Blessed Thanksgiving 2021

Wishing all a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

Today might be a good day to review selections from a previous Thanksgiving article, originally posted during the first Obama/Biden administration:

Following are some excerpts from A Thanksgiving Lesson, by Chip Wood. [emphasis added to quotes; a few amendments made for 2021]

Did you know that our Pilgrim forefathers tried communism when they first landed at Plymouth Rock? …

The Pilgrims who arrived at Plymouth Rock in 1620 were incredibly brave and hardy souls. They were motivated by the noblest of virtues. They vowed, each and every one, to be as selfless as possible—to always put the needs of the group first. They agreed to own everything in common and to share everything equally.

And their naïve piety almost killed the entire colony. …

Many of the passengers insisted on landing in Massachusetts, where “none had power to command them.”

The Pilgrim leaders decided to meet the explosive situation by asking each male on board, except for the crew, to sign a formal document that would lay “the first foundation of their government in this place.” Thus the Mayflower Compact was born. …

Because provisions were so scanty they decided that the land would be worked in common, produce would be owned in common, and goods would be rationed equally. Not unlike the society Karl Marx envisioned of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

Unfortunately, thanks to illness, injury and attitude, the system did not work. Pilferage from the storehouse became common. Suspicions of malingering were muttered. Over the course of that first, harsh winter, nearly half of the colonists perished. …

The colonists struggled desperately for two more years. When spring arrived in April 1623, virtually all of their provisions were gone. Unless that year’s harvest improved, they feared few would survive the next winter. The Pilgrim leaders decided on a bold course. The colony would abandon its communal approach and permit each person to work for his own benefit, not for the common good. …

Once they replaced communal efforts with individual responsibility the differences were dramatic—and life-saving. Men went into the fields earlier and stayed later. In many cases, their wives and even their children (some barely past the toddler stage) worked right alongside them. More acres were planted, more trees were felled, more houses were built, and more game was slaughtered because of one simple change: People were allowed to keep the fruits of their own labors.

Our current Obama/Biden administration reminds us of the importance of ensuring that OUR “entire colony” is not killed off by communism.

Following are excerpts from a website that recounts the familiar legend of the first Thanksgiving:

In November 1621, after the Pilgrims’ first corn harvest proved successful, Governor William Bradford organized a celebratory feast and invited a group of the fledgling colony’s Native American allies, including the Wampanoag chief Massasoit. Now remembered as American’s “first Thanksgiving”—although the Pilgrims themselves may not have used the term at the time—the festival lasted for three days. While no record exists of the historic banquet’s exact menu, the Pilgrim chronicler Edward Winslow wrote in his journal that Governor Bradford sent four men on a “fowling” mission in preparation for the event, and that the Wampanoag guests arrived bearing five deer.

Pilgrims held their second Thanksgiving celebration in 1623 to mark the end of a long drought that had threatened the year’s harvest and prompted Governor Bradford to call for a religious fast. Days of fasting and thanksgiving on an annual or occasional basis became common practice in other New England settlements as well. During the American Revolution, the Continental Congress designated one or more days of thanksgiving a year, and in 1789 George Washington issued the first Thanksgiving proclamation by the national government of the United States; in it, he called upon Americans to express their gratitude for the happy conclusion to the country’s war of independence and the successful ratification of the U.S. Constitution. His successors John Adams and James Madison also designated days of thanks during their presidencies.

The story, as interpreted at that website, makes no mention of the Pilgrims’ failed experiment with communism, although it does take pains to mention that the Spanish may have actually celebrated the “first” Thanksgiving, in Florida, and that some “Native Americans” as well as others believe that

the traditional narrative paints a deceptively sunny portrait of relations between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag people, masking the long and bloody history of conflict between Native Americans and European settlers that resulted in the deaths of millions

altogether failing to mention the long and bloody history of conflict between and among Native American tribes that resulted in deaths, displacement, or slavery of millions of people.

Conflicts between Native Americans and European settlers did not alone result in the deaths of millions, although diseases introduced by each group to the other group doubtless played a much larger role in deaths that did occur.

