Everything’s Fake, a Shell Game

Misinformation and disinformation, especially regarding COVID-19, is a frequent topic of discussion.

According to the Biden administration, false or misleading information about COVID-19 or vaccines is

an urgent threat to public health.

In the video at the link, an activist called Imran Ahmed says misinformation is a “biosecurity threat” that “kills” people. Anthony Fauci calls disinformation an “enemy of public health.”

Sounds really, really serious, doesn’t it? Like war or something.

If Fauci intends to go to war against disinformation and misinformation, then he can start with the person occupying the Oval Office: Joe Biden.

Biden gave an amazingly startling and angry speech recently in which he announced his controversial (alleged) vaccine mandate that will apply to all companies in the United States with 100 or more employees.

Myriad news articles have been written about the alleged “mandate” as if it’s a done deal: discussing what it means, how it will affect 80 million Americans, how companies may welcome the “mandate” as “cover” for what they wanted to do in the first place.

News flash! There is no mandate. That’s misinformation and disinformation.

While Biden may have the legal authority to mandate vaccinations for federal employees and contractors through executive order–which remains to be seen–he has not instituted any vaccine mandate for private employers nor has his administration.

By the way, the EO pertaining to contractors applies only to future contracts and exempts contractors working outside the U.S., Indian tribes, and grants. (Let’s not anger academics, social workers, activists, or scientists.)

What? There’s no mandate? But didn’t Biden make a speech announcing it? Well, yes he did, but it’s a head fake, isn’t it?

The proposed rules, which have yet to be drafted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, would carry fines of up to $14,000 per violation for the businesses, and cover about 80 million private-sector workers.

Got that? Haven’t been written yet!

So why announce something that’s not even been written yet? Because until it is drafted and imposed, nobody has “standing” to sue and, in the meantime, employees who fear losing their jobs and livelihoods–seeing their families impoverished as a result–will be terrorized into taking the jab.

Isn’t that special, coming from the most empathetic president ever?

As if the terror of an over-18-month-long pandemic hasn’t taken enough of a toll, this president sets out to deliberately attack and threaten citizens with whom his “patience is wearing thin.” 

Here’s the deal. They know this is unconstitutional. They know it will be “shot down” in the courts. They HOPE, however, that the threat will accomplish much of what they want (by any means necessary) and then they won’t have to figuratively break anybody’s legs if they refuse to comply with their bullying demands.

Just as the Biden administration knew the eviction moratorium was unlawful, because it was ruled so by the Supreme Court, nevertheless Biden extended the alleged moratorium, admitting that he knew it was unlawful but that he could “buy time” while challenges worked their way through the court system.

Lawfare. At least arguably a violation of his solemn oath to uphold the law and the constitution.

This technique is an Obama-era end-run: Impose something on the country, knowing you don’t have the authority or that it’s illegal or unconstitutional; dare opponents to take it to court; and then wait months or years for it to inevitably be ruled against by the courts. In the meantime, you get your way. Policies and bureaucracies are developed. People become accustomed to the process and courts may become loath to change things back again. (See Obamacare.)

What we have here is a fake president making a fake mandate to intimidate real people–instilling near existential fear into them–so that they will take a “jab” of a fake “vaccine” that has fake “approval,” all of which is hyped via fake news.

No misinformation or disinformation. Truth.

In addition, we have fear being instilled into companies via the threat of massive financial penalties. Never mind that OSHA may never write, much less be able to enforce, their rules.

All that matters is the illusion, the perception, the narrative, the fake mandate, the chaos.

Fact check Biden’s speech and you’ll find lots of disinformation, such as breakthrough cases are rare; hospitalizations and deaths are mostly among the unvaccinated; and the vaccines are “safe” and “effective.

One of the most egregious misleading statements Biden made was this:

[M]any said they were waiting for approval from the Food and Drug Administration, the FDA. Last month, the FDA granted that approval, so the time for waiting is over. [Note the NLP.]

Truth: The FDA granted approval only for a vaccine that is not currently in supply in the USA, which has no known timeframe for when it will exist here.

That vaccine will be known as Comirnaty. That vaccine is said to be identical to the current Pfizer jab, with the only difference being that it is “legally distinct“.

The legal distinction appears to be that Comirnaty is not indemnified while its allegedly identical jab is indemnified. In other words, if you are given Comirnaty (at this time an impossibility) you can sue if you experience adverse effects. Not so with the identical-except-for-legal-technicalities jab, which is what you will get if you choose Pfizer. At least that’s the way I read it, but it’s deliberately confusing.

The other two currently available vaccines, Johnson and Johnson and Moderna, remain unapproved.

So Biden was misinforming you with regard to those two vaccines and perhaps issuing a deliberate misdirection (aka, giving disinformation) with regard to Pfizer.

Even boosters from Pfizer, should they ever be given, will not be the approved Comirnaty but will be the same Pfizer jab that’s been given under the “emergency authorization” which indemnifies the company:

The boosters will be an extra dose of the original vaccine. Manufacturers still are studying experimental doses tweaked to better match delta.

