Thank You, Dave!

Comedian Dave Chappelle is not only funny but he’s also got particular insight into the female psyche. At least this female’s psyche.

I’ve been saying for a long time that much of the transgender “movement” is offensive to women but that nobody seems to care when this particular historically oppressed group (women) are offended.

Here’s what Chappelle insightfully said recently, which predictably has the “transgender community” upset and calling for him to be canceled:

TERF is an acronym. It stands for trans-exclusionary, radical feminists. This is a real thing. This is a group of women that hate transgender … they don’t hate “transgender women”, but they look at “trans-women” the way we Blacks might look at blackface. It offends them, like “Ooh, this bitch is doing an impression of me.”

Now I shouldn’t speak on this, because I am not a woman. Nor am I a “trans.” But as we’ve established, I am a feminist. That’s right. I’m team TERF. I agree. I agree, man. Gender is a fact. You have to look at it from a woman’s perspective. Look at it like this: Caitlyn Jenner, whom I met, wonderful person, Caitlyn Jenner was voted “Woman of the Year.” Her first year as a “woman.”

[emphasis added to all quotes]

For speaking the truth, the “transgender community” and all the “woke” leftists who support this war on women are trying to destroy Dave Chappelle.

Make no mistake. This is indeed a war on women.

Not only was Jenner honored as “Woman of the Year,” but more recently a  “transgender” individual, a biological male, won a gold medal in the Olympics weight-lifting competition in the women’s category. Another “transgender” individual, known for over 50 years as a biological male, was honored by the Biden administration as the (alleged)

first female four-star officer.

For disagreeing with this characterization of a biological male “transgender woman” as the first “female” four-star officer, two members of Congress were “censored” or “banned” by Twitter for stating the obvious.

Note the subtle difference, though: We’ve transitioned from gender to sex. 

When Dave Chappelle spoke, he talked about gender.

But that’s not the issue, not my problem, with the transgender community. You can call yourself a transgender woman but you’re not female and you’re not a woman. Don’t forget the critical adjective: transgender.

The woke have already instructed us that there are multiple genders. Gender is an identity. It’s self-determined; it’s not determined by science at birth. It’s not based upon immutable physical characteristics. Gender is mutable. It’s a feeling.

Sex is not mutable. Sex is real, physical, scientific, biological fact. One is either male or female, determined by chromosomes. If one has a Y chromosome, that person is male.

One cannot change sex. One can, however, change the outward physical characteristics that others observe as male or female through radical plastic surgery.

One can also dress or use cosmetics to hide the outward physical characteristics that cause others to perceive male or female, without undergoing surgery.

Nothing, however, changes the fact that the person remains the sex he or she inherited at conception.

You can use colored contact lenses to change what others perceive as your eye color. Nevertheless, your eyes remain the color genetics dictate.

Sex is at the cellular level. It cannot be changed (unless or until the technology of genetic manipulation advances exponentially).

Dave Chappelle was completely spot on when he compared a Black person’s reaction to blackface to a female’s reaction to “transgender women.” They most definitely are doing an “impression” of females. Most of the time, their impression is characterized by outrageous stereotypes which women have been fighting against for decades–Barbie dolls, sex objects, bimbos.

Imagine having Blackface Story Hour at your local public library!

Look at the poster “girl” leading the charge against Dave Chappelle. (While you’re at it, check out this person’s own problem with intolerantly insulting, offending, threatening, and stereotyping those of a different race, ethnicity, gender, sex.)

The world is surely askew when we are lectured by Vladimir Putin:

The proponents of new approaches go so far as they want to eliminate the whole notions of men and women, and those who dare say that men and women exist and this is a biological fact, they are all but banished. Parent number one, parent number two, or the parent that has given birth, or instead of breast milk, you say human milk. And you say all of that, so the people who are not sure of their sexual agenda are not unhappy. …

There are some monstrous things when from a very young age, you teach to children that the boy can easily become a girl and you impose on them this selection, this choice. You push the parents aside and make the child take these decisions that can destroy their lives.

