Blind to Justice

Woke warriors are protesting the jury verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case, as are various elected officials.

Here are some post-verdict statements by Democrat officials from MO, for example:

[emphasis added to quotes]

This system isn’t built to hold white supremacists accountable. (U.S. Rep. Cori Bush)

The truth is some of us are aware that the system is guilty as hell and is designed to work for a select few. (MO Rep. Rasheen Aldridge)

The truth is some of us are aware that the system is guilty as hell and is designed to work for a select few. (St. Louis MO mayor Tishaura Jones)


A murderer is once again walking free today – our system is terribly broken. (NY Rep. Adriano Espaillat)

Many Democrats state that President Trump represented the “gravest threat to American democracy,” for questioning the results of the 2020 election (something he had a right to do and for which there’s a legal process delineated). Trump, they claimed, was threatening the “legitimacy” of the electoral process by objecting to the apparent illegitimacy of many state electoral vote results, a skepticism many citizens share.

Each of the elected officials quoted above, and many more, are questioning the legitimacy of our jury system, as well as fundamental principles of our justice system such as innocent until proven guilty, due process (not mob justice) and equal justice before the law. Are they not, then, representing a grave “threat to American democracy?” Hypocrites!

At a recent “protest” of the jury’s verdict, it was reported that

Bishop Tavis Grant, national field director for Rainbow PUSH, spoke at the protest to a crowd of about 100.

“It is wrong in a land of laws for any individual to shoot three people and kill two of them in a peaceful protest where people are exercising their First Amendment right of freedom of speech and the right to publicly protest in peace,” he said.

Below are photographs of the three individuals shot by Kyle Rittenhouse, as he was being attacked by each of them. Since Kyle Rittenhouse has been falsely labeled by the left as a vigilante, I labeled him as such, sarcastically. The photos show that he was anything but a vigilante.


Above is a photo of Joseph Rosenbaum and individuals armed with various items chasing Kyle Rittenhouse.  Rosenbaum is first in line, seen throwing an object at Rittenhouse. Testimony from witnesses and video evidence showed that shortly afterwards, Rittenhouse became trapped between parked cars, where Rosenbaum caught up with and cornered him, lunged at him, and grabbed his rifle in an attempt to take it from him. Does Rosenbaum look like a person “exercising” his rights of “free speech” and to “publicly protest in peace?”

Above is a photo of Anthony Huber striking Kyle Rittenhouse violently in the head and neck with a skateboard, after Rittenhouse fell to the ground as he was being chased by the mob. Does Huber look like a person “exercising” his rights of “free speech” and to “publicly protest in peace?”

Above is a photo of Gaige Grosskreutz pointing a gun in the face of Kyle Rittenhouse (not shown; see here for full photo), who was lying stunned on the ground after being attacked by members of the mob. Does Grosskreutz look like a person “exercising” his rights of “free speech” and to “publicly protest in peace?”

The Democrats and other radical progressives seem to despise our system of justice and want to change it by creating a new definition for blind justice: a system where one is blind to the evidence, based upon preexisting bias towards the person on trial.

How could any intellectually honest person look at just these three images from the many images and videos presented at trial and not come away with the conviction that Rittenhouse acted in self defense?

Similarly, how could any intellectually honest person look at those people chasing and attacking Rittenhouse and describe them as peaceful protesters exercising their constitutional rights?

Let us take a moment this Thursday to give thanks for the brave and honest members of that jury in Wisconsin, who delivered a just verdict in this case, despite the threats against them.



79 responses to “Blind to Justice

  1. Rittenhouse is interviewed by Tucker Carlson. I believe it will be shown tonight, or at least part of the interview will be. Oddly enough, my local NBC station showed a part of the interview on the news and actually told people to watch Fox tonight for Rittenhouse’s take on the case. Hmmm. Trying to make up for past sins (of bias)? Afraid to be sued? “Restorative justice” for biased “journalists?”

  2. The alleged killer in Waukesha, who ran down little girls and dancing grannies, is charged with 5 counts of INTENTIONAL homicide. Gateway Pundit reported earlier that this guy had already been charged with trying to intentionally run down the mother of his child. Sounds like a pattern. They’ve been trying to make excuses for him all day long, in the mainstream media.

    Totally out of character, since he labeled Rittenhouse a “white supremacist” and weighed in against him both before AND after the verdict, in this case Biden declines to comment (when a black man runs down mostly white, Christian children and older women), saying there’s not enough detail or facts yet. No rush to judgment, when the defendant is black.

    Apparently, this defendant hated President Trump and believed that the system is stacked against blacks.

