Suffer the Little Children …

Biden’s administration has given the go-ahead to jab children ages 5 through 11 with the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine. The product name may be familiar to those who closely follow the documents coming from Biden’s administration. Note the product identification (seen above) that will be on vials distinguishing the vaccine given to ages 12 and above from the vaccine given to children ages 5 through 11. Hint: It’s not Comirnaty. It’s not the licensed and approved vaccine.

Children ages 5 through 11 will receive, under “emergency use authorization” (EUA), a reformulated version of the experimental “vaccine,” according to the above photo from the FDA and a document from the FDA.

About the EUA:

Only under an EUA ruling is Pfizer presently exempt from vaccine liability. Some lawyers are calling the FDA ruse a classic “bait and switch” tactic, a form of fraud based on deception.

Despite details in the FDA’s previous letter “approving” Comirnaty, that vaccine is apparently no longer always identical to the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine (the version previously given to millions of people).

Reformulation has added a “Tris buffer” to replace the former “PBS” buffer, for some uses. Now both Pfizer vaccines seem to exist under both product names, each with one or the other buffer.

Not to worry! We’re assured that the products are now “analytically comparable,” instead of identical.

If you’re confused, then join my club. I haven’t yet found time to thoroughly parse the words in these various documents, but they’re probably written to be deliberately confusing to a layperson.

A link that previously went to the August letter now goes to the October letter, so I searched the Web archive for the earlier letter, which is here.

It may be that the reformulated product can or will be given to adults, too, as first or second doses or as boosters.

It also may be that the reformulated vaccine, the one with the new buffer, wasn’t even the version tested on small children. Who knows?

It’s difficult to deduce truth from obfuscation in these various FDA documents. As I said before, I haven’t read the documents thoroughly yet, so I’m unable to report on every nuance.

As for the reformulated jab for small children, we’re told that this vaccine “looks effective,” whatever that means. There’s a caveat big enough to drive a truck through: the study size was not large enough to assure safety for small children from all potentially serious side effects.

Why not? Aren’t our country’s small children important enough to do a study that ensures their absolute safety?

Here’s what one distinguished member of the FDA panel said concerning safety of the product for small children:

But we’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it. That’s just the way it goes.

That’s just the way it goes. Not exactly reassuring, is it?

A word of advice to parents: Do thorough research to learn the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth before you allow your small children to be used as figurative lab rats in a trial from which there will be no going back, from which you will have no recourse for compensation from wealthy manufacturers should “rare” side effects occur, and about which, no doubt, you will not be given fully informed consent.

If you’re thinking of taking this jab for yourself, it may behoove you to find out which version, with which buffer, you’re being jabbed.

The manufacturers are already working on a jab for infants and toddlers.

How long before the jab is made mandatory for every person in the country regardless of age, with boosters in perpetuity?

Pray for our nation and our world.

Pray for our children and their futures.



116 responses to “Suffer the Little Children …

  1. ….. NOW WHAT JOE??? …BLEED US DRY ??? ..F J B !!! 24/7

    • You know that they actually argued to the court yesterday that there’s “no rush” to put in a permanent injunction, totally ignoring the unconstitutional and illegal aspects of the mandate? Their argument to a court of law is to allow the mandate to proceed so that their extortion of the American People can proceed until the case winds through the court, in which case then it will be moot because the harm will be done to businesses, people will SUBMIT in the interim and risk their lives to save their jobs, and Biden will win with his bullying threats/scheme to impose his will.

      They actually admit to the court that’s what they’re doing: The Obama M.O. Impose the policy that you KNOW is unconstitutional and illegal and then run out the clock as long as possible so you get your way in the meantime, IF a court stops you.

      They openly admitted it to the courts that this is what they’re doing, supposedly because it’s for the good of society. Forget the unconstitutional and unprecedented assault on people’s right to control what happens to their own bodies! Forget all the arguments about the financial disaster that will ensue, the people that will die (yes, some will die), and the children that will be put at risk because their parents lose jobs.

