Father’s Day Weekend 2021

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This Sunday we celebrate Father’s Day, a day set aside for us to pamper our dads or remember them, if they’re no longer with us. Too many children grow up without fathers in the home. How blessed many of us were to have a father in our lives!

We’re supposed to believe that it’s just fine to have no dad and only a mom, or two dads and no mom, or two moms and no dad.

How sad that the “abnormal” home is fast becoming the one with a traditional heterosexual married couple as parents.

In this century, we’re expected to celebrate the “diversity” of various types of families, no matter the cost to society.

No one will ever convince me that I would have been as well off without my dear dad to love, guide, teach, and cherish me. Girls need dads as well as boys.

Science tells us that we all do better with a father in our lives, provided it’s truly objective science, uncorrupted by political correctness, which is hard to find these days.

Numerous reports demonstrate the myriad negative effects of growing up without a father: promiscuity, substance abuse, suicide, poor academic achievement, increased criminality, intergenerational child and sexual abuse, lower IQ, confused gender roles (which too many now perceive as a positive, instead of a negative).

If you’re blessed to have a father in your life, tell him so this weekend. Thank him for being there for you. He’ll be happy to hear it out loud, from your lips. Say it while you still can.

Condolences to all who have lost their fathers:  Dad, wherever you are, I love and miss you. I thank God every day that you were my father.

Happy Father’s Day, everyone!


36 responses to “Father’s Day Weekend 2021

  1. Happy Fathers day to all the great Dad’s out there! ❤

  2. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2021/06/18/heres-what-the-chinese-defector-has-reportedly-given-us-about-covid-but-also-o-n2591167

    If it’s true that the defector has dirt on Joe and son, and others in the U.S. who were complicit with the CCP on the CCP virus, then he may be safer back home, taking his chances with the Chi-coms, then here in the U.S. seeking sanctuary and asylum. It’s been said that the agency that controls him has been keeping things from the FBI and Joebama administration. Great move but for how long can they keep that up? I hope they REALLY have this guy in a safe place.

  3. https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_breakingnews/welcome-to-wokespeak-its-logic-defying-rhetoric-is-making-heads-spin_3859452.html?utm_source=newsnoe&utm_medium=email2&utm_campaign=breaking-2021-06-18-1&mktids=a1f9ddf4e7a16a4749f0cc2175be74f9&est=hUJMxzw6P9YHnJz7A2dxarciBzlBIRjwHDeuFKkPXTi2uqMObaDNz9e6Vsb45Fc%3D

    This is a great article pointing out the inherent cognitive dissonance of “wokeness,” and how it’s a FEATURE not a “bug” of leftist philosophy. Gaslighting is their creed. They WANT to divide and conquer and they use Orwellian doublespeak to drive everyone batty. (No CCP pun intended.)

  4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/johns-hopkins-doctor-marty-makary-accuses-cdc-of-sitting-on-data-to-suit-their-narrative/ar-AAL2zXl

    Surprised this is on MSN!

    “During a television appearance on Sunday night, Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins Hospital claimed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “sits on a lot of data.” He also suggested the reason why the health organization holds back information is to better support their agenda. …

    Makary also said to host Steve Hilton on Sunday, “They [the CDC] sit on a lot of data, and they don’t give the key data that tells us which kids are dying of COVID. If we had that data, we could target our strategy. It turns out that there’s probably only been one child in the United States who has ever died of COVID, who was healthy, that is didn’t have a comorbid condition.” …

    Hilton agreed with Makary. He added that “instead of giving us the advice and the facts, they [the CDC] create the story of a troubling rise in teenage hospitalizations in order to push that agenda of get your kids vaccinated.”

    Hilton also stated, “They don’t trust us with the truth, it’s no wonder people are so suspicious.”

    Makary replied the CDC and medical leadership in the U.S. fails people by “ignoring natural immunity, so they’ve been quiet when schools and colleges are issuing these vaccine mandates, doing the insanity of insisting on a vaccine to immunize those already immune.” …”


  6. Build the wall!

  7. Always ..PERFECT … Always SPECIAL … HONOR thy FATHER …


  8. Skin is just skin … What if U were ..BLACK ? … or WHITE?
    the luck of the Draw …or just God’s plan …? … as long as ….

    • The surprising thing is that people have to be persuaded to stand up. I mean, is it even a question whether this is WRONG and psychological child abuse?

    • She is like Haley,Jendal and Obama not natural born.

