We Agree: This HAS Gotta Stop

Eric Clapton, who suffered severe side effects from COVID-19 “vaccination,” has released a new song entitled “This Has Gotta Stop.” A UK online news site reports:

While the song does not directly mention lockdown measures or vaccines, the musician has performed on anti-vaccine songs in recent months. His latest offering has been interpreted by some as an attack on the measures recommended by health officials.

“I can’t take this BS any longer, It’s gone far enough, You want to claim my soul, you’ll have to come and break down this door,” Clapton sings. Other lyrics include: “I knew that something was going on wrong, When you started laying down the law, I can’t move my hands, I break out in sweat.”

Full lyrics can be found at this link.

In the song, Clapton cries out mournfully

And I’m used to being free

Weren’t we all? Many, many of us were used to being free but now find that was just an illusion.

Events are moving at warp speed now–a “feature” not a “bug” of the Joe Biden agenda. We’re still trying to discern what the end game is.

Now there’s word that Biden and Anthony Fauci are considering approving COVID-19 booster shots every 5 months, even though incidents of breakthrough infections have been documented less than 3 months after vaccination.

Biden’s already ordered nursing homes that accept Medicare/Medicaid patients to mandate vaccination for all their staff, thus likely creating yet another health care crisis when employees resign in droves.

Now we’re provided with the phenomenon of a nursing home resident, a COVID-19 survivor who’s also fully vaccinated, complaining about unvaccinated staff:

Why should they think they can come to work and bring that disease in here and work and be around us?

If the vaccine works and since this man has already recovered from COVID-19, then he should have no fear of the virus whatsoever because if he’s not immune then nobody is.

If his concern is for fellow residents, then he ought to be reassured that the vast majority of them are also fully vaccinated and many may, like him, be COVID-19 survivors, given the high incidence of infection seen early on in nursing homes.

If this resident does still fear the virus because he believes he can catch it again, then what difference does it make if staff are vaccinated, since he can’t simultaneously believe that the vaccine will protect them if it won’t protect him.

The resident goes on to say that he

hears the staff in the hallways sharing misgivings with each other about the vaccine. He said he tries to convince them to listen to the experts — “the Ph.D.s” — not just to protect him, but themselves and their families. But they won’t budge.

Interesting choice of experts, given that “vaccine-hesitant” individuals with Ph.D.s were found to be the most firmly resolved group. In other words, they didn’t change their minds over time (even after exposure to propaganda).

There are many things that have “gotta stop,” from the perspective of We the People of the United States of America.

Just today an Obama/Biden minion dared to compare intelligent FREE people–who believe in their God-given right to be “secure in their persons”–to Islamic terrorists:

Have you noticed how strikingly similar both the mindsets and actions are between the suicide bombers at Kabul’s airport, and the anti-mask and anti-vax people here?

They both blow themselves up, inflict harm on those around them, and are convinced they are fighting for freedom.

No, sir. We’ve noticed NO similarities, you disgusting excuse for a human being.

There’s absolutely no similarity between a suicide bomber and a mother who is protecting her child from gagging on a mask hours upon hours per day at school, especially considering that the “science is not settled” on the efficacy of masks in the first place.

This man confuses his personal political enemies with “anti-maskers” and “anti-vaxxers,” totally ignoring where some of those groups may be found. (Hint: among “people of color”, a big part of the Democrat/left base, and among the “angry” vaccinated, who skew Democrat. It’s not a simple dichotomy.)

Both vaccinated and unvaccinated people who contract COVID-19 can “inflict harm” on others if they don’t take care to ensure that they don’t spread their disease to others. That’s fact.

It’s also fact that vaccinated people are contracting COVID-19 despite vaccination, which is why Biden wants them to get boosters, perhaps for the rest of their lives, and make them wear masks again.

Being vaccinated, according to Biden’s own experts, does not ensure that you can’t have COVID-19 and spread it to others. In fact, since vaccination may make an infection mildly symptomatic or even asymptomatic, or if a vaccinated person believes symptoms can’t possibly be COVID-19 because of that vaccination, then the vaccinated person may pose an even greater risk to others because that person may take no precautions to prevent the spread to others.

This is exactly what happened in Provincetown, Massachusetts, when crowds of unmasked but mostly vaccinated people unknowingly spread COVID-19 infection, causing a large outbreak. Exactly how many people lost their lives because these vaccinated people were falsely led to believe that it was safe to no longer social distance or wear a mask to protect others?

