POV Potpourri


A potpourri of items from the web and in the news, with some (let’s hope) pertinent comments upon them:

First up, Chicago Mayor Lightfoot spends long minutes quibbling with a reporter because he called violence in her city last summer “race riots.” After excoriating him for his opinion that these were race riots, she then admonished him for criticizing her own opinion, false though it may be, that 99.9% of criticism thrown her way is only because she’s black, female, (and lesbian). So reporters don’t have a “right” to critique her opinions but she seems to believe that she has a right to critique theirs. Different strokes!

Back in February, “The Pragmatist Constitutionalist” opined about the alleged “insurrection” at the Capitol on January 6. (He was there.) The entire article is worth reading, as is his previous commentary about what he personally witnessed that day. This is especially pertinent for those who want to understand what’s happening here:

I do not believe officials making these decisions (to stand down and “allow” the incursions) were complicit in planning with the violent factions. I know they knew what potential existed and that they carefully orchestrated, by command-and-control actions, each step of the events that transpired. National Guard presence was not wanted on site, too early, so as to not scare off the militant groups and thwart their intentions. Once it was determined the militant factions would not use overtly deadly force, (firearms), they were gradually allowed access to the Capitol grounds, steps, and then the building. … The presence of riot-geared photographers, with press badges — already on site long before the conclusion of Trump’s speech — was a dead giveaway that “up the chain” officials both knew and had tipped off the media about what was to come. 

From his eyewitness account, come these interesting observations:

At 2:03 a loudspeaker begins to roll a dystopian prerecorded message warning that anyone remaining in the area was now subject to arrest, and that riot control agents and impact weapons” were going to be employed. …

Then . . . inexplicably . . . at 2:15 p.m., the staircase under the scaffolding became a free flowing mass of human beings moving upwards, unimpeded. The violence on my level stopped, and everyone began moving toward the stairs. …I decided to join in the flow.

At 2:17 p.m. … People were cheering, smiling, taking selfies, waving flags . . . and the police are now standing off to the side, no longer interfering with the crowd’s passage through an open door directly into the Capitol Building. Armed police officers are idly chatting amongst themselves, completely ignoring the crowd, having obviously been given orders to stand down.” …

Why did they let them in?

That’s the $64,000 question, isn’t it?

They broadcast the notification that anyone who hangs around will now be arrested and force will be used against anyone who remains. We’ve seen instances over the past year where these police tactics did, indeed, stop protests in their tracks. If the authorities had followed through with these tactics, then most certainly that crowd of mostly peaceful Trump supporters would have dispersed. Then, inexplicably, the powers that be do not make good on their threat but instead open the doors, from the inside, and literally invite the protesters into the Capitol building.

“Why did they let them in?”

Let’s hope that upcoming trials of the alleged “insurrectionists” will actually investigate this issue and provide some answers to We the People because, after all, we have a right to know.

The Democrats intend to keep on pushing their federalization of elections, despite that the Constitution assigns that process to the States. Recently, Obama minion Rep. James Clyburn said he may deign to give a little on the issue of voter ID, which a vast majority of Americans (80%) want.

The interviewer mentioned that some Democrats suggested a utility bill as acceptible voter ID. Say what? A utility bill?

Of what use is a gas, water, electric, or cable bill in identifying a valid, eligible voter? Most bills come in the name of one person. What’s every other voter in the household going to use? Is every person who pays for utility service an eligible voter? Of course not.

All illegal aliens who live here and use utility services will have utility bills to present. Does that bill prove they’re eligible to vote? Of course not.

Ditto for non-citizens. Does a utility bill prove they’re eligible to vote? Of course not.

What about felons? If they present, for example, a cable bill, does that prove they’re eligible to vote? Of course not.

The Democrats really do think We the People are stupid.

Here’s a happy thought. The Biden administration intends to send people door-to-door to harass private citizens about their vaccination status. Don’t worry. They just want to “ensure” that you “have the propaganda information” you need to decide to do what Biden and his ilk want you to do. Your mother likely taught you not to answer the door to strangers. Good advice!

Here’s a story not widely seen:

President Joe Biden dropped to his knees during a meeting with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin at the White House on Monday, in an exceedingly bizarre and embarrassing show of desperation.

President Rivlin and his chief of staff Rivka Ravitz could be seen laughing at Biden during the humiliating display.

Check out the photo at the link. This is our president (allegedly).

Babylon Bee has an important update on the origin of the “CRT virus.” Read it and laugh (even though there’s nothing funny about CRT itself).

Finally, just because “the babies are so cute,” watch a bear and her cubs surprise this very lucky guy. (Lucky, because Mom must have decided he was no threat to her cute babies.)




