A Little of This, a Little of That

Mardi_Gras_Clowns_in_New_Orleans_Louisiana_in_1936 - Copy

So I found a few amusing things today that may, for a while, take your mind off the horrors of the third Obama administration.

Somebody dug up an interesting video of Leonard Nimoy warning in the ’70s about the looming ice age. We were all going to freeze to death because a global freeze was imminent. Noted climate scientists said so!

Of course, that was before we were all going to burn to death due to global warming.  The video can be found here.

Next I stumbled across a guy who gives the absolutely best impression of REAL President Donald Trump that I’ve ever seen (although I avoid most who impersonate President Trump, because the vast majority are vicious, evil haters). This guy, however, is obviously a fan. Check out the videos at this link. You may have to roll down to find them.

Finally, the guy at this link has many hilarious but simultaneously deadly serious send-ups of what’s going on in our nation.

I find that sometimes it’s better to laugh than to cry. Enjoy.

Illegitimi non carborundum!


135 responses to “A Little of This, a Little of That

  1. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/07/tgps-jordan-conradson-joins-steve-bannon-talk-covid-door-knockers-video/

    I was going to make a post about this but just didn’t have the time to do it today. I have a few links that will illuminate you about what’s going on. As I predicted yesterday, these are NOT, as Psaki claimed (LIED), “volunteers.” They are, however, what have been called “trusted messengers” in the past, when they worked on behalf of the DemoncRATS during the last election.

    These same COMMUNITY ORGANIZED GROUPS are now being rewarded by keeping EMPLOYED, COURTESY OF COVID RELIEF FUNDS (aka our tax dollars) and likely as a reward for services rendered getting out the “black and brown” votes for DemoncRATS during the 2020 election.

    I’m betting that they “had to” go outside normal, required bidding procedures (you know, RFPs, etc.) because of the “EMERGENCY” so in these heavily DemoncRAT cities they just called out the usual suspects.

    These people were even called “trusted messengers” while getting out the vote. In addition, throughout the country, “trusted messengers” are called out as quasi-social workers to intercede to prevent gun violence by, for example, replacing (the activists claim) the police. Defunding cops pays their salaries.

    These people, these groups, represent that civilian army that Barry promised was coming in 2008. He’s the community organizer in chief and these are his troops. (iow, these are the same brownshirts people who helped steal the election from the REAL president. SEIU, among others, call themselves “trusted messengers.” To us, we could hear this as a dog whistle for racist Marxists.)

    Another thing I found, which puts the LIE to another of Psaki’s claims–that these aren’t federal agents or employees (which they are if deputized under taxpayer grants, imho)–is that FEMA is running the programs in many locations and FEMA money is being used. That’s FEDERAL. Those are FEDERAL employees.

    She also said, or some other Biden toady said, that they’re not making a database of the unvaccinated. Well, that’s not true either but I suppose it all depends upon what the meaning of “database” is. Maybe spread sheets in the hands of PAID volunteers aren’t databases.

    Also, iirc, a Biden toady claimed that they’re NOT bringing the “jabs” with them when they knock on your door. ANOTHER LIE: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/victoria-taft/2021/07/14/its-happening-biden-is-sending-community-organizers-door-to-door-with-covid-shots-n1461643

    These people just CANNOT tell the truth about anything. They are compulsive liars. Narcissistic, power hungry, compulsive liars.

    So we even have the NATIONAL GUARD, FEMA, BLM and other members of Barry’s citizen army as strong and as powerful as the regular military. What’s next? Those FEMA CAMPS for insurrectionists and other enemies of the state like “anti-vaxxers” and those who want everyone to show photo ID to vote?

    • https://www.dailywire.com/news/internet-erupts-after-biden-psaki-push-door-to-door-plan-targeting-unvaccinated-people

      That’s a good one, too. I had another link that I lost when I decided not to write a post, thinking I wouldn’t need it. In any case, it reiterated much of what’s in other links I provided. One commenter, though, said something VERY pertinent and interesting: She suggested that things would be different if the issue were abortion or HIV, versus COVID. Truly! Imagine how the left would react if, for example, people from the government or being paid by the government or even at the behest of the government under the REAL President Trump had gone door to door to provide EDUCATION about and to ASK ABOUT abortion (have you had one, ever thought of having one, etc.) or HIV. Or how about single motherhood or underage motherhood? ALL THESE are also public health issues that affect the entire society. Single motherhood costs taxpayers billions. HIV and other STDs affect many other people, not just the infected, and it’s important to keep the infected from infecting others in the community. Underage motherhood is not just costly to taxpayers but also dangerous to the infants’ survival and in most cases represents CRIMES–statutory rape. Abortion is a community issue. It decreases the population of younger people who are needed to support older folks in their retirement. Liberals claim a lower birth rate REQUIRES immigration and that’s one reason they claim that ILLEGAL immigration is good. Abortion also is detrimental to fathers who have no say in the murder of their children. Another thing is the importance to liberals of “bodily integrity” and “my body, my choice.” Why then, do they think otherwise when it comes to vaccination?

