Unmask, Mask, Unmask, Mask

Seriously. Make up your effing minds what “science” tells us.

First, Lord Fauci declared masks don’t work, but he later admitted that he was fibbing (risking lives) because the powers that be wanted to reserve PPE for health care workers.

Then Lord Fauci recommended masks, and later even multiple masks.

Then masks were not necessary outdoors for vaccinated people. Eventually, they weren’t necessary for the vaccinated indoors, either, but maybe it wasn’t Fauci who said that. Maybe it was politicians in the Biden administration and the CDC because they wanted to reward the vaccinated (the compliant ones) even though they knew the vaccinated could still catch and spread the disease (Fauci said that back in April).

Fauci also said,

the source of confusion around masks stems from the CDC’s wish to acknowledge the fully vaccinated can safely forego masks indoors and out.

That triggered an interpretation that we can now just throw away masks, which is obviously not the case.

Was it obvious? Don’t think so. Don’t think the millions of vaccinated people who doffed their masks in relief and took to the vacation spots around, say, Springfield, MO, ever thought they were playing a role in spreading the highly infectious Delta variant among themselves, the vaccinated, as well as among the unvaccinated.

Now Fauci and the CDC are potentially flip-flopping about masks again, although hedging, as usual:

Dr. Anthony Fauci says the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are weighing revising their COVID-19 guidelines to recommend that even fully vaccinated people wear masks in public.

Fauci … [has] taken part in conversations about altering the guidelines, something he described as being “under active consideration.”

Most likely the reason they’re reconsidering the guidelines is the very public demonstrations that the vaccinated can and do get COVID-19 and spread it to others. This was proven not only by the recent upsurge in Delta variant cases in places like southwest MO, but also by the case of the “fully vaccinated” Texas legislators who flew a private plane to DC, unmasked, and became their own little “superspreader” event.

Just this week Jen Psaki admitted that thousands of White House employees are tested regularly, even if vaccinated, despite the fact that the CDC doesn’t recommend regular testing for vaccinated employees:

People who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 don’t need to be tested regularly or quarantine, even after being exposed to someone who was sick, according to the latest CDC guidance.

Got that? The CDC, the controlling “scientists” in our government, said the vaccinated don’t need to be tested or quarantine if exposed! (Of course, the testing guidelines apply to ordinary citizens, not the elite in the White House. They’re monitored, on our dime, for “breakthrough” cases on a regular basis. Different strokes!)

One wonders if the Texas legislators who tested positive were quarantined. One wonders if Kamala Harris and others who met with them were tested and quarantined, if positive. For the record, Jen Psaki refused to share how many vaccinated White House employees have tested positive.

In any case, we know from Fauci’s own words in April that he and the administration knew the risk that the unvaccinated could acquire and spread COVID-19 and also the dangers of telling the vaccinated that masks, social distancing, testing, and quarantining were a thing of the past for them, despite the risk to others.

When Joe Biden coldly stated in May that 

those who are not vaccinated will end up paying the price. The vaccinated will continue to be protected against severe illnesses, but others may not be if you’re not vaccinated,

he knew very well what he was saying and doing: Punishing the non-compliant. Risking the very lives of the unvaccinated by telling the vaccinated they don’t have to take precautions against spreading the virus to others, even young children and immune compromised individuals who can’t take the vaccine. Allowing the unvaccinated to, in some instances, be infected by the vaccinated in order to use their misfortune as an example to scare other unvaccinated people into compliance.

Now they’re backtracking. Now they must tell truth to the vaccinated and it’s uncomfortable for them, because the vaccinated feel angry and betrayed.

As doctors and a former surgeon general said

[T]he CDC acted prematurely in May when it announced that fully inoculated Americans would no longer need to wear a mask in most situations. That move was broadly seen as part of efforts to incentivize jabs. The different rules for the vaccinated and unvaccinated and the impression that Americans could let down their guard sowed confusion that has led to a higher rate of infections, according to Adams.

“The execution was poor, and the results speak for themselves,” Adams, who currently practices anesthesia in Indianapolis, said in an email interview. “Low mask usage, slowed vaccination rates and exploding cases.”

Execution. Sadly ironic choice of words. Also ironic is Biden and others in his administration claiming that social media allowing “misinformation” to spread on their platforms amounts to “murder.”

Isn’t giving vaccinated people, for political reasons, the deliberately false impression that they can’t catch or spread COVID-19 “misinformation?”

This is what happens when (1) you treat fellow human beings like they’re idiots and pawns and (2) you assume in all your arrogance that you know better what other people should do and so you “nudge” them into doing what you want them to do by lying to them, even if it (3) costs people their lives.

Unmask, mask, unmask, mask. Follow the science!

What kind of games are they playing with our lives?




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