Memorial Day Weekend 2021

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This weekend, we remember those who gave their last full measure of devotion so that we might remain free and continue to enjoy the blessings of the greatest Republic the world has ever known:

Memorial Day, which is observed on the last Monday of May, commemorates the men and women who died while in the military service. In observance of the holiday, many people visit cemeteries and memorials, and volunteers often place American flags on each grave site at national cemeteries. A national moment of remembrance takes place at 3:00 p.m. local time.

Memorial_Day_at_Arlington_National_Cemetery - Copy

Over this long holiday weekend, all Americans should pause to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

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While you’re picnicking, barbecuing, attending parades, golfing, camping or enjoying whatever it is you do over a long holiday weekend, please don’t forget to take time to remember and honor the fallen.

May they rest in peace.

May God hold them in the Palm of His Hand.

May their families be comforted.

Have a safe, peaceful, and blessed Memorial Day weekend. Be careful out there.


216 responses to “Memorial Day Weekend 2021

  1. The issue is never the issue.

    The issue is always the revolution.” — Saul Alinksy

  2. ROAST him on the SPIT 4th of JULY … just BURN it … WHO’ gives a F!!!
    as this DICK HEAD … forced TRUMP’s .. down-Fall.. double F!!!

  3. Eats shoots and leaves
    is the title of an English language teaching book about punctuation.
    That sentence, chosen for the title, can have two entirely different meanings dependent on whether there is a comma after the word Eats and a comma after the word shoots. One meaning is about a critter that eats plants but the other meaning describes an act of violence.

    There’s no reason I mean it should happen here
    is a sentence spoken by General Flynn in response to a question asked at a political rally. The question was “Why can’t the events in miramar happen here?”.
    This phrase has two entirely different meanings, dependent on whether there is a period after the word reason.

    Since this is a spoken phrase rather than a written sentence, we have to depend on the normal speaking patterns of Americans in which the end of a sentence is marked by a downward frequency modulation of a note or two.
    Well, you can listen to that sentence as it has been captured in quite a few places and make up your own mind.

    I think there is cautious ground for optimism.

    credit for the last sentence goes to Peter Paul and Mary (I dig Rock and Roll Music)

    • You’re correct. I thought the same thing. It’s all in the way they punctuate it. They did the same with President Trump. I tried to listen to the audios and none of them seemed clear. Flynn says he was misquoted and his words taken out of context. He also said the videos were manipulated.

  4. At 13:30 in Fauci says the next administration (Trump) will see a surprise outbreak.
    Fauci knew, in advance, what was coming.
    The email release is conclusive about Fauci and Wuhan virology lab,
    but it cannot determine motive. Motive would need a confession which we may not get, but there is circumstantial evidence in that China sealed of Wuhan from the rest of China but allowed air travel from that region to the rest of the world for another six weeks just at the start of Chinese New Year.

    It’s like “why did you leave your mobile phone at home when you went to visit your girlfriend?”

    We haven’t even started yet on the suppression of HCQ and Ivermection.
    The Indian peak has been suppressed to about 1/3 of it’s peak valye in about three weeks. Maybe we should send somebody to India to ask what they have been doing? Their vaccine level is pretty unchanged at about 10% so they must be using some other technique.

    • It’s very interesting. On Laura Ingraham’s show, it was revealed that the re-approval of gain of function research was issued only 11 days before Trump was inaugurated. As if they wanted to secretly go on to develop this virus, which oddly enough seems designed to be contagious and yet MILD (compared to other similar viruses), and also the vaccines. Putting aside the obvious PROFIT motive, what other motive might they have had when faced with the election of Trump, which they did not want, which they always opposed, and which they planned to RESIST? Was it part of the plan to resist? Weaponized to use to get Trump out of office?

    • They suppressed any treatments because the plan to oust Trump, steal the election, depended upon the pandemic. With effective treatment, there may be a pandemic but there’s no lockdown, no fear, no “need” to have mail-in voting, among other reasons–like they stood to profit mightily from the vaccines. We see the same waffling on the need for booster shots.

      Obviously, the powers that profit WANT a “need” for boosters. However, suddenly it seems the media are pushing the meme that we may not “need” boosters. This, since word of the possibility it was a designer virus with a planned purpose began to emerge. Word is there’s an informer who spoke to the “intel community” with evidence that it WAS manufactured in Wuhan, escaped, and that the Chinese PLANNED to allow it to spread so they could spread the damage around. iow, they suffered (allegedly it broke out in China in AUGUST 2019) and they didn’t want themselves to be the only country that suffered, so they locked down their travel within but promoted travel to other countries.

      It’s interesting, too, this piece of news: Suddenly the Chinese have decided they need to increase their population because they have too many old people and too few workers to support them. People can now have 3 kids per family. Which may indicate that they lost a lot of people over the past few years and/or that their possible plan to rid themselves “naturally” of the (too many) old people in their population didn’t work as planned so they need to do the opposite: increase the younger population to support those old people.