Wars between and among various Native American tribes were going on even as the Pilgrims landed, as Powhatan consolidated his “empire“. These conflicts and numerous other intertribal battles over millenia resulted in death, slavery, or the displacement of many Native Americans westward, which explains how Eastern and Great Lakes tribes ended up in the Midwest or the Dakotas. Long before Columbus arrived, particularly in the 1300s, intertribal warfare was common.

Such are the inconvenient truths that the politically correct downplay or simply ignore, as they rewrite history.

In politically correct history, Powhatan didn’t conquer other tribes through violence and subjugation. No, he somehow simply “added” tribes to his “fold”.

We might imagine that he peacefully community organized them into his woke “confederacy”.

Confederacy. Association. Fold. These words sound so much better–kinder and gentler–than empire, don’t they? Nevertheless, Wikipedia does tell us that Powhatan extracted tribute from his so-called allies. Tribute is paid by forcefully subjugated peoples in empires.

So there’s controversy over the first Thanksgiving as there’s controversy over the first “Americans”. For example, some Europeans (Vikings) arrived on these shores before some so-called “First Nations” of “Native Americans.”

Historians remind us that most cultures around the world celebrate a harvest festival, and so today, We the People of the United States of America, all of us, no matter our ancestry, give thanks to our Creator for His bounty and, above all, we thank Him for the blessings bestowed upon our beloved Republic, unique among nations in the history of this world.

Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving

to all of our friends, and Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving as well to those who don’t consider themselves our friends.

Pray today for our Republic. Pray that We the People may one day soon be reunited as one People, that we may learn to listen to each other and respect each other again, and that God will continue to bless the United States of America.


51 responses to “Blessed Thanksgiving 2021

  1. Thank you Miri. ❤
    and Wishing you and all a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

  2. …..YES another …. * BEAUTIFUL THANKSGIVING *
    with Just Enough .. DIRT .. TOSSED IN 2 KEEP WTP on our TOES!

  3. Is it OK to ask if anything is happening?
    A few small things:
    Durham released a few indictments nibbling away at the FISA mess.
    Tons of people who have been vaccinated are in hospital sick of “something”.
    MyPillow guy has a quo warranto lawsuit against Biden at the Supreme Court next week (by the way where’s My Pillow!) asks for de-certification.
    Some more states are starting election forensic audits.
    Ghislane Maxwell trial starts on Monday. (maybe censored from MSM)
    We can keep an eye on that stuff but
    I have two predictions with dates. Dates are good because the claim can be verified.
    Catholic priest forecasts 2 billion death in 2022

    It’s only eighteen minutes long and is credible in my opinion.

    Also Benjamin Fulford (I don’t like Benjamin Fulford because he seems to know way too much about secret societies) but I will pass on his threat:
    On 21st of December, a large part of Japan to be destroyed by a very large fusion bomb ubless the Japanese government confesses to the Fukushima war crime and arrests all their traitors who organized the event.

    And said, not cynically but in real gladness: “happy thanksgiving”.

    • Hi, Dave! You can always ask anything you want, although we may not always have answers for you. What’s happening? Too much.

      Durham: Hope and pray something will come out of it, but we’ve learned long ago to be careful about hanging our hats on this kind of hope. How many times have we been promised that something will happen, truth will out, only to end up once again disappointed?

      Yes, too many people are in the hospital with mysterious illnesses that end up as “excess deaths,” as if they don’t know what’s causing this huge uptick. I personally know people who have died or been seriously harmed by illnesses with rapid onset after the jab.

      When people getting sick or dying are older, or have “co-morbidities,” then it’s too easy for them to blame it on those diseases instead of the jab. What to do, though, when they can’t explain the increasing number of celebrities dying “suddenly” or top athletes collapsing right there on the field of play? They can’t hide it away. People SEE it as it happens. Most times, they don’t release a cause, but we can all guess what it is. Sometimes, the athletes speak out (until they’re canceled and banned from media for doing so).

      What will they say when the little children begin to end up in the hospital or die?

      Well, we’re seeing it now. The “explanation”: Omicron/Nu variant. It will be the catchall excuse. Of course, they’re not going to tell you that all the 4 cases first seen were among vaccinated people!