    The prosecutor there is another of Soros’s hand-picked ones, from his attempt to seize power in over system of justice, so it’s no surprise that the guy who tried to murder his baby momma was let out on bail very recently.

    The victims in Waukesha, like so many others, would be still alive today IF THEY DIDN’T LET KNOWN VIOLENT FELONS out on bail, repeatedly.

    Their blood is on the hands of all these “progressive” prosecutors who act more like defense lawyers and social workers. Their little experiments in “restorative justice” are costing the lives of so many innocent people. This guy was not on his first felony. As is too often the case, a long rap sheet. Remember the days of three strikes and you’re out?

    Now it’s “Call the Social Worker.”

    • He’s intelligent and so well spoken. He would make a fabulous Congressional intern, but he wants to be a nurse and help (more) people. The left have been ridiculing him AND his family, his mother, like only the left can do. They’re WHITE, so no matter their social or financial status, they DESERVE the ridicule these effete snobs dish out. I saw a video by Bill Maher, where he was warning DemoncRATS that they’re cutting off their own noses to spite their faces when they persist in their snobbery, especially against lower class White people who don’t have higher education. But they cannot help themselves. Their virtue signaling selves are no longer able to act superior to Black people (OPENLY, that is), so they need some group to lord it over and that will be people from flyover country, like Kyle and his family, who are blue collar and most likely not holders of advanced degrees from Ivy League colleges. Here’s an example, that just drips with effete snobbery, coming from a person who, I believe, is supposed to represent “conservatives” at various progressive rags.

      I was going to write a post about this column, but I’ll just pick out the SNOBBERY that Maher was referring to, even though I don’t know if this woman is a DemoncRAT. If she CLAIMS to be a Republican, she’s probably lying. Nobody knows who she votes for when she gets in that booth, but I could make a fair guess (Hillary).

      “The foul odor one encounters when passing through the Low Country town of Brunswick, Ga., hasn’t been lately caused by local pulp mills but emanates instead from the Glynn County Courthouse, where three White men …”

      “He had been stopped by the two McMichaels, one of whom threatened to “blow your f—ing head off” — a nice greeting played to the background tune of dueling banjos, as I imagine events. …”

      “The father-and-son team, by the way, did not at the time resemble the well-groomed, coat-and-tied “church deacons” we’ve seen in court the past two weeks. Everybody puts on their Sunday best for court …”

      As a White Southern woman all too familiar with the gun-and-pickup culture, I can tell you that few sorts are more frightening if you happen to be alone in the wrong place, such as driving on one of the many back roads crisscrossing the rural South …there’s a certain kind of White troublemaker who haunts those routes.”

      Racism, classism (gun-and-pickup culture), sexism, stereotyping of rural Whites (inbred), whiffs of anti-evangelicalism.


      Imagine a writer being published in the WaPo if she wrote about, say, the foul odor of the inner city, with its gun-and-rap culture, where most babies have no fathers, where Black preachers are all “coat-and-tied” and where “everybody puts on their Sunday best” for peaceful protest, where women, especially White ones, won’t find many places more frightening if they’re alone in the wrong place, such as the streets of the inner city, where a certain kind of Black troublemaker haunts the back alleys.

      Think that RACIST CLAPTRAP would get published?

  3. We need more like him. 😀



    • He had lots of BLM propaganda, ANTI-WHITE hate language, encouragement of violence against Whites on his social media AND in his so-called “music” raps. Their newest story is that he was fleeing a domestic argument. Well, most spouses or significant others have arguments, but they don’t go out and run down innocent people. No, he was angry and he took it out on the people he professed to hate–White people. This was a HATE CRIME.

      Notice that the media persists in calling Kyle Rittenhouse a “White” man who was at a protest against the killing of a “Black” man, and they call the defendants in the Arbery case “White men” who killed a “Black” man. And yet in the case of Brooks, they do NOT EVER call him a “Black” man who killed “White” people. Are any people of color in the hospital, amongst the victims? If so, most likely THOSE will be the ones profiled sympathetically. Now an 8-year-old CHILD has died. This man IS a domestic terrorist. If running a car through a parade isn’t terrorism, then what is? This is a favorite trick of muslim jihadists in Europe and elsewhere. I don’t know what Brooks’s religion is, if he even has one, but BLM hews to muslim philosophy and tactics. OF COURSE, if he’s questioned correctly, he’ll NEVER admit the real motive why he ran down WHITE people, Christians. You know what he’ll be? Mentally ill.

