Everything’s Fake, a Shell Game

Misinformation and disinformation, especially regarding COVID-19, is a frequent topic of discussion.

According to the Biden administration, false or misleading information about COVID-19 or vaccines is

an urgent threat to public health.

In the video at the link, an activist called Imran Ahmed says misinformation is a “biosecurity threat” that “kills” people. Anthony Fauci calls disinformation an “enemy of public health.”

Sounds really, really serious, doesn’t it? Like war or something.

If Fauci intends to go to war against disinformation and misinformation, then he can start with the person occupying the Oval Office: Joe Biden.

Biden gave an amazingly startling and angry speech recently in which he announced his controversial (alleged) vaccine mandate that will apply to all companies in the United States with 100 or more employees.

Myriad news articles have been written about the alleged “mandate” as if it’s a done deal: discussing what it means, how it will affect 80 million Americans, how companies may welcome the “mandate” as “cover” for what they wanted to do in the first place.

News flash! There is no mandate. That’s misinformation and disinformation.

While Biden may have the legal authority to mandate vaccinations for federal employees and contractors through executive order–which remains to be seen–he has not instituted any vaccine mandate for private employers nor has his administration.

By the way, the EO pertaining to contractors applies only to future contracts and exempts contractors working outside the U.S., Indian tribes, and grants. (Let’s not anger academics, social workers, activists, or scientists.)

What? There’s no mandate? But didn’t Biden make a speech announcing it? Well, yes he did, but it’s a head fake, isn’t it?

The proposed rules, which have yet to be drafted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, would carry fines of up to $14,000 per violation for the businesses, and cover about 80 million private-sector workers.

Got that? Haven’t been written yet!

So why announce something that’s not even been written yet? Because until it is drafted and imposed, nobody has “standing” to sue and, in the meantime, employees who fear losing their jobs and livelihoods–seeing their families impoverished as a result–will be terrorized into taking the jab.

Isn’t that special, coming from the most empathetic president ever?

As if the terror of an over-18-month-long pandemic hasn’t taken enough of a toll, this president sets out to deliberately attack and threaten citizens with whom his “patience is wearing thin.” 

Here’s the deal. They know this is unconstitutional. They know it will be “shot down” in the courts. They HOPE, however, that the threat will accomplish much of what they want (by any means necessary) and then they won’t have to figuratively break anybody’s legs if they refuse to comply with their bullying demands.

Just as the Biden administration knew the eviction moratorium was unlawful, because it was ruled so by the Supreme Court, nevertheless Biden extended the alleged moratorium, admitting that he knew it was unlawful but that he could “buy time” while challenges worked their way through the court system.

Lawfare. At least arguably a violation of his solemn oath to uphold the law and the constitution.

This technique is an Obama-era end-run: Impose something on the country, knowing you don’t have the authority or that it’s illegal or unconstitutional; dare opponents to take it to court; and then wait months or years for it to inevitably be ruled against by the courts. In the meantime, you get your way. Policies and bureaucracies are developed. People become accustomed to the process and courts may become loath to change things back again. (See Obamacare.)

What we have here is a fake president making a fake mandate to intimidate real people–instilling near existential fear into them–so that they will take a “jab” of a fake “vaccine” that has fake “approval,” all of which is hyped via fake news.

No misinformation or disinformation. Truth.

In addition, we have fear being instilled into companies via the threat of massive financial penalties. Never mind that OSHA may never write, much less be able to enforce, their rules.

All that matters is the illusion, the perception, the narrative, the fake mandate, the chaos.

Fact check Biden’s speech and you’ll find lots of disinformation, such as breakthrough cases are rare; hospitalizations and deaths are mostly among the unvaccinated; and the vaccines are “safe” and “effective.

One of the most egregious misleading statements Biden made was this:

[M]any said they were waiting for approval from the Food and Drug Administration, the FDA. Last month, the FDA granted that approval, so the time for waiting is over. [Note the NLP.]

Truth: The FDA granted approval only for a vaccine that is not currently in supply in the USA, which has no known timeframe for when it will exist here.

That vaccine will be known as Comirnaty. That vaccine is said to be identical to the current Pfizer jab, with the only difference being that it is “legally distinct“.

The legal distinction appears to be that Comirnaty is not indemnified while its allegedly identical jab is indemnified. In other words, if you are given Comirnaty (at this time an impossibility) you can sue if you experience adverse effects. Not so with the identical-except-for-legal-technicalities jab, which is what you will get if you choose Pfizer. At least that’s the way I read it, but it’s deliberately confusing.

The other two currently available vaccines, Johnson and Johnson and Moderna, remain unapproved.