      They’re trying somehow to blame it on the likelihood that Patient Zero had AIDS. WTF? Is that supposed to NOT raise the specter of Fauci/Wuhan/AIDS research for which he was deeply involved in in the past? Weren’t they trying to first use mRNA vaccines for AIDS patients? Didn’t a bunch of people DIE (as with COVID)?

      Anyway, they won’t tell us that it’s most likely that the reason these mutant variants are appearing is BECAUSE of so many people being vaccinated. The virus isn’t without guile, to anthropomorphize. It is finding ways to survive DESPITE the people being vaccinated because they can STILL get infected because these aren’t sterilizing vaccines and because the virus WILL mutate or die. It’s random. It’s chance. But with so many chances (the higher the vaccination rate, the more chances), then it’s inevitable that one or more mutations will do the trick, the virus will replicate, will ESCAPE the immunity (such as it is) offered by the vaccines, and voila! The vaccines won’t work anymore.

      I read somewhere that they redefined fully vaccinated again. In some places, it’s 2 shots and a booster. But in the case of hospitalizations and deaths, in SOME places, they’re calling people unvaccinated if it’s been LESS THAN 21 DAYS since their second shot (or booster) as opposed to 14 days. Just keep moving the goal posts and you can keep LYING to the people, fudge the statistics, and keep pushing the fear porn.

      Magically, Omicron/Nu variant affects children greatly, so get those kids vaccinated! (NOT!!)

      Luciferase, it’s said, is in the vaccines. Glow in the dark people. Easily tracked, perhaps.

      Read yesterday about how many flights Bill Clinton took to Epstein’s island, all with underaged children on the flights! How long before Maxwell “suicides?”

      Maybe they’re cuing up Omicron because they’ve just about made as much money as they can at the moment on the ineffective vaccines, so they’re fixing to begin pushing the “new” Pfizer anti-viral which, it’s said, is simply a much more expensive version of cheap Ivermectin. In addition, the new variant will allow them to create a brand new vaccine to allegedly address Omicron, and then they can sell that one to everyone.

      I’m concerned about these stories that the Aboriginals in Australia are being hunted down, held down, and forcibly vaccinated.

      There was a video the other day at Gateway Pundit that I didn’t have time to watch. It was an Aboriginal elder talking about this forced vaccination of children there. When I went to see the video, it was gone. The one cited above was working today. If the Aboriginal people can’t get the leftists’ attention, then who will? Blacks in Detroit?

      I’m afraid that billions will die, too, from this vaccine. These globalists are set upon depopulation because they’re true believers in this cult of global warming and impending doom of the entire world. It’s no coincidence that today the markets are going crazy because of the news of this Omicron variant, because the WHO met about it yesterday.

      The entire pandemic was predicted by Fauci when Trump was elected AND the pandemic began only days after one of those globalist meetings in Davos. Why else are they INTENT upon vaccinating EVERY HUMAN BEING? WHY?

      It’s the White people in Europe and the USA and other White areas of the world that are the MOST vaccinated. Israel, too. Are these the people they want to wipe out?

      Africans are far less vaccinated. They don’t need vaccination because of Ivermectin, but if they want to depopulate Africa, too, they’ll have to come up with some reason to vaccinated them. Maybe because Africans are perceived to be more tractable, in line with the priest’s theory, they’re more desirable to have survive.

      I do seriously believe that Satan MUST BE behind this. We have to beg St. Michael the Archangel to help us fight this EVIL. We’ve been saying since 2007, when Barry first came on the scene, that EVIL and SATAN are at work here. We never predicted anything like this but so much evil MUST be supernatural. So many people are inexplicably complying. I’m afraid for all my family members who got the vaccine, many of them just to keep jobs or to be able to travel.

      • Miri, Wow! You know actual people that died shortly after receiving the injection?
        There was a short GP article simplifying a new article in the New England Journal of Medicine explaining how antibody dependent enhancement works and why it is so much worse with vaccines than with natural infection.
        We are now getting a lot of pressure here to take the booster jab even after they said current vaccines won’t work and maybe in four months there will be a new tweaked injection. Originally I had the Astra-Zeneca jab and I refuse to take an mRNA jab but I am worried my wife will get one. She is more trusting of MSN and very independent so there’s only so much persuasion I can apply. She did say yesterday “this is stupid, I’m done with all this” but I remain worried for her.
        I have been keeping an eye on the case numbers in South Africa expecting them to suddenly zoom up, so far they have not.
        I must try to get some Ivermectin.

