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It took a while, but I finally found someone who’s keeping a list of Joe Biden’s lies. Biden recently made this claim:

Look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated.

A pandemic means, well, a pandemic:

occurring over a wide geographic area (such as multiple countries or continents) and typically affecting a significant proportion of the population.

Most of the world is unvaccinated (about 73%, currently). Therefore, the pandemic always was (until we had vaccines) and still remains a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Duh!

Of course, Biden was referring to the United States, not the world. The correct term to use should have been epidemic, referring to the U.S.

Nevertheless, the intent of his statement is not true. How do we know this is misinformation? Because Biden said the “only” people affected are the unvaccinated. Not true.

Fully vaccinated people are testing positive for COVID-19:

Florida Representative Vern Buchanan (16th District) has tested positive for COVID-19, despite being fully vaccinated, according to his office.

So have a lot of MLB players, with the Yankees, Rockies and Mariners sidelining vaccinated and unvaccinated players and coaches after recent outbreaks. Three of the Texas Democrats who left the state last week to break quorum in the House and block the passage of a GOP-led elections bill tested positive in Washington, D.C. All three had been vaccinated. [Note: as of today, three more tested positive, as did a Pelosi aide and a White House official who encountered them.] A couple of passengers on a fully-vaccinated cruise ship tested positive in June. And Czech beach volleyball player Ondřej Perušič, who said he was fully vaccinated, tested positive in the Olympic Village. Back in Florida, Leon County Commissioner Brian Welch, his wife and two children all contracted COVID this month. Welch and his wife have both received two vaccine shots …

Yesterday came news that a fully vaccinated U.S. gymnast has tested positive for COVID-19 while preparing for the Olympic games.

Mind you, the “breakthrough cases” listed above are among celebrities who were tested because of their activities (travel, playing on sports teams, etc.).

How many cases are there among fully vaccinated ordinary citizens who are not being tested? In May 2021, the CDC

transitioned from monitoring all reported vaccine breakthrough cases to focus on identifying and investigating only hospitalized or fatal cases due to any cause.

Nobody knows how many COVID-19 cases occur among the vaccinated because for the most part they’re not being tested and the CDC isn’t monitoring the vaccinated.

As of July 12, 2021, the CDC reported 5,492 cases among fully vaccinated people who were hospitalized and/or died. How many cases were there that were not identified because the persons were not sick enough to seek medical help?

We’re advised that the symptoms of the “Delta variant” differ from those of the “original” virus. We’re advised that the symptoms could mimic gastrointestinal virus or a summer allergy, and that patients don’t always present with a cough or loss of taste or sense of smell. Vaccinated patients may forgo COVID-19 testing if ill with something they don’t believe could possibly be COVID-19, and their doctors may not order testing, either, since they’re allegedly safe from COVID-19 infection.

However, because fully vaccinated people are contracting and spreading the virus among themselves as well as to unvaccinated people, the World Health Organization continues to recommend face masks and social distancing for everyone, regardless of vaccination status.

As usual, advice is mixed in the U.S. with regard to masking, with Dr. Fauci changing his view from week to week (which is also as usual). Here in the U.S., politics plays a role:

For Fauci and the CDC, the urgency is less about wearing a face mask after vaccination and more about getting a greater number of Americans vaccinated in the first place.

For the Biden administration, it’s the old carrot and stick–the carrot being a release from masking and social distancing for the compliant, even if it means infecting fellow Americans; the stick being the Bidenistas leaning on private businesses to “persuade” them to institute vaccine passports, so that those who won’t or cannot submit will become pariahs: the untouchables, invisible non-members of society, modern-day lepers.

If successful, corporations will manage a system of barriers and penalties to isolate the vaccine-hesitant into smaller and smaller spaces of existence. Citizens would find it increasingly difficult to be able to travel or dine out unless they meet the demands of corporate policies.

Punishing the victims for their intransigence, and all unconstitutionally done at the behest of the Biden administration. Who and what is next?

Several times this past week I saw letters to the editor or social media commentary wherein citizens suggested that when the unvaccinated fall ill with COVID-19, they should be denied admittance to a hospital or treatment because their illness was preventable.

One can only imagine the outcry if similar suggestions were made with regard to persons who contract STDs or HIV or who have complications after an abortion. How about people who need medical treatment after participating in risky, arguably unnecessary activities such as sky diving, mountain climbing, or race car driving? All preventable medical conditions, dependent only upon behavior.

