Everything’s Fake, a Shell Game, Part 2

Our last post focused upon how (alleged) President Joe Biden has issued a COVID vaccine mandate for private companies with over 100 employees. As we pointed out, the “mandate” is completely fake, even though mainstream news media continue to report it as if it’s real. It’s not real. Prove it yourself by trying to find the new standard on OSHA’s website.

What else is fake? The Biden administration’s claim that they’re sending “massive numbers” of the illegal aliens pouring over our border back home.

FAKE. A lie. A shell game.

Of course, it all depends upon what the definition of “massive” is, doesn’t it?

For the most part, the 15,000 to 20,000+ illegal aliens who’ve invaded our southern border are Haitian. Most of these people, however, are not immediately from Haiti; they’re not seeking asylum from recent events in Haiti.

On the contrary, these are people who have been living and working in South American countries, such as Brazil and Chile, for as many as four years or more, sometimes 11 years!

It stands to reason that most of the little children pouring illegally across our border with their families are probably citizens of the South American nations in which they were born.

Read this article carefully, and you will deduce that many of these Haitians were held in Mexico under President Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy that Biden tried to rescind but which was reinstated recently through a ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Some of these Haitians had put down roots in Mexico’s “Little Haiti” and bided their time until they could make a dash across the border. (Did you wonder how it was that the illegal aliens could go back and forth across the border to get food and even have restaurant orders delivered to them via cell phone? It’s because so many Haitians have restaurants in Little Haiti in Ciudad Acuña.)

Is it coincidence that suddenly these people moved en masse across the border, or were they taking advantage of recent events in Haiti (assassination, earthquake) and the fact that Biden awarded temporary protected status to certain Haitian nationals in early August (although technically these migrants from south of our border don’t qualify).

Many of these Haitian nationals have lived in other countries for long periods of time, settled into those societies, and worked there with valid work visas. Some already have applied for or have been given asylum in those countries. Some already have temporary or even permanent legal status in those other countries. Many have lived in South America for so many years that they speak Spanish.

These are not refugees who need asylum. They’re not being persecuted by the Haitian government. On that basis alone, they do not qualify for asylum and so it’s a farce to even pretend to consider them for asylum by “processing” them for potential asylum.

In fact, it would seem to violate international rules to give asylum to people who already have it or have applied for it elsewhere, although that country has to agree to accept them back. It appears that the USA has become a dumping ground not only for foreign citizens previously given shelter or asylum or residency in Mexico or South America but also for their own citizens that they no longer wish to support.

These Haitians are fake refugees–people who are trying to game the system, pick and choose which country they prefer to live and work in, hedging their bets, and illegally entering the United States instead of applying to immigrate legally, the proper way, waiting their turn.

They are coming here for economic reasons alone and will be taking jobs from American citizens. Worse, they’ll be costing taxpayers billions of dollars in  benefits that rightly belong to American citizens, not to lawbreakers.

When news broke about the disgraceful refugee camp (slum) built beneath a highway bridge in Texas, the Biden administration–politicizing the FAA–got the agency to institute a no-fly zone so that FOX News could no longer fly drones over the area.

Biden and Kamala Harris, who’s supposed to be in charge of the border, were content with the tent city of illegal aliens, so long as We the People of the United States couldn’t see for ourselves what dismal failures Biden and Harris are (deliberately) with regard to protecting our borders, our citizens, our nation, our economy, our tax dollars, our health and safety, and with putting our country and its people first.

After an outcry, after the Biden/Harris administration formulated Plan B, the no-fly rule was rescinded.

Plan B was to LIE, because by now it was too late to hide the reality from We the People, who had already seen the videos and still photos of this outrageous invasion of our nation.

So they lied, giving the false impression that these illegal aliens would be repatriated immediately to Haiti. But now we know it’s a lie that “massive numbers” or “most” of the Haitians will be returned:

The Department of Homeland Security is releasing some Haitians into the United States, despite repeated claims that they would be immediately expelled from the US, as the Biden administration scrambles to address the massive migrant encampment under the Del Rio International Bridge in Texas. …

CNN has seen some buses dropping off Haitians and people of other nationalities at a nongovernmental organization in Del Rio, where they buy their bus or plane tickets, then they are dropped off at a gas station where buses pick them up and take them to San Antonio and from there to other parts of the country.

So, no. Massive amounts of illegal aliens are not being deported to Haiti. Instead, they’re being released into our nation on a “very, very large scale.”