      Maybe the fact that they can’t hide the origin of the pandemic means their further plans were shelved. Maybe they planned another pandemic (well, Kamala does keep talking about it) to do a “better” job of getting rid of the old. (Remember, too, that Biden warns the unvaccinated that they’ll pay the price. What does he know?)

      Maybe because we here in the U.S. also have a “glut” of older people and fewer workers to support them, the progressives like the Obamabots (Zeke) were sympathetic to the Chinese plight and maybe even thought “that sounds like plan,” especially since here there is such opposition to their other solution–IMPORT WORKERS FROM THE THIRD WORLD.

  5. Note: I’m having computer, browser, and WordPress software problems that prevent me from putting up a new post. I’m trying to figure it out but my time is limited. In the meantime, we’ll just have to stay on “Memorial Day Weekend”. Sorry. Short of buying a new computer, I don’t know what I can do. I don’t know if it’s a problem with WordPress software, which happens when they “improve” things, or if it’s my old system.

  6. Miri .. Fear Not .. the last THING on OUR MINDS really …
    or what’s left of them .. it might just need a Kick or 2 .. take care
    WTP love all the work U do .. 4 US ! .. Happy WEEKEND 2 U
    I get my pink person back when I add www. & my hand held
    phone ..often changes my words.. excuse the bad spelling also!

    …. More on ….. THE FAUCI FLU’

    • Thank you! I appreciate all YOU do. If you’re getting weird effects, maybe it’s not my computer but is WordPress. I have trouble replying, too, sometimes. I can always try another device, if I can borrow one from somebody.

      I like “Fauci flu”. I vote YES!

      Did you notice that now they’re going to call the “variants” after Greek numerals? (Beta, etc.) The reason is that they must have finally noticed that while we’re not supposed to say China virus, they labeled and call all the variants by OTHER country names. UK variant. Brazilian variant. South African variant. I suppose UK variant was okay until somebody noticed that the others were named after countries “of color,” and we can’t have that!

      Happy weekend to you, too!

  7. SO .. IS FAUCI .. a FALL GUY ??? …ha’ for BIG BUCK$ …$$$$

    • Probably is the fall guy but he deserves it. He can always squeal like a stuck pig. Maybe the Republicans ought to take a page from Mueller’s krewe and threaten him with prosecution unless/until he rats out the other guilty parties.

  8. This woman!

    Can she run with the Real President in 2024? She talks just like him. She WON’T BACK DOWN. She’s “articulate,” too. Way to go, Mom!

  9. somber agreement
    Situation Update, June 4th, 2021 – China preparing to attack America THIS YEAR with bioweapons, CYBER warfare and SABOTAGE

    With the CHICOM/Fauci/Gates Biologicial Attack On America Exposed, The CHICOMS Are Completing Their Infiltration and Are Preparing to Invade America
    Submitted by Dave Hodges on Friday, June 4, 2021 – 14:52.

    • Keeping in mind how conservative speakers are BANNED from campuses just because somebody takes imagined offense at something they said, sometimes years ago. This is the MOST RACIST stuff ever and is anybody suing? This is a university that likely receives federal funds. It’s illegal and unconstitutional and undoubtedly a “hostile” environment.

    • From the woman’s name, it would be possible to deduce that she herself is, perhaps, “white”. Imagine having her come into the room and say, “Hi, I’ll be your doctor today.” YIKES. A “psychoanalyst” to boot. Pity her poor patients.

      • Now that people KNOW about what she said, suddenly her views don’t comport with the university. HOWEVER, when they’re conservative views, the person is fired, booted to the street, etc. What’s happening to the “doctor” other than “her views aren’t ours?”

    • It all adds up to MASSIVE fraud. They think by nickle and diming it, they will get away with it. So far, they have. ALL of the powers that be claim that exposure will only mean that we’ll “do better” in the future to ensure this “doesn’t happen again.” There’s NOTHING said about retroactively FIXING the results of the fraud. No compensation. No reparations. Not for the REAL POTUS.


    • Story today in my local paper goes out of its way to pretend that there’s nothing to see in Fauci’s emails, that it’s “science” to recognize that “science” changes as new facts are gleaned (except these aren’t NEW facts but ignored and covered up facts), and that he’s a patriot who’s just being persecuted by Trump and the GOP. It’s all politics, you see.

      NOWHERE in the article was “gain of function” mentioned; nor the Obama-era ban on that research around which Fauci did an end run by outsourcing it to China, our enemy; nor the FACT that our tax dollars probably funded this biological WEAPON that’s been used against us. If nothing else, these people are GULLIBLE fools on the level with Neville Chamberlain.

