A Carbon-Free Atmosphere?

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Joe Biden recently convened a global summit on the “existential threat” of climate change. Despite that the ecosystem–plants, animals, and humans–have been adapting to the ever-changing climate since life began on this planet, nevertheless global leaders, who believe they know best, convened to try to stop climate change.

Progressives and Democrats are wont to lecture the rest of us about the need to follow the “science.” If a person doesn’t live in perpetual fear of the “existential threat” of climate change, progressives and Democrats are also wont to label that person a “climate denier.”

John Kerry, Biden’s “climate envoy”, decried former President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord:

Regrettably, without any facts, without any science, without any rationale that would be considered reasonable, the former president decided to pull out.

Kerry was described in one news article as “battle-tested” on the subject of climate change:

Kerry, who has worked on climate issues in a long career as a senator and former secretary of state, said the next 10 years are crucial to slow global warming and “avoid the worst consequences” of the climate crisis.

Therefore, if true that Kerry is a climate expert, then one would expect the man to be far more knowledgeable than any run-of-the-mill elementary school graduate. Alarmingly, however, Kerry went on to declare that

Even if we get to net zero, we still need to get carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. This is a bigger challenge than a lot of people have really grabbed on to yet.

Maybe that’s because most people who took even rudimentary lessons on scientific topics like photosynthesis or the hydrologic cycle know that without carbon dioxide at a sufficient level in our atmosphere all plants will die!

Yes, every last plant will die unless CO2 is at least 150 parts per million in the atmosphere. But if Kerry gets his way and “we” remove all carbon from the atmosphere, then all plant life, all animal life, all human life will cease to exist.

In fact, in order to achieve his goal, then every animal, including every human, would have to immediately stop breathing because every exhalation “pollutes” the atmosphere with CO2.

The photo above is of Mercury, a planet that has a minuscule amount, if any, of CO2 in its atmosphere. That photo is a good representation of what would become of Earth if climate change wackos like Kerry get their way. 

If the science is too complex for an elitist snob like Kerry to understand by reading, then perhaps he ought to watch the film (or the TV show) named Snowpiercer. The action

takes place aboard the Snowpiercer train as it travels a globe-spanning track, carrying the last remnants of humanity after a failed attempt at climate engineering to stop global warming has created a new Snowball Earth.

Science fiction is often prescient and, in this instance, quite uncomfortably on target as filmmakers illustrate what the arrogance of some of our so-called “leaders” may cause to come to pass.

A desolate world like Mercury? A “snowball Earth?” 

Remember what kids used to say to uppity know-it-all bullies who tried to run their lives in elementary school?

Who died and left you boss (or king)?

Where’s the democratic process in the schemes these global elite are prepared to foist upon us all, perhaps to the detriment of all?




157 responses to “A Carbon-Free Atmosphere?

  1. Tim Scott Responds to Joe Biden:

    ‘Hear Me Clearly, America Is Not a Racist Country’

    BUTT’ since OBAMA’s Shit Stirring
    on WTP .. USA & OUR COPS ..
    …….. HEART !!! SUCH a CRIME

    • What’s up with Camel Face AND Joe both saying this same thing recently? What are they up to? Have they read polls showing that people are SICK AND TIRED of this hating on America? That the MAJORITY are sick and tired of racist demonization of them?

  2. You tell! em Greg! 😀

    His EX-piration DATE is LONG GONE … CAN WE STOP the Coddling .. GET OUT of WTP’s WH
    … ENOUGH … already & take the camel … With U Jojo ….

  4. love ..it! ..OR Your NOT a “MAGA AMERICAN” !! sure skip along JOE

  5. Yes no – yes no ??? Time will tell
    At least “she’d” have reason 2 plaster ON the make-up heels &
    Jewelry …? … I MISS BRUCE!!!


  6. yes dumb butt’ a hair …fun ..
    Why not ? … Or more like WHY?

    • Wasn’t it only a few years ago that we heard endless cries about how Social Security (which we PAID FOR ALREADY) will go broke shortly and benefits will HAVE TO BE CUT at least 20% for the STUPID OLDER PEOPLE WHO WORKED THEIR ENTIRE LIVES AND PAID MONEY INTO THE POT THAT’S SUPPOSED TO STILL EXIST BUT THAT PEOPLE LIKE BIDEN SPENT INSTEAD? So if Social Security (fully funded allegedly) will go broke, then where the hell will they come up with all this money they’re handing out like candy? Tens of thousands of FREE money PER CHILD PER YEAR for people who don’t work, never worked, just had kids on the taxpayers’ dime and this is over and above all the other free benefits they already collect! Women with a few kids will have a FREE CASH income of over $30,000 PER YEAR (plus all the other benefits.) HOW MANY OLDER PEOPLE ON SOCIAL SECURITY COLLECT $30,000 TAX FREE per year? How many? Think of women who’ve been clerks their entire lives, maybe 40+ years, making minimum wage. What do they get per year in TAXABLE Social Security “benefits?” Maybe $17,000 or so? But Social Security, which that woman paid into for 40+ years, will go broke and HER measly benefits will be cut while the “poor” women who did nothing more than have kids they can’t afford will collect TENS OF THOUSANDS of tax-free dollars. Is this “equity”?

    • Really scary. And China wants to control the entire internet now. It’s said that if/when they do, they can redirect anybody to any site they want with spoofed “information” that shares only what THEY want people to know. Sheep and lemmings. No freedom whatsoever anywhere in the world.

  7. follow ..the $$$ 0r as BORDERS &
    Protect ..ALL ..the “children” BS
    the right Thing 2 ? do? BS. .. Gramps made it in etc … so let ALL in it’s only FAIR??? R they REALLY
    ….that warped? this is OUR Country …OUR Rules … OUR limits

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