Veterans Day 2021

Veteran's Day 3

Today, we honor and salute all of our veterans who serve or who have served in defense of our nation, throughout its history.

Thank you all most sincerely from the citizens of a grateful nation.

May God bless and keep you always.

And may God continue to bless the United States of America.


59 responses to “Veterans Day 2021

  1. After all the sacrifice this happens. ;mad:


    • In what universe is it okay to go to another country and mock their accent? Would she laugh if somebody imitated Apu when they were speaking to HER? Or how’s about they put on a Bob Marley accent when talking to her? What an IDIOT. What an embarrassment. She and Joe make a good pair of bookends. Remember his 7/11 jokes? And now he’s making up stories about that great “negro” Satchel Paige.


    Who will speak for the rest of us after they’re done coming for guys like Bannon?

    “Eric Holder was held in contempt of congress, for refusing to produce documents and testimony in the fast-n-furious investigation, the DOJ did nothing. IRS official Lois Lerner was held in contempt of congress for failure to produce documents and give testimony in the IRS investigation, the DOJ did nothing.

    Steve Bannon is held in contempt of congress for failing to provide documents and give testimony to the J6 committee and the DOJ issue an indictment….

    Today AG Merrick Garland is using a fully weaponized justice department to purposefully, intentionally and willfully targeting the political opposition of the Biden administration. Worse still, the entire media apparatus knows this purpose and yet denies it. Our nation is in a very precarious place. …”

    TCTH also pointed out that information taken from the cell phone of James O’Keefe in an obviously unconstitutional and partisan RAID on his home, looking for anything they can use to persecute O’Keefe and by extension President Trump, is ALREADY IN THE NY TIMES! Thankfully, a judge apparently ordered them to stop extracting data from his phone. However, the damage is done through the “leak” of the supposedly protected information seized through a warrant, although I doubt the warrant mentioned the information that was stolen, leaked to the complicit media, and publicized. A fishing expedition that NOBODY can be safe from if the MEDIA, like O’Keefe, can have their communications and papers SEIZED just because a partisan prosecutor can drum up a fake potential crime and misuse a grand jury to get a warrant signed by a (probably) DemoncRAT-appointed judge. ALL because the FBI and SDNY are suddenly investigating the alleged theft of a diary that supposedly isn’t even Ashley Biden’s! (Just like the laptop wasn’t Hunter’s, until it was.)

    Consider the irony: Somebody offered the diary to journalist O’Keefe. He didn’t take it. He turned it over to law enforcement. He didn’t publish it. So now, a year later, he has his home raided and his personal devices SEIZED. (So much for the Bill of Rights!) Then, information seized unconstitutionally is illegally given to the NY Times. Will the FBI and Merrick Garland NOW go after the reporters at the NY Times who accepted LEAKED secret grand jury information that never should have been stolen illegally from James O’Keefe in the first place? OF COURSE NOT.

    How about the FBI investigate all the illegal leaks that happened during the years-long persecution of President Trump?

    This is ALL happening because maybe, just maybe, Durham is going to indict and some sh** MAY hit the fan. We can only hope and pray.

  4. WOW


  6. BRO’ EAT SHIT! just WHO does he think HE IS? plays with BALLS?

  7. …!!! ?

    To: Mount Athos … @ comments!
    Whites are portrayed as subhuman monsters who are privileged at the expense of everyone else.

    It is not surprising, therefor, that Whites are systemically treated as subhuman monsters who are unworthy of life.

    Sadly, the situation is that ugly, and that mortally dangerous.

    • Yes, and suddenly Fauci admits the vaccines aren’t good enough so the solution? BOOSTERS! Except now they want to change the definition of boosters and say it’s just that they haven’t studied it enough to learn whether a full course to get full and best immunity might be 3 or more shots, instead of 2. Somebody said, either on TCTH or TGP, that the time is UP for the emergency authorizations, so WHY are the vaccine manufacturers still indemnified? I take this to mean that under Trump there was a deadline for this emergency authorization. Don’t know if it was a law passed and signed or what, but it’s for sure a good question: WHY, if the vaccines are SAFE (and now we know NOT effective), WHY are they still not standing behind their products?

      So of course, you’re not going to EVER be fully vaccinated and OF COURSE there will be endless numbers of “variants” to keep the scamdemic going UNTIL all of us have our vaccine passports that morph into the MARK OF THE BEAST. Comply or die.

      Kamel Face was asked about why we’re not on board with the WHO’S vaccine passports for all. She hemmed and hawed and PRETENDED that all that is the purview of the STATES, which it is, but we know that Kamel Face knows that the program, the plan, is to force us all into being watched 24/7 by Big Brother who will also control all our money, if Biden’s nominee is confirmed and gets to seize all our bank accounts.

    • Well, why not just blow up the Constitution? I mean, HHS is allowing them to ration life-saving treatments like monoclonal antibodies (because of Biden’s DELIBERATE “shortage”) according to RACE, denying WHITES treatment while giving treatment to blacks and Hispanics, based SOLELY upon their race and nothing else, which is ironic considering Hispanics can be WHITE. Not all whites are able to fight it off; not all blacks and Hispanics are unable to fight it off. There are so many other factors involved, such as health status, diet, blood type, etc. It’s “arbitrary and capricious” to just ignore SCIENCE and discriminate against whites in favor of other races when people’s lives are at stake.

    • Making fun of the French and their accents when speaking English? That’s NOT a gaffe? I’m surprised she didn’t take the side of Belarus. I’ll bet she wanted to. They’d better not mess with Poland. After being invaded and oppressed so many times by so many different oppressors, they’ve learned their lesson and it will NOT happen again.

