O, O, O, it’s Omicron.

There’s a lot to be said about the new (not Nu) Omicron variant. Lots of thoughts and speculation, not a lot of facts, which is nothing “nu” when we’re talking about COVID and the all-too-convenient (for totalitarians) pandemic.

All hands on deck in the Biden administration! Why?

Might it be because among Joe’s dismal poll numbers there’s only one tiny bright spot and that’s with regard to his handling of the pandemic? Kabuki theater being staged. Big show of “leadership,” mobilizing the forces, taking charge, getting ahead of the curve, yadda, yadda, yadda. (Also deflecting from Joe’s failing mandates.) Fooling nobody.

Don’t panic, says Joe, even as he hypes the fear porn. Did Joe ever hear the story about the boy who cried wolf? At this point, count me and millions of others skeptical. We’re not moving, Joe.

Most initial news stories about the Omicron variant made it a point to mention that there “may” be a higher risk of re-infection with Omicron, after natural infection by another variant. (Natural immunity being one argument against Joe’s mandates. Coincidence?)

Most stories, however, failed to mention that there’s a similar potential (obviously) for infection with the Omicron variant after vaccination against other variants.

Guess which kind of immunity “may” be better: Natural immunity against all components of the parasitic virus -or- immunity against only the spike protein, which in the case of Omicron no longer resembles the spike protein that vaccines were designed to detect and defeat?

So hype the speculation that prior infection “may” not help you resist Omicron; ignore that the same holds true for vaccine-induced “immunity.” (We already know they don’t protect completely against other variants, either.)

It was reported that two planeloads of passengers arrived in the Netherlands yesterday. There were 61 positive COVID tests among those passengers. Of those, 14 were positive for Omicron, the rest presumably for a prior variant.

Think about it: With all the restrictions designed to ensure safe air travel, how is it that roughly 10% of people on those two flights were COVID-positive?

Could it be that most of them were “fully vaccinated” and so weren’t tested prior to boarding flights?

Could it be that Omicron is already disseminated throughout the world because, despite science proving that vaccination does not prevent infection or transmission, most pro-vaccine governments have erroneously accepted vaccination as proof of COVID-negative status?

Most European countries have required proof of vaccination or a negative test for entry, meaning there was an assumption made, wrongly, that the vaccinated pose no threat to public health. (That the vaccinated can still catch and spread COVID is yet another argument against Joe’s mandates. Coincidence?)

If not for the discovery of Omicron, would those 61 COVID-positive cases, Omicron or not, have even been identified?

Isn’t it probable that the 61 COVID-positive individuals were all fully vaccinated, because otherwise they’d be carrying a negative test result so they could enter the Netherlands?

Would anyone who’s vaccinated, knowing the rules, arrive in the Netherlands without proof of vaccination (not a negative test result)? If the rules are vaccine passport or a negative test, why would the vaccinated have bothered to get a test before flying?

Of note: the four initial cases of Omicron identified in Botswana were all among fully vaccinated individuals. The two Omicron-infected passengers who arrived in Australia were similarly fully vaccinated.

Obviously, vaccine passports don’t work!

Can we deduce that Omicron is a “variant of interest” to the WHO because somebody noticed that it’s evading vaccination? So suddenly it’s too obvious that the vaccinated can be as much a risk to others as the unvaccinated. WHOops!

Testing, therefore, should be required for all, if we want to have COVID-free events, workplaces, facilities and travel. Vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, and segregating the unvaccinated (which is, in fact, just punishing them for non-compliance) are useless at this point.

What does Biden and his administration have to say? Illogically, unscientifically, they say, “get vaccinated” or “seek boosters.” Protect yourself from Omicron by being vaccinated with a vaccine that Omicron evades. Makes sense. NOT!

The whole world must be vaccinated, says Joe! It’s the only way out. Joe does not (and seldom does) make sense. He and others in his administration, however, are experts at not knowing things.

Many news stories have also mentioned that monoclonal antibody treatment “may” not work against Omicron. Biden specifically stated that they’re going to have to look into that possibility. Fauci even cast doubt on convalescent antibodies working against Omicron, which makes no sense unless he’s talking about using antibodies against another variant instead of those from someone recovered from Omicron. (That effective treatments exist to fight COVID is yet another argument against Joe’s vaccine mandates. Coincidence?)