Read the letter to the company from the FDA and you will see that only Comirnaty is fully approved. Pay special attention to the bottom of page 11 and the beginning of page 12:

All descriptive printed matter, advertising, and promotional material relating to the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID‑19 Vaccine clearly and conspicuously shall state that:
• This product has not been approved or licensed by FDA, but has been authorized for emergency use by FDA, under an EUA to prevent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for use in individuals 12 years of age and older; and
• The emergency use of this product is only authorized for the duration of the declaration that circumstances exist justifying the authorization of emergency use of the medical product under Section 564(b)(1) of the FD&C Act unless the declaration is terminated or authorization revoked sooner.

This applies to any Pfizer vaccine given under the continuing EUA, which the way I read it means both of the “legally distinct” vaccines.

I’m not a lawyer but I can tell you what I’d personally do, in the situation:

If I opted for vaccination or a booster, then I’d ask to see the bottle from which the jab was drawn. If it doesn’t say Comirnaty, then it’s not the approved vaccine.

In addition, I’d ask for the written paperwork that explains “clearly and conspicuously” whether or not the vaccine being given is licensed and approved.

I’d certainly ask for it in writing if verbally assured that the vaccine’s manufacturer (not the government) is subject to liability should there be any adverse effects.

If I didn’t want the jab, then I’d keep this in mind: There is currently no federal government mandate that says I must take one in order to keep a job.

While it’s arguable whether or not an employer can impose such a mandate, I would get it in writing and make them fire me. In other words, I wouldn’t resign. I wouldn’t make it easy for them.

If threatened to take a vaccine to keep a job, I’d tell my employer that no fully approved jab is currently available, so I’d ask my employer to accept legal, financial responsibility for any adverse effects. Again, I’d make them fire me; I wouldn’t resign. I’d make sure not to sign anything indicating that I’m “voluntarily choosing” to be terminated. I’d read all the fine print and be careful what I said.

Again, I’m no lawyer, but this is common sense. Protect yourself and your rights. Get legal advice, if you can, or contact your union, if you’re in one, for legal advice.

Don’t let the misinformation and disinformation get you down. It’s a sign that they’re flailing.

We SHALL overcome.


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  2. The violence is the latest incident involving Haitian migrants. Earlier Tuesday, Fox News confirmed that Migrants being Transported by Bus through Texas Took Over the Bus & Fled — before being apprehended.

    Meanwhile, members of the Biden administration, including Vice President Kamala Harris, have expressed outrage at images of Border Patrol agents on horseback blocking Haitian migrants from entering the United States — amid false claims by Democrats and some media outlets that Border Patrol agents were using “whips.”

    “What I saw depicted about those individuals on horseback treating human beings the way they were, was horrible,” Harris told reporters.

  3. KAMALA the ABSOLUTE IDIOT …as they DROOL over a STORY SHE !


    • Interesting article because of who wrote it.

      It’s funny. The more the DemoncRATS DIVIDE us, the more their plans fall apart. They ASSUME that all Hispanics will love illegal immigrants who also are Hispanic despite that they break into our country illegally and take THEIR JOBS, and THEIR TAX DOLLARS, too. They ASSUME that U.S. citizen Blacks will just love on these illegal alien Haitians who come here to take their jobs and use their tax dollars and benefits because, after all, they have similar skin colors and ultimately came from Africa, too. NOT. (Trust me on what African-Americans think of Haitians. I went to college with both and saw first hand how much foreign blacks were absolutely despised by AA students–not, however, by whites.)

      If ANYTHING unites all the various “tribes” in this country, it’s ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. THE VAST MAJORITY OF US WANT THE BORDER CLOSED. We do NOT want all these illegal aliens pouring into our country and we don’t give a rat’s ass what color they are. Whether they’re Ukrainian, Afghani, Haitian, Mexican, Colombian, Chinese, Kenyan, Irish, Indian, Indonesia–we don’t want them if they came here ILLEGALLY, breaking our laws with their very first act. It’s an INSULT to us, to our nation, to our culture. COME HERE THE RIGHT WAY, LEGALLY, OR DON’T COME AT ALL.

