Unmask, Mask, Unmask, Mask

Seriously. Make up your effing minds what “science” tells us.

First, Lord Fauci declared masks don’t work, but he later admitted that he was fibbing (risking lives) because the powers that be wanted to reserve PPE for health care workers.

Then Lord Fauci recommended masks, and later even multiple masks.

Then masks were not necessary outdoors for vaccinated people. Eventually, they weren’t necessary for the vaccinated indoors, either, but maybe it wasn’t Fauci who said that. Maybe it was politicians in the Biden administration and the CDC because they wanted to reward the vaccinated (the compliant ones) even though they knew the vaccinated could still catch and spread the disease (Fauci said that back in April).

Fauci also said,

the source of confusion around masks stems from the CDC’s wish to acknowledge the fully vaccinated can safely forego masks indoors and out.

That triggered an interpretation that we can now just throw away masks, which is obviously not the case.

Was it obvious? Don’t think so. Don’t think the millions of vaccinated people who doffed their masks in relief and took to the vacation spots around, say, Springfield, MO, ever thought they were playing a role in spreading the highly infectious Delta variant among themselves, the vaccinated, as well as among the unvaccinated.

Now Fauci and the CDC are potentially flip-flopping about masks again, although hedging, as usual:

Dr. Anthony Fauci says the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are weighing revising their COVID-19 guidelines to recommend that even fully vaccinated people wear masks in public.

Fauci … [has] taken part in conversations about altering the guidelines, something he described as being “under active consideration.”

Most likely the reason they’re reconsidering the guidelines is the very public demonstrations that the vaccinated can and do get COVID-19 and spread it to others. This was proven not only by the recent upsurge in Delta variant cases in places like southwest MO, but also by the case of the “fully vaccinated” Texas legislators who flew a private plane to DC, unmasked, and became their own little “superspreader” event.

Just this week Jen Psaki admitted that thousands of White House employees are tested regularly, even if vaccinated, despite the fact that the CDC doesn’t recommend regular testing for vaccinated employees:

People who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 don’t need to be tested regularly or quarantine, even after being exposed to someone who was sick, according to the latest CDC guidance.

Got that? The CDC, the controlling “scientists” in our government, said the vaccinated don’t need to be tested or quarantine if exposed! (Of course, the testing guidelines apply to ordinary citizens, not the elite in the White House. They’re monitored, on our dime, for “breakthrough” cases on a regular basis. Different strokes!)

One wonders if the Texas legislators who tested positive were quarantined. One wonders if Kamala Harris and others who met with them were tested and quarantined, if positive. For the record, Jen Psaki refused to share how many vaccinated White House employees have tested positive.

In any case, we know from Fauci’s own words in April that he and the administration knew the risk that the unvaccinated could acquire and spread COVID-19 and also the dangers of telling the vaccinated that masks, social distancing, testing, and quarantining were a thing of the past for them, despite the risk to others.

When Joe Biden coldly stated in May that 

those who are not vaccinated will end up paying the price. The vaccinated will continue to be protected against severe illnesses, but others may not be if you’re not vaccinated,

he knew very well what he was saying and doing: Punishing the non-compliant. Risking the very lives of the unvaccinated by telling the vaccinated they don’t have to take precautions against spreading the virus to others, even young children and immune compromised individuals who can’t take the vaccine. Allowing the unvaccinated to, in some instances, be infected by the vaccinated in order to use their misfortune as an example to scare other unvaccinated people into compliance.

Now they’re backtracking. Now they must tell truth to the vaccinated and it’s uncomfortable for them, because the vaccinated feel angry and betrayed.

As doctors and a former surgeon general said

[T]he CDC acted prematurely in May when it announced that fully inoculated Americans would no longer need to wear a mask in most situations. That move was broadly seen as part of efforts to incentivize jabs. The different rules for the vaccinated and unvaccinated and the impression that Americans could let down their guard sowed confusion that has led to a higher rate of infections, according to Adams.

“The execution was poor, and the results speak for themselves,” Adams, who currently practices anesthesia in Indianapolis, said in an email interview. “Low mask usage, slowed vaccination rates and exploding cases.”

Execution. Sadly ironic choice of words. Also ironic is Biden and others in his administration claiming that social media allowing “misinformation” to spread on their platforms amounts to “murder.”

Isn’t giving vaccinated people, for political reasons, the deliberately false impression that they can’t catch or spread COVID-19 “misinformation?”

This is what happens when (1) you treat fellow human beings like they’re idiots and pawns and (2) you assume in all your arrogance that you know better what other people should do and so you “nudge” them into doing what you want them to do by lying to them, even if it (3) costs people their lives.

Unmask, mask, unmask, mask. Follow the science!

What kind of games are they playing with our lives?




157 responses to “Unmask, Mask, Unmask, Mask

  1. HOW DARE the SHIT.. CHILD Molester .. JOE BIDEN.. Wants more kiddie’s
    2 PLAY with U SICK …..S O B ! .. BUILD the WALL .. U DRIP this is the USA

  2. NANCY … Wipes the FLOOR with HER CONSTANT TRICKS .. & comments

    LEAVE the SLOT 4 the TRAIN that COULD … OK $$$$ ?