I digress here, but … Omicron? Or is it Omnicron? Is this coincidence? Did Fauci and Joe indeed misspeak?

Omnicron is a Normal-type Nexomon who is the legendary King of Monsters and the father of all Nexomon. His goal was to eradicate all of humanity and create a world solely ruled by Nexomon.

Subliminal snark or something more sinister?

By the way, if vaccines can be retooled to deal with Omicron (or Omnicron), then why can’t monoclonal antibodies be retooled in the same way? (They can.)

Nearly the same day the media first mentioned Omicron, they reported that the much-hyped new Merck pill that promises to treat COVID without the need for IVs or inpatient treatment, was not as effective as originally thought–only 30% reduction in hospitalization or death versus 50%.

The FDA is soon to decide whether to give emergency authorization for the drug, but suddenly there’re concerns about it’s safety. Don’t be surprised to see this pill refused emergency authorization. Pfizer has a similar pill, but it also needs FDA approval. Don’t be surprised if this treatment is stalled, too. (Again, that treatments exist for COVID is another argument against Joe’s mandates. Coincidence?)

As we well know, other therapeutics that have proven effective against COVID in other countries are not allowed to be prescribed here in the U.S., for some inexplicable reason, despite the “Right to Try Act” signed by President Trump (or more probably in spite of it).

Why does it seem that instead of an “all of the above” approach to defeating COVID, the progressives, the globalists, our current administration see only, only, only a single solution: vaccination? If your only tool is a hammer …

But why is that? Why is it that in this country, which put men on the Moon over 50 years ago, we have nobody thinking outside the box? Nobody arguing for throwing everything against this allegedly existential threat?

Is the answer vaccine passports, that Holy Grail for globalist totalitarians?

Is that why all approaches to defeating COVID are viciously suppressed, except for vaccinations?

Prepare yourself for two weeks of daily Biden updates on Omicron, while he pretends to be the great leader astride the Omicron variant, who’s going to make everything all better for the world.

Instead of “fifteen days to slow the spread,” it will be 14 days to invent the narrative (lies) to rationalize why we need to “vaccinate the world” and mandate jabs and boosters and vaccine passports in perpetuity.

No treatments will work anymore. Not monoclonal antibodies. Not convalescent antibodies. And new drugs will be too risky to give emergency approval.

But not to worry! The vaccines will be retooled to address Omicron. Mind you: The manufacturers will once again be totally indemnified, which is just another reason why the FDA likely won’t approve any treatments. Once there’s an effective treatment, emergency authorization status for vaccines is null and void.

Courts will be lied to and led to believe that this is indeed an EMERGENCY! That there are no effective treatments. That once we mandate everybody get vaccinated, or re-vaccinated, or boosted, all will be hunky dory in West China (aka, the former USA).

Be prepared to not be moved, but don’t panic about the new variant. If indeed it is more transmissible but causes less serious illness, as some suggest, then this variant may represent our true way out of the pandemic. (Something the globalists sincerely do not want.)

The virus is behaving just how viruses behave. They are mutable and mutate and, via Muller’s ratchet, we expect this to be milder and milder mutations and not more lethal ones, given the pathogen seeks to infect the host and not arrive at an evolutionary dead-end.

Globalists, including Fauci and Biden, find the pandemic and their “emergency powers” too appealing, as most fascists would. Next year and 2024 will likely prove to be bad years for the Democrats, unless they can once again use their “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization.”

We the People have to make sure they can’t.



113 responses to “O, O, O, it’s Omicron.

  1. Ethan Crumbley biography: 13 things about Oxford High School student

    Ethan Crumbley is a White BOY from Michigan, United States.
    Here are 13 more things about him:

    3 replies » …. * jarnsaxa1418 ….
    December 2, 2021 at 12:33 pm
    He is Jewish. Not White. There is a difference. They will tell you that themselves.


    OLD GUN … as it could .. “SPRING Back” into ACTION ..it’s A GUN!
    On the TABLE .. the GUN “NEVER EVER” WENT OFF .. GET IT!