186 responses to “POV Potpourri

  1. POLICE & WTP … PUSH BACK .. & CALL IT a …”WHITE – LIE”..!!! Johnny


  2. Getting CAUGHT . IS A GOOD ..thing. ..as God is WATCHING U ALL

    With so many in Congress refusing to discuss election fraud and refusing to act in support of Donald Trump, it’s unclear what Congress may do in such a situation. Never before has a US president been removed from office for election fraud after being sworn in but such action may be warranted.

    • IT IS warranted but will it ever happen? Will Saint Joe respect the ruling of SCOTUS or any other court, should they recognize the fraud that occurred? Will he accept the FACT that he didn’t really win the election? Will HE do what he expected Trump to do, go down without a fight? Trump’s fight was a legitimate one. Biden’s fight would be yet another fraud.



    • They believe in “democracy” and the will of the people and yet they praise THESE insurrectionists who are denying the people of Texas representative voices. They have charged Americans who simply walked into the Capitol on 1/6 with “obstructing” a function of government. WHAT are these fleeing “representatives” doing if not obstructing the Texas legislature? CHARGE THEM.

  4. Those who Can’t handle the Truth,

    try to Silence those Who Speak it.

    Twitter is only getting WORSE, not better.

    Part 1 was here:

    • This one is a surprise to me because I had thought the claims that batches were run through multiple times was a mistaken impression, given that the machine can be reset to 0, wiping out the first run, and then a re-run would NOT count twice, but apparently the images prove that they did, indeed, run the same batch through multiple times to COUNT the votes multiple times, giving many more votes to Biden than Trump.

      I believe this kind of thing was done all over the country, with the idea that IF caught, they would just say it was a mistake–user error. Move on!

    • I think I linked that one earlier and I had understood, but forgot to mention, that the author was NOT “one of us.” Nevertheless, he accurately portrayed what we think (know) and believe.

      If you look at South Africa today, you can understand WHY they pushed this to the limit–making judges and those in power FEAR what would happen if they called foul on the shenanigans in inner cities with counting the votes and effecting the steal.

      We KNOW who stole this election. They KNOW, too. And don’t think for a minute that Barry wouldn’t have called out his troops if the steal wasn’t allowed to go through. I almost suspect that what’s going on in South Africa and Cuba and Haiti, too, just MAY be instigated from here in order to remind courts (SCOTUS?) what can happen when things don’t go the way the THUGS want them to.

      Arizona, Georgia, maybe Pennsylvania. After they let Biden do the steal, take the oath, get installed in the Oval Office, what has changed to make them do anything now even IF they can prove the steal? By now, Joebama together have installed THEIR guys in the Pentagon, in charge of the military, in the DOJ. WHO would enforce any decision by SCOTUS or any other court that Trump should have won and should be POTUS?

      Then we would see the real coup. The real civil war. SCOTUS can rule but who’s to make Biden step down?

      Irony of ironies, today my local paper screamed that Trump isn’t speaking out to get people vaccinated, as if they don’t know that he has NO BULLY PULPIT anymore, courtesy of Joebama–who “worked with” social media companies to get Trump banned. Where/how do they think he’ll get the word out?

  5. DISGUSTED … YET ??? I am … PAY the PIPER? SOON …

    • Send in the state militia. The state absolutely has authority over local election boards. Arrest the scofflaws. LAWFARE should work both ways.

  6. DID …A N Y …1 ..VOTE 4 BIDEN??????



    • I do believe so, especially after reading how it took 12 FBI informants to dupe 6 fools into allegedly trying to kidnap that governor. That was a set up, probably the beta test for 1/6.

    • There are black, white, and INDIAN militias protecting neighborhoods and one report I saw on TV said they have literally stopped the riots. I hope that’s true. The DemoncRATS will point to this to threaten the powers that be to allow the steal to continue, no matter the evidence. They already allowed the steal when nobody had yet proven the steal, but will they still allow it once it’s proven, because they fear unrest and packing of the courts? They’re going to get unrest no matter how they decide, so it would be best to decide on the RIGHT SIDE.

    • An insurrection? Remember how they falsely accused MTG of letting potential domestic terrorists “case the joint” before 1/6? Throw the book at this trespasser!

      Is she going to be charged with obstructing Congress?

      How long before she cries racism?

      Are they all going to be thrown in the same gulag with the 1/6 protesters, BAIL DENIED, for the next year, until they finally get a hearing?

  7. THANKS OBAMA .. the leader From BE – Hind ! Such a class- Less ACTOR
    …the JOKERS WILD ? BUTT’ WTP see your slimy slick sick hip MOVES !

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