The Right Verdict?

We’re told that the verdict in the George Floyd case is imminent. Today Clueless Joe Biden, on the heels of the disgraceful comments by Maxine Waters, added his own fuel to the fires by proclaiming:

I’m praying the verdict is the right verdict, which I think is overwhelming in my view.

Whatever became of the concept that a president shouldn’t “interfere” in legal cases or investigations? You know, the rule that applied when President Trump was in office? Despite the judge asking politicians to stop interfering in the judicial branch and its work ensuring justice for all, Biden had to pop off.

In the nation in which I grew up, the nation where children were taught how our system of government worked, the “right verdict” was the verdict that the jury arrived at, unless and until overruled on appeal. Why? Because only the jury has seen all the evidence and heard all the witnesses.

Apparently that’s not how things work anymore. Now politicians who probably didn’t watch much, if any, of the trial and so don’t know their butts from a hole in the ground, presume to know what the “right” verdict is.


Pray for our nation. No matter how this trial turns out, we badly need God’s blessing.


252 responses to “The Right Verdict?


    Read this and ponder whether certain populations KNOW that they are genetically more resistant to coronaviruses than others who weren’t exposed to them for over 25,000 years. And then ponder why these viruses are a particular virus of interest for “gain of function” research by the CCP, enemies of all western peoples.

    • Population control by “accidentally” causing mass casualties as a result of “unforeseen” priming of immune systems so later pandemics cause millions to “unfortunately” die off?

    • Just imagine the corruption involved in that. I’m guessing she benefits DIRECTLY and We the People may actually have paid for the books, directly or indirectly (e.g. through a grant to an NGO or not-for-profit).

  2. It’s entirely possible that she gave a nervous giggle because she made a Mistake. However, that would be Equally inappropriate. This is a woman who is literally one ????heartbeat Away from leading what is still (although barely) the most powerful nation in the world. Golda Meir didn’t giggle nervously because she misspoke. Neither did Margaret Thatcher. Insecure little girls giggle; not leaders of men and women. …!!!?

    • She is apparently proud of being the first female (?) VP, and yet she behaves like a sophomoric ingenue. It is not a flattering image for a 50-something. It’s downright embarrassing. IMAGINE if she were a Republican. Remember how they treated Sarah Palin? Or how about that FL Sec. of State during the Bush/Gore recount fiasco?

  3. Loose ?? LIPS ..or just Loose Hips
    GOT “IT” Here? HEELS UP Up up
    Silly stupid players fizzles

    Biden’s 100-Day Rampage
    Forty executive orders and counting…


  5. Gotta do all the damage he cam, Before he keels over. 👿

    • But they keep pulling fast ones–like making the judge who ruled against them recuse. WHO will replace him? I have a vision of the audit being completed and then some judge forbidding the results from being shared.

    • OVER 36,000 ILLEGAL ALIEN VOTES? Yikes! Imagine what the numbers are for CA and other border states.

  6. lol dats me. 😀

  7. Miri on this will crack u up
    lots of explaining … Yikes …

    EXPLAIN .. garbage mouthing out

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