    Baldwin Cries on Stephanopoulos.. BOO HOO BOO HOO & your WIFE 2

    ‘I didn’t pull trigger’… ….. ha’

    Does not feel guilt… ….. REALLY??? I WOULD!!!



  4. YEP ..CRIME …$$$ PAY$ …. GRAB & SPLIT …EASY as PIE !
    ….4 YEARS … Now 15-16 17-18 …. Ha’ …professional YEP …& fool’s


  5. RUN …Don’t RUN … U & Million MORE ..HAVE – & WILL AGAIN FAIL OUR
    ONCE …GREAT YOUTH !!! RESPECT is & Has Been in the SHIT-ER 4
    Years … spoiled … ROTTEN Parents & Children … MADE This HAPPEN
    OPEN …YOUR EYES ..U FOOLS .. As 1 & ALL STACK UP DESKS & the need
    2 grab scissors…. & JUMP FROM … WINDOWS ? ARE ..U ALL NUT’S???

  6. HERE HEAR … 8 0 % SHOULD & COULD have STILL Been ALIVE ? !!

  7. OMG!!!! Team builds first living robots—that can reproduce.

    • This is a textbook case of the show trial. Lawfare. The “workaround.” They KNOW there’s nothing to hang their case against these parents on. There’s no law they broke. Their legislature specifically did NOT pass a law to make parents responsible for what their “children” do. Answer this question, since our inner cities are FULL of neglectful fathers (absent ones) and similarly neglectful “single” mothers, since their children possess guns in multitudes, since they KNOW (from social media posts) that their kids have and carry guns, since they know their kids are out at all hours of the night and aren’t home studying for school the next day, since these “children” often have rap sheets a mile long (proving the parent(s) KNOW about their kids’ proclivities), then will the courts in DemoncRAT-run inner cities, most of which feature OTHER Soros prosecutors like in this case in MI, now become clogged with cases against parents of gangbangers who kill people on a daily basis? Ha, don’t hold your breath.

      The DemoncRATS are NOT after all guns. They are NOT after illegally obtained guns, perhaps stolen from legal owners by inner city thugs. NOPE! They’re specifically after the legally purchased guns owned by white people and/or the very people who own guns because they honor the 2nd Amendment because THEY KNOW why the Founders put that amendment in the Constitution and they are READY to use their weapons if necessary for the very reason the 2nd Amendment exists. These people want to impose tyranny and they cannot do it to an armed populace.

      This is a test case AND it’s also designed to, as they say, CHILL people from thinking about exercising their rights. Just as the DOJ is out to CHILL people from speaking up at school board meetings and to CHILL people from exercising their rights to protest IF THEY’RE CONSERVATIVES.

      Nobody is fooled by this farce. The cases should be thrown out, but they won’t be. In the end, there will be no conviction. I’m not saying these people are wonderful parents. But they did not commit manslaughter. The school officials who met with the parents on that same day are arguably AS GUILTY as the parents, if the parents are guilty. Maybe more so.

      This will be just another instance of how certain people are guilty of crimes that others who are similarly situated are considered innocent of. Statutory rape? See who gets prosecuted and who doesn’t. Insurrection/violent protest? See who gets prosecuted and who doesn’t. Negligent parenting? See who gets prosecuted and who doesn’t.

      The media are already lying, as they did with the Rittenhouse case, regarding what happened, how and when. They leave out context deliberately. They confuse the sequence of events. Deliberately. They outright LIE.

      One example: I read a story that said that the mother texted the “lol, just don’t get caught” statement AFTER the shooting. NOT TRUE. She texted that after the kid was caught reading about ammunition on his cell phone.

      They say that the parents wouldn’t search the kid’s backpack for a gun, which begs a few questions:
      1. Did the teachers ask them to search him and they refused?
      2. How did the kid get past school security with a gun or doesn’t that school have any metal detectors or security with regard to weapons?
      3. Are the teachers allowed to search backpacks and perhaps lockers? If not, why not? If so, why didn’t THEY search him?
      4. What protocols did the school administrators break because it defies common sense to believe they don’t have a “no tolerance” policy, especially in a world where kindergartners get expelled for drawing an image of a gun or pointing a finger at other students (and they call cops to take the kids from the school)?
      5. Did the administrators call the cops or even the security guard, if there is one?

