Unmask, Mask, Unmask, Mask

Seriously. Make up your effing minds what “science” tells us.

First, Lord Fauci declared masks don’t work, but he later admitted that he was fibbing (risking lives) because the powers that be wanted to reserve PPE for health care workers.

Then Lord Fauci recommended masks, and later even multiple masks.

Then masks were not necessary outdoors for vaccinated people. Eventually, they weren’t necessary for the vaccinated indoors, either, but maybe it wasn’t Fauci who said that. Maybe it was politicians in the Biden administration and the CDC because they wanted to reward the vaccinated (the compliant ones) even though they knew the vaccinated could still catch and spread the disease (Fauci said that back in April).

Fauci also said,

the source of confusion around masks stems from the CDC’s wish to acknowledge the fully vaccinated can safely forego masks indoors and out.

That triggered an interpretation that we can now just throw away masks, which is obviously not the case.

Was it obvious? Don’t think so. Don’t think the millions of vaccinated people who doffed their masks in relief and took to the vacation spots around, say, Springfield, MO, ever thought they were playing a role in spreading the highly infectious Delta variant among themselves, the vaccinated, as well as among the unvaccinated.

Now Fauci and the CDC are potentially flip-flopping about masks again, although hedging, as usual:

Dr. Anthony Fauci says the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are weighing revising their COVID-19 guidelines to recommend that even fully vaccinated people wear masks in public.

Fauci … [has] taken part in conversations about altering the guidelines, something he described as being “under active consideration.”

Most likely the reason they’re reconsidering the guidelines is the very public demonstrations that the vaccinated can and do get COVID-19 and spread it to others. This was proven not only by the recent upsurge in Delta variant cases in places like southwest MO, but also by the case of the “fully vaccinated” Texas legislators who flew a private plane to DC, unmasked, and became their own little “superspreader” event.

Just this week Jen Psaki admitted that thousands of White House employees are tested regularly, even if vaccinated, despite the fact that the CDC doesn’t recommend regular testing for vaccinated employees:

People who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 don’t need to be tested regularly or quarantine, even after being exposed to someone who was sick, according to the latest CDC guidance.

Got that? The CDC, the controlling “scientists” in our government, said the vaccinated don’t need to be tested or quarantine if exposed! (Of course, the testing guidelines apply to ordinary citizens, not the elite in the White House. They’re monitored, on our dime, for “breakthrough” cases on a regular basis. Different strokes!)

One wonders if the Texas legislators who tested positive were quarantined. One wonders if Kamala Harris and others who met with them were tested and quarantined, if positive. For the record, Jen Psaki refused to share how many vaccinated White House employees have tested positive.

In any case, we know from Fauci’s own words in April that he and the administration knew the risk that the unvaccinated could acquire and spread COVID-19 and also the dangers of telling the vaccinated that masks, social distancing, testing, and quarantining were a thing of the past for them, despite the risk to others.

When Joe Biden coldly stated in May that 

those who are not vaccinated will end up paying the price. The vaccinated will continue to be protected against severe illnesses, but others may not be if you’re not vaccinated,

he knew very well what he was saying and doing: Punishing the non-compliant. Risking the very lives of the unvaccinated by telling the vaccinated they don’t have to take precautions against spreading the virus to others, even young children and immune compromised individuals who can’t take the vaccine. Allowing the unvaccinated to, in some instances, be infected by the vaccinated in order to use their misfortune as an example to scare other unvaccinated people into compliance.

Now they’re backtracking. Now they must tell truth to the vaccinated and it’s uncomfortable for them, because the vaccinated feel angry and betrayed.

As doctors and a former surgeon general said

[T]he CDC acted prematurely in May when it announced that fully inoculated Americans would no longer need to wear a mask in most situations. That move was broadly seen as part of efforts to incentivize jabs. The different rules for the vaccinated and unvaccinated and the impression that Americans could let down their guard sowed confusion that has led to a higher rate of infections, according to Adams.

“The execution was poor, and the results speak for themselves,” Adams, who currently practices anesthesia in Indianapolis, said in an email interview. “Low mask usage, slowed vaccination rates and exploding cases.”

Execution. Sadly ironic choice of words. Also ironic is Biden and others in his administration claiming that social media allowing “misinformation” to spread on their platforms amounts to “murder.”

Isn’t giving vaccinated people, for political reasons, the deliberately false impression that they can’t catch or spread COVID-19 “misinformation?”

This is what happens when (1) you treat fellow human beings like they’re idiots and pawns and (2) you assume in all your arrogance that you know better what other people should do and so you “nudge” them into doing what you want them to do by lying to them, even if it (3) costs people their lives.