    • Intimations that Biden et al KNEW about the lab leak probability and the new information that to cover up China is alleged by a whistleblower to be deliberately creating more viruses, aka “variants”, in order to muddy the waters and make it appear on the surface that this virus readily evolves. Here’s what I think is a “tell”: When Biden stated that those who choose not to get vaccinated will “pay the price.” It is possible that the emphasis put on EVERYBODY getting the vaccine is BECAUSE they know that vaccine but not perhaps the disease itself, will provide immunity to these variants, too. That’s looking at the bright side of their motivations.

    • Barry, however, can console himself that Biden will definitely outdo him in the economic disaster category. In fact, maybe that’s why Barry’s leading Joe down this path–so that he won’t be considered a worse president than even Jimmuh Carter.

  11. ……HELLO ….JOE ??? KAMALA ???

    • We know it, but what can we do about it? Hillary would say, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” It’s what evil people count on.

    • It’s unbelievable that ANYONE would still listen to or trust this guy after he openly admitted that he LIED about the efficacy of masks, believing that his LIES were justified by HIS perception that it would be BETTER to save masks for health care workers. He could have told the TRUTH, though. He could have said, please reserve N95 masks for health care workers and here’s a pattern for making your own masks that will work for your purposes. Instead, as always, being a progressive, he acts paternalistically and treats American citizens, his employers, as if we’re too stupid to understand anything. They treat all Americans, but especially “people of color,” as if we’re MORONS. They believe their own press. They equate education with intelligence. If you’re someone with only a HS education or maybe even just an undergraduate degree, you need the elites to interpret for you, to make your decisions for you, to keep facts and truth from you–for your own good.

    • Did they give an answer? I remember skimming the article yesterday but don’t remember the answer.

      • “Additionally, while the COVID targets made up a very specific demographic group most at risk of death from the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), it’s likely the vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 virus was known to both the Chinese communists and U.S. intelligence community before the release.

        ♦ MOTIVE: The U.S. and China working together on the planned weaponization and release of the virus just makes sense. Both nations would stand to gain the benefit from the biological release because President Donald J Trump’s “America First” program was working against both their interests. …”

        Interesting but it seems as if after implying the real motive, the writer goes on to make it an action against Trump’s MAGA agenda. imo, both the Chinese AND progressives like Joebama and their ilk, epitomized by people like Zeke E., recognize that OLDER people are or will soon be a drag on their plans.

        “DIE ALREADY! You’ve outlived your usefulness. You’ve worked your whole life, paid taxes, saved to take care of yourself, but now that you’re no longer “productive” YOU are a drain on the collective resources and it would be better if you just DIED.”

        Zeke says as much in his own writings, although ’twill be interesting to see if he changes his tune when HE reaches 75. Notice that the elite progressives, however, don’t bother to “retire.” They just keep hanging around, like the aged Fauci, pestering us with their imagined acumen.

        Just in time, a virus comes along that seems engineered specifically to kill older and sicker people, leaving the young (productive) people fine. AND just in time they happen to have a vaccine ready to go (but only after the susceptible have been killed off). In reading documents put out by the CCP, they tout the possibility/need for a way to get rid of people while MAKING IT LOOK AS IF IT’S A NATURAL OCCURRENCE.

        It’s not comforting that some progressive politicians were talking about a pandemic long before this one came along NOR THAT CAMEL FACE IS ALREADY TALKING UP THE NEXT PANDEMIC.

        Biden says the “unvaccinated will pay the price.” WHAT are they actually vaccinating people against? “The next pandemic?”

        Sneaky genocide? They need to remember that God knows EVERYTHING and whatever you do in life you’re not going to evade judgement in the end.

        • Forgot to mention another cause near and dear to the global progressive hearts: OVERPOPULATION. How much are they really decrying the massive loss of life in overpopulated places like India and Africa?

    • He won’t resign and Biden won’t fire him for one reason alone: Trump and his supporters want him to. That’s not a recipe for leadership–do the opposite of whatever Trump and his supporters want, NO MATTER THE COST TO THE COUNTRY.

    • Nothing like exhibiting a perception of guilt. It’s said he got almost $2 million in what sounds like laundered money in return for changing his “opinion” on the origin of the virus.

    • Why? Because they planned to make millions, if not billions, off the vaccines. Create the virus in tandem with the vaccine and then … Money, money, money, money.

    • Gateway Pundit, iirc, has had photos of little baby scalps growing on the backs of rodents. So freaking sick.

  12. HARRY WHO ?

    Both kids’ names pay homage to the Royals, kissy-kissy.
    Not a single nod to BLACK Doria? …..THAT’S RACISTS
    They hate the Winsors so why keep naming their kids after them? $$$.

    • Sick of hearing about these whining narcissists. Embarrassed at the AMERICANS who treat these people AS IF they’re special when they’re no better than anyone else on the streets there.

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