      They have charged the teen as an adult, which means that as an adult he is responsible for his own actions. Therefore, how can they also try to make his parents responsible for his actions as if he’s too young to be responsible for them himself?

      These people do seem like deadbeats. But so do the parents of all the inner city thug murderers and it’s not a crime to be a loser or a deadbeat or white trash, last time I checked.

      It’s a very, very bad precedent they’re trying to set here and it’s NOT about these people or this case of the dead (may they RIP). It’s about gun control and totalitarianism and a dual system of in justice where some people are guilty until proved innocent and guilty of things that aren’t even crimes but which are being made crimes just because some people want to persecute them for being what and who they are–white people who probably are “right wing.”

  8. NO CLUE DR. ??? GOT A BRAIN ? ZERO ! ONLY can COUNT $$$
    SEND THEM ALL …BACK ….? NOW ! START with THAT ??? U Footer

    • 10,000 Haitians at the border. It’s said so far it runs about 18% of illegals coming in are testing positive for COVID. That’s WHEN they test them. No wonder omicron is all over.

    • It will be the same for the SUV Christmas Parade (alleged) killer. Both will be found mentally ill so not competent. Not so, though, with the obvious mentally ill kid in MI. Wrong color, dude. Sorry.


    SICK ADULTS .. FIND them & SHOW the FACES!!! .. YEP ALL of THEM!

    ‘BULLET TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD’ – Callers Threaten to Kill Marjorie Taylor Greene

    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) released voicemail messages from angry leftists who threatened to Kill the Georgia congresswoman.

    “You should be taken out & Shot,” one caller said over & over again. Another caller said she deserved a “bullet to the back of the head.”

    “That is not how democracy works,” Greene said. “I am committed to defending our Constitution & our freedoms. I will not back down.”


    • If somebody needed a monologue to put into the mouth of a crazed, possessed demon for a movie, some of those callers would be just what the producer ordered. What a bunch of psychos!

  10. JOEY the PERVERTING … piece of DUNG …U JOKER 24 / 7
    DICKS !!! U R A JOKE JOE BIDEN ….TILL the DAY U DIE!!!!!!!!

    “It says: Where there is hatred, let there be to sow love; where there is discord, union; where there is doubt, faith; & where there is darkness, light,” said Biden.

    “And that’s what we do. That’s WHO WE are. ???? LYING BIDEN …
    That’s what the United States … of America is all about,” he said.


    • Maybe he got it all wrong because he was afraid of a lightning strike.

      “Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy.

      O, Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love; For it is in giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; it is in dying that we are born again to eternal life. …”

      Nothing about his campaign talking point: union. I do notice he left out DESPAIR, which is a main thing HE is responsible for in this nation and which he’s trying hard to increase instead of giving hope. Ditto for sadness, which Joe is sowing an awful lot of these days.

      What about the LIFE of the unborn, Joe? I have something to give Joe: FJB.

      What a hypocrite to talk about his alleged CATHOLIC faith.

        • Ha, ha. I love all those cat cartoons because it is so apt. We should sent Joe a cat so it can ensure that he’s always still breathing.

          It can hunt for that “frog” in Joe’s throat. Talk about SCIENCE. Did you ever see such a diagnosis from an actual doctor? He has a “frog in his throat.”

          btw, did you notice the news that the polyp removed from his colon was benign, but there was never news in the first place mentioning there was a polyp removed? Is this the reason for the sudden checkup with colonoscopy? Were there symptoms that weren’t reported? If it hadn’t been benign, would they have told us about it or just shuffled him somewhere for treatment? Can we even believe it was benign? When the doctor put out the A-Okay report after the checkup, why wasn’t the polyp, a more concerning situation, reported to the public, instead of just his arthritic gait and his GERD making his voice hoarse? Remember the huge outcry when Melania had surgery and they didn’t tell the media all the minutia about her case? She wasn’t the leader of the free world, for goodness sake, and yet they acted as if they deserved to know everything. No such curiosity about Joe.

          The scientist doctor, the conscientious person who reported about that “frog” (did he try to remove it? Ribbet, ribbet), that guy didn’t even think to do a dementia test. Why not when everybody in the entire world would predict the need for one, based upon his obvious symptoms.


