This Is St. Louis

Or not!

Of what this is indicative, I can’t say, but this story struck me as simultaneously amusing, sad, and perhaps even racist. The story comes from The St. Louis American: [emphasis added to quotes]

Published continuously, without missing a single issue, since 1928, The St. Louis American newspaper has emerged as the leading, most-trusted voice of the area’s African-American community

Headlined: “A vaccination could save your life, and reduce fines.”

The city of St. Louis, the city’s municipal court and the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s office have announced that they are co-sponsoring “Warrant Forgiveness Days” later this month, and city officials are adding an additional incentive.

COVID-19 vaccines will be offered on site and proof of full vaccination could mean $100 off court costs or existing fines for Municipal Court cases. …

City officials estimate there are roughly 140,000 warrants eligible for participation in the program, with the vast majority (138,000) able to take advantage of the Municipal Court full vaccination incentive. …

Participants should bring a valid photo ID, phone, and provide a valid email address, if they have one. Participating individuals will not be subject to arrest at these events. …

You don’t need a photo ID to vote in Democrat-run St. Louis, but you sure do need one to get vaccinated or qualify for warrant forgiveness or vaccination incentives.

This program was lauded by the (black) mayor and “co-sponsored” by the (infamous, black, Soros-supported) circuit attorney, both of whom, in the course of their public service, almost exclusively focus upon the black community. Warrant forgiveness programs are part of the criminal justice reforms demanded by many black politicians and progressive groups like BLM.

Note that these programs in St. Louis were pitched first in the city’s black newspaper. Said the mayor:

These events will help participants get right with the law and get right with their health. We have to work together to protect public health and public safety, and I’m grateful to the courts for their leadership on this issue.

Politicians across the country are challenged to get the vaccine hesitant vaccinated. To do so, they’ve come up with a variety of incentives, such as lotteries or gift cards. Of particular interest to those concerned with “vaccine hesitancy” is the lack of response among the black community. In St. Louis, there’s a much higher rate of vaccine hesitancy among blacks than among whites.

One can only imagine the reaction of the woke crowd had this particular vaccination incentive been created by the white governor of Missouri or the white former mayor of St. Louis and then publicized first in a black newspaper:

Hey folks! Come get your warrants forgiven, get vaccinated, and we’ll knock 100 bucks off your fines and court costs.

We’re used to the soft bigotry of low expectations coming from white progressives, but black ones, too?


I’m (nearly) speechless.

Another story invites more head shaking:

A suspect is in custody after police say he stole a car in Kansas City and drove it across the state, knowing he needed to make a court date in St. Louis on Thursday.

The unnamed man was taken into custody after a nearly 60-mile police chase that began in Wentzville, Missouri and ended in Troy, Illinois. The chase began when a license plate reader in Wentzville caught the car and police were alerted.

He must have already been vaccinated and so couldn’t have expected to get warrant forgiveness or a break on his fines. Whatever.

Anyway …

Have a great weekend!


123 responses to “This Is St. Louis

  1. It is going to get a lot worse. 😡

    • Afraid so. This BS about the vaccine approval, for one thing. It’s still unclear whether they now are liable for damages from their product. I can’t find ANYTHING ANYWHERE to answer that question. They got immunity from lawsuits under a “declaration” that Azar made under the “PREP Act”. That immunity lasts until Oct. 1, 2024 (!!!). He has to make an amendment or rescind it, from what I can tell. (You’d have to be a lawyer to deduce the truth here.) Their website shows amendments to allow things like non-nurses to administer vaccines and teens to get the shot, but I see nothing that indicates they don’t still have immunity from liability. The emergency authorization seems to be still in effect for any vaccine they made before the being to make their newly licensed and named vaccine. Whether the newly licensed vaccine is also under the immunity from liability is anybody’s guess. Whether the licensing of this newly named vaccine wipes out the emergency authorization for the other vaccines is anybody’s guess, too. Some say it is and that Moderna and J&J can’t give shots until they are also approved, but my guess is that would only be for newly manufactured doses. Who the hell knows? What I do know is that nobody in their right mind ought to take this vaccine on the chance they won’t be permanently disabled and there’s nothing they can do to be compensated so they can afford health care such as skilled nursing, etc. People have been paralyze and now their families may be impoverished trying to get them care. MOST LIKELY, too, even if they have long-term care insurance, there will be an exclusion for experimental or unapproved treatments.