So Biden was misinforming you with regard to those two vaccines and perhaps issuing a deliberate misdirection (aka, giving disinformation) with regard to Pfizer.

Even boosters from Pfizer, should they ever be given, will not be the approved Comirnaty but will be the same Pfizer jab that’s been given under the “emergency authorization” which indemnifies the company:

The boosters will be an extra dose of the original vaccine. Manufacturers still are studying experimental doses tweaked to better match delta.

Read the letter to the company from the FDA and you will see that only Comirnaty is fully approved. Pay special attention to the bottom of page 11 and the beginning of page 12:

All descriptive printed matter, advertising, and promotional material relating to the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID‑19 Vaccine clearly and conspicuously shall state that:
• This product has not been approved or licensed by FDA, but has been authorized for emergency use by FDA, under an EUA to prevent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for use in individuals 12 years of age and older; and
• The emergency use of this product is only authorized for the duration of the declaration that circumstances exist justifying the authorization of emergency use of the medical product under Section 564(b)(1) of the FD&C Act unless the declaration is terminated or authorization revoked sooner.

This applies to any Pfizer vaccine given under the continuing EUA, which the way I read it means both of the “legally distinct” vaccines.

I’m not a lawyer but I can tell you what I’d personally do, in the situation:

If I opted for vaccination or a booster, then I’d ask to see the bottle from which the jab was drawn. If it doesn’t say Comirnaty, then it’s not the approved vaccine.

In addition, I’d ask for the written paperwork that explains “clearly and conspicuously” whether or not the vaccine being given is licensed and approved.

I’d certainly ask for it in writing if verbally assured that the vaccine’s manufacturer (not the government) is subject to liability should there be any adverse effects.

If I didn’t want the jab, then I’d keep this in mind: There is currently no federal government mandate that says I must take one in order to keep a job.

While it’s arguable whether or not an employer can impose such a mandate, I would get it in writing and make them fire me. In other words, I wouldn’t resign. I wouldn’t make it easy for them.

If threatened to take a vaccine to keep a job, I’d tell my employer that no fully approved jab is currently available, so I’d ask my employer to accept legal, financial responsibility for any adverse effects. Again, I’d make them fire me; I wouldn’t resign. I’d make sure not to sign anything indicating that I’m “voluntarily choosing” to be terminated. I’d read all the fine print and be careful what I said.

Again, I’m no lawyer, but this is common sense. Protect yourself and your rights. Get legal advice, if you can, or contact your union, if you’re in one, for legal advice.

Don’t let the misinformation and disinformation get you down. It’s a sign that they’re flailing.

We SHALL overcome.


214 responses to “Everything’s Fake, a Shell Game

  1. State of #JusticeForJ6 event:

    —Several hundred press
    —Hundreds of police
    —Few dozen rally attendees
    —Couple dozen counterprotestors
    —Media flocking to individual people in circus-like fashion
    —Rally attendees tell me they’re disappointed by turnout but pleased w/ press attention pic.twitter.com/ykT8PRmb43

    — Taylor Popielarz (@TaylorPopielarz) September 18, 2021

    • Several hundred FBI and other PLANTS, including the agent who conveniently exposed his weapon while wearing black garb, so he could be visibly “arrested” as a gun-carrying “protester,” giving the DemoncRATS and the Capitol police something further to claim against Trump and his supporters and a justification for their demonization of American citizens and their overreaction to them exercising their GOD-GIVEN rights to free speech, free assembly, and to petition their government.

    … Pelosi … That witch can LEAVE the BUILDING @ any time !

    • “How a drone strike can be authorized on no more evidence than a man making a few stops in the course of his daily work and picking up some water bottles for his family and neighbors is beyond reason. …”

      Only if you consider it a failure of incompetent “intelligence,” not when you consider it was a deliberate strike to save Biden’s ass from the disaster of having left behind to be let out of prison by the Taliban, a suicide bomber, who killed 13 of our troops because even though they had ACCURATE intelligence that the bombing would happen, they didn’t pull back the troops to protect them. So Biden NEEDED something to make him and his people LOOK competent, so we could argue they deliberately bombed someone, anyone, and then, without evidence, claimed that not only did they get the mastermind of the suicide attack but also PREVENTED another attack on our troops.

      It was a lie and they knew it but with Biden everything is political and it’s all about the narrative. Orwellian. Reality doesn’t play into it.