    Jussie’s Hate Hoax: How Dumb Are The People Who Believed If?

    • Believe it or not, even after all this testimony, and the stunts by his lawyers, there are still “friends” of his that don’t believe he did this. You cannot fix stupid. That’s true for sure.

  12. Children are dying from the vaxx.

    • It’s disturbing to me that, so far as I know, none of the suits against Biden’s illegal and unconstitutional mandates ARGUE the liberty interests of U.S. citizens–their inalienable RIGHT to bodily integrity. Instead, they argue technicalities instead of going for our obvious FUNDAMENTAL rights to control our own bodies.

  13. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/12/biden-family-values-white-house-takes-grandchildrens-christmas-stockings-jill-joe-called-snubbing-hunters-love-child/

    Such a good point: What kind of people are these to snub an innocent child? Think of what they’re denying her just for being born. No siblings. No paternal grandparents. No cousins. No aunts/uncles. No extended family on the Biden side. She sees them daily on television and there’s no escaping that she’s being snubbed as an outcast (or maybe as an unvaccinated person). What kind of cruelty does it take? Trump has children from different mothers but he is a father to each and every one. They’re all his children. What’s wrong with Joe and Jill that they can cruelly turn their backs on this INNOCENT LITTLE CHILD, even as they tout “gifts from the heart.” Their hearts are even smaller than the Grinch’s. How CAN grandparents not seek to know and love their own grandchild?

    • I seriously doubt that he deliberately killed that woman. I don’t know what happened and frankly I do not like this man, but I don’t believe he killed her deliberately. It was a set up for some reason by somebody, but I can’t believe it was some kind of conspiracy to get rid of her by an “accident” in which Baldwin would be complicit. Somebody put a live round in that gun and if the person is gun savvy, then the person could also have rigged the gun to have a “hair trigger.” Depending upon how Baldwin handled a gun, for example, if he did put his finger on the trigger while cocking the gun, it’s possible that the gun was rigged in such a way that when he cocked the gun and his finger reflexively pulled back just a little bit, it may have fired as he cocked the gun.

      I don’t know a lot about guns but this case, as with the Rittenhouse case, can’t be decided in the media until all evidence is presented at a trial, if there is one. SOMEBODY is responsible for this woman’s death because the gun was not supposed to be loaded, so it doesn’t matter what Baldwin did.

      Remember when Brandon Lee was killed? He died only because they made a mistake in loading the gun with blanks before ensuring there was no projectile in the gun. The guy who shot the gun wasn’t charged. It was an accident. However, that case was supposed to ensure such a thing would never happen again.

      I can’t imagine what the theory of the case is in the case of those who blame Baldwin who, again, I don’t really like and wouldn’t defend except for this doesn’t make sense to me. Is the theory that he wanted this woman dead? That he killed her deliberately? That he was deliberately careless?

      This reminds me of the case of the school shooter whose parents are being blamed. Not saying they don’t share some blame in that they raised this kid and should have known his potential for doing what he did, but so did the teachers, school administrators, kids at the school (was reported some actually stayed home that day because they heard rumors the shooting would happen). All those people are also responsible, too, if the parents are.

      Why aren’t they looking into the person who is responsible for loading the guns and/or that person’s supposed supervisor? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brandon_Lee#Death

    • It’s ironic, isn’t it, that every argument they use in favor of abortion could as easily apply to those who do not want to be jabbed? Except the analogy isn’t complete. The women who want to control their own bodies want to kill someone else’s body in the name of their own bodily integrity. I would bet that most of them who are rabidly pro-abortion on demand, are FOR forced vaccinations and mandates. In addition, abortion is a medical procedure they want to be made available, while jabs are medical procedures the people do not want. Similarly, people want the medical procedure of taking Ivermectin or hydroxchloriquine, and yet they’re DENIED that procedure, despite that there’s a “Right to Try” law in existence allowing it. Again, I’d bet the same people who demand the “medical procedure” of abortion be available to them on demand are for denying COVID patients who aren’t vaxxed the drugs they want to use to potentially save their own lives. In the case of abortion, they want to TAKE another’s life in order to make their own lives more convenient, not save them (except for the rare case where abortion will save the mother’s life and nobody is FOR forcing a woman to continue a pregnancy that may kill her).