  4. We The People are the super-majority, often the silent majority; but we are the majority. We are the productive, taxpaying, hard-working members of society that ask nothing more than to be left alone from the overbearing influence of government in our lives. Enough is enough. We are not going to go backwards in fear of a virus that has over a 99% survival rate.

  5. https://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=243070

    Lots of interesting facts and analysis at that link.

  6. As more and more states move to audit the 2020 election, Biden flails!


    “The Justice Department on Wednesday released guidance intended to caution states embarking on so-called post-election ‘audits’ of vote counts for the 2020 presidential election that they must not run afoul of federal voting laws. …”

    When all else fails, threaten like a thug. My message to the STATES, which under the Constitution handle elections and which under the Constitution have all un-enumerated rights RESERVED TO THEM (and the People): IGNORE THEM.

    Take a cue from Barry and his “lawfare.” LAWFARE right back at them and, in the meantime, PROCEED.

    They don’t want the TRUTH to come out. They can’t handle the TRUTH, but We the People know the TRUTH and want it shown for all to see.

    • He has the GALL to cite federal law with regard to retention of all election records. Okay, then, Merrick: Go after the MANY jurisdictions in which they have already WIPED CLEAN the databases and/or destroyed or “lost” records pertaining to the (FRAUDULENT) election.

      He cites a law that precludes interference in the right to vote or be an elections worker. Well, DUH, Merrick: Everybody ALREADY VOTED and/or did their election work. There’s nobody TO intimidate since the vote is over, the election is over. You can’t “interfere” in something that’s already in the past.

    • btw, it seems Joe is in competition with Barry for the MOST FABULOUS FAKE AUTOBIOGRAPHY EVER:

      Now, to add to Joe’s many other autobiographical LIES, he claimed today that he drove an 18-wheeler. Yep, not only is Joe a consummate fabulist and plagiarizer, but he’s also a coal miner and a semi-truck driver!

      They ought to call him on it. Somebody ought to hand over their Big Rig to Joe and see if he can parallel park it.

  7. Biden, Harris May Resign … After He Discloses
    New Evidence of … Election Tampering … YES … BRiNG IT ON

    • What really gets me about these so-called journalists is that they make no pretense about trying to at least look objective. How can they say, before hearing his evidence, that his claims are “baseless,” or “conspiracy theories?” It’s BIASED to do so.

      They can and should simply quote the man, present his allegations, and leave it to the readers to decide what it all means.

      In addition, how can the writer claim that it’s FALSE to say that Trump could/would become POTUS again? It’s never been adjudicated before because it’s never happened (at least not on this scale) before. IF IT’S PROVEN by evidence and it’s decided by a court (most likely SCOTUS) that people conspired to steal the election from the actual winner, then why would there not be restoration and restitution for the VOTERS (We the People) who elected Trump?

    • Did you see that Dr. Jill needs to have surgery to remove something she stepped on at the beach from her footsie? I tend to do my own surgery when I step on things. Don’t you? After all, she’s a doctor and I’m not. Wonder what’s the REAL story? Did she step on this in Japan? Nope. Hawaii. We heard that camel face had a regularly scheduled checkup after the superspreader Texas incident. They lied about that so what else would they lie about? btw, stories make it a point to say that Joe is going to the hospital with her. Hmmm. So who’s really getting surgery and why? Why do they all make it a point to say that Joe’s going to the hospital with her? All previous lies considered, this all sounds very suspicious.

    • Suspected serial killer? You can’t make this stuff up. Yikes.

    • It’s scary sometimes, isn’t it? Do you ever have dreams about things happening and then they do? As if you picked up an electronic signal from the universe while sleeping and then what you dreamed actually happened? It happens to me with MINOR things, like I dream about some celebrity dying and whoop! Within a few days that person dies, as if somehow my brain was tuned into the space/time continuum and picked up the news before it happened. So I never discount people like Nostradamus, but do wish he was less cryptic because you can fit anything you want into some of his predictions. Just like the very obtuse book of Revelations. (If you’re revealing something, then don’t speak in code, imho.)

    • Well, Nostradamus talking about the “world economy” sort of gives it away as fake news.

  8. Good news! 😀

    • Hooray. Let the truth be revealed.

      However, 30 seconds isn’t enough and it’s certainly not justice enough to allow THE GOVERNMENT to sort through the tapes looking for responsive evidence. ALL THE TAPES should be turned over to all the lawyers so that their lawyers can find ANY exculpatory evidence in them (and there will be plenty. You can bet on that because if there were evidence to convict them, it would already be revealed and they wouldn’t be lying about sensitivity in order to HIDE the evidence that the government is LYING.)