    • One way it will get worse is that these vaccine mandates will cause people to quit their jobs and it will exacerbate shortages from nurses to (perhaps) even doctors and other health care workers, especially in places like nursing homes. What about the troops? What about the ones who already are in service and don’t want the vaccine but can’t resign? The lawyers OUGHT TO BE lining up to take the many cases that will arise from this, but I’ll bet they’re all on board with the progressive agenda. Pfizer will make out like a bandit, as they already have. What about Novavax? I believe they’re stalling the approval of that more-acceptable vaccine in order to put a thumb on the scale for the others, from whom they’ve already committed to buy millions and millions of doses. Some countries’ contract with Pfizer state that EVEN IF a better vaccine option comes along, the countries still must buy the promised doses from Pfizer! In addition, they’ve actually made countries put up assets to cover potential debt for the doses. They’ve also made the foreign countries take over liability for any harm. We don’t exactly know the details of the contract our government signed with them, as I’ve said before, FOIA ought to work but who knows and who has the wherewithal to make that request?

  2. HEY …Joe is doing SOME- thing’…. Catching FLY’S

  3. YEP! … JILL BIDEN’ … the want 2 B QUEEN
    LET … WTP .. LIST the SHILL- MAKER’S !!!

  4. … DEAD .. BEEF B-4 & NOW .. COME on Man
    SURE .. DRAG the SHIT AROUND .. as U GET Your PERK’S ! Hang it UP
    U CHEATED your WAY .. IN .. Aren’t U O’ So PROUD? WTP are SICKENED!
    O’ & HOW is the ONE TRICK PONY .. Coddled HUNTER’ doing NOW $$ ?

  5. DEAD .. BEEF STRIKES .. again ! What a TWAT! Ain’t it SPECIAL?
    SHE & JOEY = ZERO … what a BUNCH of LOSERS WE HAVE so SAD !!!


  7. MAN .. I MISS THAT “MUG” …

    • It’s a sad state of affairs when you have to wonder if that’s a photoshopped joke or a true screen shot from CNN.

      I read an alarming thing at TCTH, in comments. Somebody quoted from an Israeli story that stated that people who have been given the THIRD “jab” as a booster have still caught the virus and some have died. What’s going to happen is that people will continue to die FROM the shots but the unvaccinated will be blamed, instead of the shots. We already know that they lie. So far, foreign countries like Israel are reporting TRUTHFUL stats, unlike our own country that is reporting lies and/or simply not collecting stats so there’s no “evidence” of harm from the shots.

  8. Trust, but Verify …..
    Russian proverb
    Trust, but verify is a rhyming Russian proverb. The phrase became internationally known in English after Suzanne Massie, an American scholar, taught it to President Ronald Reagan, who used it on several occasions in the context of nuclear disarmament discussions with the Soviet Union.

  9. ZERO TRUST ! OUT with J B’ Biden & that Giggling ANCHOR’ PUPPET

    • I had thought, when I read the headline only, that SHE had the syndrome. Made me wonder what they will do with two demented “leaders.” Not to worry! Camel face is apparently still as intelligent as she ever was. 😉

  10. ANOTHER ..DICK ! REALLY JEN ? U teach your KIDS 2 LIE
    RED in the the HEAD … WHAT she Is allowed 2 SPIT OUT !!!

    • ALL they do is parse, redefine words in the English language, and LIE. People are dying. More will die. And all they can do is play word games.

    • Leaving the pet behind? It’s a long tradition in DemoncRAT circles. The pet is only a prop, not a pet, not a family member. Remember Socks? Palmed off on the secretary. Remember Buddy? Well, they took him but then let him get run over by a car in their bedroom community where you wouldn’t expect a lot of traffic.

      What to do, what to do? Now Biden is telegraphing that it won’t be long until we have a female POTUS. But surely they WILL WAIT until Pelosi has RAMMED THROUGH her trillions of dollars worth of bills.


    Another DICK HEAD! CUOMO … F- U ‘ … U JERK AZZ !

      … FOOLS & TRICKESTER’S … that’s ALL I SEE !!!
      IF Ya’ SEE IT CALL IT OUT & they say kids CAN’T Read today ha’ ???

      “I’m appalled [Biden] thinks We only need to take [out] 2,000 People,” Zeller says. “There are 86,000 People currently left behind in Afghanistan and we’ve identified ALL …. of them for the government.”

  13. …. We Appear to be a Doomed Nation


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