The New Iron Curtain

Today is the 75th anniversary of Sir Winston Churchill’s Iron Curtain Speech, otherwise known as “The Sinews of Peace”, in which Churchill warned about the dangers of communism.

Delivered on March 5, 1946, in Fulton, MO, Churchill touched upon issues that remain pertinent today, as a new Iron Curtain has descended across the United States Capitol, circling the entire complex, separating Congress (our so-called representatives) from We the People.

What was once open and free to all, a symbol of our great Republic, a shining city on a hill, is now a fortress, militarized against the Republic’s own citizens, manned by thousands of uniformed and armed  National Guard troops.

The new Iron Curtain (which may in fact be steel, comprised of chain link fencing topped by razor wire, aka concertina wire), is designed to protect the elite (but especially the Democrats, communists, leftists, progressives, and socialists) within the Capitol from those who oppose their tyrannical, oligarchic, communist, fascist, anti-American, anti-democratic, unconstitutional policies. Their Iron Curtain shuts out We the People, whom they have dubbed “deplorables,” “domestic enemies,” and, worse, “domestic terrorists.”

It would behoove us to read some excerpts from Churchill’s speech, keeping in mind conditions today in our nation’s seat of government [emphasis added]:

What then is the overall strategic concept which we should inscribe today? It is nothing less than the safety and welfare, the freedom and progress, of all the homes and families of all the men and women in all the lands. …

To give security to these countless homes, they must be shielded from the two gaunt marauders, war and tyranny.

Our supreme task and duty is to guard the homes of the common people from the horrors and miseries of another war. We are all agreed on that. …

Now I come to the second danger of these two marauders which threatens the cottage home and the ordinary people — namely, tyranny.

In [tyrannical] States, control is enforced upon the common people by various kinds of all-embracing police governments, to a degree which is overwhelming and contrary to every principle of democracy. The power of the State is exercised without restraint, either by dictators or by compact oligarchies operating through a privileged party and a political police. …

[W]e must never cease to proclaim in fearless tones the great principles of freedom and the rights of man, which are the joint inheritance of the English-speaking world and which, through Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, the Habeas Corpus, trial by jury, the English Common Law, find their most famous expression in the American Declaration of Independence.

All this means that the people of any country have the right and should have the power by constitutional action, by free unfettered elections with secret ballot, to choose or change the character or form of government under which they dwell; that freedom of speech and thought should reign; that courts of justice, independent of the executive, unbiased by any party, should administer laws which have received the broad assent of large majorities or are consecrated by time and custom.

Here are the title deeds of freedom, which should lie in every cottage home. … Let us preach what we practice, let us practice what we preach.

Recently, Joe Biden removed, once again, the bust of Winston Churchill that had been restored to the White House by former President Trump, after it had previously been removed during the Obama/Biden administration.

One has to wonder: What’s their problem with Winston Churchill?

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene recently published an enlightening video tour of the fortifications at the Capitol, which she dubbed “Pelosi’s Border Wall in the District of Communism.”

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to have visited the Capitol in person, prior to Biden’s reign, then it’s impossible, in my opinion, to not be sick to your stomach when you see the desecration wrought by the presence of fences, razor wire, border control stations, and U.S. troops, armed and ready for action against the very People they’re sworn to protect.

Every American citizen should be beyond outraged by the political games that Pelosi, Biden, Schumer, and their sycophants in the Democrat Party as well as the complicit, compliant media are playing with our Capitol.

You have to ask yourself what they’re planning next, since they appear to be so afraid of the very people they’re supposed to represent.

Are they afraid of the People because they know that most of us oppose the initiatives they plan to ram through Congress, to be signed by Joe Biden, no matter what the People want?

The elite within the Capitol have sufferance to be there in our Capitol, because they are supposed to represent We the People, not treat us like barbarians at the gate, deplorables, “domestic enemies” and “domestic terrorists” instead of their fellow citizens.

What would Winston Churchill think of this New Iron Curtain that has fallen across the District of Columbia?

What words of wisdom might Churchill have for us today?