Officials with knowledge of the situation told The Associated Press that releases of migrants into the U.S. were taking place on a “very, very large scale.” Many are being given notices to appear at an immigration office within 60 days, which allows U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents to more quickly process the illegal immigrants. …

The reports of wide-scale releases comes just days after Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas warned migrants against crossing the U.S.-Mexico border illegally.

“If you come to the United States illegally, you will be returned, your journey will not succeed, and you will be endangering your life and your family’s life,” he said at a Monday news conference.

Individuals have posted photos and information about Haitians seen in airports, being disseminated into our country (most likely to “red states” where they will illegally vote in the next election). Make no mistake: These people are never going to leave.

You know the Biden administration is lying whenever their lips are moving. When they deliberately refuse to answer questions about how many Haitians are deported and how many are let go into our country, that’s one huge red flag.

Photos ops were arranged showing several flights of single males returned to Haiti. (Including violent men who didn’t like being returned home. Most likely, they would have preferred to be sent back to the countries in which they’d been living for years and in which they had asylum or resident status. Others became violent while being sent via bus for processing. As President Trump said, they’re not sending their best.)

As for the rest, the bulk of the illegal aliens, they were bused to other areas, in some instances, to be “processed” and then released into our cities. (Were they given COVID vaccinations or even tests?)

Allegedly, the illegal aliens were all given dates upon which they laughably are supposed to appear in court to make their case for asylum. All should be refused asylum, according to our laws, but most probably most won’t even show up.

Biden’s not about to round them up, is he? Do they have ankle bracelets? Is anybody going to keep track of them? Do they have known sponsors, as at the turn of the 20th century, who will be held responsible for their whereabouts, financial support, and activities? Don’t make me laugh.

Even if one is not a lawyer, it’s obvious: Anybody with common sense knows that someone who already has received asylum or residency status in another country, and who may even have children who are citizens of that other country, does not qualify for asylum here in the USA.

Not to worry: It’s reported that at least 300 of the illegal alien females are pregnant. Unless they’re “processed” quickly and sent back (somewhere) before they give birth, then those children will be called “birthright citizens” of the USA. They will become the “anchor babies” to allow chain migration of their entire extended family. Green cards and then citizenship. Then all of them can vote Democrat, because who’s going to bite the hand that feeds them (with our money)?

I’m sick and tired of all these games and lies.

Do you miss President Trump yet?

You should.



90 responses to “Everything’s Fake, a Shell Game, Part 2

  1. I tried to write this quick and dirty and, as usual, it ended up being nearly a day-long project. Anyway, here’s a new post. Finally.

  2. There are a lot of comments on the previous post that pertains to this post. Check them out! https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2021/09/15/everythings-fake-a-shell-game/comment-page-4/#comment-266446

  3. Work instead! 😀

  4. MO’ SMART MOVE’S ? REALLY ? Free brain’s up the Street !

    FOOL’S 2 SIT BACK .. & WAIT 4 OTHER’S 2 DO ..”YOUR” .. JOB !!!!

    • Here’s a prediction: Not only will the Border Patrol have to get rid of their horses, but now EVERY POLICE agency across the entire nation will have to or else … RACIST!

      None of this means anything to them or anyone else. The entire point of their game is to see how far they can push people and how much they can force people to change or give up, just for the SAKE of making people change or give something up.

    As CNSNews.com previously reported, Mayorkas on Tuesday condemned the actions of Border Patrol agents who were accused of using horse reins 2 “whip” Haitians trying to Illegally enter the U.S., ! saying Tuesday, “We do not Condone, we do not Tolerate any Mistreatment of any Migrant. The actions we’re taking are Swift & Strong, & we will take further action as the facts adduced in the investigation compel.” ??? WHO … WIN’S ??? Not USA

    …ha ‘ & AS THEY USE …OUR MONEY$$$ … REALLY? Send them HOME!

    Psaki was asked Thursday for reaction to …
    F’ ..SACK full of SHIT ! How DARE SHE SPIT on the USA ! a SICK CHICK!

    • People accuse people, FALSELY, all the time. An accusation is NOT truth. This is how they roll: Accusation, PUNISHMENT, and then perhaps an investigation with EXONERATION but it’s too late because punishment meted out already and CHANGE made and now there’s no going back. Horses and riders lose their jobs. Maybe they can sell the horse meat to the “French” Haitians.

      Nobody whipped anyone or, as radical racist leftist columnist Pitts said, “flogged” anyone. But hey! This is typical. Why not EXAGGERATE to the point of ridiculousness? Just as they couldn’t stop at falsely accusing the REAL President Trump of collusion with Russia–they just had to invent the story about him paying prostitutes to pee on the bed Obama used.

