting want to impose this on everyone: https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_breakingnews/us-and-china-race-to-control-the-future-through-artificial-intelligence_4109862.html?utm_source=newsnoe&utm_medium=email2&utm_campaign=breaking-2021-11-27-4&mktids=42733775e6102161f1754f4ae395e27f&est=9mB3Fw0Z1BoPYueJsVYtim%2F5QTE3meaga%2Fb%2Fso%2FQkd7Y7XoZ06mLbvHPMV3aT2I%3D

    ““Western society believes there are dangers in AI technology; hence there are moral and legal restrictions. Also, there is privacy protection. As a result, the quality of the collected data may not be good and is unlikely to produce good applications.” Tang said. “AI is not an easy industry [in America].

    “However, the CCP has no such concerns.”

    That lack of concern allows for wide-scale data gathering and surveillance. …”

    Does anybody really believe that the Biden/OBAMA administration has any concerns about the morality, legality, or privacy issues regarding artificial intelligence, data gathering, and surveillance? They are drooling over the possibility of similar total control over all of us. Then they will never again have to worry about polls or elections or what We the People want. They will just IMPOSE THEIR WILL on everyone.

    Here’s what they’re up to, imho: Doing everything they can within the next two weeks to craft a narrative that ends up saying that vaccines MUST be given to everyone. They’re going to keep lying, saying that the unvaccinated create these variants. They’re going to lie and say this variant is deadly, whether it is or not. They’re going to perhaps even stop the use of monoclonal antibodies and every other potential treatment. The ONLY solution they will give is vaccines. They will LIE and say the vaccine passports will work and are necessary. Actually, they almost have to do this or else admit that they’ve been lying and conniving all along. Are they going to admit that the vaccines don’t work? Are they going to admit that they’ve allowed hundreds of thousands to die because they stopped doctors from even trying Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine? Are they going to admit that the one-size-fits-all “treatment” with Remdesivir, which is destroying people’s organs, is killing people instead of helping them? (Whatever you do, if you test positive, do NOT go into the hospital. Do NOT allow them to give you Remdesivir. Do NOT allow them to intubate you just because it’s easier to prevent you breathing viral particles into the room’s air, to protect themselves instead of doing what’s best for you.) They must, at this point, force everyone to be vaccinated because it’s also becoming obvious that there are massive increases in excess deaths AMONG THE VACCINATED POPULATION, with no corresponding increase among the unvaccinated population. To hide the fact that the vaccines are causing these deaths, they MUST eliminate the control group that makes it possible to SEE the discrepancy. They cannot lie and attribute it to “long COVID” if there is a cohort of people who had COVID but remained unvaccinated but don’t have “excess deaths” while there’s another cohort of people who had COVID and were vaccinated, but DO see an increase in “excess deaths.” Fauci predicted this when he said Trump will encounter a pandemic during his term. He was at a meeting where the proponents of mRNA vaccine technology decried the long period of testing required to get approval for a vaccine and it was suggested that a pandemic, an emergency situation where it was allowed without the testing, would be the only way to easily make the switch from the archaic technology to this great new gene manipulation (which is a disaster, proving why we used to require long years of controlled tests). Fauci also funded, whether he owns up to it or not, gain of function research. Think about what it will mean to many of these people if control of Congress goes to the Republicans next year. They have everything to lose and nothing to gain.

    • All that said, there’s another reason why this new variant arrives so conveniently: the economy, gas prices, inflation. All these are issues that are harming Biden’s poll numbers. One way to “solve” this is lockdowns again, as Conservative Treehouse points out very well. Gas is already dropping in price. There will be less demand if people are locked down again, whether by fiat or their own choices, because they fear infection now that they know they can be infected even if vaccinated. Their false sense of security is blown now. So gas will go down. Inflation will, too. And hey! They’re going to HAVE TO pass that other Biden bill–the one with all the goodies that will “help” you become more dependent upon government. Everything is going to get very bad over the next year. The attacks on conservatives, on all Republican officials (Cruz, Hawley, Boebert, Green), they’re going full bore after them all. The DOJ and FBI will continue to be weaponized. Social media will continue to persecute conservatives. Tyrannical moves, illegal and unconstitutional moves, will continue from the regime. Look for them to be back on the eliminating the filibuster and packing the SCOTUS again. They’re desperate now. They’re going to weaponize this variant for sure. (IF it even exists.) Notice that the South Africans, who have more experience with it than anyone, say they don’t understand the panic. Well, they wouldn’t, would they? They don’t understand the progressives, the globalists, the DemoncRATS like we do.