      They’re always one step ahead with their narratives. There’s nothing they can’t cover up with a narrative to make it seem, they hope, that they’re competent, and the media help. Another example is this border fiasco. The mainstream media doesn’t even show the 20,000+ Haitians invading our country until Biden has his plan to “send them all back” in place. That’s a lie and a false narrative, too, but they can count on the media reporting that the “airlift” to Haiti, the BIGGEST REPATRIATION EFFORT IN U.S. HISTORY (sound familiar?) is in effect. Biden sent two planeloads back yesterday and will send 6 more today. YAY! A grand total of something like ONE HALF OF ONE PERCENT of the Haitians. What an accomplishment! 1000, roughly, dealt with, only 19,000 to go!

      In addition, allegedly, only single men are being sent back, NOT FAMILIES, which is 40% (they claim; it’s probably more) of the total. So 40% of 20,000 means that AT LEAST 8000 (and counting) will be showing up in communities near you very shortly, with their date of adjudication in hand. Dates they, like all the others, will promptly ignore as, COVID and measles infected, they disappear into our population, only to turn up illegally voting in the midterms.

  3. 😆

    • Great news but we are just ONE discerning employee away from disaster. They are SO deceptive. They try to trick everyone by sneaking in the legalization of 7,000,000 ILLEGAL aliens into a budget bill that requires only simple majority. They deliberately bury these unconstitutional and certainly undemocratic policies in massive bills that people don’t even and sometimes can’t even read before they’re voted on. These are evil people and but for this one woman and, presumably, her staff being able to DISTINGUISH BETWEEN THE MINUTIA IN THESE MEGA-BILLS, Pelosi et al would have pulled this off and gotten 8,000,000 new voters in one fell sneaky swoop. They give lip service to fairness and unity and bipartisanship and democracy, when all they’re about is TYRANNY over anyone they can subject to their power, by any means necessary. God bless the parliamentarian. And PROTECT her, too, because these are powerful enemies of THE PEOPLE.

  4. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/09/psaki-refuses-answer-illegal-aliens-arent-required-show-proof-vaccination-enter-us-video/

    “Psaki refuses to answer why illegal aliens required to show proof of vaccination to enter U.S.”

    Kind of answers itself: They’re ILLEGAL, so being ILLEGAL, they’re allowed to IGNORE laws and policies and procedures and rules. Duh, stupid reporter. What do you think ILLEGAL means? It means, according to the Biden administration, that since you’re an illegal alien, you’re ALLOWED to break ALL LAWS, not just the one that says you have to come here LEGALLY.

    Psaki’s claim is that they’re not required to show proof to get in since they’re NOT STAYING here for a “lengthy period of time,” which is a LIE because they’re NOT SENDING “families” back and she knows it. Travelers aren’t staying here, either, but they have to show proof of vaccination.

    They’re going to disseminate these people across the nation. Just RELEASE them. They alleged elsewhere that the people will be vaccinated first, but what if they REFUSE on account of “personal belief” or religion? What then, Jen? And it all depends upon what a “lengthy period of time” is. They get a date to show up for adjudication. They most likely WON’T show up. What then, Jen? How far out in time is their date? Who knows?

  5. Unbelievable: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/09/psaki-invokes-bidens-dead-son-confronted-drone-strike-killed-afghan-civilians-including-seven-children-video/

    Psaki is asked about BIDEN and his administration allegedly mistakenly murdering 7 children (and 3 adults) by “mistake” and she brings up Biden’s childrens’ deaths to prove his empathy, I suppose. Where is his empathy? Does he speak out personally to APOLOGIZE for the deaths of these people? Can he publicly apologize and extend sympathy and EXPLANATIONS to them, as well as compensation (knowing there’s no amount of money that will help their grief and loss)? Will he call them all personally? OF COURSE NOT. I can’t believe she has the guts to compare the deaths of his kids with the MURDER by incompetence, or worse, of these Afghans. Shameless.

  6. the kiss KISS of DEATH ? what’ up with this couple? 24/7?
    MIND the BORDERS .. 22 & 23 .. just stupid kids? move ON!

  7. Pretty much looks like a Cesspool to me. ^^^^^ YEP SAD SAD

    It’s Not like Mr. Trump didn’t try to Warn us back in 2015, when he rode
    down that escalator.
    Of course the lies began at that very moment & have not abated since.

    • More traitors. They KNOW how We the People feel and they continue to ignore our wishes. These are our representatives? It’s time to get others who actually do represent us and what WE want, not what big business or the “global community” wants.

  8. >>>>> natural_witness • …. SURE SURE SURE …. ^^^
    Alabama’s Kay Ivey issued a statement declaring that Americans owe
    “a debt of gratitude to those allies who actively helped our soldiers & diplomats stay safe during our 2 decades in the country.”

