The Smoking Bat

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) is quickly becoming a much beloved man–much beloved, that is, by all who cherish American values like plain speaking. Leave it to Senator Kennedy to tell it like it is in his own inimitable style.

As a guest on Sean Hannity’s show, Senator Kennedy said,

The evidence has finally caught up with the Chinese Communist Party, with Dr. Fauci and with the other permanent Washington types, who for over a year have said the idea that the coronavirus came from a China lab leak was a conspiracy theory and that anybody who believed that was crazed. It wasn’t a conspiracy theory. It was a reasonable question to ask from day one, suspicious facts have existed from day one, if people cared to look, pointing to that possibility. The Chinese Communist Party and Dr. Fauci, and I’m going to be blunt here, have said for over a year, look, nothing to see here, coronavirus came from an animal. Except after a year, no one has been able to prove that, and as the Economist magazine put it this week, no one has found anything close to a smoking bat.

That’s Senator Kennedy for you. Always blunt, pithy, funny, and to the point.

Yes, where is that smoking bat?

When campaigning begins for the 2024 presidential election, let’s hope that President Trump keeps Senator Kennedy in mind as a running mate. Between the two of them, they’d certainly drive the media and progressives even more insane than they already are, and keep us entertained as well.

God bless patriots like Senator John Kennedy. A true American.

Let’s hope somebody writes a “best of” Senator Kennedy book. That would be a best seller, for sure.



246 responses to “The Smoking Bat

  1. Roll down and watch the other video from Springfield, MO, where a parent reports to a school board that a bi-racial child tried to kill himself after CRT “education” because he was made to feel ashamed of his white half.


    Amazing video. No wonder they won’t release the tapes. The thing is, even IF the Capitol is under control of Congress, they’re still, none of them, exempt from answering to We the People. FOIA should RULE and the tapes should be revealed, but if things go as usual with the Lawfare DemoncRATS, they will claim it’s “evidence” that must be kept hidden while the (never-ending) “investigations” continue.


    Yeah, what about those invitations by the cops to enter the Capitol? They worked in conjunction with the likes of antifa (Sullivan) to create the photo ops and video to use to smear the REAL POTUS.

    So it sounds AS IF Sen. Johnson, among others, may have access to all that video. Let’s hope that he reveals it all, eventually, to the American people and especially to all the Trump supporters who have been smeared since Jan. 6.


    As the TRUTH begins to come out, then the SPINNING must begin and the “insurance policy” must be created:

    “In the background of these data breaches CTH is noting that U.S. officials are now admitting U.S. election systems are connected to the internet: “according to a team of 10 independent cybersecurity experts who specialize in voting systems and elections. While the voting machines themselves are not designed to be online, the larger voting systems in many states end up there, putting the voting process at risk. That team of election security experts say that last summer, they discovered some systems are, in fact, online.” …”

    They KNOW that the audits have already shown that the LIE that voting machines are not ILLEGALLY connected to the internet will be proven to be a LIE and, by implication at least, show the public HOW the election was stolen. This is the means. They don’t LIE about something unless they use it for nefarious reasons. Ask any mother why a kid lies. It’s not for fun; it’s to cover up mischief.

    One potential plus side of this effort: PERHAPS they intend to admit the machines were online because they want to get ahead of the story that the election itself was hacked. Who they’re going to blame the hack on is the question. WHO would hack an election to make BIDEN WIN? Hmmm? Or are they planning to say … what? The Russians did it? Or do they plan to just say that the auditors hacked the machines and the original counts were correct? Or that somebody in the meantime hacked the results on the machines to make it look as if Biden stole the election? Whatever they can do to muddy the waters. And they’ll then say that it doesn’t matter because the election was certified by all the states, even if the results were in the end incorrect (which, they’ll say, happens every election. There’s no perfection.) So, they’ll say (and already do) that Biden is POTUS for better or worse and we just have to “move on” from here and “make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

  5. YEP fits here PEFECT 2 smoking /FLAMING Witches ! SURE JOE
    come together? no PISS on each other? Jill’s busy keeping JOE ALIVE

    • Oh, yeah. That was kind of obvious when Jill went to Europe and camel face couldn’t help but complain to Lester that she didn’t go to Europe yet. Jill’s probably fixing to step into the shoes of a long line of presidential wives who secretly do the job while their husbands were unable to, for various reasons. IF Joe won’t give it up, then Jill can keep filling in and the DemoncRATS who never wanted Harris in the beginning or now, will be fine with it. They’re NEVER going to invoke the 25th on Joe. They see the writing on the wall. A “President Harris” will never “win” a second term and they know it. She couldn’t even win the primary.

      Which one is in the driver’s seat? Neither, imho. It’s Barry.

    • He can’t possibly hold a joint presser. He can’t even hold one over here without making an ass of himself. I’m sure this is all carefully orchestrated to have a lot of down time for Joe in the form of multiple trips all over the area, so the travel time gives him sleeping time. He’s going to hit a lot of different places just SO there’s “explainable” absences while he’s in transit. Of course, all the progressive heads of state will help to cover for ole Joe.

    • It’s great that now even the kids are speaking up. Let’s hope they do more of it in the classrooms, too.


  7. Inflation = hidden taxes on your hard earned money. Under JOE Biden:

    Gas ⬆️ 56.2%
    Energy ⬆️ 28.5%
    Fuel oil ⬆️ 50.8%
    Food ⬆️2.2%
    Clothing ⬆️ 5.6%
    Used cars and trucks ⬆️ 29.7%

    …and rising! Vote Democrat, pay more!

    Jill the SITTER in CHIEFas the NUTS seem 2 BE RUNNING the farm

  9. that cracks US UP … Shattered is MO’ like IT!
    FLAWED from day 1 …. ? CRAZY GLUE ?

