A Question of Credibility

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People look to “experts” for advice when the person has proven to the public that he or she is, indeed, an expert. A very important criterion people consider, after accepting the person’s expertise, is credibility. If an expert has none, then he or she cannot be a leader or offer advice to the public about anything. We all know about the “boy who cried wolf.” That description seems to fit Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has now lost all credibility and thus no longer has any standing to advise the public about anything, much less COVID-19.

Tucker Carlson recently asked a very valid question about why vaccinated people (not to mention those who had COVID-19 and recovered) must still wear masks and socially distance. This is a question that many Americans have these days.

With regard to COVID-19 vaccination, Carlson said:

Maybe it doesn’t work and they’re simply not telling you that.

To which the Biden/Harris administration’s “expert”, Dr. Anthony Fauci, replied:

That’s just a typical crazy conspiracy theory. Why would we not tell people if it doesn’t work?

Why, indeed? 

It comes down to a question of credibility.

Unfortunately for Dr. Fauci, he’s already sacrificed his credibility and he makes no bones about it, openly admitting that early in the pandemic, he lied to the American people about their need to wear masks.

In early 2020, Fauci laughed off the idea of wearing masks. Today, after many have survived COVID-19 or been fully vaccinated (allegedly) against the disease, Fauci claims that we all must continue to wear masks.

Back in 2020, Fauci said:

[T]here’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.

Asked recently about the flip flop, Fauci defended his actions by admitting that he lied to the American people because of a shortage of masks.

If we went around recommending masks, the healthcare providers who were putting themselves in harm’s way every single day would not have enough.

Note the critical difference: Fauci didn’t tell Americans the truth about the shortage of masks and how the government preferred that they be reserved for healthcare providers; instead, he told Americans that there’s “no reason” for them to wear a mask. He took it upon himself to mislead Americans about the efficacy of masks, which he knew would protect healthcare providers “in harm’s way,” as if all Americans were not similarly in harm’s way. 

American adults are adults, not children who must be led. Government employees like Fauci are not our parents. In fact, they work for us.

They don’t get to decide what’s best for us to know or to not know because they believe we can’t handle the truth. We’re their employers; they owe us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Why did Fauci lie? 

Because the elite believe that they know what’s best for us, that we’re not capable of making adult decisions about our own lives, and that they, our betters, the elite who know better, the “libertarian paternalists,” must therefore “nudge” us in the direction of the behavior they want us to exhibit, like we’re so many trained seals. 

The progressive elite, of which Fauci is one, have no respect for individual self-determination. This is evidenced by the way they openly lie to achieve their ends–to nudge us into behaving the way they want us to behave instead of laying out the facts and letting us come to our own conclusions and then make our own decisions about our own lives.

So why would Tucker Carlson and millions of other Americans not believe Fauci about the efficacy of the vaccines?

Maybe it’s because he’s lied before.

Maybe it’s because he no longer has any credibility with the American people.

Maybe it’s because, as Congressman Jim Jordan seems to also believe, Fauci and the Biden/Harris administration may have ulterior motives for dragging out a “public health emergency.” And that’s no “conspiracy theory;” it’s entirely plausible, given Fauci’s history.

Knowing what we know about Fauci and the Biden/Harris administration,

why would they tell us if the vaccines don’t work?


174 responses to “A Question of Credibility

    • And only (some) black lives matter. Probably 50 or more black lives snuffed out daily in inner cities by other blacks but neither BLM, nor Biden, nor the DemoncRATS, nor the progressives seem to CARE about those lives or THAT “gun violence.”

  1. TRUMP.. our
    .. TRUMP …speaks about BORDER
    Shit 4 a BRAINLESS BIDEN …!

    • But BARRY wasn’t about to do that. They MUST overturn EVERYTHING Trump did, even if they agree with the results or even if the problem was solved. Or maybe ESPECIALLY because the problem was solved because they cannot “give” Trump a win on anything. They KNOW he’s coming back. I only hope that when he comes back, he comes back even smarter and in the know about HOW TO REALLY DRAIN THE SWAMP–and that begins with mass firings, which he should have done the first time around.