Unmask, mask, unmask, mask. Follow the science!

What kind of games are they playing with our lives?




157 responses to “Unmask, Mask, Unmask, Mask

  1. I remember it clearly when Biden said that the “unvaccinated will end up paying the price.” It was jarring at the time and I wondered what the hell that meant. The infamous “spidey senses” were aroused.

    As is usual with these people, especially anybody connected in any way to Obama, time eventually shows the pattern and reveals the truths behind any (at the time) weird and jarring statements.Things come together in retrospect.

    Now, based upon the timeline, it’s easy to read between the lines and look behind the scenes in our imaginations. Fauci, at least, in April was talking about how people can still get COVID after vaccination and spread it to others.

    No doubt he told them this in the meetings during which they decided that, in order to meet Joe’s arbitrarily decided deadline of July 4th to have 70% of the population vaccinated, they HAD TO give the public an “incentive” to vaccinate–that being:

    Hey! Get vaccinated and YOU get to resume normal life. No more tests. No more MASKS. No more quarantine threats.

    Likely, based upon the expert Fauci’s statements only weeks before, they knew the risks to OTHERS of allowing people to go without masks, but apparently they didn’t care because they wanted that political win.

    As Joe said, the “unvaccinated will end up paying the price.” That was Joe making excuses for doing what he had coldly signed off on, despite what it meant to those who might be infected as a result of asymptomatic “breakthrough cases” among the vaccinated.

    My guess is that a FOIA request would reveal that they probably learned very well by May that there were lots of “breakthrough” cases, maybe even right there in the White House, based upon their own testing. Psaki, in other stories, was quoted extensively talking about “commissioned” people and others. I gather, from skimming, that commissioned people are those higher ups that are in contact with Biden. She made it a point to talk about contact with Biden, which raises more spidey sense hackles. I’m betting that Biden himself isn’t vaccinated or at least, if he is, they’re very afraid that even a mild case of COVID will push him over the edge. It’s possible, and only a doctor would know, that his health conditions and/or his medication regime would preclude him being vaccinated. Time may tell.

    • Like they aren’t already doing it. NAZIS!!!

      Knowing what we do know now–that the VACCINATED can be as great a risk, depending upon their BEHAVIOR, as the unvaccinated–there’s no logical reason to force people to vaccinate against their will or, especially, to vaccinate CHILDREN who already have vanishingly small risk of even symptomatic illness, much less death. EVEN AFTER VACCINATION, it seems, children will be able to catch, harbor, and spread the disease. Just like they currently can. Who is being protected by vaccinating children, exposing them to the already known risks of the vaccine (e.g. heart inflammation)?

      We know what ValJar is after: Total Nazi control over the entire population.

      “WE’RE not going to LET you come to sporting events or schools.”

      Square that with the Constitution. Any doubt now where ValJar and her master fall on the TOTALITARIAN DICTATOR SCALE?

      Here’s where it will get interesting. A big proportion of the “health care workers” are “people of color.” HUGE number in places like nursing homes and hospitals. We know that POCs don’t trust the vaccine and are “disproportionately” unvaccinated (by their choice, for the most part). However, the Vaccine Nazis want to FORCE them all to vaccinate or LOSE THEIR JOBS. So let’s imagine how they’ll square this circle. Exceptions for POCs because of historical inequities? OR will they just pay them their salaries out of our pockets when they lose their jobs for refusing to comply? Right now, health care workers are demonstrating against forced vaccination and the risk of losing their jobs. (btw, where are their unions now?)

      Just try to digest all the implications in her phrasing:

      “WE’RE saying” (who is WE? We the People? Those who RULE, not ValJar?)

      “We’re saying IF YOU WANT TO BE PART OF THIS SOCIETY …” (Who is SHE to make this choice mandatory? Vaccinate or NOT BE PART OF THIS SOCIETY! Which “society” would that be? Will GULAGS be the place people who are cast from “society” go?)

      Obviously, they have learned much from helping to develop totalitarian social control in RED CHINA that they want to impose here. Barry’s indoctrination and education in COMMIE INDONESIA is coming into “good” use, isn’t it?

    • How many vaccinated? How many infected with who knows what “variants”? How many carrying monkey pox? Ebola? Antibiotic-resistant fungus?

      Where has Joe disseminated them all to in order to change the demographics and create as much chaos and expense for the CITIZENS as possible?

