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It took a while, but I finally found someone who’s keeping a list of Joe Biden’s lies. Biden recently made this claim:

Look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated.

A pandemic means, well, a pandemic:

occurring over a wide geographic area (such as multiple countries or continents) and typically affecting a significant proportion of the population.

Most of the world is unvaccinated (about 73%, currently). Therefore, the pandemic always was (until we had vaccines) and still remains a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Duh!

Of course, Biden was referring to the United States, not the world. The correct term to use should have been epidemic, referring to the U.S.

Nevertheless, the intent of his statement is not true. How do we know this is misinformation? Because Biden said the “only” people affected are the unvaccinated. Not true.

Fully vaccinated people are testing positive for COVID-19:

Florida Representative Vern Buchanan (16th District) has tested positive for COVID-19, despite being fully vaccinated, according to his office.

So have a lot of MLB players, with the Yankees, Rockies and Mariners sidelining vaccinated and unvaccinated players and coaches after recent outbreaks. Three of the Texas Democrats who left the state last week to break quorum in the House and block the passage of a GOP-led elections bill tested positive in Washington, D.C. All three had been vaccinated. [Note: as of today, three more tested positive, as did a Pelosi aide and a White House official who encountered them.] A couple of passengers on a fully-vaccinated cruise ship tested positive in June. And Czech beach volleyball player Ondřej Perušič, who said he was fully vaccinated, tested positive in the Olympic Village. Back in Florida, Leon County Commissioner Brian Welch, his wife and two children all contracted COVID this month. Welch and his wife have both received two vaccine shots …

Yesterday came news that a fully vaccinated U.S. gymnast has tested positive for COVID-19 while preparing for the Olympic games.

Mind you, the “breakthrough cases” listed above are among celebrities who were tested because of their activities (travel, playing on sports teams, etc.).

How many cases are there among fully vaccinated ordinary citizens who are not being tested? In May 2021, the CDC

transitioned from monitoring all reported vaccine breakthrough cases to focus on identifying and investigating only hospitalized or fatal cases due to any cause.

Nobody knows how many COVID-19 cases occur among the vaccinated because for the most part they’re not being tested and the CDC isn’t monitoring the vaccinated.

As of July 12, 2021, the CDC reported 5,492 cases among fully vaccinated people who were hospitalized and/or died. How many cases were there that were not identified because the persons were not sick enough to seek medical help?

We’re advised that the symptoms of the “Delta variant” differ from those of the “original” virus. We’re advised that the symptoms could mimic gastrointestinal virus or a summer allergy, and that patients don’t always present with a cough or loss of taste or sense of smell. Vaccinated patients may forgo COVID-19 testing if ill with something they don’t believe could possibly be COVID-19, and their doctors may not order testing, either, since they’re allegedly safe from COVID-19 infection.

However, because fully vaccinated people are contracting and spreading the virus among themselves as well as to unvaccinated people, the World Health Organization continues to recommend face masks and social distancing for everyone, regardless of vaccination status.

As usual, advice is mixed in the U.S. with regard to masking, with Dr. Fauci changing his view from week to week (which is also as usual). Here in the U.S., politics plays a role:

For Fauci and the CDC, the urgency is less about wearing a face mask after vaccination and more about getting a greater number of Americans vaccinated in the first place.

For the Biden administration, it’s the old carrot and stick–the carrot being a release from masking and social distancing for the compliant, even if it means infecting fellow Americans; the stick being the Bidenistas leaning on private businesses to “persuade” them to institute vaccine passports, so that those who won’t or cannot submit will become pariahs: the untouchables, invisible non-members of society, modern-day lepers.

If successful, corporations will manage a system of barriers and penalties to isolate the vaccine-hesitant into smaller and smaller spaces of existence. Citizens would find it increasingly difficult to be able to travel or dine out unless they meet the demands of corporate policies.

Punishing the victims for their intransigence, and all unconstitutionally done at the behest of the Biden administration. Who and what is next?

