RIP Rush Limbaugh, Great Patriot

Condolences to the family and friends (millions and millions of them) for the loss of The Great One.

Rush will be immensely missed. The world will never see his like again.

Our loss; heaven’s gain.

 Might flights of angels sing him to his rest.

I’ll never forget when I  first heard this song on Rush’s show.  It was extraordinary, just like Rush.

Peace, for Rush, his wife and his family.


167 responses to “RIP Rush Limbaugh, Great Patriot

  1. don’t ever ever back down … USA

    • I read somewhere that Twitter suppressed photos of the MAGA crowd that greeted Joe versus the FEW people who actually showed up to see Joe. Even those few were probably only there because somebody paid them. This is such a stark reality, which explains WHY they keep the Capitol locked down. If you don’t ALLOW visitors then nobody can compare and contrast when there’s NOBODY SHOWING UP for Joe versus tens of thousands who showed up regularly for The Donald. NOBODY shows up to see this guy and we’re supposed to believe he’s so popular that he even beat Obama’s numbers. It’s a joke. If not for the fact that this all benefits Barry, then Barry would be the first to be outraged at the supposed fact that Joe beat his numbers. Because Barry is mum, that tells you the REALITY of it all. Barry KNOWS the numbers aren’t real, which is why he’s not offended. Also, because he’s the REAL Wizard behind the curtain, running the show.

  2. SECRETS cover UP more SECRETS
    SECRETS .. R when U Don’t KNOW
    JOE BIDEN’S … Cookie’s HAVE

  3. a … THIEF … HOW DARE they
    SLIP … this … Dude in extreme
    Decline … 2 RULE OUR USA & the

    • Notice the difference between what the media and DemoncRATS said when Trump did air strikes versus now, with Biden. Did he even really order it or was that Dr. Jill? I read somewhere that Kamala was angry that she wasn’t advised in advance, as if SHE’S POTUS.

    • And yet see how well Joe looks, how youthful, with his recent Botox injections. Did you notice? It’s SO obvious.

    • Will they charge extra for anal swabs? Did you hear about that? That the Chinese forced Biden administration people to submit to ANAL swabs for COVID before they let them into the country? Dhimmis. They SUBMITTED, apparently, instead of objecting, as any self-respecting REAL AMERICAN would.

  4. Okra’ ! .. $oul- less piece of DUNG
    H& M the class LESS ….$poiled ROTTEN …Di$gusting humans!

    • Why do they give those ingrates even one moment of publicity? She’s an embarrassment to the USA. I didn’t know the Prince is ill. I can TOTALLY envision that woman hissing at staff and lording it over them, acting like a princess that she’ll never be. What a dolt Harry is to be taken in by her. Why do I get the feeling that there was some racial payback in her behavior towards the staff?

    • Hmm. Interesting. Will PETA object? Will the great apes become even more endangered because of a potential for infertility?

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