Putin also said that telling children that they can change their sex is a “crime against humanity.” And so it is.

Thanks Dave! Thanks, Vladimir!

Halloween, when everybody likes to play dress up, is coming up on Sunday. The ADL has helpfully come out with woke guidelines for choosing a costume. Here’s a portion of their guidelines:

Holidays that focus on “dress-up” can quickly fall into stereotypes. …

Before Halloween, be proactive by addressing these issues in advance and use it as an educational opportunity to discuss stereotypes, bias and cultural appropriation. Many children and families don’t realize that their costume choices are potentially hurtful or offensive. For example, a child who may be interested in Native American stories and history wants to dress up as a Native American person. Consider it an opportunity to talk with them about how Native American dress is not a costume.  Instead, it is an essential part of identity

Other examples of “teachable moment” classroom discussions can include:  

Why blackface is offensive and its history of racism.

What’s worse, wearing a hurtful and offensive stereotypical costume for a day or for a lifetime? And then forcing everyone else to affirm your virtual reality despite actual reality, despite that your virtual reality is in direct opposition to an essential part of everyone else’s identity?

I’m looking forward to the day that the ADL has a page explaining why calling biological males “women” or “females” is offensive to biological females, as well as explaining the relationship transgenderism has with anti-female sexism.

The new set of rules to accommodate men who identify as transgender are based on some fairly ancient misogynist tropes; males become uberwomen when they play with the tools used to subjugate actual women.

Just because some males have gender dysphoria, doesn’t mean they get to cancel or redefine womanhood and femaleness for the majority of the population (biological females).

So how about we call Caitlyn Jenner the Transgender Woman of the Year, Rachel Levine the first four-star transgender woman officer, and set up a separate category at the Olympics for transgender women?

If the ADL gets its way, then only biological males who believe they’re females will be allowed to wear the costume that biological female children most often choose: princess.

If men can become women, then race–a far-less scientifically determined biological category–can also be mutable. Thus, Rachel Dolezal can be Black and Hilaria Baldwin can be Spanish. Why not?

And Blacks and Hispanics had better keep their traps shut if they’re offended by these women’s “choices.” Otherwise, they might find themselves “canceled,” too.


77 responses to “Thank You, Dave!

  1. This is completely off the topic of my post, but I find it charming that walruses “chime.” Did you ever hear this before? I just had to share this curiosity:

    How exactly do they make that sound?

    • Thanks Miri. ❤

      • It’s amazing, isn’t it? Who knew? I certainly didn’t. I remember seeing a walrus at the zoo but never heard it “say” anything except grunting and snuffling. I’m still trying to figure out how they make that strumming sound.

        • Yes….W.B. Yeats nailed IT! …. WHO KNEW ?

          “The world is full of Magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to
          grow stronger.”

          • It IS magical, isn’t it? It’s hard at MY AGE to run across something like this that I’d never heard before, which is why it’s so exciting to me. I did know that somewhere, way back in time, they shared a common ancestor with BEARS. Still can’t really figure out how the pouches in their heads will make that sound like strumming a ukulele. Would love to see a walrus making the noise. Long ago, when I was just a teenybopper, I used to visit the zoo’s walrus. He got to know me and my friends, would come up to the side of his outdoor pool and let us pat his head and stroke his whiskers. Obviously, this was long ago before they got paranoid and put big moats between the people and the animals. I’ll never forget that old walrus. Such a fascinating creature.

    • They’re trying their darnedest to make Dave bow down to them. Don’t you love it how racist, homophobic (go figure), sexist, and profane their spokes “woman” is? Different strokes altogether. Such hypocrisy. They are FAR MORE sexist, racist, homophobic, hateful, evil than anybody they accuse of the same.