  2. a Prayer 4 … Derek Chauvin today
    May … OUR JURY BE ….

    • Did you watch the closing arguments? The defense did a great job of laying things out–how to find him guilty requires them to decide that Floyd died ONLY as a result of Chauvin’s actions, which he had to INTEND to do recklessly or deliberately. iow, the heart disease, clogged arteries, possible carbon monoxide poisoning, fatal fentanyl dose, meth in his system, COVID aftereffects, adrenalin-producing tumor, high blood pressure, stress from the arrest, exertion from fighting the officers–none of that possibly caused his death, BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. Every one of those factors reasonably could have caused his death. The prosecution’s expert even admitted that they would have considered his death an overdose based only on the toxicology, had they not known about his arrest!

      It came out that they found pills representing enough fentanyl to kill anyone in the squad car and that Floyd had to have spit them out or they fell from his mouth because they had his saliva on them. That supports the notion that, as he’d done in previous arrests, he put illegal drugs in his mouth when confronted by the cops.

      Chauvin, when you look at the defense, is proven to be an extraordinarily professional officer, which explains his PERCEIVED cold affect when confronted by threatening mobs of angry people. They were threatening him but he stayed stoic. He was professional throughout, even when Floyd hit and kicked him hard enough to knock off his badge and body camera. He didn’t call him names. He didn’t cuss at him. He calmly talked to the other officers as they followed protocol to a letter.

      It also came out that the mob had an influence on the fact that they didn’t give Floyd CPR. The mob became threatening to the officers, which caused them to not give CPR because their orders are to not do so if it can’t be done safely. The paramedics put him in an ambulance so they could drive him away from the MOB and give him CPR. They didn’t give him an anti-fentanyl shot, which might have saved him. They didn’t go directly to the hospital, which also might have saved him. But the lawyer wasn’t second-guessing the paramedics, just as nobody should second-guess the officers. Floyd’s own actions, before and during the arrest, resulted in the tragedy.

      The only way the jury can justly rule Chauvin guilty, according to his lawyer, is to find that Floyd died OF asphyxia and NOTHING ELSE and that Chauvin caused the asphyxia intentionally or recklessly, knowing better. The problem with that is that (1) there wasn’t ANY evidence of asphyxia on autopsy (and it WOULD exist if he suffocated), (2) he had no injuries to his neck, head, chest, bones, skin, or back from Chauvin’s restraint of him, and (3) studies have shown that there’s no such thing as “positional asphyxia” when in a prone position.

      The lawyer should have pointed out that prone position is in the news lately because once they started putting COVID sufferers in the prone position, they saved their lives because the patients could BREATHE BETTER, not worse, in the prone position.

    • Oh, I see. They used their political funds. I guess we should be grateful We the People didn’t pay for it. So no doubt there are WALLS around them all and their guards carry assault weapons, or at least big powerful pistols. Do as I say, not as I do. Since they all are for “immigrant rights” then probably none of them would object to taking in a bunch of these unaccompanied minors? How about tearing down the walls around and opening the doors of their HOMES to anybody who wants to come in and live off them?

  3. Locust locus EAT till WERE ZERO?

    • Deliberately. It doesn’t matter because now they have managed to put the notion in everybody’s head that Trump’s people murdered a cop. They will NOT publicize the truth nor apologize for their mendacity. It is PROPAGANDA and they have no intention of admitting otherwise or not disseminating lies because their common goal is to lie to the American People to achieve THEIR ends, not what the People want. They want the result and don’t care about the means. Look at Dan Rather. The damage was done. That’s all they want. If later on the truth comes out or they have to admit they were “mistaken,” it’s all good for them because they have gotten what they wanted–to make people look at Trump’s supporters as murderers and white supremacists and white nationalists and racists.

    • And Faulkner, a liberal, is a lawyer, too, isn’t she? So she should know.