      One of his posts on social media said something to the effect that if Whites use guns against his people, then those people should go full tilt against Whites. Is THAT what he was doing when he ran those people down, in retribution for the Rittenhouse verdict? The guy’s from Minnesota. Did he cross state lines to kill White people in Wisconsin?

      Overhead video proves he swerved in and out to hit as many people as he could. Instead of sympathy from the left, the left are making jokes about it and acting as if the White people of Wisconsin asked for it and deserve it.

      These are sick people and this is a sick time.

      Imagine if this were a White man who deliberately ran down people in a Black parade, or Muslims in a Muslim parade (do they have parades?). Anyway, you get the point. The media would be 24/7 in “white supremacist” mode. I have already seen that one “journalist” actually blamed this ON white supremacy.

      • I heard that the injury toll is up to 82 now, with 6 dead. RIP. Pray for the injured and the survivors. What an awful thing to happen to good people who were only trying to spread joy and holiday cheer.

    • You know what? Taking a page from the trial of the so-called right wing extremists in Charlottesville, who now are supposed to pay $25 million to the peaceful protesters there, the victims in Waukesha should SUE THE PANTS OFF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, who whipped up the public, arguably this Black motorist, on the totally FALSE NARRATIVE that Kyle Rittenhouse was a White supremacist who sought to deliberately kill BLM protesters. They LIED and people died. Yes, it’s several degrees of separation, but so is the bogus foundation of the suit against Unite the Right. They didn’t drive the car that ran into the crowd of protesters. They didn’t organize any violence, and yet a jury has decided that THEY owe somebody (victims?). They’re probably going to try to use some variation on this against Trump and his supporters. It’s ridiculous and likely will be thrown out on appeal, if the defendants appeal. The KKK law? Insane.

      Maybe the people of Waukesha can sue BLM for stirring up the racial violence they experienced this week.

    • Think about it. They will probably try to use the precedent in the Charlottesville case to get the people in Kenosha to sue President Trump for stirring up vigilantes and militia groups against people exercising their “first amendment rights” to “peaceful protest.” This may be exactly why so many of the DemoncRATS are saying those exact words, including Psaki. They’re going to try to get information in the 1/6 “investigation” and then piggyback it onto a lawsuit against Trump like they used against Unite the Right. WAIT FOR IT. In addition, imho, it’s suspicious and seems at least potentially true that the defendants in the case are PLANTS, paid provocateurs, false flag instigators who will NEVER be paying ANYBODY any $25 million. This is Kabuki theater within Kabuki theater.

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    This Soros-beloved (no doubt) prosecutor is now being praised for a case of “restorative justice,” which is the new thing that the progressives want instead of having a “school to prison pipeline” (aka, no prisons). In a twist, this case was orchestrated to have the victim be black and the offender be white. The case only happened because the prosecutor wrongly charged the police officer (or at least charged her for the wrong thing) and FAILED to prosecute the real offender (the victim). Now the “victim” is the hero. SHE is alleged to have forgiven the offender and ASKED for this restorative justice B.S., in which the charges against the cop were dropped. Kumbaya.

    In a nutshell: Allegedly (but there’s been no denial), a Black woman is shoplifting. On her way out the store with a cartful of stolen goods, she assaults a clerk who tries to stop her. Police are called. An officer tries to stop the shoplifter and mistakenly pulls her gun instead of her taser, shooting the woman who survives. The woman gets a $2 MILLION settlement from the county. The cop loses her job. Kumbaya.

    Needless to say, the shoplifter was not charged nor was there ANY sort of justice, apparently, for the person she assaulted (allegedly). Note how CNN boils it all down to a “dispute” outside a grocery store, when it was FAR MORE than that. They neglect to mention the woman was under suspicion of shoplifting and assault (sound familiar? Sound like Mike Brown?) In this case, they actually are talking about the offender (the COP) being “rehabilitated,” as if she made it a habit to accidentally shoot suspects instead of tasing them. As if SHE’S the hard-core criminal.


    Bell never charged the shoplifting assaulter with squat. She passes go and gets $2,000,000 of taxpayer dollars. It’s like hitting the lottery.

  8. Meeting POTUS. 😀

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  10. SURE NANCY PELOSI .. IT’S “4 the CHILDREN” (ha’ Grand-KIDs!)

    • Those are all great. Each one funnier or more apt than the last.

    • Speaking of Bruce, have you by any chance tuned into Jeopardy lately?

      As if we didn’t notice. Note to media: Just another male champion.

      • In that same vein, what’s the diff?

        A man who thinks he’s a woman or a non-Apache who thinks he’s an Apache?