  2. Lalala …
    Boom! Another Democrat is quitting Congress. Tom Suozzi is now the 18th.

      • I wonder. Are they going to replace these people in all the primaries with FAKE “moderates?” They can run people that nobody heard of already. People with no track record. Or, knowing they’re going to run, they can carefully, in advance, memory hole any information that indicates they’re progressive plants and scrub the net (in advance) of all information that may indicate their TRUE proclivities. We know what they did with Barry. They have a year to make nice “moderate” backstories for the people who will LIE and say they want to close the borders, ban CRT in schools, and get good jobs for blue collar people in flyover country. I will NEVER vote for ANY DemoncRAT again. No matter what they promise, no matter what they say when they’re running for office, they are LYING because it doesn’t MATTER what they say–they WILL CONTINUE TO ALWAYS VOTE IN LOCKSTEP WITH THEIR PARTY, no matter what their constituents want. Fortunately and unfortunately, the Republicans actually do NOT vote in lockstep but try to represent the people who sent them to DC and most of them still honor honest debate and attempts to negotiate and do what’s best for the nation as a whole. At least BETTER than the DemoncRATS do, that is.

    • I hope they at least include the possibility that the note was sent to him by himself, too, just as he staged the hate crime. It’s a bit obvious, isn’t it? If you buy the argument that he was trying to get a raise from and the attention of his employers, then it makes sense that he’d start with a note and escalate from there when they didn’t react as strongly as he had hoped.

      Didn’t we know there was video of the “dry run?” I remember seeing it, I think. Maybe they have audio, too.

  3. It is a Joke! 😂😂🤣🤣

  4. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2021/11/30/lara-logan-swings-the-atomic-sledgehammer-into-the-omicron-motives/

    Heard this last night and it is dynamite. I love Lara Logan. She calls it like she sees it and IS fearless.

  5. I’m surprised that more people haven’t noticed the sinister symbolism of saying omNicron instead of omicron. To gamers, Omnicron is a Satan-like figure trying to help usher in a new world where Nexomon (alien elites) RULE everyone else after destroying humanity.

    We all know by now how Barry loves his little inside jokes and how he uses symbols to subliminally signal things, especially to snark at/trigger those people who see EXACTLY what he’s doing but whom he wants to assure they have NO POWER to stop him.

    Does Dr. Jill have a Mao ornament on one of the WH Christmas trees? Are you sick enough already of all the coverage of the Family Circle-type decor installed by Dr. Jill’s peeps? Any stories in the mainstream media ridiculing the alleged First Lady and HER choices of decorations, like they did to Melania? Of course not.

  6. So I have to share this to show what a bunch of crap this panic over Omicron is. They’re saying this “may” be more contagious than Delta. The transmissibility is what they’re freaking over, on the surfact, that is. The truth is they’re freaking over it’s ability to very, very clearly evade vaccines. Breakthrough infections were around with Delta but much more rare that what looks to be true in the future with Omicron. Not because it’s more transmissible but because it is as transmissible to vaccinated people as to unvaccinated people. Poof go their arguments for vaccine mandates. Poof go their arguments for SEGREGATING unvaccinated people and keeping them at home and away from public spaces like restaurants and bars. Poof go they arguments for vaccine passports. Useless if they can use them to discriminate against resisters on the basis of “public safety” or “public health.” It’s NOT as transmissible as Delta. It’s less transmissible, according to people who probably know better than Fauci because they’re dealing with it: https://zeefeed.com.au/omicron-variant-covid-summary/

    “The R0 value (reproduction value) of Omicron is currently estimated to be 2 – which means that each person with the variant is expected to infect two more people. For reference, it’s still lower than the peak R0 values for Delta (5) and the original strain (2.5). …”

    I read another article day before yesterday that also said that the R0 value is 2, actually low instead of high. Here’s a story about the Delta R0:

    “For historical context, the R0 for the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic was between 2.0 and 3.0 and the R0 for the first SARS coronavirus epidemic of 2002 had an R0 of 3.0. The R0 for the standard yearly flu is around 2.0.