  2. OUR WITCH …has a TRAIL ..2 B ….LOOKED at Check IT OUT!
    as ..she LAUGHS…. So NO ..1 EVER PRESSES … a QUESTION !!!!

  3. Schadenfreud:

    So freaking ironic. A leftwing media outlet BANNED/CENSORED (for a time) by Google because they dared to publicize the TRUTH about the transgender anti-Chappelle activist whose own words prove “she’s” a racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe, hater. They called playing the video that proved “her” hatefulness “hate speech,” which of course it is and was but how ironic that when it was on social media where I found it to link to, it was fine. It was only considered “hate speech” when the left winger outfit played the video of “her” actual words and so we must assume it’s considered hate speech to throw someone’s own hateful speech back in their face to humiliate them. I guess. But isn’t it deliciously ironic to see how they hypocritically whine and howl about being censored AND JUDGED when it happens to THEM?

  4. really fauci?? TORTURE ..NOT YOUR CHILDREN? IT’s OK?

    • Wow. There’s another BIG STORY being covered up/hidden by the mainstream media. It’s a gift that ought to keep on giving, IF THEY WOULD cover the story. But they won’t and I’ll bet if you try to link to it on social media, you’ll be censored AS IF it’s fake news. PETA and all the young people OUGHT TO BE outraged about it, but you know … they don’t even KNOW about it and if the mainstream media has anything to say about it, they never will know about it. Ditto for the monkeys and apes he also experimented on. Not to mention the poor little black kids with AIDS. Yikes. He’s giving Mengele a run for his money.

    • So funny! Schadenfreude. We sit back and watch them eat themselves (no double entendre intended, but there it is, after all).

    • As for the video about bitter partisan in chief, Barry, he’s doing a great job destroying Bruce Springsteen’s fan base. Whatever happened to Me,Too, when you’re talking about a little girl raped in the bathroom by a guy in a skirt?

  5. Dennis PRAGER …. is a Great AMERICAN !!! YES he IS!

    • He was a mess the other night. He gets SO FREAKING SCARY when his eyes roll up into his head and he shouts out one of his hate-filled, anti-American comments, such as when he ridicules people for wanting FREEDOM or hates on them for daring to NOT COMPLY with his dictates, like an insane person.

  6. Go Ted.

    • That hearing today was dynamite but they didn’t, imho, hold his feet to the fire. They let him get away with pretending that he didn’t know about so much of what’s happening on his watch.

      We’re supposed to believe that he doesn’t know that HIS U.S. attorneys are writing up lists of federal crimes with which to THREATEN people who dare to become politically active at school boards or at the local level (IF they’re opposed to Biden). This is just like their unconstitutional activities with regard to abusing their power to violate the constitutional rights of the Jan. 6 protesters.

      ALL OF THAT was ALSO designed to chill people from exercising their constitutional rights to free speech and assembly. How many people will participate in a protest AGAINST Biden’s policies if he’s going to sic the FBI/DOJ/NSD on them as if they’re “domestic terrorists?”

      It’s ALL designed to weaponize the government police authorities against citizens, unconstitutionally and illegally, in order to STOP any political movement to unseat the DemoncRATS from their autocratic power.

      They saw what was happening at the local level because that’s one way we may be able to wrest control back to THE PEOPLE, and so they had to come up with some way to STOP IT. This has Barry written all over it, btw.

      Either Garland is a complete idiot and puppet just like Biden, or he’s in on it. He didn’t write that memo. The Obama holdovers wrote it even as or directly after they COLLUDED with the school board association to get them to write the letter to Biden to which Garland allegedly responded. It was INVITED by the WH from the school board association–write us a letter as cover for us doing what we want to do anyway (abuse power) in order to stop what is going to be a POLITICAL PROBLEM IN THE MID-TERMS.

      Just as the Trump/Russia hoax was all concocted by the Obama holdovers, in collusion with people inside and outside government, THIS HOAX was concocted to misuse the powers of the DOJ against citizens. LAWFARE.

      Now Garland claims he has no idea that U.S. attorneys are compiling lists of crimes parents could potentially be charged with and sending the lists (THREATS) out to local sheriffs and police depts. Just in case, you know.

      It’s all designed to keep parents from speaking up against CRT and the PORNOGRAPHY they’re putting into schools, not to mention how they’re sacrificing little girls on the altars of “transgender rights” by letting RAPISTS in women’s clothing into their bathrooms.