        He was selling his art at inflated prices? Are they going to go after Hunter, too?

        It’s a crime, requiring federal agents to investigate, to claim your art is “Indian made?” What about just being a presidential son and claiming falsely that you’re an artist? What credentials does Biden have?

        Since all can “self identify” as to their race, what means will they use to “prove” that he’s not the RACE with which he identifies?

        Is the current Jeopardy champion perpetrating a fraud by claiming to be female?

        Here’s a little historical fact for you: Apaches ARE related to Mexican Native Americans. iow, they share the same ancestry. (I truly don’t know what Mexicans call their indigenous people, but I do know that some of their indigenous ARE of the same ancestral stock as Apaches.) What constitutes a Native American or an “Indian”?

        My guess is that they’ll persecute this guy because he’s not an OFFICIAL MEMBER of the Apache tribe. They have this fiction that you’re ONLY Native American IF you belong to the tribe, a requirement that was, btw, imposed by the U.S. government. On the rolls? You’re “Indian.” Not on the gummint rolls? You’re not “Indian” even if 100% of native ancestry. The Indians go along with this because it keeps their numbers smaller and so there’s fewer with which to share the wealth from oil, etc. Even Blacks who were freed slaves, previously belonging to Native American slave holders, are sometimes considered “Indians” because the tribes gave them membership. It’s crazy. So basically it’s as if you’re a member of a club, not a race or ethnicity.

        How the eff can it be a CRIMINAL charge to “misrepresent” your race, when race is SELF-IDENTIFIED? Oh, you see. Special law just for them. The TRIBE, as I said, gets to call the shots on who’s a member and who’s not. So even if 100% Cherokee, for example, if your ancestors never submitted, never went to the rez, then you’re not really Cherokee and you can’t sell your art as “Indian made.” What a racket.

  11. Biden spending Thanksgiving at billionaire’s Nantucket home shows he’s out of touch, Republicans say
    RNC blasts Biden as ‘limousine liberal’ who would ‘make Marie Antoinette proud’

    The Bidens touched down on the Massachusetts island Tuesday night and will spend Thanksgiving at the compound of David Rubenstein, a Carlyle Group co-founder.
    …..F JOE B !!!

  12. New ‘Capitol Punishment’ movie tells the REAL story about Jan. 6
    Witnesses testify about what they saw as ‘a trap’

    Protesters confront police at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2020.

    You’ve seen the legacy media & network reporting on Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol: those hordes of sword-waving, window-smashing (likely drooling) President Trump supporters who assaulted not just the entire nation but democracy itself.

    Democrats have said, maybe 10,000 times, it was an “insurrection.”

    But what if it isn’t true?

    A new movie, “Capitol Punishment,” is being released on Thanksgiving Day that reveals first-person accounts of what looked, on that day at that location, like “a trap.”

    • Looked like a trap because it WAS a trap. TCTH speculates, similarly, that the Waukesha driver was KNOWN to the FBI from way back and for some reason he was bailed out right after the Rittenhouse verdict and right before the parade. Another orchestrated event?

    • It occurs to me that one reason they had to identify everyone there and hunt them all down might be to seize and bury any video that might prove the truth of what really was going on.

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    • WHERE is the justice for all the victims of the riots? As the story shows, those people were of every color humans come in, and yet the progressives, the DemoncRATS, the FBI, Biden don’t give a rat’s ass about any of them. They’re just “collateral damage,” EXPENDABLE, in their war against the USA.

    • Biden and the rest of them don’t care about White people OR any other color of people if their pain serves the Biden/Obama ends: chaos and the destruction of our nation.

      Where’s Biden after this atrocity in Waukesha? Did he call the families of the victims? Did he go to Waukesha? Did he lower flags at half staff? Did he declare a day of mourning? Did he decry the anti-White rhetoric and HATE on social media and in mainstream media that directly led to this sort of atrocity? Did he call out the media to be more careful and more truthful? NO, of course not, because he himself gins up the hate and refuses to apologize to Kyle Rittenhouse for the hateful rhetoric he himself used against Kyle. Is he asking DOJ/Merrick Garland to have the FBI INVESTIGATE the Black MILITIA that’s down in GA spewing hatred against White people and INCITING hatred and violence against Whites? OF COURSE NOT.


    Can you believe this? A plea deal for a terrorist, anti-White multiple murder? Imagine if the races were reversed. Would anyone in their right mind suggest a plea deal?

    But haven’t they AVOIDED TRIALS in most of these terror attacks, where certain government agencies may be complicit?


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