      Not to mention the kill shot to our Constitution and freedoms.

      They can’t argue the merits because their totalitarian policies have no merit. They can’t argue law because there is NO LAW giving them this authority.

      All they argued is to allow the ALLEGED mandate (i.e., the THREAT of financial ruin for individuals and businesses) to proceed until the case is heard, if it’s ever actually heard.

      If this court rules that the mandate can proceed, then we as a nation are LOST. That’s it. Kaput. Because if this policy that is SO CLEARLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL is allowed to remain in effect, then we have no Constitution nor the protection of the third branch of government anymore.

      You know what scares me? Biden being absolutely sure that these judges will rule the way he wants them to.

      What do they have on the judges? What will they do TO THEM if they don’t rule as he wishes? Will THEY get the James O’Keefe/Jan. 6 protesters treatment? GULAG? Destruction of their careers? Set up an arrest and thrown them in a gulag? Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime?


  2. …..1 …6 …2021
    KAMEL …never EVER WAS THERE!!! O’ ???

  3. Vice President Kamala Harris & Doug Emhoff Head to Paris ?????
    for a FREE … First European Trip ??? !!! 4 WHAT ???

    O’ .. P A R I S’ ? 4 WHAT? GO 2 OUR BORDERS ! U R MAD > F K H’

  4. The Kamikaze Party ……
    The Democrats respond to last week’s defeat with a series of futile
    suicide missions.

    DisgustedwithElitismNC •
    The disintegration of the truth in the modern era:
    * Benghazi consulate attack was because of a video; &
    * Michael Brown died saying “Hands up, don’t shoot!”; &
    * Crooked >>> Hillary’s 30k deleted emails on her private server; &
    * DNC server was hacked by Russians; &
    * Russia! Russia! Russia!; &
    * Jussie Smollett was attacked by Trump supporters; &
    * COVID-19 was not created at the Wuhan Institute of Virology; &
    * 2020 #BLM/antifa demonstrations [riots and looting & arson] were “mostly
    peaceful’: &
    * Alexander Vindman was not the whistle blower; &
    * Hunter BIden’s laptop was planted by the Russians; &
    * Natural immunity through prior infection with COVID-19 does not exist; &
    * All Americans were removed from Afghanistan; &
    * Drone attack in Kabul killed an ISIS bomb maker; &
    * Conclusions drawn from the application of Critical Race Theory are not
    taught in schools; &
    * White supremacist, right-wing domestic terrorists are the greatest threat
    to the USA.

    • How can he build back when all he’s done is TEAR DOWN? Things were FAR BETTER under Trump. No “supply chain” problems, no energy shortage, no soaring prices. All he’s done is diminish the country from the high mark it was at under Trump, despite the pandemic. You don’t get credit for building back what you deliberately burned down.

  5. I don’t know if any of y’all have found Freedom Force Battalion with Melissa Redpill.
    I really enjoy her enthusiasm and happiness but here’s some news she read:
    It’s about a senseless accidental shooting on a movie set a few weeks ago
    Go to 4 minutes 25 seconds in.
    No hints!
    If you already knew this then I am sorry but I haven’t seen it like anywhere


    Yes, SUBMIT, COMPLY with our threats because you never know if the courts will rule FOR you and we are losing patience.

    “When it comes to President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate, it looks like the entire administration is descending into dementia.

    On Friday, White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insisted that it’s “misinformation” to call it a mandate, since private employers wouldn’t have to fire workers who instead submit to weekly testing: It’s just a “requirement” on workplaces with 100 or more staff. And never mind that Biden himself called it a “mandate” in his speech announcing it two months ago.

