The Smoking Bat

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) is quickly becoming a much beloved man–much beloved, that is, by all who cherish American values like plain speaking. Leave it to Senator Kennedy to tell it like it is in his own inimitable style.

As a guest on Sean Hannity’s show, Senator Kennedy said,

The evidence has finally caught up with the Chinese Communist Party, with Dr. Fauci and with the other permanent Washington types, who for over a year have said the idea that the coronavirus came from a China lab leak was a conspiracy theory and that anybody who believed that was crazed. It wasn’t a conspiracy theory. It was a reasonable question to ask from day one, suspicious facts have existed from day one, if people cared to look, pointing to that possibility. The Chinese Communist Party and Dr. Fauci, and I’m going to be blunt here, have said for over a year, look, nothing to see here, coronavirus came from an animal. Except after a year, no one has been able to prove that, and as the Economist magazine put it this week, no one has found anything close to a smoking bat.

That’s Senator Kennedy for you. Always blunt, pithy, funny, and to the point.

Yes, where is that smoking bat?

When campaigning begins for the 2024 presidential election, let’s hope that President Trump keeps Senator Kennedy in mind as a running mate. Between the two of them, they’d certainly drive the media and progressives even more insane than they already are, and keep us entertained as well.

God bless patriots like Senator John Kennedy. A true American.

Let’s hope somebody writes a “best of” Senator Kennedy book. That would be a best seller, for sure.



246 responses to “The Smoking Bat

    • “arrest and confine” I love the sound of that.

      • If he follows through as planned, then this is a brilliant strategy. Every one of them has broken a STATE law. Namely, in most cases, trespassing. The “parents” among them who risk the lives of babies and toddlers, as well as older children, are also breaking laws against parental neglect. If the parents are in Texas but not with the “unaccompanied minors,” expecting to be reunited with the children after paying coyotes to bring them into the country illegally, then THOSE parents should also be arrested and charged with child abuse–paying others to smuggle their children illegally despite the obvious DANGER they deliberately put the kids in. As I said many times, they should NEVER be reunited with the kids. The parents are OBVIOUSLY unfit parents. If they paid coyotes, obviously unfit. If they did NOT pay coyotes but left their kids behind in the home countries in the “care” of people who let the kids illegally cross one or more countries to illegally enter the U.S., then they’re still OBVIOUSLY unfit parents. FIT parents do NOT leave kids behind in the hands of unfit people or, worse, perhaps even alone to fend for themselves. And FIT parents do NOT pay strangers to take their kids on a dangerous trip across foreign lands to illegally enter another country. IF the Texas authorities follow through, then they will be doing a lot to SHUT DOWN this trafficking of kids into the country as well as the illegal entry of trespassers. And guess what? The DOJ and the federal government cannot do anything about it. This is the state of Texas’s sovereign right to enforce their OWN STATE LAWS. The federal government cannot interfere in states’ rights.

    • Aw. This is totally Barry, isn’t it? Set these bogus “goals” to meet, these NUMBERS (Barry is ALWAYS fixated on numbers), and then try to meet the goal as if it’s independent of the purpose of the goal. As if the GOAL and them meeting it is more important. As if POLITICS is more important then the truth and the actual safety of individual Americans. I cringe every time Joe rolls up to the podium, pulls out his cards, and starts reciting NUMBERS. It’s lame. It’s ridiculous. It does NOT inspire confidence in his leadership. He looks like an 8th grader making his first speech to the class, with his flash cards and his Wikipedia statistics, most of which are wrong.

      Last night, on TV, we were treated to Joe bloviating about the Delta variant. Suddenly, Joe’s a medical expert! He talked like someone who doesn’t know his rear from a hole in the ground, as usual. Remember how the media ALWAYS ridiculed Trump when he talked about science? Where are they now? Even “Dr.” Jill isn’t a real DOCTOR. But Joe now is out there spouting nonsense as if it’s scientific fact. He doesn’t really CARE if people are vaccinated. ALL he cares about is meeting that “goal” of July 4th. If it weren’t POLITICAL, then the goal wouldn’t have been set to an obvious date like July 4th. They would have set it ASAP. As soon as we can, get all vaccinated. Beat the clock. Not, let’s set a goal for July 4th. You have to wonder why they didn’t move it up or make a separate, special goal for “Blacks” to get them all vaccinated by “Juneteenth”–THEIR special “independence day.”

    • Oh, B.S. A UTILITY BILL is not VOTER ID. Voter ID is PROOF of not only identity but also ELIGIBILITY to vote. The utility companies do NOT validate CITIZENSHIP. It would HELP but it would NOT keep ineligible voters, especially illegal aliens and non-citizens, from voting. That said, they have also seen the polls indicating that at least 2/3 if not more Americans WANT VOTER ID. And We the People want REAL identification, meaning we want people to prove their identity as well as their ELIGIBILITY TO VOTE. Illegal aliens are NOT eligible to vote. Non-citizens are NOT eligible to vote. The DemoncRATS will see to it that every illegal alien that just crossed our border WILL HAVE A UTILITY BILL when the next election rolls around.