    With relation to the current COVID-19 virus, the R0 for the Delta variant is between 6.0 and 7.0. This means that one person infected with the COVID-19 Delta variant can infect 6-7 people, who then can each go on to infect another 6-7 people, and so on. This is nearly double that of the original strain of COVID-19, which had an R0 of between 2.0 and 3.0.

    While that may not seem like a huge jump, when you consider the exponential way in which viruses spread, it’s a massive difference that indicates the end of the pandemic may very well rest on the willingness of large amounts of the population to get vaccinated. …”

    So Omicron has a much LOWER R0 than Delta (3x lower) and its R0 is even lower than original strains of COVID. It’s about as transmissible as influenza, and yet they’re saying they are panicked because of the transmissibility. But there’s a caveat that they’re not mentioning: It’s the transmissibility to VACCINATED people that’s freaking them out. It will prove to everyone what Lara Logan says: The lies are coming out and the reality of how they’ve used this pandemic for social control is being exposed.

    They’re all in on mandates and vaccine passports and making pariahs of the unvaccinated. They will still try to make the unvaccinated the pariahs here, but as usual they’ll be identifying the wrong root cause. Just as “white people” are to blame when something happens to a person like George Floyd, through is own actions, the unvaccinated will be blamed for the appearance of this variant, when since the variant is specifically immune to the antibodies elicited by the vaccines, it seems much more likely that the virus variant emerge in a breakthrough infection because this variant has “learned” to evade the vaccine-created antibodies.

    They say it’s most like an HIV-positive person who had the infection that caused this variant to develop. Well, who would most likely be on the list of people to be vaccinated? Prioritized to be vaccinated? Wouldn’t that be an HIV-positive person? Well, guess what? YES!!


    Now they’re going to retool the vaccines and after telling people to rush and get boosted with the now-worthless version, then, in 3 months, they’re going to start the “get vaccinated” campaign all over again. WITH the “new” and improved anti-omicron spike protein mRNA! And then we can start creating a whole new variant within the bodies of people who WILL GET breakthrough infections and the cycle goes on and on and on.

  7. https://news.yahoo.com/virus-variant-stokes-concern-vaccines-144318403.html

    What could possibly go wrong?

    “Theodora Hatziioannou, a virus expert at Rockefeller University in New York, said that omicron’s distinctive mutations raise the possibility that it first evolved inside the body of someone with HIV, whose immune system may have been too weak to quickly fight it off. “Your responses are just not as good,” Hatziioannou said.

    Instead of getting cleared away in a matter of days, the virus may have lingered in that person for months, spending the time gaining the ability to evade antibodies. “This virus has seen a lot of antibodies,” Hatziioannou said.

    Hatziioannou and her colleagues have been able to produce mutant spike proteins in their laboratory that make viruses highly resistant to COVID-19 antibodies. She said that omicron has many mutations in the same regions of the spike protein pinpointed in their own research. “The overlap is pretty striking,” she said.

    That overlap has Hatziioannou concerned that omicron will be able to evade some of the antibodies that people have acquired either from vaccines or from COVID-19 infections. Some monoclonal antibody treatments will not work against omicron either, she predicted, because the variant’s spike protein is protected from them. …”

    ISN’T this gain of function research that’s not supposed to be done in the USA or elsewhere? I don’t care what she’s concerned about, what I’m concerned about is that these mutations she creates in her lab will escape.

    WTF? This is insane.

    In contemplating the pay-to-play corruption, nowhere has there ever been
    as much Evident & overt Financial Filth under the color of the White House
    as there has been in the Biden orbit. Some day, perhaps in another era, someone will look back when there no longer is a Left to cover UP Biden nonfeasance, malfeasance, & misfeasance. Someday, the entire story will come out: Biden’s lifetime OF Manipulating White assembly-line Rust Belt union workers, playing them for Dummies, & posing as a working-class Stiff from Scranton who > rides the Trains. GoT 2 Go > O’SURE BEAT IT! YEP


    • I read somewhere that he told the completely already debunked tall tale again about how he used to drive a semi truck! He gets caught in a lie and he actually forgets he got caught and tells it again. That’s how far gone he is.

    • You said it. If nothing else proves the double standard in the “justice” dept., this does. Would they let MTG get away with marrying her brother to help him get into the country illegally? Bigamy is a crime, too. They cover it up just as they covered up Barry’s ineligibility.