    Then Surgeon-General Vivek Murthy on Sunday suggested the mandate could expand to cover smaller businesses, insisting that a “vax or no job” rule is a “necessary step to accelerate our pathway out of the pandemic.” …”

    It’s for the greater good, if you accept all their premises, prime one being that vax means no more disease, transmission, grave danger, which is B.S. of the highest order and they know it.

    Using that greater good argument, you could make a similar case for reinstating slavery. What’s a few people’s constitutional right to freedom worth balanced against, say, the benefit to most of society to have their free labor? Think of the tax dollars we could save, as a “community.” Who cares if those people have their rights trampled, if doing so serves the greater good? Similarly, we could mandate a one-kid-you-can’t-afford-and-you’re-sterilized policy. If We the People have to support your first kid, because you can’t or chose not to think about supporting the kid before you got preggers, then that’s it for you: Forced sterilization because why should We the People pay for your choices? You didn’t have to get pregnant. You could have prevented it, so you LOSE your right to your own body and your right to refuse “medical procedures” like sterilization. Sound sensible? (Of course, this is sarcasm but it’s a slippery slope, isn’t it?)


    WHAT a show man! HAM on RYE ..24/7 WHAT DOES he really KNOW?

    • He’s only a child, too. My heart went out to both him and his mother. He is remarkably composed and level headed. I could see him as a Navy Seal. He’s the type of kid who’s the best of us. There are many cops and soldiers who don’t have his composure and his apparent ability to hold his fire and make quick judgements. If he were trigger happy, then there would have been far more casualties that night. He did NOT shoot people who didn’t threaten him, even if they ran at him. If they put up their hands or were unarmed, even if they had chased him or threatened him verbally, he didn’t shoot them. Let justice prevail. So many of these people and the media “journalists”, too, write and speak AS IF he’s guilty until he proves he’s innocent. He IS INNOCENT until that useless, biased, smarmy, disgusting prosecutor manages to prove his guilt, which is impossible because he’s not guilty. He obviously acted in self-defense and THANK GOD for the videos. I’ll bet all those antifa “journalists” didn’t think they’d end up helping to acquit him.

      I had forgotten all about how social media banned positive discussion and also prevented people from donating for his defense. Disgusting. These people act as if they’re the arbitors of all that’s well and good and for “democracy,” and yet they spit in the face of due process and innocent until proved guilty.

      • All that said, I hope when this is over he pulls a SANDMAN and sues the pants off all of those who libeled and slandered him (like Behar, who still does so).

      • Just think about it, too: In CA they elect the son of actual domestic terrorists, a guy who himself gave aid and comfort to a tyrant in Venezuela, who destroyed that country, or at least did his best to.

      • Did you see that George Floyd’s (alleged) relative, who said on social media that he knew people who were filming the jurors and trying to doxx them, seemed to encourage people to do it more and then somebody DID! They stalked and videotaped the jury and got caught by a cop, who made him or her wipe the video. The judge had to instruct the cops to seize the phone if it happens again (as if the cops didn’t know to do this, or should have known).

        The person should have been arrested because this is obviously not only obstruction of justice but also an attempt to THREATEN the jurors, as Floyd’s relative suggested. (Mainstream media doesn’t report this.)

        They know they’ve lost so NOW they intend to try to get the jury to convict him of a lesser charge, anything to get a “win” and say he’s a convicted criminal.

        They should be investigating to see if there was a CONSPIRACY TO OBSTRUCT JUSTICE AND THREATEN JURORS. But Garland’s FBI is too busy investigating parents. Already there should be a mistrial based on this alone–the jury KNOWS they were threatened with doxxing, if not worse, if they don’t rule “correctly”. If they do convict him of something, there are so many issues his lawyers can raise to get the conviction thrown out. This is only one.

        Someone in comments at one site said that most likely the video of the jurors, taken at the bus stop where they’re picked up to go to the courthouse, is probably ALREADY out on the Internet. Most likely because even if deleted from the phone, the guy was probably LIVE STREAMING it. Is the judge savvy on this stuff? Is Kyle’s lawyer?