Madame Speaker: TEAR DOWN THAT WALL!


180 responses to “The New Iron Curtain

    Illegal … Illegal’s … WAKE UP!!!

    • After they pass the “everybody gets to vote” bill without even one Republican vote, then these 300,000 Venezuelans can vote for Joe’s picks for Congress next year.

  2. glad 2 see U …WHAT a disastrous
    end .. WTP … Must trudge thru?
    Life is FULL of pallets of LEMONS
    glad that life will end sooner than
    Later … a blessing of sorts …. ha’

  3. Another really good, but especially sad, read:

    Makes you wonder what difference it would make even if we will have a free and fair election next year.

  4. Is PELOSI going to put up a sign like this so that We the People know that despite the fortifications, we’re still welcome in OUR House and Senate and Capitol and that we still are allowed to PROTEST PEACEFULLY AND EXPRESS OUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS?

    Well, the answer is NO because we all know that some people have free speech and rights to protest while others DON’T simply because of the color of their skin (white).

    Will the media accurately cover the riots/insurrection/unrest in MN?

  5. Check out the behavior of the woman with the bullhorn, yelling at white girls for BEING white, and then imagine what would happen if SHE were white and the girls were black. Would she be arrested and charged with a hate crime? You better believe she would. It IS and WAS a hate crime to publicly harass little girls because of their skin color. Would be even if they were grown women.

  6. Eventually the media will have to

    stop pretending not to notice the dementia.

  7. Good idea’s not a dog shelter
    Now just get Rid of the 2 legged dogs .. Tomorrow would be Cool

  8. I want him freed …don’t like him but he was doing HIS JOB ….
    While WHITE … keep control of
    the situation …. & Floyd
    Was just as wrong … Drugs kill 2

  9. O’ thick as thief’s … U scratch I…

  10. Kiss kiss hug hugs a Show keep
    friends? in HIGH PLACES 4 sure?

    • Who’s the DUMBO? Now they’re self-censoring. Wouldn’t it make more sense, say, to donate to the proper causes all the income they’ve made through the years off these movies and related items, such as toys and theme park revenues? You know, make REPARATIONS in kind to those who were harmed. btw, that would include all females because these movies are now alleged to be SEXIST!!!

    Have 2 smuggle OUT PHOTO’S !

    BIDEN Lie’s .. & “JAN in the SACK”
    Covers HIS ….AZZ … 24/ 7

    • Even stupider is that they did NOT provide any guidelines or give any “permissions” to people who actually had the disease and so should be presumed to be even safer than those who only got vaccinated. WTF is going on? This is ridiculous.

    • They’re ALREADY, though, teeing up the meme of ANOTHER WAVE OF COVID (GASP!!!) and more “variants” that “potentially” could be VERY, VERY BAD, you know.

  12. fetch bozo … Find the BONE …
    Get out of bed Jr. FIX that boarder

    • Is that the one who bites? I mean the dog, not the guy. We KNOW the guy bites, and nibbles, and licks, and sniffs. No, wait. The dog sniffs, too.

    • Very amusing. Didn’t they tell is one can’t be an ex gay person? Maybe he was never gay to begin with. So he’s playing for the other team now or just going celibate? Poor wayward guy.

  13. .. “AGAIN Democrat’S SCREW USA
    It’s an Orgy of Pork and using a so-called Corona Virus Bill as an Excuse to fund pork is like Looting After a natural disaster.” !!!

  14. CAGES ..WHY ??? JOE .. Let’s them
    WALK “RIGHT IN” … Getting OUR $$$ .. Health CARE … FOOD HOUSING… While …OUR
    CUS …? Kids R CUTE .. ?????

  15. JOE has 1 short MEETING a DAY?
    U SCREWED OVER US ..Cheating
    Your way IN as ” RICE & OBAMA”
    PULL … Basement Joey’s …WORN OUT STRINGS.. SICK TRICK’S yep!

    • They’re saying camel face has to step up soon to take the reins and reign. Probably explains why the decision to keep the WALL for 10 more weeks, at least.