      Did you hear how the SCOTUS justices were skeptical of intervening to stop Biden from allowing Trump’s information from the archives to be released? Allegedly, they weren’t concerned with the content but only with whether, as a co-equal branch, they CAN intervene in a controversy between one president and the previous one or a former president and Congress. So they think they can’t intervene in a case where Congress is INTERVENING in a co-equal branch (the executive). The thing is, it’s a ridiculous argument. The case is there because a judge ALREADY intervened by ruling that Trump can’t use executive privilege to avoid a subpoena. Not actually a subpoena but a divergence from traditional rules that make a president’s papers in the archives closed for x number of years. Isn’t that the case?

      IF they allow Trump’s presidential emails, notes, speech drafts, meeting minutes from the Oval Office to be trolled through by these a-holes in Congress, then they have only themselves to blame if when Jim Jordan, for example, runs a committee, he subpoenas ALL of Barry’s passport records, naturalization records, and all of the same kinds of documents they’re demanding from Trump’s files. What’s good for Trump is good for Obama. Maybe, if the Republicans grow some, we’ll actually learn the truth about who he is. While they’re at it, they can subpoena all his mother’s and alleged father’s records, too.

  9. In all the uproar over omicron you might not have heard this:
    Twitter (minus Jack Dorsey who “quit”) has a new policy that will start today that prohibits anyone using an image of a person or people, either in the foreground or in the background unless the written permission of all people in the picture is (are) obtained prior to posting. This policy even extends to memes if the meme shows a caricature of a recognizable person who will have to first be contacted for permission to use him or her in the meme.
    The only exception to this rule are certified professional journalists working for accredited news organizations.
    So if you grabbed a photo from some lockdown protest, forget about it, so says Twitter.
    Subtle it ain’t.
    Right on schedule it is.
    This news item sourced from today’s X22report.com
    The X22 guy opines that faceboook and youtoob will do the same.
    Shirley Not!

    Now back to the main subject
    They have said everybody must go out and get the booster now because
    1) omicron is very spreadable
    2) the vaccines probably won’t stop it
    3) No time to wait to see if it is harmful.

    so uh why, get a booster of a vaccine that doesn’t work?
    Well! they said there will be a new tweaked vaccine available in about four months and then you can get that one too.
    Uh, why not wait four months?

    It’s like that show from Fairplay Colorado.

    • For sure. It’s interesting. Way back when Facebook first came out, I thought they should have a rule like that for when people post photos. I was and still am aggravated that people took my photo, without my permission, and then posted it forever on the Internet. It IS a privacy issue, but to suddenly change this rule is ridiculous. I haven’t had time to look into it but figured the exceptions will be only forprogressives, DemoncRATS, liberals; and the rule, as usual, will be “to the letter” if it’s conservatives, Republicans, or Christians.

      Memes, too? Parodies? Satire? It’s their company and if they want to kill it, have at it. People will go to other venues. I suppose if Facebook doesn’t follow suit, people will start using Facebook again.

      How will they police that everybody gave permission? It’s implausible. The way I read it is that people will lodge a complaint and THEN they’ll act. No doubt, as usual, DemoncRAT trolls, paid by Soros, will spend all day long monitoring their political enemies, wherever they find them. Then they’ll report just about everybody and probably the process will be guilty until proved innocent.

      What will this do to all the thugs who spend all day posting photos of themselves pulling off flash looting or flashing their guns and dope for attention? No more videos showing black muslim girls beating up on innocent Asian students on the bus or subway. How convenient.

      Who uses Twitter, anyway? I don’t. The way my local paper described it today, it sounded just like you can’t use a photo somebody else took or a video somebody else made. iow, you can’t grab it and use it, which is like copyright law. Who “certifies” allegedly “professional” journalists?


      Read how that’s supposed to work. It’s not public figures and it MAY not apply if the Twitter overlords decide it’s in the public’s interest, so expect to see photos in conservative public interest banned 100% and anything that helps the DemoncRATS and Biden regime allowed 100%, no matter how many times a person complains. Who died and left them the arbiters of the “public” interest?

      About omicron: I swear their goal is simply to NEVER make sense and to drive us all crazy from cognitive dissonance. It makes no sense whatsoever.