        I hope the judge, who is savvy about the law and SEES what’s going on, refuses their request for more charges at this late date. This boy should never have been charged and they know it.

        I don’t know what’s with judges that they don’t, as they used to do, just toss cases that are obviously overreaches. This should never have been brought to trial, wasting the court’s time, the taxpayers’ money, and persecuting an innocent person.

  8. .. F …B …O’ … what a AZZ …as HE THINKS HE’s COOL … & Cute?
    I …I …I ?? just HOW OLD is this SHOW OFF ? SPEND His MONEY? OK

    • Ha, ha. He never changes, but you know: Rep. Cori Bush is giving him a run for his money. She has a new twist on the narcissism: EVERYTHING has happened directly to her. She’s been homeless. She’s a single mother. She was on welfare (sound familiar)? She needed day care help. She’s a victim of racism. She was profiled by cops. It NEVER ENDS and it all happened TO HER (or so she claims).

  9. FOOL’S Voted in this … MAXED OUT FOOL … CRIME PAY$ ….YEP!

  10. PI$$….. POOR Example$….
    Pelosi slammed for attending lavish wedding maskless while California children are forced to mask up
    Nov 10,2021

    • He’s such a liar, too. EVERY GLOBALIST leader in the world is using that phrase, “build back better,” which really means: We’re tearing it all down and we plan to build it back “better,” which in our lingo means: An oligarchy with US AT THE TOP forevermore. You all get to COMPLY OR DIE.

    • Aren’t these the same type of people who complained about Trump trying to influence trial outcomes? They are SUCH hypocrites.

    • What does Hakeem have to say about BLM threatening the new mayor of NYC? I wonder if the DHS will now consider BLM as the type of “potential domestic terrorists” who will focus on and threaten elected officials and public health officials, among others?

      What scares me about this new warning from DHS is that they sound almost as if they’re forecasting, telegraphing the next false flag to be run using “improvised expl0sive devices.”

  11. ??? W T F ??? SLICE & DICE ? THAT’S NOT COOL ?? MOM & DADDY!

    • How VIOLENT! Aren’t they against violence? Aren’t they against memes that use anime to symbolically show Republicans (like Gosar) defeating stupid commies like AOC? WTF? Isn’t this anti-pirate? How DARE they have costumes promoting a stereotype about sailors?!!!

    • I love those! Have you heard that Gates NOW finally admits that the vaccines fall short, don’t stop transmission, won’t stop any pandemic? What’s his solution? We need a better vaccine. Why doesn’t he just stop trying to social engineer and run everybody else’s life? I like how they have the vax glowing in the dark. TGP has a story about how they’re trying to create genetically modified plants like lettuce, that CONTAIN the mRNA of the vaccine in them, so you get your dose when you eat your salad (probably whether you like it or not). We’re going to have to go back to hunting our own meat and raising our own food, just to keep from being engineered by these evil people.

      • Here’s the link. Maybe the salads will glow in the dark, too. After all, they claim that the protein that makes a firefly’s butt glow is used in making the vax. Who doesn’t want glowing kale?


    “You would assume that if the CDC was going to crush the civil and individual rights of those with natural immunity by having them expelled from school, fired from their jobs, separated from the military, and worse, the CDC would have proof of at least one instance of an unvaccinated, naturally immune individual transmitting the COVID-19 virus to another individual. If you thought this, you would be wrong. …”

    Some people seem to only just now be catching on to the fact that if there’s no “evidence” (like Hillary once infamously said), then it didn’t happen. So they make sure to “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil and collect no evil” in the form of EVIDENCE that can be used to prove their mendacity. Hide the proverbial blue dress and it didn’t happen. Change the meaning of words, like vaccine and science, and there’s nothing to worry about. DON’T COLLECT ANY FACTS, like vaccine death statistics, that can prove your evil plans are … EVIL PLANS.

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