      The saddest part is that most Americans don’t even know the scale of this because the media are in the tank for Joe and HIDE or explain away anything that makes his administration look bad. There was a fawning story in my local paper over the weekend about how some states are going to openly give Medicaid to ILLEGAL ALIENS, knowing they’re illegal and not caring. YOU AND I pay for this, whether it’s in another state or not because 90% of Medicaid money (under the expansion) comes from EVERYBODY, meaning the federal government. You can only imagine what else is in these two omnibus bills that the RINOs WILL ALLOW to get through Congress. They do not have the GUTS to fly out of DC to stop the DemoncRAT blitzkrieg.

  2. And here we go with MORE pressure on the unvaccinated, blaming ONLY THEM, when he knows very well that the vaccinated pose the same risk when they get infected. In fact, one could argue they’re a greater risk because they do NOT (until masks are again required) take steps to prevent getting infected while the unvaccinated still do:


    ” If you allow the virus to freely circulate because so many people are unvaccinated you give it yet again an opportunity to mutate more and you may wind up with creating a variant that in fact eludes the protection of the vaccine. …”

    FACT (according to Fauci himself): Vaccinated people “allow the virus to freely circulate.” That’s FACT. If they don’t prevent getting “breakthrough infections” (which, btw, are only caught in the allegedly RARE instance that the person gets sick enough to seek medical care), then they ALSO will and do give the virus an “opportunity to mutate.”

    If everyone were vaccinated, arguably the virus will STILL be out there, circulating amongst everyone because what will stop it? We know FOR A FACT that the Texas legislators and those at the WH who tested positive were NOT infected by an unvaccinated person. The infection came from and was spread by a vaccinated person.

    Recently the public health director in St. Louis stated clearly that masks ought to be worn by EVERYONE because otherwise you’re giving the virus the opportunity to SPREAD AND MUTATE. This man, obviously, isn’t allowing politics or investment in vaccine technology or connections to Big Pharma cloud his “scientific” judgement.

    • I might add: The most likely scenario where a new variant appears that ELUDES the vaccines would be one that was generated INSIDE A VACCINATED PERSON. Unvaccinated people don’t carry the particular antibodies created by the VACCINE, which would allow viruses replicating in THEIR bodies to “learn” to evade the vaccine-created antibodies. Unvaccinated people, when infected, develop FULL IMMUNITY against the entire organism, not just partial immunity against the spike protein. BECAUSE the virus IS infecting and replicating within VACCINATED people, that’s where the selection pressure will be that MAY cause the virus to mutate and gain the ability to evade vaccine protection. If you notice, they can and do use any rationalization to mislead on the science that will allow them to push their agenda. I’m not a doctor but did study evolution and natural selection and genetics and I also have common sense. IF, however, a mutant that’s resistant to current vaccines arrives, they WILL blame the “unvaccinated” for it, even though that defies common sense. In the same way, most of them are blaming the unvaccinated for the Delta variant upswing, even though common sense says that vaccinated people taking off their masks and congregating in crowds at vacation spots like Branson, MO, led to them getting infected (asymptomatically mostly) but then spreading it amongst EVERYONE ELSE, vaccination status notwithstanding.

      The only fair argument they seem to have now, at this point, knowing what we do know (thanks to the Israelis) is that the vaccine seems to greatly reduce the vaccinated person’s risk of hospitalization or death WHEN THEY GET THE VIRUS. It’s a lie to say they don’t get it, spread it, or also pose a risk of harboring and creating variants.

  3. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/07/end-debate-origin-covid-19-made-laboratory-china-time-identify-involved/

    This is why this will be the “new normal” for us into the future UNLESS they take strong steps to STOP THIS REGIME. They created it and continue to, imho, enhance it in order to surreptitiously HAMSTRING OUR ECONOMY AS LONG AS THEY CAN.

  4. One place the federal MASK MANDATE is still in effect is on public transportation. Lookee:


    Will these women be treated with “equity” or will they get off for being POCs?

    “It’s unclear if anyone was arrested.”

    Hmm. Seems I remember VIDEO and photos of white women and men being handcuffed and frog-marched off planes, sometimes simply for having their masks down while they ate.

    • But they’re going to use lockdowns, masking, and FEAR to try to use the COVID gambit again. They’re also going to try to ram through their own takeover of voting procedures in their bill that they already plan to ram through via “reconciliation” without even on Republican vote (although nobody can count on traitors Cheney or that Kinzinger guy). It wouldn’t be acceptable under reconciliation but who knows what kind of pressure (threats?) they can use against the parliamentarian?


  6. YES ABORT .. PELOSI’ what’s Left of the TRICK’ ..pure DEVIL MINDED
    100 % SOUL- LESS Bitch … POWER or BUST … 4 WHAT ? NANCY???