      Madame Speaker: Tear Down This Wall. Sounds familiar. 🙂

  16. Piers … SPEAKS ..the TRUTH ! …
    From “THAT” they really really DIG .. SMUT .. USE / Abuse / KICK
    When FINISHED .. REPEAT!!!
    … The QUEEN will be Fine …
    dearest RACHEL “megan” M ..not
    so much TRASH … gets burned???

  17. Am ….I BLUE …? you’d BE 2 ….
    MILK’ …the Masse’s. THEY Really
    Really Really EAT ..IT UP .. YUM !
    GROW .. UP USA .. Sappy sapper’s
    FISH ..hook’s are OUT 4 U ..24 / 7

    • So she has to compete with Meghan for the “most depressed” title? They’re ALL now mentally ill? Mental illness is the new race card. Pregnancy, too. It innoculates you from all criticism. Did you notice with Ms. Markle? Nobody is supposed to question her credibility (actually it should be called incredibility) because she’s (1) semi-black, (2) pregnant, (3) mentally ill, and (4) potentially suicidal. Therefore, it’s like a HUGE TEFLON cape. She can say anything she wants, make any allegations about anybody, and NOBODY dare contradict her lest they be accused of misogyny, racism, lack of empathy for the mentally ill, trying to push her over the edge of suicide. And notice how EASY it is for her. NO NEED TO PRODUCE ANY EVIDENCE OR EVEN NAME NAMES. The accused remain accused without being accused directly. ALL of the royals, in that way, get to be made GUILTY AND CAN’T BE PROVED INNOCENT BECAUSE MEGHAN DIDN’T AND WON’T NAME NAMES. She can LIBEL them all from afar. Libel laws much stricter in UK, which explains probably why they didn’t stay there. As for Moo, just like Meghan, she’s whinging from her position of WEALTH, STATUS, AND PRIVILEGE and We the deplorables are supposed to feel sorry for HER (or him, whatever the case may be)?

    • OMG. Just look at the body sculpting they did on Moo with that photo in the blue jumpsuit. Compare it to the body on the chick (?) walking next to Barry. Same person? Talk about FAKE NEWS. Maybe they photoshopped her head on Malia’s body.

  18. Meghan and Harry’s Oprah interview leads to media blowup and official threats over charges she’s lying about suicide attempt
    By Thomas Lifson
    One of the most famous and popular TV personalities in Britain walked off the set of his TV show and resigned after getting flak over his charges that Meghan[i] was just drama queening to Oprah when she claimed to
    Read more:
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

    • Already they say she told one big whopper: She claimed that once she married Harry, they confiscated her passport and she didn’t see it again until they moved to the US after giving up their royal positions. They say this cannot be true because she and Harry took multiple overseas trips after their marriage and she would have HAD to have shown her passport.

      • a BIG WHOPPER .. of a LEO’ …
        Jealous and Competitive
        You always want to be the best, the brightest, and most beautiful in the world. You simply hate it when someone outshines you in any way. At that time, you tend to be jealous and competitive. You won’t hesitate to use lies, and trickery to discredit your opponents …

    • What AMERICA is that woman referring to? Everybody I know or who has opined does NOT believe Markle and actually thinks she’s a whining narcissist who’s lying for attention. And revenge. Everybody is sick and tired of this race card playing and this phony “I’m a victim” routine, no matter who’s doing it, but especially a little privileged RICH GIRL like Markle. She hasn’t “suffered” ond iota on account of her relatively pale, semi-“black” skin. I would argue her semi-blackness was probably a plus in getting her the jobs she did get as an actress–it sure wasn’t raw talent. She’s an AWFUL actress, as anybody could tell from the interview.

  19. @ Breitbart ….

    7 Cringeworthy Moments from
    Joe Biden’s First 50 Days in Office

  20. President Biden made an important and potentially dangerous mistake in his first national address Thursday night.
    Referring to the Covid-19 vaccines, he said, “Everyone should get vaccinated.”
    That advice is contrary to the actual advice from public health experts.

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