Open Thread With a Side of Froglegs

That southern gentleman Joe Dan Gorman  at Intellectual Froglegs has made yet another fabulous video, highly recommended by conservative connoisseurs throughout the nation. Accordingly, we’ll let him speak while we take another ten. Scroll down for links to the video:

 This link should take you directly to the page with the newest video, entitled “DC vs America“.

If the video won’t play, then go to the homepage at this link and search for the pertinent video (if necessary. Being the newest, it ought to come up at the top.)

While there, enjoy all of the offerings. Donate if you can.

You won’t regret your visit. The soundtrack of his latest video is the best. 

Joe Dan offers hope with more than a dash of humor and insight.

God bless Joe Dan, God bless y’all, God bless our dear President Trump and his beautiful First Lady, and God bless the United States of America. MAGA!

Open thread!



119 responses to “Open Thread With a Side of Froglegs

  1. Occasionally he’s spot on. The rest of the time …?

  2. Yep .. America is in the shit-er &
    Will never rise much HigheR except .. with M J’ .. We R a JOKE!
    I’m past SICK ..of holding UP Our
    End … as the View Stinks & Sinks
    DAILY … Weak willed azz holes
    Left Right & in between Yellow bellied LAZY DOG TURDS …yuk

  3. HURRY HURRY JOE’s Waiting 4 US

  4. “The Security of Our Nation & our
    border is .. First & Foremost the
    Responsibility of Our fool joejoe,”
    McCarthy said. “I came down here because I heard of the Crisis.

  5. VitosGirl…. On LOAFER NEWSOM
    What next? He’s so desperate he’ll blame anything and anyone but himself. He has completely mismanaged the State of California from unemployment checks, destroying small/large businesses, back and forth closings–partial, semi-partial, open, reopen 25%, 50%, public schools completely closed since last year, an open door border, out of control Covid and runaway debt. And he expects us to believe … He’s GREAT?

  6. they come with PHONE NUMBERS
    Majority ?? are ..SENT BACK???
    HOT AIR … JOE Talks a detour !!!

  7. ..80 year old comic’s .. kidnapped
    O’ … I get it now .. Make more GAY’S … = let in MORE ILLEGALS

    HANDS …MORE will FOLLOW !!!
    SEE it ..SMELL it .. GRAB IT! KILL
    Pandora’s BOX Wide open MO $$$


  10. The Democrat Mob Will Not

    Succeed if We Fight Back


  11. kinthenorthwest.. + More
    Great comments ….
    Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson is about the only decent report on major media anymore.
    I often get up a 6 on Sunday so I can see her at 6:30 am…However, she was not on last weekend. Do believe it was due to her going to report on the wall. Could not find her listed for any other time that day or night or Monday morning. Interestingly her show was not on the Sunday she was going to report on Election Fraud.
    Good Video that should have been on CBS last weekend.
    Wall/No Wall

  12. Yep ..the fickle pickle … BEST 2
    Keep OUR thought’s 2 OUR SELF?
    I’ve had it happen OFTEN …TURN
    On a dime ..!!! EXCEPT TRUMP !!!

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