    Too bad, those people were Abandoned while airliners Full of Taliban allied Invaders were shipped to America.

    The Key to the invasion is conversion. ? Convert them to Christ or be conquered by them.

    You R Delusional. Converting them is not possible. The first to be
    …. converted will be >>> k*lled by the others.

    We will end up like >> Europe, with a bunch of savages in our midst, who regularly “go crazy” & slit the throats of the infidels around them, or “go crazy” when they see a White child or woman & Think that it is OK to rape them.

    “Muslims PRETEND to become born again Christians all the time” !!!

    It is Legal in their religion to >>> Lie to unbelievers in order to Fool them, they even have a word for it >>> taqiyya.

    Test your theory invite these Illiterate savages into >>> Your Home

    Alabama’s Governor is a Decepticon RINO supported by the RINO Republican State Party

    • They won’t even be assimilated! To assimilate them, they should be truly dispersed throughout the population. Put one family in Podunk and another in some other small rural town. Do NOT put them in large enclaves in cities, such as with Dearborn, Michigan. Dearbornistan, iow. People will NOT assimilate so long as they have a huge community of similar people from the same country and culture. This we know through long experience. They won’t even learn English because they won’t have to!


    • And the more his “capacity” is compromised, the more they hype the book that alleges that TRUMP was off his rocker. It’s amazing.

    • Did you notice that Joe is barely going to be present at the UN? They admitted yesterday that’s because of COVID. And yet, isn’t ole Joe vaccinated and doesn’t he claim that everybody who’s vaccinated is SAFE?


    As far as having to put a mask on between sipping on your drink & eating, I agree that in & of itself shouldn’t be a Violation of Her Mandate, but eating & drinking wasn’t All She WAS Doing. She Was posing for photos, getting up & Dancing & Singing, & then She defended herself by saying in so many words that the “Spirit” of the event Moved her or whatever? SURE 1/2 BREED Sure

    Not acceptable! … SO JUST WHAT is ACCEPTABLE ? 4 WTP?
    O’ a….. Sliding Scale???


    • SHE was enjoying herself and so gets a pass on her own rules? Her face should be next to the word “hubris” in the dictionary. She, Pelosi, Harris, all the celebs at the Emmys–they ALL get a pass because they’re the special, elite people who DON’T HAVE TO FOLLOW RULES like the peons do.

    • They can NEVER stop persecuting any person who even claims to be conservative. iirc, McCloskey was once a DemoncRAT. In any case, you NEVER go against the Party, or they WILL hound you to the end of the universe. The governor of MO pardoned them, so they didn’t get the punishment the DemoncRATS believe they deserve, so they must be cancelled and their means of making a living taken away from both of them. That’ll show ’em! (The guy who is investigating them was appointed in 2007, when the majority of judges on the MO Supreme Court were appointed by DemoncRATS, so it’s a good guess that he’s a DemoncRAT himself and so under party orders, so to speak.)

  11. TRUMP ..Right AGAIN !!! JUST. …the Beginning folks ! Just WAIT !!!


  12. To hale with the kale. 😯


    As she Cover’s 4 …The soon 2 HIT DISASTER !!! … SHUT IT DOWN!

  15. DUR HAM …
    Obama biographer David Remnick called the USE of this multicultural love story Obama’s “signature appeal.” To help preserve the integrity of that appeal, Bauer Fended off Requests to S E E >> Obama’s Long-Form Birth Certificate. !!! The tenacity of his & Obama’s resistance to sharing that document Created the Impression they had Something to HIDE.


  16. another FOOL .. A USA CLOWN ‘ WHAT DOES IT DO ALL ..
    DAY … LUNCH ???

    Kamala Harris Slated To Make Appearance At ‘The View’ Studio,

    But NOT The Southern Border

  17. Watch: Soros-Linked Open Borders Activists ……
    Demand ….. ‘Citizenship for ….. All’ Illegal Aliens …?????

    WASHINGTON, DC – : Immigrant activists march on the Arlington Memorial Bridge Into DC Demanding INclusion of Citizenship in infrastructure package on July 23, 2021 in Washington, DC.

    A number of Open Borders Organizations Linked to Billionaire George Soros deployed activists across Washington, DC, on Tuesday Demanding Citizenship for all Illegal Aliens Living in the United States.

    Days ago, Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough Ruled that a MASSive amnesty Plan for illegal Aliens Could NOT be Slipped into Senate Democrats’ $3.5 trillion filibuster-proof budget reconciliation package.


  18. once a NUT … always BEEN a NUT … MENTALY GONE 4 SURE!!!

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