It seems obvious from the experience of those on that private plane full of fully vaccinated Texas legislators, that even the compliant still get infected and, more important, still spread the infection to others.

For their own welfare and for the welfare of those who are not or cannot be vaccinated, it would seem to behoove even the vaccinated to take precautions to protect others. Right?

In the U.K., one of the most vaccinated countries on the planet, it was reported that 60% of those hospitalized for COVID-19 were not vaccinated, from which we logically can infer that 40% of them were vaccinated. Right?

So Joe Biden was spreading misinformation when he said that the “only pandemic” in the U.S. (actually the COVID-19 outbreak) is among the “unvaccinated.” Not true.

Fact: The vaccinated can acquire and spread the virus. Their advantage appears to be a reduction in the risk, or so we’re told, of hospitalization and death.

Given that the vaccinated can catch and do spread the virus, they are arguably as much a risk to the general population, when going unmasked and not keeping proper social distance, as are people who cannot get vaccinated–such as children or immune-compromised individuals–or people who won’t accept the risk of unapproved vaccines.

Because the unvaccinated are advised to wear masks and keep social distance, one might suppose that they pose less of a risk to others than do unmasked but vaccinated individuals. Let the experience of the Texas legislators provide evidence to support that supposition.

Biden’s toady spokesperson has asserted that those spreading what she calls “misinformation” on social media should be banned on every social media platform, particularly if the misinformation concerns COVID-19.

Representative Majorie Taylor Greene was banned from Twitter for saying what many people think: that vaccines shouldn’t be mandatory and that the virus is “dangerous” for particular portions of the population, such as the obese and the elderly. (We’ve been told various versions of these facts by the CDC and health “experts” like Dr. Fauci for over a year.) Nevertheless, Rep. Greene was “suspended” from Twitter because of her opinions

Therefore, by their own standard, Joe Biden should be banned from all social media platforms. He’s spreading the dangerous misinformation that vaccinated people are not subject to the “pandemic”, even though to date nearly 5500 vaccinated Americans were hospitalized and/or died with COVID-19. (791 died from COVID-19.)

The precedent has been set. President Trump has been banned from social media. Democrats and the media cannot now claim that a president cannot be censored by private companies because he needs his bully pulpit.

To be consistent, companies should see that everyone who spreads COVID-19 “misinformation” gets banned, especially those most in the public eye.

Putting aside misinformation on COVID-19, refer again to the list of lies that Joe Biden has told since he took office.

Misleading the American people should also result in a ban from social media.

What’s good for a Republican president should be good for a Democrat president.

Or …

How about we just go back to the time-honored tradition of free speech, one of our God-given, inalienable rights?




150 responses to “Misinformation

  1. Bawahahahahahahahaha! ….
    Hey you bunch of Marxist Pukes …The Constitution WINS again.
    There are only TWO Sexes/Genders MALE & FEMALE. Everything else is
    total B S & makes you a nut job that should be put in a Wacky Ward for Life.
    … Amen!

    • Ha, ha. Hilarious. Even my hubby commented on the “style” of that rocket. The parallel with the Austin Powers Dr. Evil “Johnson” is too apt.

  2. It is pretty difficult at the moment to feel you really know what the various bad actors are really up to. When that fellow named “cue” stopped posting, a lot of bloggers sort of fell apart and without a somewhat unifying force, retreated to all the wild theories that the net is famous for. I just trust my eyes, and I look for correlation, especially unintended correlation by the mainstream media.
    So here’s a short list of the things I fell pretty sure about:

    Building 7 was controlled demolition. Use your eyes. Put that in the background and just remember what that says.

    The virus did not come form a China man eating bat soup. It was enhanced into a bio weapon at that BS4 lab in woohan. Circumstantial evidence is that the release occurred just in time for chinese new year when chinese people travel all over the world. So it was an intentional release to probably stop western economies to dead slow.

    It is difficult to believe that the so-called variants are not just new releases. After all, say you were making atomic weapons. Would you make just one and go to war? No. You would wait until you had a well stocked arsenal.

    The current US administration has not been recognized by the military and are not in the WH. When you see Joe, he is obviously standing in front of a stage set. Unintended correlation: France 24, a mainstream news channel showing French news to an English audience sent a camera crew to cover July 4th festivities at the WH. When the got there they realized not a lot was happening. There seemed to be a few hundred people there having a barbecue but no celebrities, speech makers, or music performers. The camera man, trying to find something of interest, panned his camera back and forth. You could see the grass was very long and unkempt. Some strands had produced seed pods. Then he panned over to the WH and found a Christmas tree in full decoration near the entrance. I doubt it would normally be left decorated all year round.