  2. THANK God … WTP have ALEX!
    IS SHE ..the ONLY ADULT ..IN the ROOM

    • The media are already falsely claiming that these double scanned votes were fixed during the audit, but without EVIDENCE. In addition, their little audit was for only a tiny percentage of ALL the votes. How many more double votes were there in the unaudited portion of all the ballots?



    IS this How OBAMA snarked his WIN ..? BUTT’ of COURSE

  5. Wonderful!! ❤

  6. BREAKING: Biden Admin Calls for UN to Investigate ‘Racism’ on US Soil.

    • No doubt he asked them to ask for it. How’s about the UN investigate anti-white racism that fueling murders, riots, and looting in South Africa? How about the UN investigate BLM, which killed many more than supposed “white supremacists” and cost the U.S. $5 billion in damages?

    • Tucker Carlson reported on this the other night. The Pentagon ADMITTED it. It’s ILLEGAL. They REFUSED to go to the border to help REAL President Trump control it, but they do the bidding of Biden without a peep (mostly because they’re illegally and unconstitutionally and unpatriotically ordered to keep their traps shut).

    • This is OBAMA. Guaranteed. They saw what happened in Europe, the cultural change, when more than 10% of their populations were “supplemented” by muslim “refugees” and immigrants, legal or otherwise. Cultural change. They want to pass the voter bill that allows illegals and non-citizens to vote and they want to import, into “Red states,” as many of those “voters” they can before next year’s mid-terms and before the next presidential election. This is Barry’s “fundamental transformation of America,” that he promised but which was stalled for 4 years while we lived in peace (psychological and physical) and prosperity under Trump who truly did PUT AMERICA FIRST.

  7. Arizona Election Audit Hearing Delivers Bombshell After Bombshell
    Maricopa Election Audit Hearing: Breach of Computer Systems During 2020 Election, High Vulnerability for Internet Computer Hack, Fraud Ballots on WRONG PAPER STOCK
    Arizona Senator Calls For Recalling Electors After Bombshell Audit Hearing
    Arizona Forensic Auditors Detail the HIGHLY Suspicious Findings From Their Audit
    Maricopa County Audit Reveals 2020 Election Disaster: Absentee Ballot Records Missing, 11,000 Votes Not on November Rolls
    Dominion Voting System’s Website Goes Offline Right After Tucker’s Report & AZ Audit Findings
    AZ Auditors Reveal Massively Disturbing Results in 2020 Election
    Maricopa County Auditors Seek Ballot Envelope Images, Splunk Logs After Discovering Discrepancies
    Here We Go: Major Texas Democrat Stripped of Leadership Post for Fleeing the State
    Texas Voting Integrity Bill is so Jim Crow, it’s Silly
    USDA Targets Innocent Amish Farmer, Ignores Own Criminals
    Conservatives Fight Back Against Big Tech With New “Freedom Phone”

    • Wow. We can only hope and pray something comes from this but more likely what will come is more totalitarian behavior and a crackdown on “domestic terrorists,” “white supremacists,” and “insurrectionists.

    • The only time they will not ignore it is when the time comes for them to try to rationalize away the results that PROVE the fraud. A judge today allowed the DemoncRAT lawsuit to have discovery. iow, they’re going to allow them to go after the people running the audit and get all their business records and any emails there are between them and the AZ authorities AND they even asked for emails from Trump AS IF he would be involved. So watch for THAT to be reported tomorrow in the mainstream. It’s a “big win” for the DemoncRATS who illogically fight tooth and nail to keep all evidence HIDDEN, even though they claim that this was a totally fair and free and legitimate election with no fraud anywhere. It makes no sense. Why spend tons of money fighting in court to stop something when you KNOW (according to your own statements of belief) that there’s nothing nefarious to find and any audit will just turn up the truth that the election was sound?
      They’re going after the auditors (the messengers) because they cannot refute the EVIDENCE OF RAMPANT FRAUD (the message). It’s all they can do. But they will NOT in the mainstream media report the FRAUD that’s already irrefutably been found. It doesn’t matter who funds the messengers or who accredits the auditors. What matters is the FACTS of the duplicated ballots, the ballots missing serial numbers, the 74,000+ mail in ballots that miraculously were not mailed OUT, the ballots on paper that’s NOT the authorized paper and is so flimsy that marks bled through, the ballots that were counted multiple times, the ballots that seem to have been marked with printer toner instead of pens, etc.

    • And all million of them have been disseminated to “red states” using our tax dollars and our military, which is supposed to PROTECT US. First they seed them throughout the country, and then they ram through their “voter rights” bill so that all of them can illegally vote and NOBODY will be able to initiate any audits to prove the thefts.

