Xenophobe in Chief


India - Copy

Joe Biden’s spokesperson has announced a new policy concerning international travel:

The administration will restrict travel from India starting immediately. The policy will be implemented in light of extraordinarily high COVID-19 caseloads and multiple variants circulating in India.

As the cited article pointed out, Biden previously stated that travel bans won’t stop the virus.

More important, Biden is on record calling President Trump’s announcement of a similar policy banning travel from China “hysteria, xenophobia, and fear mongering.”

Mind you, Biden tweeted this on 2/1/2020, the day after President Trump announced the ban on travel from China, where the pandemic was (allegedly) just beginning.

In February 2020, the world knew little about COVID-19 but one thing we did know is what we saw on TV, coming out of China, where thousands were dying and the Chinese had to construct entire hospitals within days to handle the number of sick and dying patients.

There was no vaccine. Doctors had not yet developed treatments. They didn’t know to put patients in a prone position so they could breathe more easily. They didn’t have the “antibody cocktail” that has been used more recently to save lives, perhaps even President Trump’s life.

Back in Feb. 2020, President Trump wisely acted to save American lives, and Joe Biden called him a hysterical, fear-mongering xenophobe for doing so.

Fast forward to April 30, 2021: In the midst of an alleged wave of anti-Asian sentiment in the U.S., Joe Biden bans travel from an Asian country!

This, despite the fact that science now has several (allegedly) very effective vaccines against COVID-19, millions in the U.S. are now vaccinated, and there are more effective treatments for those who do contract the virus, leading to a very significant boost in survival rates.

Nevertheless, Biden has banned travel from India. Why?

Using Biden’s own standards, we can only assume that it’s because Biden is a hysterical, fear-mongering xenophobe in chief.




121 responses to “Xenophobe in Chief

    with ” SLIDES – BY NEWSOM ”

    … The CAT’… is out of the BAG …?
    JENNER’S … Kickin’ AZZ … OK!


    • So NOW the complicit media are hyping the EXPENSE of Newsom’s recall as if that’s a reason to NOT recall him. After all, he’s going to be out of office or stand for reelection soon, anyway. Compare and contrast to the MILLIONS they spent on investigation President Trump throughout his entire administration. Did they EVER once argue at the wasted expense? NO. Did they consider that he would be up for reelection in 2020 (so they could have just stolen it as they did)? NO. But suddenly the cost of recall elections matters.

          • She made good points today when talking about the county preventing them from getting the routers on the excuse that they might contain information that’s privileged or private or relates to law enforcement. First, it’s inadvisable and probably ILLEGAL to mix together HIPAA protected health information, LAW ENFORCEMENT information, and ELECTIONS data. Second, routers DON’T HAVE DATA on them. All they have are records (like metadata) about data TRANSFERS. iow, dates, times, sent from, sent to, etc. NOT DATA. So there’s no law enforcement data and no private health data mixed together on ANY router, or even logically in ANY database, in Arizona. These lawyers or their clients just LIE, hoping that the other lawyers and/or the judge will be too un-tech-savvy to realize it’s a lie. Or else they themselves are so un-tech-savvy that they made up this excuse thinking it’s plausible when it’s not only implausible but it would be illegal if a county treated protected private information in such a cavalier way. Think about it: They’re saying they don’t have administrative access to these very items. BUT they want us to believe they cannot give the judge, the lawyers, the courts ACCESS to the items that ONLY DOMINION HAD ACCESS TO. So they DID give an outside contractor access to routers that contain LAW ENFORCEMENT RECORDS AND PEOPLE’S HEALTH INFORMATION, IN ADDITION TO ELECTION DATA?

  2. Arizona’s Maricopa County is refusing to turn over routers or router images to election auditors, defying a judge’s ruling.


    • They will break as many laws as they think they can get away with because, when you think about it, they have no other choice. It’s either that or allow the world to find out exactly what they did.