  7. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2021/07/26/new-york-city-mayor-bill-de-blasio-announces-all-nyc-employees-must-get-vaccination-compulsory-vaccinations-for-340000-workers/#more-214506

    “The vaccine mandate will begin sooner for other city workers. The mayor previously announced a similar requirement, with an August 2 deadline, for medical workers employed by city health clinics or public hospitals.

    Additionally, 45,000 government employees that work in residential and congregate settings, such as nursing homes, will have until August 16 to comply. August 2 also marks the reinforcement of a mask mandate for unvaccinated city government employees.

    “If you are unvaccinated and you are a city employee, beginning on Monday you must either wear a mask indoors at your worksite at all times or, if you would prefer not to, you have to immediately go get vaccinated,” de Blasio said. …”

    UNVACCINATED employees in NYC have to mask up but NOT vaccinated employees, which means that the vaccinated are free to continue to catch and SPREAD the disease to others. This is not scientific, because we know, they know, Fauci knows that vaccinated people are able to catch and spread COVID and they also can serve as breeding factories for VARIANTS. This is ALL about social control, making vaccine passports which will then morph into the same kind of social control passports used in RED CHINA to control all their people and those who don’t comply will just be tossed out of society. Untouchables. Unable to use, for example, Pay Pal, which is joining in on banning people who are “potential domestic terrorists.” How long before they add the unvaccinated to the pool of “potential domestic terrorists” because, in their lying narratives, the unvaccinated (who are at most risk) are the ones risking the lives of others instead of the vaccinated who are walking around with asymptomatic cases and infecting others, vaccinated or not?

    I read today that even more than the few WH staffers previously mentioned were infected by those Texas legislators, with whom Biden refuses to meet and who remain in DC. They’re not calling it a quarantine, though, and they don’t mention that Biden likely won’t meet them BECAUSE HE HIMSELF IS AFRAID THESE FULLY VACCINATED PEOPLE WILL GIVE HIM COVID. Why would he be afraid if his vaccination protects him and they aren’t a threat because, as he told everybody, they can’t get COVID?


    • Wow. As if they can create a policy against religious words in the first place! Double 1st amendment violation. What’s their problem with a child believing that Jesus loves her? It’s not as if she’s proselytizing. She’s only stating a fact and it’s nothing to the other kids, is it? She’s not infringing on them by expressing her belief, anymore than it’s an infringement for any other kid to say or wear something about their belief, for example, that Bigfoot exists. My guess is that somebody had an objection to the Name of Jesus (iow, probably a muslim parent). But I’m sure they’d allow a muslim kid to wear a mask saying something about Allah (except I guess muslims wouldn’t do that, would they? If I understand correctly, they don’t put Allah’s name on things.)

    BUTT’ Like BARACK O’ said ABORT if HIS KID’s NEEDED …1 – 2 – or 3 ?


    • In the pristine kitchen that nary an Obama sets foot in, no doubt. Can’t you just see Moo whipping up something? Now this isn’t even their palatial pad in Hawaii. This is just ONE of their homes. Remember? They bought the old “Robin Masters estate” from Magnum PI.

    • And now, according to that old joke, Babs is not only a former senator but she’s a former Democrat and converted to the Republican Party. 🙂

    • I believe it. Let’s guess they won’t call Ashli’s mom to testify. Although, you just know, if it were a black person killed by a cop at a BLM or antifa riot, that person’s mom would be front and center.