  4. “See Something, Say Nothing” … by Philip Haney & Art Moore

    One day after a prominent U.S. Muslim leader reacted to the November 2015 Paris attacks with a declaration that the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, has nothing to do with Islam, President Obama made the same assertion. Who exactly is the enemy we face, not only in the Middle East but also within our borders? Is it “murderers without a coherent creed”; or “nihilistic killers who want to tear things down,” as some described ISIS after 130 people were brutally slain and another 368 injured in a coordinated attack on Western soil that authorities say was organized with help from inside France’s Muslim communities. After the Paris attacks, Obama, himself, described ISIS as “simply a network of killers who are brutalizing local populations.” When the Department of Homeland Security was founded in 2003, its stated purpose was “preventing terrorist attacks within the United States and reducing America’s vulnerability to terrorism.” The Bush administration’s definition of the enemy as a tactic, terrorism, rather than a specific movement, proved consequential amid a culture of political correctness. By the time President Obama took office, Muslim Brotherhood-linked leaders in the United States were forcing changes to national security policy and even being invited into the highest chambers of influence. A policy known as Countering Violent Extremism emerged, downplaying the threat of supremacist Islam as unrelated to the religion and just one among many violent ideological movements. When recently retired DHS frontline officer and intelligence expert Philip Haney bravely tried to say something about the people and organizations that threatened the nation, his intelligence information was eliminated, and he was investigated by the very agency assigned to protect the country. The national campaign by the DHS to raise public awareness of terrorism and terrorism-related crime known as If You See Something, Say Something effectively has become If You See Something, Say Nothing. In See Something, Say Nothing, Haney a charter member of DHS with previous experience in the Middle East and co-author Art Moore expose just how deeply the submission, denial and deception run. Haney’s insider, eyewitness account, supported by internal memos and documents, exposes a federal government capitulating to an enemy within and punishing those who reject its narrative.

  5. … CassandraBird •
    The damage done to this country from the moment Biden took office is too terrible to contemplate. He has purposefully ended the Energy Independence Trump had achieved. He ended the Sanctions on Russia re: Nord Stream. He has Encouraged migrants from ALL over the World to Come; no COVID conditions are Required or noted, NO Vetting. The border is a Free-for-all nightmare for those being overrun & for the migrants themselves. Women are giving birth in the most unsanitary conditions imaginable. Biden wants amnesty for them all upon entry.


    • OMG, I LOVE IT. They’re using the same tactics that Biden and Pelosi use against WE THE PEOPLE. Click here to see how they lined up dump trucks to block the Capitol to keep WE THE PEOPLE out of our own buildings!

      This is SO GREAT. They won’t let them use horses anymore, so they use vehicles! Thank you, TEXAS.

      • In a similar vein, I saw a story today that said that Tennessee is going to follow the HHS guidelines on monoclonal antibodies to a tee. They say they’re reserved for people at highest risk of hospitalization and death or severe disease. Mind you, this is becoming a game of chess. TN says they’re NOT going to give monoclonal antibodies to anybody who’s vaccinated. That’s because, as Biden says constantly, the vaccinated are safe from severe illness and death and so, if they want them to get this treatment, they’re either going to have to change the rules and ADMIT that vaccinated people need these treatments, too, or else their plan to PUNISH states that don’t tow the Biden line and MANDATE vaccines or punish the unvaccinated, is going to backfire because ACCORDING TO BIDEN vaccinated people don’t need treatments. Right?

    • I love that razor wire fence, too. I believe they did that in Europe somewhere recently. Put it up in no time and it worked wonderfully well.

      My new post has links to stories about what’s really going on here. These Haitians have been living in countries south of the border for YEARS. Many of them lived in a place called “Little Haiti” which was part of the city just across the border where they’re crossing. They’re basically long-time residents of Mexico, right there, have businesses and homes there. That’s why it’s SO EASY for them to come across without (apparently) food and water. They just go “home” when they want something. And then they come back to camp out and wait for the bus to take them to be “processed” as refugees. Refugees from WHAT? The homes they’ve been living in in Mexico for YEARS? It’s a farce. Yeah, maybe some walked (actually they were BUSED by the Mexican government) to the border and crossed after leaving Chile, Panama, Venezuela, Brazil. But they’ve been there for YEARS. They had work permits to build the facilities for the Olympics in Rio. They had been ACCEPTED into those countries as migrants. Basically, they’re now citizens (or green card holders or its equivalent) of THOSE COUNTRIES. They just would prefer to hit the jackpot and get to stay in the USA, courtesy of We the People and Joe BIDEN who does as Obama bids him to do. This was planned. I guarantee if you look hard enough, you’ll find the string that leads to Barry’s door.

    MAD – MOUTH ..CAN’T WAIT! … Get off the Horse & your in TROUBLE

    • All they can do is play the race card and hope for the best. It’s not going to work anymore. It’s just not. EVERYBODY can see the hypocrisy. Since Mad Max loves these people so much, then let her take 10 or 12 or more into her own mansion. Have some compassion, Max.

  7. NO ..Means NO !!! Get it GO BACK … REVERSE … STOP ! NOW as they get
    Just like ….ha’ DON’T Come ! don’t come! Everything has become a Friggin
    CARTOON .. In LOUD & living COLOR .. DO NOTHING’S .. Just JACK there
    CAN …come out Smelling like ..a ROSE! …IT ALL STINKS BAD!!!

  8. PRAYERS 4 all the Worker’s … & Our HORSE’S Getting MOBBED …
    Like …NEVER B 4 .. 2021 TOTAL SHIT SHOW .. JOE & JILLY BS !!!

  9. I’m not the only one noticing that there is STILL no OSHA rule and this “mandate” that is being discussed in the media AS IF IT EXISTS is completely FAKE NEWS. THERE IS NO MANDATE.


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