  3. This is unbelievable. If somebody linked this before, sorry; but I think it’s important to repeat:


    “Officials in Maricopa County, Arizona were forced to acknowledge they did not have any control over the voting machines during the 2020 elections. …”

    They didn’t have “administrator privileges” on the machines. IOW, they didn’t even have the password (they say!) to the machines. They don’t want to give up the password and apparently the company won’t give it up. Well, of course not because then somebody can track what was done and who did it! I’m not sure I believe the election officials, though. Whoever DID have the password could have rigged the numbers. We also know for sure that the COMPANY took the devices with the early voting totals on them SOMEWHERE away from the voting site, overnight. WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM IN THE MEANTIME?

    Since Biden’s DOJ toadies are SUDDENLY interested in “chain of custody” and FEDERAL LAWS allegedly concerning the chain of custody, then SURELY they will want to and should INVESTIGATE the chain of custody of all ballots and all voting machines in EVERY precinct in the USA from the last election.

    BTW, what makes the lawfare DemoncRATS have “standing” to persuade the DOJ to INTERFERE in a state-run audit of an election over which the CONSTITUTION alone gives states authority, especially when, iirc, some courts said President Trump or people suing on his behalf didn’t have standing?

    Remember when they all screamed about how Trump was interfering in PA and MI after the election when he TRIED to get judges to investigate the obviously illegal, UNCONSTITUTIONAL acts that were taken in many states before and during the election? SUDDENLY, they change their tune. SUDDENLY, Arizona doesn’t have sovereignty.

    Under the Constitution, the STATE of Arizona was supposed to run the election. Not an outside company.

    They’re lying, imho, about not having the second password because (1) they don’t want to give it up so the audit can see what was done and by whom and (2) they want to blame the companies IF the data was corrupted and that comes out somehow.

  4. O’ …sweet pea…..really??? THEN ….U SHOULD have DONE SOMETHING

  5. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2021/05/07/president-trump-outlines-evidence-of-election-manipulation-in-michigan-lawsuit-includes-evidence-of-electronic-ballot-manipulation-in-antrim-county/#more-211766

    This is about the stunning results in the Michigan lawsuit where a guy shows how EASY it is to manipulate the data in an election, especially with regard to swapping votes (which keeps the TOTALS the same) and even doing it without impacting down-ballot races (which had to be what happened in some instances. The DemoncRATS like to say that Biden “won” because the down-ballot races weren’t effected, which means only Trump was being rejected. In actuality, they were swapping Trump’s votes for Biden and that’s why the House and Senate races were unaffected. The voters didn’t vote Republican EXCEPT for the presidential race.)

    Note that you probably need ADMINISTRATOR’S PRIVILEGES in order to do this which is probably why suddenly AZ officials CLAIM they don’t have such privileges (i.e. the passwords) needed to do this. They’re covering their own butts. SOMEBODY had those passwords.

    • You just look at all the photos, all the emails, all the articles pointing out the content of that laptop and then see how NONE OF IT is in the mainstream media. NONE OF IT. None of the photos, despite that they’re such enticing clickbait. And then how could anyone not REALIZE how corrupt the media and the DemoncRATS and the Deep State are?

  6. STRING ..it altogether & WHAT
    Do Ya GET? tiny * super * stars *
    REHASHED rehash .. Mindful NOT
    2 $tep on 2 MANY TOE’$ …
    Okra’s Side Kicks.. Think THEY R
    BEING … FAIR & JUST? … JUST enough … 2 PLAY with YA … &
    the SOLUTION IS STOP the B S…
    Folks WTP SEE the WEB U Weave
    Over & over & Over & OVER

    • She’s afraid her kids will be treated differently because they’re black? No, they are and will always be treated differently because they’re ELITE PRIVILEGED PRINCESSES like Meghan Markle. Talk about PRIVILEGE. How stupid does she think we are?

  7. U GOT ME Yelling B S once again
    IS .. SHE STILL .. as Nutty as B 4 ?
    LIE ..in our FACES? Get Real

    Janet Yellen: ‘I Don’t Think ???
    Janet Yellen said Friday that the Extra UN-employment COMP-ensation Funds $$$ were NOT a Factor that made a difference in last month’s jobs numbers. ?????