  10. O’ … SURE …UP AGAINST the WALL??? … MUD in YOUR FACE’S???


  11. CLOSE the F -in …BORDERS NOW !!!

    • It’s the VACCINATED who are getting the virus and SPREADING IT, because they are not masking up or social distancing, because BIDEN LIED and people died. They told the vaccinated, WITHOUT EVIDENCE, that it was safe for them to be out in public and inside with vulnerable relatives with no risk to anybody else. That was a LIE and they KNEW IT all along. All along. The timeline is clear. Fauci said in April that this could happen. Most likely, they ignored his “science” and his advice and he, unlike when he worked under Trump, didn’t go running to the media to complain that Biden wasn’t listening to his “science.” Biden overruled anybody, like Fauci, who may have said that it’s unwise at that point to drop precautions for the vaccinated. Biden wanted to have his “win” on his July 4 deadline of 70% vaccinated, in order to claim the prize and best Trump in the vaccine area. So Biden told the vaccinated they could return to normal to “incentivize” the unvaccinated into getting vaccinated. That was in May. In May they also changed the way they tested–telling everybody to NOT test vaccinated people for COVID UNLESS they were sick, symptomatic, hospitalized. And so they deliberately did NOT check to see the results of their (second) experiment on the American people. They didn’t WANT TO KNOW whether the vaccinated got infected or spread the disease. In June, the “delta variant” started plowing through populations, causing case numbers to rise, mostly among the unvaccinated because most “breakthrough” cases among the vaccinated were deliberately NOT FOUND BECAUSE NOT EVEN LOOKED FOR. Unless they were sick enough to go to the doctor or a hospital, they weren’t identified. But Fauci and Pfizer and the CDC and Biden KNEW that there were cases skyrocketing among the vaccinated who were spreading it to the unvaccinated (and other vaccinated) and causing the spikes. It’s been reported NOW and the CDC NOW admits that the vaccinated ARE catching and spreading the delta variant. Some say that the vaccinated have HIGHER levels of virus in their noses and throats than do the unvaccinated, making them EVEN MORE CONTAGIOUS to others when they don’t mask or social distance and many of them just pass it off as hay fever or a summer cold, thinking they’re not infected with COVID because they’re vaccinated. EVEN THOUGH the idiot at the CDC admits now that the vaccinated can and do catch and spread the virus, she’s touting the potential use of vaccine passports which, of course, will be USELESS as a means to prevent the spread of the disease. It’s not to help with HEALTH of the nation but is to help with CONTROL of the nation because her rationale is illogical. If anybody, including the vaccinated, can be infectious, then there’s no point in any vaccine passport. Being vaccinated means NOTHING. You still would need, as would the unvaccinated, proof of being non-contagious. iow, a TEST at that moment in time. They’re attacking the VICTIMS–who are the unvaccinated–instead of the people who are infecting them. Not that the vaccinated should be attacked. They were deliberately misled by this administration. They took the vaccine on Biden’s advice, they unmasked on Biden’s advice, and now they have inadvertently contributed to the continuation of the pandemic and also, most likely, the creation of variants and perhaps will even soon give rise to vaccine-resistant variants, which will put them right back into the same place that the unvaccinated occupy, except that now they may not be able to build full natural immunity to any variant that might come along. They did NOT follow the science. Every decision made was based upon POLITICS. They accuse Trump, FALSELY, of not following the science and of interfering in departments under his authority. That wasn’t true but what is true is the LAW: Whatever they accuse you of doing is what they are doing. So Biden IS politicizing every decision and he IS interfering in EVERY dept. of this government.

      Biden lied. People died.

    • The vaccinated get it and spread it, but mostly they don’t get very sick or die. The unvaccinated, who have a right to choose to not put into their bodies an unproven gene therapy, are being infected by the vaccinated (who think they’re not infectious) because the vaccinated were told by Biden they don’t have to mask or social distance.

      Now it’s true and admitted that everybody is infectious if they catch the virus, symptomatic or asymptomatic, vaccinated or not; but now there are far more asymptomatic cases than ever because it’s spreading around among the vaccinated because they haven’t a clue they have it or can spread it.

      Now here’s Newsome’s “logic”:

      The unvaccinated won’t get sick or potentially die if they would only get vaccinated and be in the same boat with the vaccinated. Then the virus can circulate all around the entire population and most won’t get VERY sick or die. However, that IGNORES several realities. First, that we still don’t know the consequences of this experimental gene therapy. Will the virus mutate within the vaccinated and then become immune to the vaccines? Will the vaccinated EVER be able to develop FULL immunity to the virus, its variants, or similar viruses? Second, we don’t know if there be unforeseen side effects, maybe even deadly ones like antibody-dependent enhancement, showing up in the future and will that, then, AFFECT THE ENTIRE POPULATION because Biden forced/shamed/mandated everybody take the vaccine or else?

      Will they allow people damaged by the vaccine to sue those who forced them to take it?

      If they’re so sure it’s safe and effective and wonderful, then why don’t they simply remove the immunity for all the drug companies from being sued if there are bad effects later on?

      Why don’t they just “approve” the “vaccines” and let the regular process rule? Look at the drug companies who are currently paying billions for the damage they’re been accused of causing via the “opioid crisis.” Why should they be indemnified forever for this gene therapy cum “vaccine?”

      If they want people to take it, then inspire confidence by making the companies and Biden et al put their money where their mouths are.

      Newsome’s logic is that so he doesn’t have to mask up, nor do the compliant ones, you MUST inject yourself with this experimental gene therapy. But only last year, mind, the liberals who now don’t want to wear masks were chasing people who weren’t wearing masks out of stores and other public places!

  12. Why?

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