    • The biggest issue that I see demanding them to re-decide this case is that so much has changed since Roe v. Wade. Women have NO REASON WHATSOEVER these days to get pregnant. There are so many different methods available to prevent pregnancy that were not available then. Crossing the legs is the oldest one but now there are so many different methods of birth control, all free, all private (even husbands don’t have to know), and so there’s no excuse for getting pregnant. It’s an entire new level of responsibility that we’re talking about and so the level of responsibility ought to now be examined. Yes, for a time, maybe, women will be “forced” to carry to term a pregnancy that THEY THEMSELVES brought on themselves and which they should have thought about preventing before they wound up pregnant and not wanting to be pregnant. After a while, though, women will become more responsible with birth control IF they know abortion won’t be so easy to get anymore.

  14. https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/profane-vaccine-anthem-goes-viral/

    This is really and truly BRILLIANT. Complete Alinsky. Funny, too. SING AT THEM. You can’t get anymore peaceful than just SINGING AT THEM. Ridicule is perfect. It’s just simply perfect.

  15. YEP ..BEST …NEWS of the DAY…. Sink the … DINGY ‘ !!!

    • It doesn’t just “appear” evil, it IS evil. Already there’s a story out there about a darling little child who had a stroke, when stroke among children is vanishingly rare. It was within days of her first “jab.” Thank goodness, after a harrowing experience for her family and many prayers, she seems to be recovering. How do they think they can possibly hide these side effects when they show up among little children? WTF is going on? Seriously. What parents are willingly taking their kids to be jabbed when their risk from COVID is so miniscule? Are they THAT brainwashed? THAT subject to manipulation and gaslighting? We are become a nation of complete wimps.

    • As for the woman featured in the video, I’m just sayin’: Compare and contrast.

    • As should Sotomayor. I mean, really. The woman says OUT LOUD that apparently the most important consideration to her in deciding this case is how the institution of the SCOTUS will appear. NOT in a non-partisan, unbiased, objective way applying the LAW and the CONSTITUTION to the facts of the case before her. Considerations about how she and the rest of the SCOTUS will LOOK are out of bounds and therefore she’s admitted that she doesn’t only apply facts, the law, the Constitution but allows outside pressures and considerations to sway/influence her opinion. This is exactly why someone like her, chosen for the “boxes” her candidacy checked, should never be on the SCOTUS. She doesn’t have the legal heft for the position. She’s not up to snuff. She should recuse, if it’s too hot in the kitchen for her. This shows that she does NOT have the courage to make the right call, the hard call, when push comes to shove. Lightweight.

    • Yes, they’re doing their damnedest to prevent Trump from building an alternative social media system. Don’t be surprised if they manage to stop it, somehow.

  16. YEP ! … The SAFE …HOUSE ! PONDER if they RENT out ROOMS ???

    DO Something’ …. GO CLOSE the BORDERS !!! PUT your energy there !!!!

    • Are they supposed to be able to have instant recall of their Christmas card/photo just because something happens out in the world that they may or may not even know about at the time they post their photo, whether online or by mail? These people are nuts.


  18. W T P STAND with THE LAWS of the LAND!!! PROTECT & SERVE!!!

    • No matter when the guy posts the picture, it will ALWAYS be after somebody somewhere got killed with a gun. When these virtue-signaling libs make it a point to cite the MI school shooting, they prove their racism because it’s AS IF to them Black lives do NOT matter. Every day, every weekend, every week, every month of every year there are murders of Black people and they do not care about THOSE guns or THOSE parents who allowed THOSE “children” to steal guns or buy them in the back alleys or take them from their parents or even have them purchased by their parents for them. What’s the diff? Do these libs ONLY CARE if White kids/people are murdered? Seems like it. Why are people killed in “mass shootings” of more value than people who are killed one on one, or in a gang fight, or in a drug deal gone wrong, etc.? WHY? Of course, too, they only seem to care about those killed in mass shootings by White perps. Never by Black perps. Then, the perp is always “mentally ill” or the product of a bad home environment that was caused by, of course, WHITE RACISM.

    • They should all be sent to the cities/towns where Joe, Barry, Kamel face, and Hillary have their homes (all of their homes, just to cover all bases).

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