    There’s a couple of different Joes. One of them can’t hold a sentence together, loses his train of thought and then just goes blank until they cut the video feed. The other Joe is a strong confident speaker. Are they the same Joe? Experience would say probably not.

    Now about media censorship. Yes obviously it exists. The WH press spokeswoman said a few days ago that if a person spreads disinformation on one platform then that person should be banned from ALL platforms. This sort of reminds one of the old Soviet Union, the CCP, Cuba, etc. The good guys? Don’t think so.

    There as an election in Belorussia and a guy named Lukachenko was re-elected but that caused massive street protests. These were favorably covered by the mainstream news. We were shown how brave the protesters were and how brutal the government was in using force. When the same situation developed in the US, no MSM channel covered any protests.
    What’s that about? (that is a rhetorical question).

    At the moment the censorship is focusing on so-called vaccine “dis-information”. I suppose if you say the acronym VAERS, you will get thrown off the platform. That acronym stands for vaccine adverse event reporting system. The US and the UK both have an official site but you never hear about it. The UK one can be found. It is run bu their NHS. and it lists about 1500 deaths and nearly 200,000 injuries from people receiving the various vaccines. What is the point of censoring vaccine info? It looks like it will be rolled out in the very near future to cover reports coming out of the States that decide to do forensic audits on their 2020 election data. Az is said to be releasing info in early August.

    Global warming, fires, floods, etc. Hard to prove anything here, but it is not science based. I doubt any journalists know what science is. Science is a method of examining questions that has a very good chance of arriving at the truth. The method starts with forming a theory based on observations.
    Once a theory has been proposed you devise an experiment to test your theory. If the same experiment run many times by many different people produces the same results, then there is a good chance the proposed theory is correct. For example, I saw a theory that noticed that during the twentieth century the number of tornadoes in the US increased in number. At the same time the number of cars using the roads also increased as did their average speed. If you plotted both tornadoes and traffic on the same graph, and fiddled enough with units on the Y-axis, the two plots overlaid each other perfectly! The same effect was not noticed in England. Therefore, and here comes the theory: In the US, driving on the right, cars passing each other in opposite lanes produce a little anti-clockwise swirl to the air between the two passing cars. “Somehow” these whirls add up and since if and when tornadoes form in the northern hemisphere, they rotate anti-clockwise then “It must be true” that cars cause tornadoes. In England however, they drive on the left, so when two cars pass, they produce a clockwise swirl to the atmosphere which is NOT the way tornadoes rotate. Hence, theory proved!
    Uh wait – did you do an experiment? Did you ask everybody to drive on the opposite side of the road for ten years? No? Then you haven’t done science. Same applies to global warming and all sorts of other theories.
    CO2 in the upper atmosphere has increased very slightly. It feels hotter. This must be the cause. Has the output of the Sun been absolutely constant over the last 500 years? Did you measure it? You could you know, from space?
    Have you tried any experiments? No? It just must be true. Look! we had two big floods in Germany just months before the global warming world conference is due in Scotland, I think October. What an amazing coincidence!

    So who are the bad actors behind all this stuff? You could pick a whole diverse crew. Here I am thinking of fictional crime movies, such as “Oceans11” in which a team is formed out of disparate thieves having widely different background experiences. It is unlikely that this group, I know it is fictional, but you could look at real life robberies, famously “The Great Train Robbery” which happened in England, will not fall apart afterwards. The cooperation is temporary.
    Anyone who thinks they are in command will probably find they are the first to get eliminated afterwards.

    The apparent goal: “Everybody wants to rule the world”. Same old stupid idea with modern methods employed.

    I haven’t posted for a little while, so hope I didn’t go on too long.

    • Welcome back, Dave. Good to hear from you. Thanks for the post; we’re not going to complain about length. At least I’m not, since I’m known for going on at length. 🙂

      I agree totally about the C19. I had read somewhere that China made “variants” on the premise, though, that it would seem more likely to be a natural event if variants appeared. I do believe they did it to stall the economy of the U.S., to sow discord here, to help the Deep State and the Bidens/Obamas/RINOs get rid of Trump, and to further their goal of taking over the entire globe (if they haven’t already).

