Happy Mother’s Day Weekend

Northern_Pacific_Railway_Mother's_Day_card_1915 - Copy

Sunday is Mother’s Day. Don’t forget!

Mothers_Day_card - Copy

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there and,

Happy Heavenly Mother’s Day to all those who are no longer with us.

God bless you, every one!


163 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day Weekend

  1. Is the above crap going on … SO
    Always SMOKE & MIRRORS ???
    GAMES they CON- tinue 2 PLAY ?

  2. NUT’S ..EVERY WHERE .. WHY kill
    BE CUS they CAN .. As NOT GOOD
    @ .. Anything ELSE .. TEAR IT UP

  3. BRAINS made of FEATHERS ??
    CHEATS above the LAWS & RULES
    Gretchen Whitmers ? a fool is she

  4. More ..NUTS… LEFT ..RIGHT
    In BETWEEN …SAD FOOLISH a waste of ALL OUR TIME 24 / 7

  5. YEP ..The BIG GUY .. on the LEFT
    The OTHER SHIT- on the RIGHT

  6. YES!!! 😀

  7. another …BITCH. ..man O’ MAN

    • I’m sure SOME idiot SOMEWHERE would do this but does he seriously think there will be an epidemic of STUPID? What would we all do without the Nannies in the DemoncRAT Party telling us what to do?

  8. WISH it WAS OVER??? or just
    Catching FLY’S ?

    • While liberals pretend to fight for the “little guy,” those poor, oppressed illegal aliens, and “people of color,” et al, it is they themselves who feel needy and scared and inadequate and so project their desires to be taken care of onto people they believe have the same infantile needs.

  9. get a warning ..won’t open ..
    don’t like what they READ???

    • It’s heartbreaking. You just want to take all those kids home. The little boy crying for help after being abandoned in the desert is something you can’t forget. The very LAST THING they should EVER DO is return those kids to their families, whether they’re here or in Central America. Americans should line up to ADOPT THEM. The kids get a chance at the American Dream and MAYBE, just maybe, they’ll stop sending kids alone across numerous countries to be raped, abused, starved, dehydrated, and maybe even left to die in the wilderness. So many people who are criminally complicit in this.

    • Wow. But the “greatest threat” to our “democracy”, according to Merrick Garland, is “white supremacy.” Chicago, huh? Why is that not a surprise?

  10. Thank you Zenway! ❤

  11. Yay! You go Joe! 😀

    • If true, it ought to be easily determined by examining the routers for the tabulation machines. Right? This is why they don’t want the routers examined in AZ? Maybe it will document traffic between AZ and Italy?

  12. YES they all have swept THINGS
    Under those Silk Carpets .. Silly at
    the end of the day U stay ….
    Together .. it takes work ….
    …… SHE .. is my EVERYTHING ! also .. In SPITE of OURSELVES
    … by john Prine …

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