      I’m waiting for them to claim that they “scourged” the Haitians. I mean, why not call up images of our Savior and compare these lawbreakers to Him symbolically?

    • https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/09/people-will-pay-joe-biden-flees-podium-threatening-border-patrol-agents-horseback-job-video/

      Nothing like having the alleged leader of the free world, the alleged president of your country, your alleged boss, condemning you, slandering you, punishing you, before the “investigation” is even done. Can they get justice? No, of course not. They’re “white” Hispanics or “whites” so when accused of ANY offense, real or imagined, they’re GUILTY and CANCELED no matter if innocent and before, for sure, proven guilty. DUE PROCESS and presumption of innocence does not apply to whites. And in any case where it’s Hispanic against “black”, then the Hispanic magically becomes white. GUILTY AS CHARGED:

      “To see people treated like they did, horses nearly running them over, people being strapped. It’s outrageous. I promise you those people will pay. …”

      “Strapped.” That’s a new one. Why not SCOURGED, Joe. Let’s go all out, full tilt.

      They should sue this poor excuse for a man for slandering them on world-wide TV. He owes them an apology.

      • FAKE NEWS. The eyewitnesses saw NOBODY being whipped, strapped, flogged or scourged. It’s an illusion. Just as the illusion that they knelt on George Floyd’s neck. https://www.ktsm.com/local/el-paso-news/photographer-behind-controversial-photos-speaks-exclusively-to-ktsm/

        “The photographer behind images depicting Border Patrol agents on horseback told KTSM things are not exactly what they seem when it comes to the photos.

        The photographs, which were taken Sunday, appear to show agents on horses with a whip in hand. The photos caused outrage because from certain angles, it appears to show Border Patrol whipping migrants, but photographer Paul Ratje said he and his colleagues never saw agents whipping anyone. …”

        They swing the reins to CONTROL THE HORSES. The horse were spinning, and so physics would dictate that the reins would seem to spin, too. NOBODY was being whipped. However, somebody was committing a crime: The illegal alien breaking illegally into our country.

        Where was their outrage when Ashli Babbitt was killed in cold blood or when that Boyland woman was beaten TO DEATH in cold blood, apparently. Both white unarmed women killed by armed black persons. ALLEGEDLY, but look at the videos. Babbitt was undoubtedly a victim of homicide at the hands of a black man. Where’s the outrage? Where’s the justice? On Biden’s watch, too. Will HE make them “pay?”

    • Who were all the Men in Black who broke open the window and got the doors open to let all the TRULY PEACEFUL Trump supporters in?

    WERE SICK OF YOUR .. SMART MOUTH .. EVIL Will follow U .. Smart-AZZ

    • You know, even my local, totally leftist, totally in-the-tank-for-Biden rag of a newspaper, admitted today that these Haitians are NOT from Haiti recently and that they have been living “comfortable lives” throughout South America for years and thus they are NOT eligible for asylum on that basis NOR on the usual basis that refugees are given asylum–that is, persecution by their own government. But I don’t see them calling for Biden to send them all back home instead of given them a “parole” so to speak and then an asylum hearing that should have a foregone result. They WANT these POCs to help replace whites and to help the DemoncRAT party. They know they will never go back to either Haiti or their other home.

      Did you see that the NY mayor is planning to import FOREIGN WORKERS to take the jobs of the health care workers fired because they won’t take the “jab?”

      As with all DemoncRAT policies, no matter what disaster they create there’s a silver lining for them. They can hurt whom they perceive as conservatives and they can import more POCs (count on it) to REPLACE THEM AND THEN TO ALSO REPLACE THEM AS VOTERS.

      It’s sickening. They prefer anyone but their fellow countrymen.

      Just as Mad Max goes to bat for foreigners but never for her own people here in the USA.

  8. MUCH 2 READ … Peggy McIntosh born 11-7-1934 Brooklyn NY

    Click to access unpacking-invisible-knapsack.pdf

  9. KILLING is STILL a DEATH .. is PELOSI trying 2 LOOK 20 AGAIN?
    wearing BABY’ PINK ? NO MAKE UP? or WAS it a LATE NIGHT
    NANCY POO? .. as SHE ONCE AGAIN PLAYS with WTP all B S !


    • There’s no end to the stuff that they’re going to let the Bidens get away with. Can you even IMAGINE if this were one of Trump’s kids? What possible crime, short of murder, is worse than child sexual abuse?

    • Mad Max said the cowboys with their long reins were “worse” than slavery. What the hell has she been smoking? Anyone who even thinks about, say, comparing anything to the Holocaust is jumped all over; but this sort of hyperbole from Mad Max seems to be fine with them.