      • I guess it would be too much to ask that the SCOTUS actually follow the Constitution and SAVE OUR REPUBLIC from these usurpers. In Harris’s case, there is NO DOUBT that she’s ineligible. None of the arguments they used, lame as they were, to say Barry was eligible apply to Harris. Her mother was NOT a U.S. citizen, as Barry’s ALLEGED mother ALLEGEDLY was, at the time of his birth (even though if she were his mother, she was too young to pass on her citizenship if he were born overseas, which I suspect. She adopted him overseas, imo. Her age, then, wouldn’t matter because she wasn’t his bio mother.) Of course, the progressives want anybody simply born on our soil, regardless of their parents’ citizenship, to be called “natural born citizens.” Harris is NOT and it’s about time the SCOTUS gave a definitive ruling. So far as I know, there’s never been any ruling remotely suggesting that just because a person was born here, that person is a “natural born” citizen even if his or her parents weren’t even U.S. citizens at the time. For all we know, Harris has Canadian citizenship, as well as possibly Indian and Jamaican citizenships. Just like Barry, she traveled the world. Where’s HER passport records, so we can see what citizenship was claimed on her passport?

        If they were to rule that just because she’s born on our soil, she’s eligible for the highest office in the land, then that would be completely illogical because, then, WHY WOULD THE FOUNDERS HAVE BOTHERED TO PUT THAT QUALIFICATION IN THE CONSTITUTION IN THE FIRST PLACE?

        They didn’t want FOREIGNERS with NO ALLEGIANCE to the U.S. as president.

        So would the SCOTUS actually rule that a person born on U.S. soil to two Chinese parents, then immediately taken back to China to be raised there in the enemy’s communist regime, can come back years later, after being perhaps prepped to be a foreign agent, and be eligible to run for president of the U.S., although having NO ties, no history, no common culture, no ALLEGIANCE, much less SOLE allegiance, to the USA? That would be ludicrous.

      • It’s interesting if you parse this by the “distinguished” Harvard Law Review: https://harvardlawreview.org/2015/03/on-the-meaning-of-natural-born-citizen/

        “No doubt informed by this longstanding tradition, just three years after the drafting of the Constitution, the First Congress established that children born abroad to U.S. citizens were U.S. citizens at birth, and explicitly recognized that such children were “natural born Citizens.” The Naturalization Act of 1790 8. Ch. 3, 1 Stat. 103 (repealed 1795)provided that “the children of citizens of the United States, that may be born beyond sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born citizens: Provided, That the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States . . . .”

        Note that a candidate for U.S. president must reside in the U.S. for 14 years! If those creating the first rules about what a natural born citizen is, then why would they require parents giving birth OVERSEAS to be U.S. citizens, with a father who had at least resided some time in the U.S., but would not, if you believe the Harris supporters, have the SAME REQUIREMENT for people who by accident were born on our soil, despite the fact that their parents were NEVER citizens of the U.S.? It makes no sense. Children of non-citizens can be “natural born citizens” but children of CITIZENS cannot, if they happened to be born overseas?

        • “The Framers did not fear such machinations from those who were U.S. citizens from birth just because of the happenstance of a foreign birthplace. …”

          So we’re supposed to believe that they recognized that children of TWO U.S. citizens, even if born overseas, would seem to be safe with regard to the presidency and foreign influence, because they assume the children of loyal U.S. citizens would also be raised as such.

          However, at the same time, the progressives who support Harris would have us believe that the HAPPENSTANCE of her birth in CA (if it really happened there) to TWO NON-CITIZENS, a child taken to another country at an early age and raised there by a NON-U.S.-CITIZEN mother, would not be problematic, that somehow she would be loyal enough to the U.S. whenever she came back here to become magically eligible to the presidency, despite having learned WHAT about allegiance to THIS country and not to JAMAICA (where she also lived as a child) or CANADA (where she went to school as a child) or INDIA (where she also lived as a child). To what country would the Founders believe she had SOLE ALLEGIANCE?

          They went to lengths to explain how kids born overseas to two U.S. citizens would be considered “as” natural born, so the presumption would be that being born HERE would also require TWO U.S. CITIZEN PARENTS.

    • It’s no surprise that once again they just punted with the “no standing” excuse. IF any of We the People who have to SUFFER under a bogus regime have no standing, then who does?




  10. Good luck.

  11. WHAT’S ..NOT ..2 LOVE … DAD’S TEACHING … TRUTH ..Nothing BUTT’
    the TRUTH 24 / 7 … GO MAGA * GO USA.* STAND UP * STAND TALL *


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