The Smoking Bat

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) is quickly becoming a much beloved man–much beloved, that is, by all who cherish American values like plain speaking. Leave it to Senator Kennedy to tell it like it is in his own inimitable style.

As a guest on Sean Hannity’s show, Senator Kennedy said,

The evidence has finally caught up with the Chinese Communist Party, with Dr. Fauci and with the other permanent Washington types, who for over a year have said the idea that the coronavirus came from a China lab leak was a conspiracy theory and that anybody who believed that was crazed. It wasn’t a conspiracy theory. It was a reasonable question to ask from day one, suspicious facts have existed from day one, if people cared to look, pointing to that possibility. The Chinese Communist Party and Dr. Fauci, and I’m going to be blunt here, have said for over a year, look, nothing to see here, coronavirus came from an animal. Except after a year, no one has been able to prove that, and as the Economist magazine put it this week, no one has found anything close to a smoking bat.

That’s Senator Kennedy for you. Always blunt, pithy, funny, and to the point.

Yes, where is that smoking bat?

When campaigning begins for the 2024 presidential election, let’s hope that President Trump keeps Senator Kennedy in mind as a running mate. Between the two of them, they’d certainly drive the media and progressives even more insane than they already are, and keep us entertained as well.

God bless patriots like Senator John Kennedy. A true American.

Let’s hope somebody writes a “best of” Senator Kennedy book. That would be a best seller, for sure.



246 responses to “The Smoking Bat

    2 ..START CHRISMAS .. shopping !!!

    imminent China attack to coincide with Mary Cop A chilling prediction
    Just listen to the first ten minutes but keep in mind that anything Mike Adams knows, our US military also knows,
    and they will not let this happen.
    Phony Joe, I am told does not have the nuclear launch codes but also, Navy subs don’t need launch code.
    Prediction is cyber + biological, China doesn’t want to use nukes, they want the land usable, may represent our best option.

  3. ??? 2 help Stop the. ..” bleeding ” could it woke’ …ha’

    • Is that 11 out of 11? He has a perfect batting average, imho.

    • Today, ole Pinocchio Joe repeated again the LIE that the protesters on 1/6 murdered a police officer in the Capitol. That’s been “thoroughly DEBUNKED” multiple times, including by the SCIENTIST in the form of the medical doctor who did the autopsy. Sicknick died of NATURAL CAUSES and he did NOT die in the Capitol nor on the day of the protest. TRUTH, however, doesn’t matter when Joe has a good narrative to repeat. Does anybody REALLY believe he told Putin he looked into his eyes and saw he has no soul? What a freaking liar. He showed up at the meeting with Putin with crib notes. Cheat sheets. Probably PLAGIARIZED. Have you noticed how often he steals President Trump’s lines?

  4. To: yesthatjallen
    I found this definition:
    “Colorism,” the idea that light-skinned minorities are given more privilege than their darker-skinned peers, is a centuries-old concept that many insiders say remains pervasive in the entertainment industry.
    My rascist Grandfathers generation (he was born in 1907) thought the best Black person was the darkest because he could never pass for white. Charley Pride gave him a conniption fit! Finally and thankfully in our enlightened modern times the light skinned is the best Black person.
    Woops, us Whiteys got it wrong again. We now find out the lightest Black person is not the best. My rascist Grandfather was right, and the Blackest is the best I guess according to “Colorism.” Full circle fools, us all.

    • Actually, this color caste system is typical of your groups “of color.” It’s endemic in countries like Brazil. It works both ways, too. Sometimes the darker “black” people are prejudiced against the lighter ones, in a reversal as noted in that comment. When I went to high school, there were several girls who had a hard time fitting in with any racial group. One was a Chinese girl against whom most of the blacks were openly hostile and of whom most of the white girls were simply dismissive. A few other outsiders were light-skinned black girls or those who were half white/half black. The “in crowd” of white girls had nothing to do with any of them, dark or light. The “in crowd” of black girls had nothing to do with the Chinese girl, the light-skinned or half-black girls, or most white girls, in crowd or not. On the outside looking in were the black and white girls not in the “in crowd” of either race. And then there were those like me who were outside but definitely NOT looking in, not wanting to be part of any “in crowd”, consciously rejecting THEM, and including the Chinese girl and the light-skinned blacks, being their only “pool” of potential friends. What a world. The more things change …

  5. thought WE were in “HELL” I mean “DEATH” valley YEP .. they played around
    till they BROKE IT!!! no turning BACK now! coming 4 ya .. weather / C 19 etc.