      Who in their right mind actually thinks using a horse to block illegal aliens from coming into our country is WORSE than slavery? What the hell would Mad Max’s ancestors say about that (assuming any of them were slaves, which isn’t a given. But just for the sake of argument, imagine they were slaves. What do you think they’d prefer–a moment getting pushed aside by a horse or a lifetime of servitude and lack of freedom? She’s such an idiot, but they will let her get away with it.)

    • Isn’t her “sadly concerned face” getting on your nerves? What an actress. A BAD actress she is. I wonder if she practices in front of a mirror. Did you notice she has to bring in “indigenous” people? Not to mention slaves. These Haitian people are so darned close in history to the very people that KAMALA’S family ENSLAVED. Jamaica and Haiti. Not far apart. Similar histories.She should talk about the legacy of slavery that exists in her own bloodline. I wonder: does she ever consider finding and giving reparations to the descendants of the slaves her family held?

  10. This alone PROVES that Biden didn’t win: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/09/dr-shiva-az-senate-hearing-17000-total-duplicate-ballots-votes-voted-arizona-1-5-times-bidens-winning-margin/

    More people voted twice than the margin of Biden’s alleged win. Some seem to have had 3 and even 4 ballots that were counted!

    or GO CARTS ? 2 STOP the MASSES? … WAKE UP U SAPPY AMERICAN’S .. U WATCH the F’ NEWS that CRY’S .. so U CRY !! ha’
    IT’S LIFE & DEATH ..4 ALL THE WORKER’S .. 24/7! U DO that JOB? ha’


  12. https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/mayhem-on-the-view-ana-navarro-thrown-off-set-live-on-air-to-make-way-for-kamala/

    You really can’t make this crap up. Two of the hosts on The View are pulled off stage while live on TV because, although VACCINATED, BOTH tested positive for COVID and OMG. They can’t possibly sit there next to also FULLY VACCINATED Camel Face Heels Up Harris.

    Behar is sure the hosts will be okay because they’re vaccinated and these just must be “breakthrough” infections (that vaccinated aren’t supposed to get).

    So Camel Face is supposed to be there and LIVE. However, Camel Face decides she’d rather not sit there in the vacated seats next to the vaccinated and supposedly still uninfected other two hosts, so she appears via video (from the same studio)!

    So you have to ask yourself why not? SHE’S supposed to be SAFE and PROTECTED. WTF is she afraid of after telling US to get the vaccine because it’s “safe and EFFECTIVE.” And even if you do get a breakthrough case, you’re STILL SAFE FROM HOSPITALIZATION, SEVERE ILLNESS, OR DEATH.

    So why doesn’t Camel Face take the opportunity to PROVE what she says is true by bravely going out and sitting there with the two women are aren’t infected? Or even with the infected ones, since being vaccinated, she’s SAFE, right?

    • She celebrated the passing of bill to unconstitutionally “give” women a “right” to murder their own children in the womb. This woman is a disgrace. Dis GRACE. No state of grace for this disgraced non-Catholic.

    • Yep. Counting all the ILLEGALLY DUPLICATED BALLOTS! Over 55,000 should never have been counted. People who voted 2,3, and 4 times should not have had ALL their ballots counted. If they weren’t LEGAL VOTES (not ballots), then they shouldn’t count. We already know that DemoncRATS are good at spewing out BALLOTS. It’s VOTES that count. LEGAL votes.

    • They’re just so blatant about it. It’s like Psaki in a very flip manner saying “that’s correct” when a reporter points out that travelers from other countries have to show vaccination or clear test results but illegal aliens don’t. They don’t even make any pretense about appearing to be fair and equitable and logical, even. Gaslighting is the name of their game. Here’s another ridiculous thing: Their numbers don’t even add up. 15,000 alleged illegal aliens under the bridge. 2000 sent back to Haiti on 17 flights. That leaves 13,000. 8000, according to Mayorkas, returned to Mexico on their own. That leaves 5000. And yet supposedly they admit that they released into the U.S. 12,400! WTF? Trying to drive us crazy.

      • Check it out: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/haitian-migrants-move-weigh-jobs-092715398.html

        That makes 22,000 Haitians but supposedly there were only 15,000 in all the news stories until now. But Mayorkas said they were all going to be sent back or at least MOST of them. However, 12,000 out of 22,000 is NOT most of them. Maybe that’s why they upped the number in total, to make it look AS IF they deported “most” of them when they only deported 2000 and LET MOST OF THEM STAY to have asylum hearings when they already KNOW these people are NOT eligible under any standard for asylum.