    • Wow. Did they go around and actually reexamine the death certificates of 900,000 people? So that they KNOW for sure the cause of death? DemoncRATS love to ESTIMATE. They love their MODELS. To them, these are MORE REAL than ACTUAL FACTS. Because this is how they get what they want. They LIE with statistics. A half million deaths, although a false number, wasn’t enough to scare everybody into getting the vaccine, so NOW they have to up the fear. Let’s make it a MILLION deaths. Let’s stop counting the cases and deaths of people who WERE vaccinated. The stupid people will stop getting the vaccine when they realize it’s NOT GOING TO ABSOLUTELY KEEP THEM FROM GETTING SICK AND DYING. Let’s guess that the U of WASHINGTON is as liberal and as mendacious as the rest of the progressives. Look at the name of the “study”: “Estimation of total mortality due to COVID-19″

      OMG. They only count people who die in hospitals. OMG. They don’t count deaths where people weren’t tested for COVID.

      I could as easily say, they COUNTED COVID deaths without autopsies. They COUNTED COVID deaths simply whenever someone had a “positive” test even when they had NO symptoms of COVID but WERE dying anyway from gunshots or accidents or cancer or heart disease or even just infirmities of age.

      It’s an ESTIMATE. Just as they “estimate” the “real” census results because it serves their political ends to create a FALSE NARRATIVE about the “facts”.

    • I think way back to my initial reaction to the first time I saw that face. What I thought. Get thee behind me …

      Remember? We all seemed to have that same visceral reaction. Looking into the face of evil. We talked about it at the time, way back at that other blog.

      Now see all the damage HE has done and is still doing.

      btw, I don’t believe for one instant he’s a man of “African” descent. It was a lie like all the others. Ambonese. Adopted. Remember Huwaii?

      • Embedded .. in my DNA .. if only
        1 DAY WTP .. Will know ALL!
        STAYING .. alive till I KNOW …
        then I HEARD the DOG BO died my
        Ear’s Perked UP BUTT’ ha’ .. it was
        the .. OTHER .. DOG! …dang it!

  8. the twist … & Turns on video ..
    more blk kids in …foster care ? Now just Why would that BE ?

    • Story, as usual, is full of falsehoods. She did not call the police. She WAS the aggressor. Her father was standing RIGHT THERE. He sanctioned her use of the knife because instead of disciplining her, yelling at her to stop, disarming her, instead he kicked her first victim in the head as she lay on the ground! The perp IS a victim of poor parenting, which is why she was in foster care in the first place. It’s NOT the system. The system USED TO, though, remove children early on from incompetent parents and raise them in settings (like orphanages) where they WERE disciplined and learned to behave in society (and not wield knives)! btw, the story says the guy kicking the other girl in the head is “unidentified”. Yep. Unidentified by the writer because it doesn’t fit the narrative to say it’s the perp’s father.

  9. this Mike Adams report is extremely important though long, please listen

    Situation Update, May 7th, 2021 – Salk Institute reveals the spike protein IS the weapon… and it’s in all the vaccines


    did I get those extremeyly rare clots?
    Fortunately I had a stock of anti-coagulant medication
    I probably won’t take any more vaccines

    The meat of the report is in the second half.

    • About the guy who got out of his truck: I read somewhere that when the cops interviewed the victim, they asked HIM what he did to “provoke” the crowd.

      This video: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/whats-her-face-sunday-special/
      Catches the information that the CDC, starting next week, will STOP reporting on “breakthrough” cases of COVID. Right now, apparently, they do report how many cases there are among those who are vaccinated. So it’s unclear to me whether that means they will ONLY be reporting cases among unvaccinated or if they’re just not going to break it out from the total.

      Deaths? Will they report DEATHS among the vaccinated? Well, we’ve seen how mendacious they are in that they make sure to put a caveat in when there are deaths after vaccination, by saying that they can’t say if, for example, the person died FROM the vaccination or just after it. iow, it’s coincidental and they especially point out that many elderly and sick people who got vaccinated were already elderly and sick and that’s probably why they died, but not from the vaccine. HOWEVER, when it comes to deaths “with” COVID, they don’t put in the same caveat–that it could very well be coincidental. We already know that they DO report motorcycle accident deaths as COVID deaths if the person tested positive (and even if it’s a false positive)!