      • Well, I’m wrong. Many of the FOX people ARE lawyers, but Harris isn’t. So, my bad. In any case, the reporting is accurate. Mad Max has given him an issue on appeal on a SILVER PLATTER.

    • The judge was far more judicious than I would have been. He should have, however, taught Mad Max and BLM a lesson by declaring a mistrial, maybe even dismissing the case with prejudice, since prejudice will NEVER allow the man to get a fair trial.

    • CAV-alry! For goodness sakes! Learn the difference, whoever wrote this. CALvary is where Our Lord sacrificed His life to save us. CAValry is a troop of horsemen.

  4. WANT’s OUR … COPS 2 PROTECT her AZZ??? Dream ON ….
    ….U are worse than MAD!!!

    • We probably paid her air fare and that of her staff, too. “Documents show.” If it weren’t for the real journalists who actually request such documents, nobody would know what she and her ilk are up to nor what they do with OUR MONEY.

      Reports today say that Biden’s new policies explicitly include MAKING SURE THAT CRITICAL RACE THEORY IS TAUGHT IN ALL SCHOOLS. Here’s the thing: The federal government has no authority over schools. Not to mention that CRT is OPENLY RACIST, and calls for openly unconstitutional behavior IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Specifically, a tenet of CRT is “discrimination now and discrimination in the future.” This means: Discrimination forevermore AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE. They make no bones about it, the goal is to reduce white people to second class citizenship status FOREVER, like the “untouchables” in the disgraceful Indian caste system.

  5. Al Sharp-less Get your AZZ front & center ..U R A JOKE 2 WTP! Water seeks the lowest LEVEL . AL ….ha’


    • So green of him! This is rich coming from a guy who got rich on race baiting with NO CONSEQUENCES. Remember the riots and unrest and murders incited by “Reverend Al” over the years? NO CONSEQUENCES for him, so why expect any for Mad Max? This is a new world now, a “fundamentally transformed” USA where “justice” arrives ONLY for people of “no color” and those who aren’t white get off FREE as birds, like Barry’s friend Bill Ayers. Mad Max should be kicked out of Congress. Instead, she uses OUR TAX DOLLARS to incite race riots.

    • “Sassy?” Are we supposed to now use euphemisms like “sassy” to explain away her violation of her oath to the Constitution and her incitement of rioters, not to mention jury tampering? IF it ends up that Chauvin is convicted of something and appeals, and then his trial is overturned because of Waters, will SHE reimburse the People for the expense of having had to retry the case? How about the angst the officer and his family and all the people of MN, including business owners who are looted, have to go through ALL OVER AGAIN, because she’s a disgrace to her office? Did you see that she had a POLICE ESCORT in MN to protect her? Capitol Police requested it and likely MN police complied. So she USED TAXPAYER RESOURCES TO INCITE RIOTS and to tamper with the jury. Note what she said about the judge in response to a question about GOP criticism. Is she also labeling this judge a Republican? Maybe he is one, but so now, as the judge said, she’s disrespecting and maligning and politicizing another co-equal branch of government, interfering in the pursuit of justice and, imho, violating Officer Chauvin’s civil rights under color of law. I wonder what our distinguished Atty. Gen. has to say about her activities? Will he investigate and prosecute her?

    • He NEVER could be, so why would it be different now? The thing is: It doesn’t really matter because he’s not calling the shots, anyway. The biggest question not being answered: who REALLY has his or her hand on the nuclear football?

  6. YEP ASK ..& WTP ..Will RECEIVE
    WTP …. NEED 2 …KNOW NZoW !!!
    Mentally …going down BIDEN ..


    • Is it “helpful” for Wallace to be such an idiot? As if it doesn’t MATTER if our alleged president is an imbecile? Like, what then is the 25th amendment for? He’s incompetent and most people, even DemoncRATS who voted for him, KNOW IT. Are we supposed to be happy to have a SHADOW president who has no accountability? How is THAT “helpful” to “democracy” not to mention transparency?

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