        The first day they sent Haitians back to Haiti, they said it was 300 people per flight. So 17 times 300 should be 5100. Again, their numbers don’t add up.

    • This is the craziest story and craziest stuff. How does this get hidden for 16 years? He admits it, too, in writing and the woman’s husband was a witness! And then he was unethically advising his own brother about how to handle women who accused him. It sure seems to run in the family, doesn’t it? Well, it’s cultural, you see, and there really is something to that but it doesn’t EXCUSE it. One can grow beyond the paternalistic, chauvinistic culture of one’s ancestors. What woman doesn’t have some experience with guys like this?

  13. True! 😥
    Robert J. O’Neill
    If you leave your children a world where you never stood up, they’ll inherit one where they can’t.

  14. YEP ..LET the DOG .. OUT!! No Not where HE & Parents SAID he went
    SIC UM DOG .. U FIND his AZZ !! hopefully DEAD BEEF would Suit ME
    ….. 4 hour(s) ago …GO DOGGY
    Dog the Bounty Hunter joins the search for Brian Laundrie
    Fox News has confirmed that television’s Dog the Bounty Hunter is Joining the search for Brian Laundrie ..WHO CARES @ this POINT???

    “Dog & Francie have experienced extreme loss themselves,” his team said
    in a statement. “Their hearts go out to Gabby’s family 4 what they’re going through & want to help bring Justice 4 her Death.” (silly girl she was!)

    Dog the Bounty Hunter says he “wants AnyOne with information on Brian Laundrie’s whereabouts to call me at 833-TELLDOG” & added that
    … “All information will be kept confidential.”

    Dog & Francie are currently searching where Brian Laundrie was last seen.
    Hope is ON the WAY …GO DOG & FRANCIE GO! use a BRAIN ! ha’ …

  15. NO ….COLLEGE ..that WTP must Foot Your BILL !
    less males sign up for callege ..just get a good JOB!


    • Even the WSJ declined to tell the truth about the audit. They repeated the B.S. that Biden actually “won” with more votes but omitted the FACT that as many as 55,000 of those COUNTED ballots were illegally counted and cast (if cast) and so Trump won by a wide margin. They published only lies and repeated the allegation that Trump is deliberately lying about actually having won, when the TRUTH IS THAT HE DID WIN, according to ARIZONA LAW which, for some reason, seems to have been completely suspended (and is applauded as such) for the 2020 election.

    • My analysis suggests that Biden and his son and maybe other members of his family committed multiple crimes before and since Biden took office.

      My analysis suggests that Hillary Clinton and her cronies committed multiple crimes, particularly against We the People of the USA by interfering in our right to be free from HER election interference, and in addition she and they colluded with foreigners to interfere in the 2020 election, thus arguably committing sedition (or perhaps treason, depending upon the definition and the confirmed actions). Other potential crimes? These charges potentially include criminal solicitation to commit election fraud, perjury, violation of FISA laws; intentional interference with performance of the intelligence community (lying to send them on a wild goose chase, wasting taxpayer money, e.g.) as well as intentional interference in her opponent’s campaign; criminal solicitation of federal employees to suborn them into breaking their oaths of office and misuse the powers of their office to illegally spy on her political opponents; conspiracy to commit election fraud; criminal solicitation; and state and federal RICO violations.

      See? We can “suggest” things in our “analysis,” too.

      That said, I cannot believe that they are dragging up their totally incorrect assertion and THEIR interpretation of his comments over the phone about “finding” votes. It’s old news and fake news and what it really SUGGESTS is that they are mighty afraid of the REAL President, especially when they see the SIZE of his rallies and his support for 2024.

    • We can use our imaginations and our personal experience to figure this out. I’ve become agoraphobic. I have insomnia almost nightly. I have nightmares about masked or unmasked people. I have PTSD, or at least a lot of the symptoms. Don’t we ALL? What must it be like for impressionable, typically fearful children? When I was a kid, I was afraid of just about everything–the boogeyman, burglars, my parents dying, monsters in the basement or under the bed. Imagine what it must be like for them to hear this fear porn on TV and social media 24/7 and from the adults around them who should know better but probably many of them do not. I can’t believe that people are HOPING that they can soon get the jab for their children, who are NOT at risk, unless, of course, they jab everyone and make everyone an incubator for a virus that may turn more deadly at any turn. Who are they protecting by wanting to jab innocent children who have vanishingly tiny, wee, minuscule risks from this virus?

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