        • Sadly, I do. I know others who were badly harmed by the jab. Mind you, these are all elderly people, so most in the medical field, even if predisposed to notice that their deaths may be out of the ordinary, under these circumstances–with hospitals, the media, the government tamping down on ANY negative talk surrounding the vaccines–they’re not going to connect the dots.

          But I do connect them. I know/knew these people very well. All were healthy seniors, or as healthy as seniors can be at their ages. One died shortly after the second jab, after having been an active person for decades. No debilitating co-morbidities. Arthritis and in need of hip replacement. That’s it. One day alive and well, the next day suddenly found dead. No autopsy. When you’re in your 80s, they don’t think twice about not doing an autopsy. They call it “natural causes” or “infirmities of age” and leave it at that.

          Another woman I know well was perfectly fine until the second jab. SUDDENLY, she developed what the doctors called “dementia,” even though she was perfectly fine, no evidence of dementia, no evidence of forgetfulness or any other known symptom of dementia, prior to the jabs. She had been active, drove a car, went shopping by herself every week. She’s also in her 80s. Nearly overnight, we’re to believe she developed these extreme symptoms of advanced dementia. Acted as if she were “sun-downing” 24/7. Irrational. Crying out constantly, as if in pain but not in pain. Just completely out of it. So she and her husband, also a person who was active and in good shape for a man in his 80s, went into assisted living only weeks ago, because he couldn’t care for her alone. Found out yesterday that he died suddenly. Haven’t been able to find out what happened yet, but I’m guessing that being in a home, they both were forced to take a “booster.”

          Because these types of patients are “expected” to die soon, nobody takes note when they all “suddenly” go downhill and die. But what about all those young athletes and celebrities who are dropping like flies? They’re too much in the public eye for them to easily explain it all away.

          I know someone else who, thank goodness, so far hasn’t had bad effects from the jabs (booster included). This person lives in long-term care but is completely mentally “with it”. His only problem is being in a wheelchair and not having enough resources to afford to live on his own, so he lives in a “nursing home.”

          Every round of jabs that were mandated for all residents, has been followed by sudden deaths among the residents. His roommate died after the second jab. Within a few days of the jab, the person began to go down hill, although previously was fine, other than also being in a wheelchair. Started having symptoms of dementia. Had nosebleeds. Got diarrhea. Died a few days after these symptoms suddenly appeared.

          They gave all residents boosters about a week ago. A resident on the same floor who had been stable, suddenly went downhill and died. The residents are never told what happened to the person. The staff cite HIPAA rules. Roommates and others who know say that their symptoms were like strokes or heart attacks.

          Again, because these are older people, they don’t think twice–they don’t investigate. The state will have to notice “excess deaths” in the nursing homes before anybody thinks to connect the dots, but that will only happen months if not years from now. Not soon enough to help the victims of this enforced jab.

          If I were you, I wouldn’t take the mRNA jab, either, and I hope your wife doesn’t. Hold out, if you can, until the Novavax vaccine comes along because it at least is made in the same way previous vaccines were made–using “dead” portions of the actual virus. Not using mRNA that gets in your cells, hijacks your DNA, and makes copies of the deadly active spike protein that can end up all throughout your body and cause inflammation.

          I know a nurse who was forced to get a jab or lose her job. She went with J&J, which is made like Astra-Zeneca, no mRNA because she fears infertility after a mRNA jab. I wish she wouldn’t have taken any jab, but I respect her choice.

          This Omicron variant could potentially be the very thing that can save us all. IF it’s more transmissible but far less deadly, then it may take over and crowd out the more deadly variants, leading to natural immunity for everybody who catches it.

          Biden, Obama, and Fauci won’t like that, if it happens. They want the pandemic to go on and on and on. They want those vaccine passports so they can initiate control over everybody 24/7. That’s also why they won’t allow early treatment.