      They should have nailed him to the wall on the FACT that his own employees were colluding with the school board association (or, more correctly, with ACTIVISTS in the school board association) to instigate this whole campaign to THREATEN AND SCARE citizens and keep them from exercising their rights. This is what he ought to be investigating. Get to the bottom of who ELICITED that letter FROM the school board association and FIRE THEIR ASSES for misusing their positions for POLITICAL PURPOSES. He plays dumb. But he’s supposed to be such a great, intelligent judge–so great that he should have been on the SCOTUS. The WH directly colluded with the people at the DOJ (different branches of the government, note) to abuse their authority, to weaponize and politicize their authority, AGAINST THE PEOPLE (or at least those who are their political opponents).

      btw, one of the activists who was responsible for, wrote and signed that letter to Biden, was rewarded with a CUSHY appointment by Biden, who obviously always pays his debts.

  7. White House Strategy On ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Is To Aggressively
    .. Pretend It’s Not Happening !!! & JUST LIKE OUR BORDERS!!!

  8. …. NANCY PELOSI ….
    AOC threatens ‘no’ vote on infrastructure if Democrats don’t provide social spending bill text
    AOC’s comments come as moderate Democrats and the party’s more progressive faction have feuded over the bill

  9. 23,000 Votes From One Address In Wisconsin.With The Same Phone Number.

    • Unbelievable! I missed the press conference by that sheriff (?) as it happened but tried to watch it on replay. I couldn’t figure out how to get the video to show me the presser (on Gateway Pundit). I would have liked to have seen the presentation of the findings. I gathered that it came down to an illegal directive put out by the election supervisor(s?) at the behest of the governor, telling elections boards all over the state that they didn’t have to follow the LAW and could arbitrarily call anybody “indefinitely confined” because of COVID. That meant they could just pump into the system tens of thousands of ballots where the voters (if they WERE voters) didn’t have to present photo ID to prove who they were. Also, that activists and others went into nursing homes across the state and just let everybody vote and in some instances they filled out parts of the applications (maybe even ballots) for the people. Family members were present, it was said, to attest that their family member who was mentally incompetent could not have voted and so someone else MUST HAVE voted for them.

    • Remember how people all over the world used to say, “Never again,” as if it were truth, as if this kind of totalitarian crap would NEVER AGAIN happen in our enlightened world?

    • This is happening in city governments all over the country, too. White men who have worked their way up in police departments or fire departments or city government positions are being run out, discriminated against, fired, reassigned, whatever. If/when they complain, the cities simply use taxpayer money to pay them off but they don’t STOP the illegal discrimination. Just as they’re purging the military of deplorables, the cities, now many run by “people of color,” are purging the city governments of white people, replacing them with blacks or other “people of color.” Unlike when there’s a white mayor, for example, the black mayors aren’t held to any “equal representation” standard. There’s a new black mayor in St. Louis and nearly EVERY appointment she makes is a black person. There are a few token whites, even though that city is majority white (barely, about 53% white). It’s OBVIOUS discrimination but nobody in the media even asks and of course they never say in the paper what color the person is, although every time there’s a cop accused of something, they always tell you the cop’s race.

    • This is happening more and more and it seems as if the companies/entities are just more than happy to pay off when confronted rather than to DO THE RIGHT THING AND NOT DISCRIMINATE IN THE FIRST PLACE. It’s just the cost of doing unconstitutional and illegal and discriminating and WRONG business. Imagine if the shoe were on the other foot and companies simply discriminated at will against “people of color” or LGBTQ+ individuals, simply waiting for them to SUE, provided they could find representation or the money to pay lawyers to sue, counting upon most people not bothering to sue or not being able to sue and just accepting that the racists or homophobes will get away with unconstitutionally discriminating. They would be slapped down by the courts and rightfully so for a PRACTICE and PATTERN of discrimination. This is even more blatant because most companies and organizations these days ANNOUNCE their intent to discriminate via creating positions for people whose sole job IS to find ways to discriminate. These would be the “equity and diversity and inclusion” positions that all companies NOW must have and which are ALWAYS filled in a discriminatory way with (name the “minority” or “oppressed” group). NEVER will you see white males in the diversity, equity, or inclusion position.