Several times this past week I saw letters to the editor or social media commentary wherein citizens suggested that when the unvaccinated fall ill with COVID-19, they should be denied admittance to a hospital or treatment because their illness was preventable.

One can only imagine the outcry if similar suggestions were made with regard to persons who contract STDs or HIV or who have complications after an abortion. How about people who need medical treatment after participating in risky, arguably unnecessary activities such as sky diving, mountain climbing, or race car driving? All preventable medical conditions, dependent only upon behavior.

It seems obvious from the experience of those on that private plane full of fully vaccinated Texas legislators, that even the compliant still get infected and, more important, still spread the infection to others.

For their own welfare and for the welfare of those who are not or cannot be vaccinated, it would seem to behoove even the vaccinated to take precautions to protect others. Right?

In the U.K., one of the most vaccinated countries on the planet, it was reported that 60% of those hospitalized for COVID-19 were not vaccinated, from which we logically can infer that 40% of them were vaccinated. Right?

So Joe Biden was spreading misinformation when he said that the “only pandemic” in the U.S. (actually the COVID-19 outbreak) is among the “unvaccinated.” Not true.

Fact: The vaccinated can acquire and spread the virus. Their advantage appears to be a reduction in the risk, or so we’re told, of hospitalization and death.

Given that the vaccinated can catch and do spread the virus, they are arguably as much a risk to the general population, when going unmasked and not keeping proper social distance, as are people who cannot get vaccinated–such as children or immune-compromised individuals–or people who won’t accept the risk of unapproved vaccines.

Because the unvaccinated are advised to wear masks and keep social distance, one might suppose that they pose less of a risk to others than do unmasked but vaccinated individuals. Let the experience of the Texas legislators provide evidence to support that supposition.

Biden’s toady spokesperson has asserted that those spreading what she calls “misinformation” on social media should be banned on every social media platform, particularly if the misinformation concerns COVID-19.

Representative Majorie Taylor Greene was banned from Twitter for saying what many people think: that vaccines shouldn’t be mandatory and that the virus is “dangerous” for particular portions of the population, such as the obese and the elderly. (We’ve been told various versions of these facts by the CDC and health “experts” like Dr. Fauci for over a year.) Nevertheless, Rep. Greene was “suspended” from Twitter because of her opinions

Therefore, by their own standard, Joe Biden should be banned from all social media platforms. He’s spreading the dangerous misinformation that vaccinated people are not subject to the “pandemic”, even though to date nearly 5500 vaccinated Americans were hospitalized and/or died with COVID-19. (791 died from COVID-19.)

The precedent has been set. President Trump has been banned from social media. Democrats and the media cannot now claim that a president cannot be censored by private companies because he needs his bully pulpit.

To be consistent, companies should see that everyone who spreads COVID-19 “misinformation” gets banned, especially those most in the public eye.

Putting aside misinformation on COVID-19, refer again to the list of lies that Joe Biden has told since he took office.

Misleading the American people should also result in a ban from social media.

What’s good for a Republican president should be good for a Democrat president.

Or …

How about we just go back to the time-honored tradition of free speech, one of our God-given, inalienable rights?





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    • It’s actually probably something like 10%, given that they spot all DemoncRATS 20 to 30 points on every poll.

  2. Just like 2 SNIFF HAIR & REACH OUT & BOND that’s WHO I AM

    • What a frigging creep. Anybody who watches this guy closely and anybody who’s ever been around a person who has those proclivities can see all the signs. Watch how he STARES at young girls and young women. There’s no doubt about it. The best case that can be made is that dementia interferes with the internal censor. However, hasn’t this gone on for years? The apple never falls far from the tree and, in fact, a child’s behavior often is both an indicator of molestation as well as an indicator that the child potentially can become one himself.

    • They will NEVER allow the trick they use against Republicans (Eric Greitens, Matt Gaetz, Brett Kavanaugh, Roy Moore, Real President Trump) to be used against the likes of the Bidens (Hunter and Joe), which is completely ironic because in one instance the allegations are either false or totally distorted and in the other they’re true.

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