Central America First?

Much has been said and written about the current crisis (surge, emergency, influx, invasion) at our southern border, so we won’t belabor those points. However, the Biden/Harris administration must explain to We the People exactly why they seemingly place the welfare of Central American “unaccompanied” minors ahead that of U.S. citizens.

It’s been reported, and it appears to be true, that the Biden/Harris administration spends about $750 per day  to house “unaccompanied minors” caught crossing the border illegally. Some estimates go as high as $1000+ per day, but we’ll go with the lower estimate for the purposes of illustration.

Mind you, the Biden/Harris administration spends far more of our money on these same “immigrants” when they release them from “detention,” in the form of health care, airfare, bus fare, pre-loaded debit cards, clothing, etc., all of which has been reported in numerous articles over the past weeks, if you can still find them. They get disappeared or buried rather quickly.

We also won’t factor in the hundreds of thousands of dollars the Biden/Harris administration wastes every day paying for empty beds that were set aside for illegal aliens that Biden et al simply turned loose into our country, allegedly out of concern for COVID-19 (among the illegals. Not much concern, it seems, about distributing infected illegal aliens among the millions of citizens of our country.)

Nor will we include the millions being spent on hotel rooms to house “families” of illegal aliens.

If the daily cost per “immigrant” child is $750/day, that comes to $22,500 per month. (There are 19,000 “unaccompanied minor children” in custody today, and counting. Over $427 million per month, conservatively speaking.)

Consider this: There are over half a million homeless people in the U.S., many of whom are likely U.S. citizens, some of whom are veterans who served honorably. What does the Biden/Harris administration spend on housing for these U.S. citizens? Do they prioritize this homelessness crisis, as they have prioritized the self-created crisis of having to deal with “unaccompanied minors” who entered our country illegally, most from Central America?

Instead of spending millions of dollars per day to house illegal aliens, why not just return them to their countries of origin (after caring for their immediate humanitarian needs, of course), given that they are citizens of those countries, which, like the U.S., should assume responsibility for the welfare of their own citizens?

Do Biden and Harris intend to present those countries with a bill for the care that We the People had to provide their citizens? They should, but of course they won’t.

But let’s focus on something that may strike closer to home: our nation’s elderly citizens.

Our nation is replete with senior citizens who have spent a lifetime working, supporting themselves and their families, paying their taxes–taxes that are now going to support housing illegal aliens who have no business being in our nation in the first place.

Many retired citizens are now on Medicare, but Medicare does not pay for assisted living expenses or for long-term nursing home care, despite that seniors pay monthly premiums for a health care program that progressives call an “entitlement.”

It goes without saying that illegal aliens currently in custody have paid neither taxes nor premiums for their care, including housing, three square meals a day, health care and a lot more than what seniors in assisted living or nursing homes receive.

Too many senior citizens who worked hard their entire lives, paying taxes, supporting their families, didn’t earn enough money over the years to be able to afford long-term care insurance.

Nor are many senior citizens who were formerly gainfully employed now eligible for Medicaid, which pays some long-term care and assisted living expenses. These people, these citizens, fall through the cracks of our so-called “safety net.” What does the Biden/Harris administration have to say to them?

Assisted living currently costs an average of $4000 per month. That’s $48,000 per year, just a little more than what the Biden/Harris administration currently pays to provide better assistance to an illegal alien for just two months, and at no cost to the non-citizen.

Do the math:

For what the Biden/Harris administration pays per month per illegal alien, they could instead pay for assisted living care for five U.S. citizen seniors–the very people who worked so hard, for so many years, to pay the taxes that Biden and Harris now use to support illegal aliens instead of our own citizens!

Biden and Harris have their own new and different take on President Trump’s motto of America First.

For Biden and Harris, it’s

Central America First.


250 responses to “Central America First?

    The states of Idaho, Mississippi,
    Tennessee & Arkansas
    …. HIP HIP Horary !
    Have already enacted legislation that Preserves Women’s & Girls’ Sports for .. Females ….
    STILL … COMPETE with Trans

    WTP ….. HOPE … Thank U
    Let’s STOP Being PUSHED around!