      I had never heard that about the WH but nothing would surprise me. Is there video from the French that anybody can see? I remember a video that allegedly showed Joe trotting out to a limo somewhere (not the WH) and it was obviously photoshopped and fake because the reporters’ mics passed right through Joe’s hands, as if he were a projection (or they were). We know for sure Joe’s not running things. He’s too incompetent. The “town hall” at CNN proves that. Unfortunately, we can figure out easily enough who is in charge.

      About the Joe Doppelganger. Good theory and good question: Are there two Joes or just one who loses it? I noticed he seems relatively alert sometimes and then off the wall at other times on the same day. It’s possible they inject him with drugs that, for a time, increase his mental acuity. It’s been suggested. iirc, it’s also been said these aren’t particularly good for the person taking the drugs, but they won’t care. POWER and maintaining it by any means necessary is all they care about. I’m going to have to look more carefully at all the various Joes to see if I can spot a phony. We were able to see doubles with Barry, Hillary, and Kamala. At least once with Melania and I wonder why that happened. Maybe there’d been a threat. Who knows?

      That’s the $64,000 question: Why can’t they tell the truth about the virus and the vaccines? My answer, which may be the best case scenario, is that they simply are too invested in the ideas that we are all morons, they are all geniuses and thus OUGHT TO decide what’s best for everyone, and that we may not “choose” to do what THEY have decided we should do, and so they cannot help themselves but to treat us like 5-year-olds that should do what Mommy and Daddy say, because they know better. For all of their reasons, political and otherwise, they want us to take the vaccines.

      That theory about why there are so many tornadoes here is hilarious! Proved. For sure. I’ll remember to blame cars and driving on the right side of the road the next time we have to take shelter in the basement. 🙂 The truth of their “science” is that they will cherry pick and jury rig ANYTHING (facts, stats) that will provide “proof” to support them doing or mandating whatever it is that will give them eternal political power over the rest of humanity.

      Who’s doing it to us? The global autocrats, oligarchs, and plutocrats amongst us who already think they RULE the WORLD and want to make sure that they always do. They pretend, perhaps to salve their consciences, that they’re doing it for all mankind to save the world from global warming. Or something.

  3. He talks. 😆

    • You really have to be up on your arcane references and reading between the lines to even attempt to infer what the hell he’s talking about.

      You know how the media claimed that Joe wasn’t referring to Facebook when he said they’re murderers and then he came out the next day and said, basically, yeah, he WAS calling social media companies murderers?

      Isn’t it funny? With Trump, the media would tell you what Trump meant even when Trump told you in no uncertain terms that he did NOT mean what they said he meant. In Biden’s case, the media tell you that Biden did NOT mean what he said even when Joe himself said that he DID mean what he said and not what the media claimed he said!

    • It’s not just the camel face cackle, it’s the NASAL whine that annoys me the most. Sickening.

    • The article is a NICE TRY but unconvincing because most people understand social and emotional cues. There’s no REAL HUMOR or light-hearted good fellow feeling in her cackle. It’s as phony as a $7 bill. PHONY. That’s what it and she exude.

      “But Joe Navarro, a former FBI expert on body language and the author of 14 books on human behavior, said people commonly respond to uncomfortable situations with laughter. He contended that is a sign of tension, a reflexive, self-soothing mechanism. …”

      Well, yeah. Thanks for making our point for us. As VICE-PRESIDENT of the most powerful country on Earth and in history, she brings it home to every one of us that she is a person who is “uncomfortable” in situations where she ought not to be uncomfortable and that she is a person who obviously needs to “self soothe” the tension she ought not to be feeling IF SHE WERE A COMPETENT LEADER.

      Who wants a LEADER who can’t handle tension and who needs to “self soothe?” That’s exactly why her inappropriate cackle is so unsettling. It’s not because anybody’s racist or sexist or doesn’t like her, it’s because it IS unsettling to know that she and Dementia Joe are all that stands between us and all our enemies and look at them! Take a serious look at them! These are allegedly the leaders of the free world.

      It’s B.S. that women leaders face this kind of thing all the time. NOBODY ever sees the likes of Angela Merkel or Margaret Thatcher giggling like a 9-year-old getting ready to make a speech to her first grade class. There are plenty of competent female leaders in the world and were over time. CAMEL FACE isn’t one of them.

  4. might be covering 4 ALL … her FARTS ? Known a handful of
    Stupid gals that needed O’ SO MUCH attention LAUGHING …got
    Them NOTICED ! What if PENCE or another VP MALE did that?