  1. Styrofoam … Unless U have BETTER NAME ?

  2. YES , I always WAS a THUMB SUCKER

    • What is this gathering supposed to be? Female (?) senators? Interesting that there are no Blacks in the room except for that older woman standing in the background. Was she the cook or what? She’s not a politician that I recognize, so must be an employee of some sort. Who’s the butler? A person “of color” it seems. Another employee, I suppose. I recognize RINOs. Are there any conservative Republican women there? Says a lot in one photo. Do they not consider whites as employees? (I said there are no Blacks because “Black” is supposed to be African-American, which excludes Harris’s father, so she’s NOT “Black” with a capital B.)

      It’s interesting that she, the descendant of SLAVE HOLDERS, held forth about Juneteenth and how far “we” have come. You’d think she’d be ashamed to show her face, but not so! She’s NOT a descendant of American slaves. She has nothing to do with Juneteenth because even IF she has slave ancestry (which many whites do, too), her ancestors are NOT from this country. Thus, Juneteenth has no resonance for her. You don’t get to appropriate other people’s history just because your skin is sort of the same color as some of them.

    • Prediction: These parades WILL replace or be combined with all July 4th celebrations. It’s already happened in one city where “Pride” and Juneteenth parades were allowed but the July 4th event was CANCELLED because of COVID (apparently despite Joebama’s assurance that we can all celebrate Joe’s conquest of COVID by 7/4).

      • btw, will the “Blacks” DEMAND that June be cancelled as “Pride” month so that the entire month can be devoted to “Black independence?” Whose month will they take over then? Well, why not March, since they’ve already, in the form of “transgender women,” taken over our sex?

  3. ALL the LOVE ? … NO U BUSTER … Deserved what WAS GIVEN 2 U!
    FATHER’S DAY .. COULD BE a BLESSING .. U HURT’S Million’s harry!!!
    NO HAIR harry U BOTH can HIDE your New baby girl’s PHOTO if U R
    soo very special .. BUTT’ U R ..still BALDING & BOTH R Spoiled GOODS
    U DAMAGED Many Parent’s U BOTH WINED’ OUT LOUD !!! so Sad

  4. SICK ..of these DICK’S & FOLLOWER’S .. in tow .. 2 KILL is 2 STOP
    another ..FROM it’s RIGHT’S ..WHO MADE U God ? .. JOEY BIDEN?
    these BABIES deserve a DADDY ..ha’ just LIKE ..Beau DID ???

    SHAMELESS !!! Sick SOB’S … CHEATER’S .. In ALL U DO! JUST 2 SIT on the
    Have ACHIEVED ? U ALL NEED HELP 24 / 7 !!! DISTORTION 2 the MAX !

    • But you know, he’s the most devout and “observant” president in history. What a crock. When then say he never misses Mass, it’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Now I’d love somebody to go out there and prove that LIE. In no way do I believe that he never misses Mass. Do you think they give Hunter communion?

    • Good point about the status of his “wife” who still has a living husband she “divorced.” Most likely, they gave him a dispensation because, after all, he’s Joe Biden. They probably annulled Jill’s first marriage even though she’s not Catholic. SOMEHOW they got married “by a Catholic priest,” according to Wikipedia, which doesn’t necessarily mean that the marriage was SANCTIONED by the Catholic Church. No mention whether she converted and went through all the requirements that existed then before a Catholic marriage could be performed. Do they give Jill communion?

  6. OUR ..BOY’S …GROW into MEN when NURTURED …HELP is NEEDED !!!

  7. Dig your own GRAVE? … BUTT’ of course NO ONE will LISTENS
    So … afraid of TRUTH? Sad WORLD willing … 2 dis- believe IT ..see ya
    On the Other SIDE !

  8. Yes # 306 listen up .. I did 2 X s TRUTH .. MIGHT STOP IT? Or not ..

  9. YEP …ha’ BLACK Don’t MAKE YA SMART as 1 robs steals Con’s ..
    the next GUY ..OUT of HIS’ STUFF ??? U BAD …U SAD Girl … WHY?
    …PAY …IT … ALL … $$$$$ BACK ..Sell the shack !

    • Whoops? It’s probably just a “mistake” and this is a “technicality,” anyway. Bottom line: IT’S RACIST!! (Laws and rules no longer apply to the real privileged folks.)

  10. Yep… just the START of STUPID actions .. NO BOUNDARY’S
    a history of getting away with it .. Foolish Moves …

    • It seems too many people are believing in their entitlement. Who even makes such “special requests?”

    • At Starbucks, they charge you extra for every little extra you want, like chocolate syrup or an extra espresso shot. So no wonder McDonald’s employees don’t know what to do when somebody demands 3 flavorings! They should have charged her for 3 slushies. 🙂

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