      The government, according to Biden’s toadies, has a RIGHT to know your vaccination status BUT the governments of the “several states” have no RIGHT to ask voters if they’re even citizens. Isn’t that special?

    • Why does this make me think of Knucklehead Smiff? OMG. Am I dating myself? Those were the days. Can we all just please go back in time to when our lives were that simple and innocent?

  8. Scare the kids.

    • Anybody have a clue why they’re doing this? WHY is it so important to them to vaccinate all the children, even though they KNOW and have told us for over a year that kids are at very low risk AND that they’re not responsible for SPREADING it, even if they’re infected? One thing I’ve noticed is that they are making all the deadlines for vaccination September. Hospital employees, students, workers in various industries. All say the deadline is Sept. So what’s going to happen in Sept.? Do they want us to be vaccinated to protect us all OR do they want us to be vaccinated so we’re primed for whatever happens in Sept.? And I’ll leave it to your imagination what I mean by that, considering some of the alleged “conspiracy theories” out there. It could be either way OR it could just be that defying these autocrats is like waving a red flag in front of an enraged bull. Narcissistic sociopaths cannot stand being defied.

    • AND they’re going to institute guaranteed income for pregnant women (iirc) and people aging out of foster care. The rest of the nation to come, although who’s going to PAY FOR IT ALL is left to be defined. No doubt they have a goose somewhere that lays golden eggs.

    • As I suspected, that gem wasn’t reported in my local paper today, nor did I see it in the WSJ. I guess it was too subtle for them. They LIED. They claimed that the insurrectionists were hell bent on finding Pence and Pelosi. OMG. They were after them! Except it’s a LIE and always was, as I knew when I noticed SOME DemoncRATS pretending to cower on the floor in fear while others calmly checked their phones and searched the Web. They evacuated because of fear of a bomb. That’s the TRUTH. Nobody was tracking down Pence and Pelosi.

    Larry Elder Is Out to Rescue California From Gavin Newsom
    The conservative talk show host is hopeful as he announces his bid for governor: “We’ve got a state to save.”

    • They are rehashing the lies they’ve told for years. The REAL COUP happened on election day, when they rigged the election, and 1/6 when they confirmed the lie, and when Biden was installed. THAT was a coup and it’s ongoing because now that they fear the truth will out–their fear is making them even more paranoid and totalitarian than ever.

    • This explains why the DemoncRATS just keep handing out money like candy to the “oppressed minorities.” They have the rich behind them. They have the “poor” behind them. They’re losing ALL the middle-class, white, black, AND Hispanic. Their continued success depends upon their BASE, the poor blacks and browns, STAYING poor. Thus, hand them money instead of giving them the means to get into the middle class on their own. Dependent upon DemoncRAT handouts to stay in whatever their current circumstances are, they will continue to VOTE to keep the handouts, which requires them to keep the handers-out in power.

    • I hope that their name is simply a warning and not a belief. I, for one, will NEVER be gulag bound. The Bidenistas may THINK they’re going to consign their ENEMIES (and they do call us enemies, of them and of the “STATE”), but they are SADLY mistaken.

      • This was the place that the mainstream media reported, ERRONEOUSLY, did NOT have evidence of any “transgender” person in the women’s room, even though there had been at least two and the staff at the spa actually SAID SO? Nothing says “STAGED” like having a bunch of antifa radicals show up to support the a-holes who are showing theirs in the women’s spa, and to CHILDREN. Why don’t the police arrest the MEN for indecent exposure and flashing, given that the mainstream media say they’re NOT transgender? Anywhere else, you’d be arrested for flashing your genitals, whatever they look like, at CHILDREN.

      • They are a PRIVATE business and as such can make their own rules. They won’t run afoul of any discrimination laws, imho, if they simply sort people out by GENITALS. It’s fun to imagine what the signs indicating the correct room to enter will look like. 🙂

        That said, will any CHARGES be filed against these people, a la what’s going on in DC? btw, the black female member of Congress who TRESPASSED in the Capitol buildings and incited an insurrection (aka, illegal “protest”) is ALREADY out of jail, if she ever was IN jail. No story that I can find indicates any CHARGES against her for obstructing Congress, trespassing, illegal assembly, and disobeying police officers, etc. WHY THE DOUBLE STANDARD? Hers is a perfect case for the 1/6 defendants’ lawyers to use to PROVE unequal treatment and no due process. Why is she out? Did she get bail or did they just let her go? (Try to find an answer. I can’t.)

    • Another liberal telling the world what Trumpers are? Stay in your lane, liberals. Unless you’re a Trumper, you cannot KNOW our “lived experience.” It’s cultural appropriation to try and it’s insulting to pigeon-hole ANYBODY with stereotypes.

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