    • Lop it off and burn it. That’s the solution to the “fourth branch”, and while we’re at it we have to eliminate the Deep State, especially the career holdovers. Term limits for THEM, not our representatives.

    …. EYES … WIDE OPEN YET … Kiddy’s ??? WHEN ? … NEVER EVER ?

    • For goodness sakes. The guy has been front and center in DC for FIFTY YEARS. Why would anybody by this time NOT KNOW who and what he is? Not who we were “told” he was? Get real. Anybody who relies on what the media and Biden and his cronies and supporters tell them doesn’t deserve to be able to vote. They should be locked in the loony bin as a public health threat. Disease: Stupidity.

    • Yep. Andrew Sullivan in danger of committing journalism, UNTIL he calls the Hunter Biden laptop data a “minor news story.”

  9. SMASH IT GOOD …. !!!! WHAT a WORLD of …..CHEATS !!!!

    • They got them all wrong BY DESIGN. They don’t report–they propagandize. They work for the Biden/OBAMA cabal. They don’t work for us. Their job is to inform us but all they inform us of is “right think,” aka HOW WE SHOULD THINK OR AT LEAST OPENLY PRETEND THAT’S HOW WE THINK.

  10. FREE the MAN!!! WE SEE – WE SAW …WE KNOW YOUR! BS – BS !
    PUSH USA 2 the EDGE … then do the PIT BULL! U R DIRT! YES! 24/7

    • Now that they have all that video proving that crimes were actually committed in Kenosha by the so-called peaceful protesters, including the people who violently assaulted Rittenhouse, why aren’t THESE PEOPLE (the still-living ones, I mean) being identified, indicted, and tried for THEIR violent crimes, which arguably can be called “domestic terrorism?” What else is attacking businesses night after night but terrorism?

      That judge should dismiss the case, not allow the jury to consider lesser charges. He already knows that the jury was doxxed, videotaped, and threatened. He already knows that BLM is threatening chaos (why aren’t THEY being arrested as conspirators in domestic terrorism, potentially?), and he already knows the governor is standing up troops/cops to deal with unrest should some conviction not happen. So why is he making it easier for the jury to compromise and convict Kyle of SOMETHING, whether he’s guilty of not, just to keep the peace? If he allows the extra charges, then he should DIRECT the verdicts.

  11. the …REAL .. VILLAINS ? USA ! WTP ? YOU ? ME ? ….ALL of US !
    WAKE UP … Please …KEEP a SANE BRAIN …. Do U have ONE???

    • Where is the justice for the property owners? While people in Detroit are getting millions of dollars from their city because allegedly they may have been harmed by lead pipes that were used only a few years (as opposed to millions of people who drank from lead pipes all their lives, including me), and while illegal aliens are set to collect $450,000 per person because they were allegedly separated by our government, property owners across the country cannot SUE their police depts. for NOT protecting them, even though they pay taxes FOR that very protection. I suppose I shouldn’t blame the police, given they were under orders to stand down by woke mayors and other leaders (like police chiefs). In any case, WHY can certain people in Detroit and illegal aliens sue the government while upstanding business owners can’t?

    • It infuses EVERYTHING–this race conscious vendetta. Now math. You cannot get more REAL than math, but the “woke” screw up everything while accusing YOU of doing it. Now all children are “honor students” and all should get into “advanced placement” classes. My local newspaper had an article today about how parents are hiring tutors to help their kids catch up from backsliding during the pandemic. And yet the tutoring will be online! Which begs the question: Why would kids taking online classes from their regular teachers need to “catch up” by having online tutoring? When only 22% of kids were reading proficient pre-pandemic, then what are they now? NEGATIVE 0% proficient? What a waste of our taxpayer dollars.

    • If the Smith family gets free housing, free food, free day care, free backpacks, free winter coats, free athletic shoes, free public education, $300 tax credit per child per month, and free transportation, are they still below the poverty level? Answer: YES, according to woke math!

    • The mainstream media is a public health threat and potential domestic terrorists because they spread lies and misinformation in order to stir people up.

      • Oh, for goodness sakes. More lawfare. Of course they will go with that option–that she can be simultaneously acting president, vice-president, head of the Senate/tie-breaking voter. Of course they will!

        “Section 3 provides that, if Biden were to declare that “he is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office … such powers and duties shall be discharged by the Vice President as Acting President.” It does not provide that, upon such declaration, the president would cease to hold office and that the vice president would become president.

        If, in lieu of resigning, Biden advised the Congress of his inability to discharge his duties, pursuant to Section 3, he would remain in office while Vice President Kamala Harris took over as acting president.

        But what is an acting president? Could Kamala Harris be an acting president and remain vice president? If so, would Acting President Harris still preside over the Senate, where she could still provide tie-breaking votes? …”

        If they can pull it off, they will try. After all, first of all, she’s not even eligible to be EITHER POTUS OR VPOTUS. Neither was Barry, and they pulled that off, too. So why not in unprecedented fashion make her BOTH “acting” POTUS and VPOTUS? They would NEVER go for that if it were Pence, though.

    • Jillie wants to use the 25th amendment to oust Kamel Face while the rest of the Bidenistas talk about having her put on the SCOTUS to get her out of the WH. Now that tells you how patriotic these people are and how POLITICAL they are and how LITTLE they think of the American people–she’s an incompetent, naive, stupid, idiotic, silly pain in the rear, so let’s give her a LIFETIME APPOINTMENT to the Supreme Court, which should ONLY have the smartest, best, least partisan, most patriotic people on it (not that that description fits most of the current residents on that bench). Put Dumbo there FOR LIFE, just to get her out of their hair for 3 years. Kamel Face is the racist, imho. How else do you explain her ridiculing French people?

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