  6. FBI seeks ID of woman after skeletal remains found near Camp David in Maryland

  7. GOOD 4 NOTHING as OLD JOE’s …in a FOG ..
    PUTIN … GOT it ALL & MORE ???

    • Bad optics. Old Joe was forced to apologize today for completely and in a sexist fashion dissing that young female reporter just for doing her job which, for a change, was done rather well. She didn’t seem to have any qualms about standing up to Joe, even when he rushed back like an enraged gorilla to point his finger in her face. Typical of dementia patients when tired, btw. Sudden aggression. Just sayin’. However, the news articles, in typical fashion, had to make some illogical comparison to Trump and claim that he, unlike Joe, would never apologize. That’s because Trump never HAD TO apologize. He was in the right and he never was huffing and puffing and aggressively charging at young women.

    • Along with his mind. Seems to have lost his minder, too. Didn’t see much of “Dr.” Jill at the pressers. Just realized that rhymes with “Dr.” Phil. Maybe they can hook up and have a traveling road show after 2024, if not before.

    • Thanks! I always forget to check in on LC.

      I’m thinking the reason they only show the short, edited version of the alleged pipe bomber is to protect the identities of whomever he was hanging with before and afterward.

      Enterprising sleuths can probably take these charge documents and find the probable identities of all the unindicted co-conspirators; persons 1, 2 …; and other unnamed informants or witnesses just by looking at what video we do have of the charged individuals to see who they’re hanging with. My guess is that Mr. Sullivan will be easy enough for people to ID in the charges, although hasn’t he been charged? Finally? Can’t remember. Seem to remember, though, that he was finally arrested. He, for sure, was staying in a hotel with a cadre of others.


  9. STOP …..ALL ..the BS. .. YES IT Has Always BEEN A SET UP!!!
    GAMES 24 / 7 ..WHY SO MANY GAMES ? ..
    SICK Of wasted … TIME & MONEY .. EVERY Single DAY $$$ WHY?

    • TCTH thinks this meme about potential government incitement is a trap to get the Republicans to vote for that 1/6 commission that will NOT in any way, in the end, actually look at potential government conspirators any more than they looked for illegal spying ON Trump or illegal activities against Trump by the Deep State, Clinton or her supporters.


    • Most likely he’s already taken them all and knows the results as does “Dr.” Jill. Thus the perpetual nursemaid.

    • Indeed it is. And nobody who should be complaining, like the media, IS complaining. In fact, instead of complaining, they’re HELPING it along.

      IF you go back to public statements made by the usual suspects before the date for certifying the election, and even before the election, you will SEE the “tells” that in hindsight indicate that this was yet another Deep-State-in-collusion-with-DemoncRATS operation against Trump and his supporters–yet another “insurance policy,” if you will. Just as they planned the “resistance” to his presidency by laying the groundwork to claim his “collusion” with Russia, and just as they planned the impeachments, they have planned this to kneecap his “movement” and prevent him from reclaiming the WH in 2024.

      The big Kahunas BEHIND the scheme KNEW ABOUT THE PLAN to incite an “insurrection,” to call it that (when it was anything but), and to then use it to crack down and create an excuse to do DOMESTICALLY but “legally” what they did domestically AND ILLEGALLY during Trump’s presidency. And that is to use the “intelligence community” and all its power to spy on Trump, his supporters, and anybody else who may stand in their way to absolute permanent power.

      Further proof is that the media, in lockstep, had the talking points and immediately began to use them: INSURRECTION! DOMESTIC TERRORISTS! WHITE SUPREMACISTS!

      Just as we all THOUGHT at first hearing that Hillary Clinton had lost all her marbles when she first began to talk about candidate Trump being “Putin’s puppet,” we also, at least I did, thought the DemoncRATS and the media were totally crazy to call the protest at the Capitol a WHITE SUPREMACIST insurrection. It was planned all along. It explains why they also, inexplicably, hyped up the little-known and powerless QAnon “conspiracy theorists.” They needed a “target” to Alinsky-ize. Pick the target. So they infiltrated the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers (that is if they didn’t just INVENT those groups and pack them full of fake “potential domestic terrorists), and decided to demonize (not to mention mischaracterize) QAnon “adherents.”