Making vicious, hateful comparisons about thoughtful people–fellow citizens–who have a constitutional and human right to be secure in their persons and to make decisions about their own bodies

has gotta stop!

The sooner the better, for the sake of our Republic.


144 responses to “We Agree: This HAS Gotta Stop

    • 100% should say he should resign (the position he doesn’t even fill) because he’s dementing. What the hell is wrong with the other 48% polled? Do they really think our country is SAFE with a demented fool in charge (or with whatever enemy of the USA is actually pulling the strings)?

  1. just nasty No water. ..2 much water …

    • I’m sure she did and the mainstream media won’t report that. It’s only threats against DemoncRATS or progressives that represent news or “hate” speech.

  2. Lookie!! New Dim voters. 😆

    • So they say 20% of Biden voters are sorry they voted for him. I’m thinking that means that everybody who actually did vote for him wishes they hadn’t, so he’s lost 100% of his votes, given that all the rest of the alleged 81,000,000 votes were FAKE.

      Which is why, I guess, he had to import new voters from elsewhere.

      • That story is appalling and it’s true of every place they put these unvetted strangers who can’t even speak English. They can WALK RIGHT OUT OF THE BASE, no questions asked, and disappear into the population. But we’re supposed to believe they’re no threat? Are they vaccinated or tested, or does COVID magically not pose a threat as it apparently doesn’t when we’re talking illegal aliens breaking across the border or mass riots (peaceful protests) by antifa and BLM? That’s just talking COVID.

        What other diseases might they carry? How many of them who were “waved through” by the Taliban at the airport are ISIS-K members sent here to attack our homeland AGAIN? Tucker Carlson said they’re putting them in many states. If there are 19,000 in New Mexico and 13,000 in Wisconsin and 10,000 in TX, then how many are there REALLY in this country now? More than 116,000? A million? How many?

        They’re planning on a huge humanitarian program and continued airlifting, and cooperating with the Taliban to allegedly fight ISIS-K. This is just running out of control now. Barry on steroids. Rushing to get as much done as possible, trying to beat the clock. Destroy as much of the USA as they can, hoping we can never, ever recover. Barry’s third term. And the FECKLESS, useless Congress simply bitch and moan but DO NOTHING. Grow some and save our Republic!


    • What the hell EVER happened to one branch of government not criticizing or stepping on the toes of another co-equal branch? What did they say if Trump criticized the SCOTUS? Disrespectful.

      Pelosi and Biden? Different story. Pelosi, too, CLAIMS to be a devout Catholic.

      She and Biden are pro-death. Anti-babies. Anti-babies-of-color, btw. More “babies of color” are aborted than other group. RACISTS! It’s genocide.

      • Here’s an example of their duplicity: https://people.com/politics/trump-says-ruth-bader-ginsburg-sonia-sotomayor-should-recuse/

        “President Donald Trump … criticized Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, arguing they should “recuse” from “Trump related” legal cases …

        Such an attack is historically unusual for recent presidents — but not Trump, who is quick to blast those he perceives as opponents.

        The court has long insisted on maintaining an air of nonpartisanship. …

        Trump’s comments about the justices were met with some criticism from those who said he was crossing the lines between the branches of government.”

        Oh, “historically” presidents aren’t supposed to “blast” those the president “perceives as opponents.” Oh, the court is “nonpartisan.” Trump is POLITICIZING the court; he’s “crossing the lines between the branches.”

        That’s the kind of crap they said, until they didn’t say it. Until it’s Pelosi and Biden “blasting” those they “perceive as opponents,” namely the right-thinking judges on the SCOTUS–those judges who actually follow the law and the constitution instead of trying to read into it things that aren’t there.

  4. SURE JOEY .. IF U ABORTED BEAU? U would have Nothing 2 GAME’
    USA WITH? a DEAD Baby a DEAD Child REALLY is the SAME JOE!

    • I don’t want to EVER hear again that he’s a “devout Catholic.” It’s a joke. No way he’s even Catholic, much less devout. Let’s see what the bishops and the Pope have to say about him, now.

    • btw, FOLLOW THE SCIENCE, JOE! Life begins at conception. DNA. Look it up if you don’t know what it means. SCIENCE. EVERYONE HAS TO AGREE. Conception = entirely new, entirely unique human being.

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