      Today I read that Fauci cites ESTIMATES (not actual scientific data) that claim that really there were probably as many as a million COVID deaths in the U.S. They’re going full bore on the fear again.

      TV news reports of a COVID death of a young teen girl who was “perfectly healthy.” Tested positive and boom! The next day, dead. Even though she was hospitalized, so one has to wonder: Did they TREAT HER at all? For example, with the antibody cocktail or with any of the already-proven meds that are lowering the death toll among those in hospitals? Is it MALPRACTICE TIME, parents of that girl?

      I already am skeptical when people who allegedly just unexpectedly lost a daughter, a beloved daughter, so suddenly, GO ON TV TO MAKE WHAT AMOUNTS TO A PSA! The mom, I’m sorry, was even laughing at one point, so I’m reminded of the Sandy Hook dad who laughed but then cried when the cameras went on.

      Now they want CHILDREN vaccinated when they’ve told us for months that children don’t get sick, don’t die from the disease, that you CAN’T CATCH IT FROM CHILDREN, etc. Of course, we know how Fauci and the CDC turn on a dime and say the OPPOSITE as if we don’t have memories or even video to refer back to.

      Dave did you get clots? Didn’t remember that you got the vaccine. OMG. Take care.

      I was wondering last night, while lying awake again with insomnia, whether I’m just a cynical curmudgeon who sees conspirators around every corner and thinks ill of too many people or what.

      Is it really possible that our own government, our own people, would go along with what amounts to genocide? Knowing what Fauci has done, knowing what our government was complicit in–funding this “research” and apparently STUPIDLY handing our death warrant to our deadly totalitarian ENEMIES–two possibilities came to mind:

      (1) As they never allowed Trump to actually BE president, it’s likely that they NEVER told him the truth about this deadly threat to our national security that his predecessors ALLOWED TO DEVELOP AND EVEN FUNDED. So that lets Trump off the hook because the “intel community”, as we know, HID many, many truths from him. They NEVER treated him as president. It’s likely that all along, though, Barry was given all the information that Trump should have received.

      (2) Is it possible or is it just a stretch to think that maybe they KNOW something that for sure they’re not sharing with us, such that it’s important to get everyone vaccinated against the “spike protein” (the one thing these viruses have in common) because they also know the THREAT that China poses because recently they’ve brought to light information proving that China, way back in 2014 (iirc), as Fauci was funding them, was gaming out scenarios to use the varrious SARS viruses as bio-weapons. Specifically, they have figured out how to aerosolize it and drop it (at night, when there’s no UV light to kill it) onto U.S. cities, infecting thousands if not millions simultaneously. This means instant spread, not your normal way a virus spreads. So maybe, just maybe, they know the threat, they actually CARE about us, and they had to come up with this huge lying campaign to get everyone to take the vaccine?

      But then again, the vaccine could be the weapon. There are so many ways this could be true. What exactly did they do to make this mRNA vaccine suddenly NOT kill the vaccinated when they encountered the disease, as happened with mice and other animals these types of vaccines were tested on before?

      BECAUSE they NEVER are upfront with us, we need an explanation for WHY they aren’t upfront. It could be that, as is typical, they just think they know better what we should do, and they know what they WANT us to do, and they think we’re too stupid to understand the SCIENCE so that we can come to our own conclusions about what we should do, and besides they don’t believe in AUTONOMY anymore so we should just be treated like stupid lemmings who must be led by our “superiors.”

      OR, if that’s not it, then the reason is more nefarious and scary, which is that being elites who think they’re superior and who bought into the lies about the sky falling (global climate disaster) and who believe one solution is Scrooge’s desire to “reduce the surplus (racist) population”, then like Hitler they’re just jumping on the genocide bandwagon. But they have to make it somehow look like a natural thing or a mistake.


      Will any reporter ask that question? Will any parent before risking their children’s lives?

    • Here’s the article: https://www.salk.edu/news-release/the-novel-coronavirus-spike-protein-plays-additional-key-role-in-illness/

      They claim in a caveat that the virus’s spike protein differs from that “encoded” by the vaccines. Right.

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