End the Teaching of Racism in Our Schools

Sadly, despite all the progress We the People have made fighting against racism in our society, racism is now being taught to our children in the schools, public and private. President Donald J. Trump has written about the dire threat that Critical Race Theory poses to national unity and has developed a plan for citizens to follow to defeat this insidious indoctrination of our nation’s children.

Following is a summary of the main points of President Trump’s plan:

  • [E]very state legislature should pass a ban on taxpayer dollars going to any school district or workplace that teaches critical race theory.
  • [E]ach state should create its own 1776 Commission to examine the public school curriculum and ensure that students are receiving a patriotic, pro-American education.
  • [S]tates need to pass laws requiring that all lesson plans have to be made available to parents — every handout, article, and reading should be posted on an online portal that allows parents to see what their kids are being taught.
  • [R]ecording what teachers say in class: States and school boards should establish a “Right to Record.”
  • [P]arents need to organize locally — in every school district in America — to eliminate “Action Civics” and other versions of the effort to contort traditional civics education into a vehicle for political indoctrination.
  • [A]ny parent who objects to the material being taught to their child in public school should get an automatic voucher, empowering them to pick another school of their choice.
  • [S]tates need to take back control of their schools of education and credentialing bodies to ensure they are not churning out radicalized teachers.
  • [S]tates need to break the tenure monopoly in public K-12 schools.

A great plan!

I would add one more item to the list: If your child is being named and shamed or psychologically abused in school on account of race, look into filing a civil rights action against the school, the teacher, the city and/or state.

Racial discrimination is illegal and unconstitutional, as is child abuse, bullying, and creating a hostile environment. Learn your rights and demand that they be respected equally.

Every parent and taxpayer in this country needs to get involved at the school district level to stop the indoctrination of this country’s children.

Go to school board meetings! Let your voices be heard.

The progressive “fundamental transformation of America” began, insidiously, at the local level, and so it must be at the local level that this evil “cultural revolution” is defeated. Help President Trump to

Make America Great Again!


204 responses to “End the Teaching of Racism in Our Schools

  1. I CAME
    I TALKED …without laughing!?
    NOW .. SHUT the F’ .. UP .. as I have Better things 2 dododo!


    again & again CLEAN UP BLACK HATE?..BLACK’S don’t Seem 2

  4. Dick’s RULE? .. Since the EXISTING law’s PUT in PLACE BY PERVERTER
    SICK SICK More Than SICK …THE “FREAK’S” show DOWN!
    …just a GAME of ..EXPOSE MYSELF / my parts .. & WE KNOW WHY


    • More power to that woman. She didn’t back down when that girlie man came over to defend the “transgender” person with a penis and testicles. How can one be transgender if one still has the equipment OF the sex?

      Unfortunately, SCOTUS just refused to rule on the issue of a transgender “man” who wants to use the boys’ restroom. Apparently, the boys objected, but they lost. I’m thinking most men really wouldn’t care if a naked woman came into their locker room, but then again, look at the transgender “men” and enuf said.

      Yep. Women are made UNCOMFORTABLE, which is the typical lingo used for “Blacks” to demand certain behavior and speech (or silence) from “whites,” and yet they’re catered to but it’s all well and good to make females “uncomfortable” even though the DemoncRATS, in their legislation, are trying to define all women as “disadvantaged.” (Learned that from MTG who actually READS the bills, unlike Pelosi.)

      So one wonders if transgender “women” will now be included in the female disadvantaged group and be allowed to get “set asides” as you see for “women-owned” businesses, just as they’re stealing podium places and scholarships from real women.

      However, courts are doing a good job declaring Biden’s race-based, anti-white, discriminatory policies UNCONSTITUTIONAL, although you’d not know it from mainstream media reporting, where it’s buried or just not reported at all. I mean, not a good look to have a unanimous or nearly unanimous decision calling this “president” and his policies RACIST. So when, if ever, will they get around to declaring the same for ALL the numerous city and state-based “set asides” for entities like “minority contractors,” etc.?

  5. This is about the UK but likely applies here, too. SCARIANTS!

  6. http://dontwantyourcivilwar.com/2021/04/30/swanns-model-of-radicalization/
    I conceptualized this model based upon my own upbringing and radicalization. I have videos explaining it, if anyone is interested in how it has worked over generations, as well as different contexts today. Also on my blog is a formal apology for, at one time, perpetuating hate.

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