      More cases were found and 100% were VACCINATED people. It’s said the unvaccinated don’t get as sick as the vaccinated, which in a way makes sense. Antibody-dependent enhancement is a THING. It’s been predicted by actual scientists from the beginning. Those would be the doctors and scientists who are SILENCED on the Web.

      Why wait 4 months for Pfizer to “tweak” when Novavax can get theirs out now and within a short time tweaked for the new variant?

      The panel narrowly approved the new Pfizer pill to treat early COVID. Do you think Walensky will okay it or deep six it, on Biden’s orders?

      This is big news and very interesting: Although he didn’t give an injunction concerning the military vaccine mandate, a judge did make a point to say that Comirnaty and the emergency authorized BioNTech vaccine are NOT the same and unless they give Comirnaty to the troops, they cannot be forced to take the jab because it’s an EXPERIMENTAL drug. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/judge-allen-winsor-pfizer-eua-comirnaty-vaccines-interchangeable/

      EXACTLY what we’ve been saying all along. The so-called “approval” and “license” of Comirnaty, just so Biden CAN FORCE the troops to take a jab, is a shell game and the judge saw through it.

  10. just heard, Donald Trump will be interviewed live in England on their news channel GBnews.by Nigel Farage tonight at 19:00 GMT
    It would be good if it was transmitted elsewhere

    • Ya think this B.S. about Trump being COVID positive and knowing it at the first debate was LEAKED from Meadows’s “cooperation” with the Jan. 6 “investigation?” Trump denies it. Meadows, who is a RINO apparently and who like the rest fear Trump and don’t want him to run again, isn’t credible (at least to me). He’s selling a tell all book. I believe Trump, always.

    • Can you believe that they’re charging the white kid who shot up his school with TERRORISM but NOT charging the black guy who ran over white people with terrorism or even a hate crime? And look how fast they charged the kid. Black kids every day commit murder and are charged as juveniles, so they get out when they turn 18, if they’re charged at all, that is. The black guy in the SUV crime–they’re talking a plea bargain or a mental illness defense. Can you see them giving the white kid a plea bargain? I’m not arguing for NOT charging the kid with everything he deserves, but to have equal justice, there should be equal charges or equal leniency. We can’t have two systems–one for blacks and one for whites.

  11. O’ let ME COUNT the …ways OLD SOOT -7 HEAD.. REMOVES? MO’ …..
    BLACK ? BODIES .. / babies? ..just maybe.. KILL them ÀLL ???
    Another way …another Day!

  12. YEP ..100 % … TRASH … 24/7 …WERE SICK of it!!!
    + GROW … Year after YEAR … PROP each other UP Joe
    That’s All ya GOT! these Comments …Say’s IT ALL !!!!!


  13. …HELP …
    this dick @ comments * Michelle’s mirror can U drag KT over here Please?

    NEVER 2 RETURN .. WHAT the HELL ..WHAT a WAY 2 GO .. KISS them
    KIDDIES & TRAVEL with that HO’ O’ WHAT a WAY 2 GO Lucky me I’m joe

  15. Another sad sad day in the USA … Morally Bankrupt …once again
    vs a Mother / females RIGHT 2 KILL vs a MOM’S Right 2 LIVE?
    SO much pressure … 2 DO the right Thing!

  16. ETHAN Crumbley’s own Mother, Jennifer Crumbley, once wrote an open letter to Donald Trump, it has since emerged, in which she expressed pro-gun sentiments & thanked him for safeguarding her right to own firearms.

    “As a female and a Realtor, thank you for allowing my right to bear arms. Allowing me to be protected if I show a home to someone with bad intentions. Thank you for respecting that Amendment,” she posted on
    her blog in November 2016. ….

    Ethan’s Brother Eli 18 went back to Flordia in March? & had not spoken
    in 2 months to Ethan? he lost his Aunt & a Dog recently his Brother was
    living with his Dad / him / them before going back with his Real Mom as
    he & his Step- Mom weren’t agreeing on THINGS? he said ….

  17. bedd-in’…. lay DOWN NANCY ….
    Pelosi on Possibility Court Overturns Roe: ‘It’s Really Scary–
    And I Say That as a Practicing Catholic’ ??? UR a LIER HOT PANTS!


  18. JOE Biden said on Friday that he has a cold, which he caught from kissing his grandson. ….. SURE LYIN BIDEN !!!

    Biden coughed his way through a speech at The White House, where he spoke about November’s jobs numbers and the new coronavirus strain.


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