      • I’m guessing that if internet sleuths look carefully at the people being “waved in” by cops on 1/6, they will find those “unindicted co-conspirators,” those “informants,” those “persons 1,2,3,” etc. IOW, the Deep State plants, the agent provocateurs like Mr. Sullivan. Already, as predicted yesterday, GP has a story identifying a man in a MAGA hat who was openly advocating for getting into the Capitol on the night BEFORE 1/6. He was standing right there with Mr. Sullivan. In addition, I heard someone on the video suggest or talk about people being infiltrators. So, just as protesters identified and called out antifa that day, the night before it sounds as if people suspected that these groups were infiltrated by provocateurs. It is the PROVOCATEURS the cops were waving in, is my suspicion. Why would those cops run to a specific group to facilitate their entry into the Capitol and once it was SEEN ON VIDEO that this is what happened, why are they still prosecuting people for entering the Capitol WHEN THEY’D BEEN LET IN BY THE PEOPLE WHOSE JOB IT IS TO SECURE THE BUILDING? Not only let in, but specifically invited and waved in?

        As the article points out, the doors are magnetically locked. Somewhere there’s video of the “first” people entering the Capitol building. They look completely like antifa and/or BLM. They look predominantly black, which would be unusual for Trump supporters, sad to say, although he has more black supporters than most Republicans. The critical thing is they immediately went to the door to try to open it to let others in. The door was LOCKED. They disappeared from view for 15 minutes or so and then reappeared and immediately tried the door again and it opened. That’s how most people got into the Capitol. So it’s easy to guess that they went somewhere to have the magnetic locks released and voila! They were unlocked when they came BACK to try again.

        Now, logically, you have to assume they knew the doors were NOW unlocked. Think about it: Having tried already and failed to open THAT DOOR, why would you come back again and try it again? Why would you expect it to open when you already knew it was locked and wouldn’t open?

      • Another thought: Do we REALLY KNOW that anybody is being held in DC on these charges? In solitary? For 6 months without a “speedy trial?” Or perhaps are these a demonstration project of provocateurs SAID TO BE ARRESTED AND CHARGED AND HELD, when in reality nobody is? It is all for show to put the FEAR of JOEBAMA in everyone? Remember how Sullivan was walking around free and seemed confident he wouldn’t be arrested? After THAT video was on the web, suddenly, iirc, he’s “arrested.” But was he? If all are agents with fake identities, then they could all be said to be arrested and jailed when all they did was go back and resume their normal identities and lives.

    • Courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer. I can’t believe that. 44 paid days off. Assuming that includes paid vacation and sick leave? Surely. Pretty soon, at least the federal employees will be on a par with socialist Europe. Next they’ll want 3 months off for vacation. Oh, why the hell not? It’s just “government” money. What bugs me the MOST about this is Biden calling it Juneteenth National INDEPENDENCE Day. The BLM and CRT activists have wanted to “cancel” Fourth of July just as they want to cancel the Founders. So now Biden has played right into their hands calling this “Independence” day instead of something more apt and promoting UNITY of the country, like Juneteenth Emancipation Memorial Day. That would make more sense. The way it is, it sets the country up to choose an Independence Day to celebrate. June 19 for “Blacks” and July 4th for the “Whites” and whatever people “of color” who wish to honor the founding of this GREAT NATION. Watch to see how July 4th parades and fireworks will be moved to 6/19 OR perhaps somewhere in between and they’ll “combine” the “Independence Days.” No more special day to celebrate the FOUNDING of our great nation. Nope. Just like Barry changed the 9/11 memorial day into a “day of service,” taking away the solemnity and the REASON for the memorial of that date. It’s DIVISIVE. Why are they marking it as a day that has remembrance value only for people in one small city who finally LEARNED 2 1/2 years after emancipation that they were free? Why not commemorate the real date of emancipation, the day Lincoln signed the proclamation? We know why. That would have to include the reality that a “white” president and many, many, many “white” people (and people of other colors, too) GAVE THEIR LIVES TO FREE THE SLAVES.

  11. …. TRIXIE ..getting CALLED OUT …LOUDLY … Clean UP Your ACT!!!

    • Can’t you JUST imagine that woman in high school? Talk about “mean girl.” Snide. Smarmy. Uppity. Condescending. Smart-ass. Full of B.S. I’ll bet she had a lot of friends. NOT.

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