    • California has become the butth**e of the nation. It used to be so beautiful, so attractive to so many conservative, middle-class people who moved there, voted for Reagan, and built a beautiful state. Now look at it. Third World territory and getting worse all the time. Tucker Carlson had a good show about how those people, black and white, were deliberately “replaced” and now those moving out are going to red states and turning them blue. It’s a plan. A sick plan. And they don’t care who’s hurt.

  4. WOW! 😯

    • DID …it ever LEAVE the Building?
      What a CROCK … PROPPING UP
      a MESS called PRES. of the U S A?
      .. a … U-SELESS S-ENILE A-ZZ!
      & the 2 OBAMA’S .. What a JOKE PLAYED on the US! Really SICK!

    • As if anybody with brains EVER thought he was gone. He was leading the anti-Trump resistance and now he’s the puppetmaster for Joe. He’s always had his shadow government. When Joe’s gone, he’ll pull Kamala’s strings. Notice how they call it Biden’s rollout. It’s Trump’s achievement, just as the agreements with Mexico and Guatemala were Trump’s as well as the deal with the Taliban (that Biden has scrubbed). But all of the above are being retooled and called Biden’s accomplishments.

      • Somebody on FOX last night said that cavalcade of liberal “stars” is custom-designed to NOT appeal to the very people who allegedly are the vaccine resisters. Supposedly it’s conservatives and Republicans who don’t want the vaccine, so why then are they appealing to THEM with a bunch of progressives? The answer is that minorities, especially blacks, are also skeptical of the vaccine but the likes of Obama WANT them to be vaccinated and don’t care if whites aren’t. It’s a simple answer: RACISM. Anti-WHITE racism. Some lives don’t matter at all to the likes of the Obamas.

    • By then your immune system will be good and primed so when you encounter the virus in the real world, you’ll be a goner. At least according to some theories. https://thehcc.tv/2021/04/04/what-you-need-to-know-about-the-sars-cov-2-coronavirus-vaccines/

      Blood clots. Autoimmune symptoms. Low platelets. Pre-menopausal women getting heavy periods.

      Some jerk on TV last night “debunked” rumors that it may affect fertility and cause miscarriages. Says there’s no evidence that people trying to get pregnant can’t after vaccination. Like, they’ve only been vaccinating on a large scale for a few months. How long does it typically take before doctors tell women they have an infertility problem? Over a year? Something like that? Of course they don’t see the EVIDENCE … yet. I’ve read articles that say a protein that ensures the placenta stays attached to the uterus is very similar to the spike protein the vaccines cause the body to attack, so …

      Read this one: https://patriothq.org/2021/04/07/if-you-had-covid-do-you-need-the-vaccine/

    • This is a head fake, imho. What are they up to which requires this big distraction? Starting a war with Russia? Stealing our 401k’s? It must be something.

    • And 24 will be released as soon as they can release them. No charges for them!

    • How did CNN report the attack on their crew (if they did)? Did they say, reporter hit in the head with a water bottle and knocked to the ground by a “peaceful protester?”

  5. Noting that Biden has not met with Scalise despite his request for a meeting, the congressman asked Walensky, “Can you let [the president] know that he’s violating your own CDC guidance in how he’s running our southern border right now?”

    The CDC identifies Mexico as “Level 4: Very High Level of COVID-19 in Mexico.”

    • Not only the border. Has ANYBODY in the Biden/Harris administration mentioned the superspreader potential of the RIOTS across the country? Have any of them condemned THAT violence? Wray, the toady, was confronted with the discrepancy between the way they treat the “protesters” in Portland and MN versus they way they treat the people at the Capitol on Jan. 6. He punted. He blamed the DOJ, of which he’s a part. They investigate. They provide the EVIDENCE and recommendations to the DOJ. Weasels all.

    • The laptop shows PLENTY of “sides” of him (and fronts and backs) that we would prefer never to see, but once seen, cannot be unseen. Imagine, though, if these photos were of any of Trump’s kids. Do you think they’d be on CNN and MSNBC constantly? Most Americans have no clue what’s on that laptop. A picture speaks a thousand words, which is why the Stasi have suppressed them.

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