  5. SLICK DICK NEWSOM …is ALL …WET! as Always …

    • Happens on interstates all over the country, but especially in these murder capitals. This is what comes from making war on the police and causing them to just STOP policing. Ferguson Effect meets Soros Squad Effect.

    SLAP his AZZ in JAIL … Games people PLAY ? O’


    • The Canadian and Mexican borders are closed to TOURISTS on account of COVID but millions of illegal aliens with COVID, monkeypox, and who knows what other diseases (anti-biotic-resistant fungi?) are POURING OVER THE BORDER AND BEING DISSEMINATED THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY by BIDEN.

    • It’s a disgrace and not hard to figure out what they’re doing: They’re going to delay their hearings and trials and try to FORCE them, one way or another, into pleading guilty to SOMETHING, anything, so they can “convict them” without there being ANY hearing of evidence and before judges just release them because of the lack of evidence and lack of any crimes or because of how they’re being treated. I’m sure they have for the most part incompetent defense attorneys, because a competent one would by now have forced the issue and made sure they were released on bond, their own recognizance, or with ankle bracelets. NOBODY else would be treated this way or be ALLOWED to be treated this way, but it’s happening because until they plead guilty, they can use them as poster people for “insurrection.” Thus, Pelosi HAS TO rush through her investigation and these people will stagnate in prison until that’s over because once they go to trial, any DECENT judge will laugh and release them. As it is, there’s nothing to convict them of because there’s no evidence, at least for many of the people. We’ve seen the videos. There’s nothing there. BLM and antifa protesters have far more evidence against them of major FELONIES, and yet they’re charging these people with misdemeanors but keeping them in solitary confinement. A competent lawyer would be DEMANDING A SPEEDY TRIAL AND APPEALING FOR BAIL, AT THE VERY LEAST, BUT ALSO FILING CHARGES AGAINST THE DC AUTHORITIES FOR VIOLATING THEIR CIVIL AND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. There are RULES and deadlines. Just this week an accused murderer (who’s on video doing the crime, without doubt) was released into the community and promptly disappeared, because one of Soros’s “squad” of prosecuting attorneys didn’t give the guy a speedy trial. This was in St. Louis. They refiled the charges but the guy is long gone. In any case, a judge released him after dismissing the case BECAUSE THEY KEPT DELAYING HIS TRIAL AND HEARINGS AND NOT HANDING OVER EVIDENCE over the course of 3 months (iirc). A hearing a month, is what I understand, and the incompetent prosecutor didn’t have anybody show up for the “state” during any of them. In the meantime, the guy rotted in jail. So the judge released him and called out the prosecutor, saying any threat to public safety is ON HER. By the same token, all these people should be released until trial because this is the USA and due process and speedy trials are what patriots fought and died for.

  7. Tucker, on the same day I posted this post and on the same subject:


    Interesting information and admissions here:

    About vaccinated sports players:
    “But while they are infected, the players carry very high amounts of virus for seven to 10 days, compared with two or three days in those infected with Alpha, Dr. Sikka said. Infected players are required to quarantine, so the project has not been able to track whether they spread the virus to others — but it’s likely that they would, he added.

    If they’re put just willy-nilly back into society, I think you’re going to have spread from vaccinated individuals,” he added. “They don’t even recognize they have Covid because they think they’re vaccinated.”

    About a wedding:
    “Elyse Freitas was shocked to discover that 15 vaccinated people became infected at her wedding. … Dr. Freitas believes that the initial infection was at a bachelorette party two days before the wedding, when a dozen vaccinated people went unmasked to bars in downtown Oklahoma City; seven of them later tested positive. Eventually, 17 guests at the wedding became infected …”

    “An outbreak in Provincetown, Mass., illustrates how quickly a cluster can grow, given the right conditions. During its famed Fourth of July celebrations, the small town hosted more than 60,000 unmasked revelers, dancing and mingling in crowded bars and house parties. … Mr. Hunt did not become infected with the virus, but several of his vaccinated friends who had flown in from places as far as Hawaii and Alabama tested positive after their return. In all, the cluster has grown to at least 256 cases — including 66 visitors from other states — about two-thirds in vaccinated people. …”

    Bottom line: The carrot that they WILL NOT RELINQUISH despite that vulnerable people are getting infected and some dying, is that vaccinated people get to go maskless and return to normal life, EVEN THOUGH by not wearing masks and social distancing, they can and DO catch COVID and SPREAD IT to others, whether the others are vaccinated or not.