  9. Kids and masks. 😆


    • If you search on this guy’s name and Laura Ingraham, who he has historically attacked on Twitter before his testimony and, iirc, even before 1/6, you’ll find mainstream media story after story attacking Ingraham and Tucker Carlson for “mocking” this alleged HERO. If every cop who ever responded to a protest is a hero, then there are sure a lot of medals to hand out across the country to those unsung heroes who took bullets, bottles, rocks, concrete blocks, urine, feces, chemicals from the likes of antifa and BLM, who Dunn supports. How the hell does a cop support BLM after what they did to cops last year?

    • They’re all activists. It’s a disgrace the kind of things those guys are on record saying, before Jan. 6th. IF they were speaking on the other side of the aisle then, like with the military, the police depts. would be trying to CANCEL them for their POLITICAL speech. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/07/surprise-officer-dunn-testified-trump-supporters-jan-6-chanting-n-word-huge-blm-activist-supported-mass-violence-kenosha-riots/ (I saw somewhere that long ago he also attacked and mocked Laura Ingraham on Twitter. He’s a piece of work.)

      What gets me about at least two of these guys, besides that they’re hand-selected radical DemoncRATS “testifying” to give the DemoncRATS visuals to use in campaign ads, is that they are apparently such WIMPS. Being WIMPS seems to now be a “good look” for the WOKE.

      We have Osaka wimping out. We have Biles wimping out. Now we have POLICE OFFICERS wimping out. CRYING about what they faced, even worse than combat in the Middle East, if you can believe it. Were they afraid of IEDs on Jan. 6? (They LIED that the protesters were ARMED, implying that because they could have been, might have been, they thought they possibly could be, then that equaled–yep. Armed.) Were they afraid of stepping on land mines? Getting their legs and arms blown off? Getting hit and killed by enemy rockets? Get real. Worse than the wars in Iraq?

      Then you have to remember that right there in DC cops had frozen water bottles bounced off their heads, and rocks, thrown by BLM and antifa when the REAL President was still in office. Was Jan. 6 WORSE THAN THAT? Mind you, maybe these guys weren’t assigned to the REAL RIOTS that took place by the WH when they had to put up a big fence around it to keep THOSE RIOTERS OUT. The rioters who were allowed to stay there and threaten the PEOPLE’S HOUSE for days, iirc. Did these cops object then? Well, now that I think about it, maybe the Capitol police aren’t involved in stuff happening at the WH. Who knows? In any case, they ought to have been asked about THAT rioting.

      What is up with all these WIMPS crying? Do they really think that theatrics, with all the crocodile tears, are going to accomplish anything other than make them ALL (representatives on both sides as well) look COMPETENT? If they CRUMBLE over THIS, then imagine how they are when push REALLY comes to shove.

      • btw, without doubt they’re LYING when they claim people said racist things to them. Since he so well described the woman he alleged called him the n-word, then it ought to be easy, with all the thousands of hours of videos, to find HER standing close enough to HIM to make that plausible. Can we put out an APB on her? I mean, they’re putting up mug shots of everyone else, so why not this woman who committed a hate crime against this fine, upstanding, honest, ethical, non-partisan police officer? Let’s find her. Let’s HEAR THE AUDIO. Here’s the problem: It’s impossible to prove a negative. He can CLAIM anything, which these people tend to do all the time. FAKE HATE. Only when we’re really lucky can we prove the lies, like with Jussie, who never expected there to be video of his hired attackers. It’s the usual script. MAKE UP allegations of racism. They were crying racism from day one, when they out of the blue claimed that people who were there to protest a stolen election, an outrage against our democracy, the violation of people’s voting rights were actually “white supremacists.” As usual, though, they HAVE TO GO so over the top that people instinctively KNOW they’re MAKING IT ALL UP.

        Think about it, though: If you were in a dangerous situation where you need to call for help, would you want THESE WIMPS responding? What would they do, CRY WITH YOU?

        It’s just another thing to add to our list of scary things happening in our country that make this look more like Third World dictatorships. The thugs in the Middle East are prone to this kind of political theater, complete with the crocodile tears and wailing and tearing of burkas.


    • They can’t back up most of what he says. He’s delusional. What’s worse, though? Biden’s delusional demented lies or Barry’s outright calculated, deliberate lies, starting with his claim that he’s a NBC?


    • It’s neither a “blunder” nor a “blooper” to outright LIE about something. This reminds me of when Barry would just call violent thugs “knuckleheads.”

      OMG. How ridiculous. They try to cover for him by saying he had driven a school bus as if people don’t know the difference between a school bus and a semi-tractor trailer! In addition, he only “rode” in a semi and they answer with the “he drove a school bus,” totally evading the fact that riding isn’t the same as driving. By Biden’s standard, every kid who ever went to school on a school bus used to drive a school bus.

    • DemoncRATS can and do use this kind of evasion in response to any question. All they have to do is characterize any question as a “game” and voila! They don’t have to answer. Is this “democracy” that they’re so fond of “defending?” As representatives of THE PEOPLE, they should answer every and any question posed to them. Anything less than an ANSWER, is an insult to The People as well as the idea of democracy.

    BOTTLE’S ..$$$ GOT STOLEN ..ha’ & He might just BE SIPPING 2 MUCH 2




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