  10. LIES LIES LIES !!! … DEMOCRATS … LIES! … Victor Davis Hanson

    ‘They simply spread untruths to PRO-tect their OWN endangered careers’


    They just get sicker and sicker and keep pushing and pushing.

    Taking small kids on a “field trip” to ANY bar would be an outrage, much less to a gay bar. Is liquor served there? Whatever happened to the laws that said children can’t even be in bars? You can’t make this crap up.

  12. Forget Alec Baldwin, Remember Kim Potter
    Cops are not allowed to make fatal mistakes.

    & JUST what IF the GAL was BLACK??? UPROAR ..4 SURE!!!

  13. Biden Mull$ $450K to Illegal Immigrants for Family $eparation
    .. W H A T ??? MULL .. ALL U WANT U BUNCH of FOOL$!!!

    • Again, you can’t make this crap up. Not only that, but now it’s reported that they’re going to “settle” with the families of the people killed by Dylann Roof (but only because the victims are black) to the tune of $88 MILLION in taxpayer money on the premise that it’s the U.S. government’s fault that Roof was allowed to buy a gun. One person, apparently, was unable to get the correct information about one of Roof’s apparent violations of law that made him ineligible to buy the gun. So because of one mistake the taxpayers have to pony up the money to compensate the victims when they didn’t shoot anybody and neither did the people supposed to be running background checks. There’s not enough money in all the governments’ coffers to compensate all the victims of gun violence NOT committed by government employees. Think about it: Will the prosecuting attorneys all over this country be sued whenever somebody they let out of jail, or dismissed charges against, or never charged in the first place, kills or maims another person? Of course not. Why is the FBI to blame for crimes Roof committed? Here’s the best part: They used numerology in the same way Barry used to do, so fond was he (and Screwy Louie) of magic numbers.

      “Bakari Sellers, an attorney who helped broker the agreement, told The Associated Press the “88” figure was purposeful. It’s a number typically associated with white supremacy and the number of bullets Roof said he had taken with him to the attack.

      “We’ve given a big ‘F you’ to white supremacy and racism,” Sellers told the AP. “We’re doing that by building generational wealth in these Black communities, from one of the most horrific race crimes in the country.” …”

      This is BEYOND ridiculous. Penalties are supposed to have some relationship to the crime alleged. Compensation is supposed to have some relationship to the egregiousness of the crime alleged and the cost to the families.

      WHO in the FBI background check process is a proven white supremacist? How does the mistake a clerk made in not being efficient enough to pursue all the data needed to confirm/deny Roof’s application to buy a gun racist?

      How is it RACISM or WHITE SUPREMACY? WHY are We the People supposed to pay?

      AND WHY does “building generational wealth” have anything to do with this case?

      Why didn’t the DOJ fight the case in the first place? We the People did not shoot anybody. The only person responsible for his crimes is Dylann Roof. Of course, he doesn’t have $88 million so why not just go after the government’s deep pockets for reparations?

    • Illinois government is a complete joke. Even as they pass a bill amending the parental notification law, allowing children to get abortions without parents’ consent (because it’s their body, after all), they also try to pass an amendment to another bill, a freedom of conscience bill that affirms the right to follow one’s religious or ethical conscience, so that vaccine “hesitant” can’t evade vaccine mandates by relying upon their religion or ethical consciences. Makes sense. Children have the inviolable “right” to decide for themselves about their bodies and killing another’s body within their bodies; but grown people with developed religious consciences are not allowed to use that as an excuse to keep their own bodies inviolate. And all this because they LIE and claim that mandates will prevent infection from and spread of COVID, when they KNOW VACCINES DO NEITHER.

  14. DOS …..NUT JOBS!!! ….what a FRIGGIN ….JOKE!!! 24/7 !

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