    The REASON the Delta variant is endemic now is BECAUSE they gave the go head, prematurely, to the vaccinated to throw off those masks. They WILL NOT tell people to put them back on now, even though they KNOW that the vaccinated are catching and spreading the disease. They, then, who make these decisions, are the real “murderers” because they KNOW that people would be safer if others all masked up but they want to FORCE the unvaccinated to join the club or risk death.

    Remember when Joe said something like, the unvaccinated will PAY THE PRICE? This is the price. They’re DELIBERATELY avoiding publicizing the FACT that the vaccinated are spreading COVID DELTA VARIANT in order to foment fear (and sickness and death) among the unvaccinated, SO THEY COMPLY.

    Today Psaki deliberately would NOT answer how many WH staffers who are fully vaccinated have tested positive, even though they are tested regularly and she knows the answer. This is something they KNOW and, as Tucker Carlson said, it’s easy to figure out why camel face was rushed to Walter Reed after meeting with the infected vaccinated Texas DemoncRATS.

    They want to HIDE the truth because they want to use the LIE to keep fooling Americans into thinking that being vaccinated removes all risk. If people figure: Even if I get vaccinated I’m still at risk of getting it and spreading it, and even if I have to keep masking and social distancing to protect others, then what’s the point of vaccination? The only point that seems valid is that it potentially protects YOU, yourself, from serious illness, hospitalization or death. But even if vaccinated, you still obviously have to take precautions to keep yourself from spreading the virus to others, unless, of course, you can test yourself every day to be sure you’re not infectious.

    Interestingly enough, today my local paper had to have a HUGE fact check on Joe Biden to refute his lies that if you’re vaccinated you won’t get COVID and you also won’t get sick with COVID and you also won’t get hospitalized or die from COVID. ALL LIES.

    They HAD TO admit it because, duh, they already had published the tale of the Texas travelers. Perfect and perfectly ironic case in point.

    HOWEVER, nowhere in the fact check did they discuss the DAMAGE that Joe does by LYING to the public, making people feel safe themselves and making others feel a false sense of security around vaccinated people.


    WHY NOT? He should be BANNED on all forms of social media. That’s the Psaki standard.

    From what I gather from all the news: Vaccinated people at this point may be more dangerous to be around because they don’t take any precautions to protect others from their potential asymptomatic COVID cases that they, like Typhoid Mary, carry and spread. Unvaccinated people, as we know, continue to mask, social distance, and avoid public places, FOR THEIR OWN SAFETY AND THE SAFETY OF OTHERS.

  8. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/07/lied-hunter-biden-will-meet-prospective-buyers-junk-art-nyc-video/

    It’s unheard of for a new “artist” to get half a million dollars for his “art.” Established artists don’t make that much, much less on their first show. This is beyond unethical.

  9. O’ … THIS SHIRLEY WEBER … this thick WITH NEWSOM!!!

  10. SW tried 2 LYNCH-LARRY ELDER ! NO one puts OUR BABY’ in a CORNER!
    Shirley’s WEBER’S …Daughter’s HUSBAND ??? O’ Interesting .. Paper trails

    HOPE is on the RISE LARRY & TELL them ..ha’ ..WHAT U WON’T DO !
    PLAY WTP 4 ..TOTAL .. FOOL’S .. & LIVE High’ on the HOG’ .. Like a pig!

    • Do you understand the expose of the guy allegedly connected to Linn Wood and, iirc, maybe even Lindell? Sounds like he was planted within to muddy the waters and bring charges of “tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists” on them. This, too, is a typical DemoncRAT trick that has worked in the past. Pulled off by the FBI, too, in too many instances.

  12. Sue them! 😡

    • He definitely needs to sue their pants off. Otherwise, if they keep getting away with this slander, they will keep it up. It has worked so many times in the past, so they keep doing it over and over again.

    • Read today that when offered, over a third of the illegals REFUSE vaccination. Didn’t read what happened to them after they refused. Most likely, they were patted on the head, handed some gift cards or money, and then bused or flown to their final destination in OUR NATION.

    • Many times, too, these past weeks, the DemoncRATS have called them AMERICANS. Technically, those born in this hemisphere who are citizens of countries in this hemisphere are “Americans” but not citizens of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. North, Central, South Americans but not citizens of OUR COUNTRY. All the others, those from Africa, China, wherever in the “old world”, they’re not Americans and hopefully never will be.

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