          I read about a couple who couldn’t get Ivermectin. They got prescriptions but the pharmacy chains wouldn’t fill them. They ended up buying animal Ivermectin and trying to adjust the dosage for their much smaller bodies. Both said they felt better within a day or two.

          • Thanks,
            I had not heard of Novavax, I will look into it.
            I am also thinking of veterinary Ivermectin if I can find it in tablets.
            Sorta seems all these “you don’t need a prescription to buy from us” type places are run by… well let’s just say people whom if you are around them, you might not be safe.

            • I think this is the vaccine that Rand Paul mentions when he reports that the Biden administration is stalling the rollout of a “new” vaccine. I can’t think of another. They have been stalling the approval for a long time, favoring the mRNA vaccines and those companies (in which they probably own stock). It’s already available in some other countries but I believe they’re all in southeast Asia.

              Not promising that it’s safer but at least it doesn’t hijack your cells to make virus particles. The Atlantic (liberal though it is) said this would be the better vaccine and suggested it would be safer. It’s said the side effects are much less than with the other vaccines and they’ve been using it and testing it for months and months. If they do authorize it, then I suppose we can see the data (although we have to wait until 2076 to see Pfizer’s data, if we live that long, that is).

            • I expected the Bidenistas to lean on veterinary supply companies to restrict the sale of Ivermectin already; I’m suprised that they didn’t (so far). Tablets would seem to be harder to break into smaller doses, especially if time-released. (Watch for that!) Compounding pharmacies may be a source, but who knows?

  4. we can hope.

    • They’re SUCH hypocrites. And Fauci, too. He criticized Trump. Agreed that Trump was xenophobic and racist and claimed it wouldn’t do any good but would just hurt people and the economy, etc. How soon they change their tunes. This is SO TRANSPARENT. It’s not gonna work, Joe.

  5. SURE … It IS …. DIRTY ROTTEN GAMES …as the perverse LAUGHS IN
    ALL OUR ….FACE’S as WTP …SIT on OUR Laurel’s ??? STAND UP NOW

    • Oooooh. Good on him! But I’ll skip his detailed explanation for why it’s filth. My imagination serves me well enough on that one. I don’t need any pictures drawn. I agree with him 100%.

  6. DON’T …TWIST IT !!! … WE GET IT ….

    THIS … IS WHO ….. WTP ARE …. Nothing LESS … Nothing MORE !!!

    THE JIG is EXPOSED.. The TRUTH .. IS SHOUTED .. “OUT” 24 / 7

  7. Have a happy blessed Sunday,
    Dear friends. ❤

    ….. >>>>> HUNTER BIDEN <<<<<

    • That’s one hell of a diamond, isn’t it? Wonder what became of it. Why don’t the families of elected officials have to turn over goodies like that to the government, especially if they were obtained as a result of traveling on the taxpayers’ dime with the POTUS or VPOTUS on official business? (Oh, I see. It was only days AFTER Joe left office. They waited until then.) IMAGINE if the Chinese had given Ivanka a similar gem, even if after Trump left office.

    • Did you see that a new poll says that 13% of DemoncRATS want camel face to run for POTUS in 2024 if Joebama doesn’t? WORSE, 10% want MOO to run. iirc, more want NONE OF THE ABOVE (the usual suspects) but somebody new. Good luck with that!

    • BECAUSE it’s more contagious and probably far less dangerous may be EXACTLY WHY they are so intent on containing it and wiping it out. They WANT to keep the fear going, to keep the lockdowns going, to keep the mandates going, to keep their control over EVERYBODY going. They do NOT want the pandemic to fizzle out, especially not before next November’s elections.

  9. Enjoy!!! 😀

  10. Remember this!

    • As if Kamel Face can cook? Remember the photo of her with her group of harpies around the table while the servants OF COLOR stood on the sidelines, mum, waiting to serve?

    • That’s nauseating, and I don’t mean the turkey. Does she HAVE TO talk through her nose?

  11. REALLY ????
    Mark Ruffalo Donates $50 Million To Found Joseph Rosenbaum Elementary School ……?????

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