  10. Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!

    • Happy birthday to that lovely lady. Is this her REAL birthday or the one the country celebrates?

    • Yes QUEENIE … IT’S YOUR DAY ..check .. “From the ROYAL VAULT”
      how many Smiles Hand Shakes Waves ? a LOVELY ROLL MODEL
      A Life of SERVICE …

      • Did you happen to see the photo of the G7 “protesters” who were in the ocean wearing big satirical fake heads representing the G7 leaders? My local paper published a photo that ONLY showed them snarking about and impersonating all the leaders BUT Biden. So did they crop Biden out so as not to show he’s a laughing stock, too, overseas? Are they THAT particular to NEVER show Joe in a negative light, even when being made fun of my “peaceful protesters?”

      • What a joke those “rules” are. They say Trump walked ahead of the Queen. I saw video of Biden YESTERDAY walking ahead of the Queen. Am I seeing things or do the media just not NOTICE when Biden commits “gaffes?” Although, in Trump’s case, they never forgave it as a “gaffe” but acted as if it was a deliberate (and sexist) snub. For the record, I would NEVER curtsy to the Queen, although for sure I would respect her in her own house and in her own country. She’s NO BETTER than any of us and that’s why we fought the Revolutionary War. We owe her countrymen a lot for the Magna Carta! Guess they didn’t learn from it as much as we did. 🙂 Look how they shrug off Moo’s much worse gaffe, when she laid hands on the Queen to hug her! Oh, that was just “instinctive.” Sort of like comparing the Queen to your OLD mother?

  11. Shutting down the audit is an admission of guilt.

    • Yep. And threatening to send in the jackboots to “seize” the ballots and machines AS IF this POLITICIZED DOJ has constitutional authority over states. STATES RIGHTS. Are they hoping for another civil war?

    • Now, believe it or not, they want to change the names of BIRDS if the person after whom the bird is named was in any stretch of the imagination not politically correct according to the “woke.”

    • btw, MOTHER, MOM, MAMA … these are among the OLDEST WORDS IN ALL LANGUAGES. We know because most of us can recognize what the word means, no matter what language we’re hearing.

  12. Scum. They consider the Constitution to be subversive literature. THAT’S the real answer.


    This is quite interesting and provides a clue as to who is racist and within what milieu there’s truly “systemic racism.” The Pew org. did a poll to learn how Trump is viewed around the “world,” specifically his “image abroad.” Here are the ONLY countries they surveyed:

    Japan (11th in population), Germany (19th), United Kingdom (21st), France (22nd), Italy (23rd), South Korea (28th), Spain (30th), Canada (39th), Australia (55th), Taiwan (57th), Netherlands (66th), Belgium (81st), Greece (87th), Sweden (91st), Singapore (114th), and New Zealand (126th).

    The author says this represents LESS THAN 8% of the world’s population. only 16 of 235 countries in the “world.”

    Notice what else is apparent: 12 of the 16 are predominantly “white” and the others are “Asian,” although specific Asian populations–wealthy, upper class countries that are more “western” than “Asian.” (Defeated enemies or former colonies of western nations!)

    So, in the opinion of Pew, only white nations and wealthy western-leaning Asian countries matter when it comes to Trump’s “image abroad,” meaning they apparently believe that only the opinions of what we might call the 8% ELITE members of the “global community” matter.

    So either they’re elitist and racist OR they wanted to create a narrative they could push in the media (which they did) to help make Biden’s overseas junket LOOK successful. The author points out that previous surveys included places more likely to support Trump, but this one for some reason left them out. Surely Israel, Hungary, and Poland, to name a few off the top of my head, would admire Trump. Heck, even Putin admires him more than Biden.

  14. Will Kamala ever go there? 😆

    • She won’t go simply because so many WANT her to go and because all eyes will be on her if she goes and she can’t take the scrutiny. Same reason why Biden doesn’t dare do a presser with PUTIN. So Putin has WON before they even meet. Nobody believes Joe’s lame excuse for why he won’t do the TRADITIONAL sit-down presser with the Russian president. He’s AFRAID. Why? Because he knows he’ll be bested by Putin, who hilariously trolled Biden by praising Trump and calling Biden, basically, a career politician who will be easy to deal with (not a compliment, btw. Putin believes, and it’s true, that he can EASILY handle Biden.)

  15. Bunch of idiots. 😯

  16. ha’ TRUMP ..could DO NO “RIGHT” !!! .. Totally Feared OUR MAN!
    BIDEN’S .. Sick 2 Watch & Hear .. LOOOVVEE Festival ? !!!

    • For the “good” of our “democracy,” all media and social media will suppress all the news and facts about the findings. It will be, of course, for our own good. As Rand Paul recently said–they think they know better and so know what’s “good” for us better than we do. iow, no such thing as individual rights or self-determination.

  17. MAN UP joey GET YOUR AZZ 2 the BORDER! he sleeps till 9 in the morning?
    Kam is soon 2 BE FORGOTTEN .. WTP Know her GIG Is ROTTEN & SMELLS

    • I’m sure she does. It’s said they were unhappy with her surprise drop in on the “Pride Parade.” No doubt, they didn’t want to be mistaken for …

  18. ….. Kamala Harris for the People …. ????? REALLY K H?
    PEOPLE ??? WTP … ??? U WORK 4 …US …

    Kamala Harris 2020 presidential campaign logo.svg
    2020 United States presidential election (Democratic Party primaries)
    … & she thinks SHE GETS AWAY …with MURDER as ALWAYS? NOPE!

  19. O’ BATS …. believe …NOTHING


    Death of journalist who broke the Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting is being investigated as suicide
    He authored a book titled “Secret on the Tarmac.”
    @ just the news

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